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Two Stage High Power Rocket Launch- "Airstart 1", September 18, 2010

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Published:2010-09-21 17:13:24

Launched at the monthly TTRA launch in the Varn ranch in Plant City FL. "Airstart 1" is a scratch-built two stage rocket that has a 2.5" dia. upper stage and 3" dia. booster stage. The upper stage's fin/motor section rests in the four 6" deep slots in the top of the booster section. Aerotech H250-6 booster motor and H220 upper stage motor. Perfectflite timer for staging and a Perfectflite altimeter for drogue and main chute deployments. Successful second flight of this rocket, although the increased pressure from the H220 ignition damaged the cradle section of the booster (you can see one of the pieces of the cradle breaking away in two of the vidcaps at the end of the video), as well as a fin on the upper stage. Flight went straight as an arrow to 2256 feet, with successful recovery of the camcorder section, upper stage rocket section and booster section, all on their separate parachutes sewn by Phylachutes. I'll re-do the booster cradle section using Blue Tube this time, which should handle the upper motor ignition pressure much better.

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