Rocketry Videos

By UnboxTechnology

Apogee Aspire Model Rocket Kit Unboxing (2011-01-27) (NEW)
I unbox the Apogee Aspire model rocket kit. This kit is supposed to go over a mile high. If you would like to buy one the link is below. Also if you would like to follow me on twitter the link is ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (2011-02-10) (DELETED)
I filmed a high power rocket launch. This is Steve Kurlinski's rocket. Nice job Steve. [View]

High Power Rocket Launch w/ Slow Motion (2011-02-10) (NEW)
My brother launches his high power rocket. This launch got him his level 1 certification. [View]

Mid Power Rocket Launch w/ Slow Motion (2011-02-10) (NEW)
I launch the Aura on a G-80-10T. This rocket with this engine goes about a mile high. [View]

Model Rocketry Kit Unboxing (2011-01-30) (NEW)
I bought a lot of different items that are needed for doing model rocketry. I bought this for about $70 but if you add up what they cost separately, it is about $149. To follow me on the ... [View]

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