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Giant Flying Cardboard Radish of Death.... (2010-10-11)
What does Scott have this month? Scott, where do you get your ideas from, amazing! All the details are in the Audio. [View]
Big Yeller - 180 lb. Model Rocket - May 2009 (2009-06-01)
Tripoli MN Model Rocket Club Launches Big Yeller. A 180 lb, 17.5 foot model rocket. [View]
2xG64 Motor Cluster Rocket (with pad view) (2008-08-13)
Here's an extended version, with a view from the pad, and a slow motion at the end. I launched this rocket at a Tripoli MN launch. This was my "practice" high-power rocket, and technically it's ... [View]
My Tripoli level 2 certification flight! (2009-06-14)
Tripoli North Branch MN 6/13/09 launch. Performance Rocketry G3 Perfectflite HiAlt45K AMW/PRO-X J745 Wild Wolf Rocketman 6' chute Altitude 5909' Perfect flight, perfect recovery! That cheesy smile ... [View]
Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club Launch (2010-05-20)
Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club Launch Scratch Build by Mike C. [View]
"Vital Signs" High-power Rocket Launch 20150912 (2015-09-16)
Launch of my Rush-themed rocket "Vital Signs" on September 12, 2015 with Tripoli Minnesota at our awesome North Branch MN sod farm field. Rocket is a modified Madcow 4" Little John with an altimeter ... [View]
Slow motion High Power Rocket Launch (2018-06-11)
Estes Ventris PSII CTI H125 Skidmark Est. Altitude 2350 ft. Lift off acceleration of 28.9 G Recovered safely with a chute release at 300 feet. Video shot at 960 fps. Tripoli Minnesota [View]