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AGM 33 PIKE on a CTI J530 I-MAX at URRF4 (2017-07-03)
Madcow 4" AGM 33 PIKE on the largest 38mm CTI motor available a 1115-J530 I-MAX. At URRF4 in Potter NY on 6/24/17. Dual Deploy with redundant Eggtimer Quantum altimeters. [View]
AMRAAM@URRF 6 (2019-06-25)
On-board video from the flight of my PML AIM-120 AMRAAM on a CTI 1526K160 during the URRG's (Upstate Research Rocketry Group's) URRF (Upstate Research Rocketry Festival) 6 held at Torrey Farms of ... [View]
Competitor 4, CTI M1101 White, URRF 6, Onboard Video (2019-06-24)
The rocket reached 13,400 feet and Mach 1.14. It recovered about 1500 feet away.   [View]
MK7 Maiden Flight (2019-07-18)
Maiden Flight of the XROX Aerospace MK7 prototype model rocket. This launch was at the Upstate Region Rocketry Festival (URRF) hosted by the Upstate Roegion Rocketry Group (URRG) on June 23, ... [View]
Vertical Assault Launch at URRF (2019-07-19)
This is the launch of my Giant Leap Vertical Assault Rocket at URRF June 2013 [View]