Scratch - FSI Viking II Scratch

Manufacturer: Scratch
Product Type: Scratch
Style: Upscale
  • Scratch - FSI Viking II {Scratch} By Bill Eichelberger (March 7, 2012)

    Upscale of the FSI Viking 2 based on Estes BT-60 parts.  The original Viking 2 was based on an FSI tube that was close in size to an Estes BT-50, so this is a 1.8x upscale. Components 26.25" BT-60 main body tube (BMS) 3 - 10" BT-60 tube fins (BMS) 5" BT-50 engine tube AR-2050 engine block (Semroc) EH-38 engine hook (Semroc) BNC-60K nose cone (Semroc) 2 ...

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