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Published:2010-04-19 00:02:54

skyfinder is my 25# 1/3 scale Nike Smoke from Polecat Aerospace. this flight was a test to see if it could handle impulse similar to an M. the motor was a cesaroni 4grain 75mm L-1395 blue time to mach 2.7 seconds, altitude of mach transition, 1665 feet, max speed 780, altitude of max speed 2043, apogee 8600 feet data came from G-WIZ HCX and LCX thanks to everyone who lent me advice and support up to and durring this build, special thanks to TCC for hosting a great launch each month, Jack Garibaldi for loaning me the hardware for this flight along with hardware and expert advice for many other flights, and to James D. for helping me assemble my first 75mm motor.

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