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High Speed Launch LV2.3 October 17, 2010 (2010-10-19)
PSAS successfully launched "Launch Vehicle No. 2.3" (LV2's third airframe) with a roll control module and "spin can" on Sunday October 17th, 2010 at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) Brothers' launch site. ... [View]
Izstrelitev V2.wmv (2008-12-15)
High power V2 rocket powered by 2-grain, 70mm motor (KN/Dextrose propellant). [View]
My Big V-2 Rocket Launch with an N2000 Motor (2010-07-25)
Black Rock Desert. 9 foot tall V-2 with an Aerotech N2000 motor. Rocket Mavericks launch event Video montage from the pad cam and footage from Gretchen & Henrik. Thanks for all the help! [View]
Red Glare 8 MDRA VIII 2010 - CATO in Slow Motion - 240FPS (2010-04-20)
Red Glare 8 - MDRA Launch - V2 CATO in slow motion [View]
ESL 78 Kevin's V-2 CATO (2006-07-02)
In spite of rainy weather, Eastern Shore Launch #78 was held November 12-13, 2004, on Higgs farm in Price, Maryland. The launch was hosted by the Maryland / Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA). ... [View]
Estes V2 F30-4FJ CATO (2012-12-03)
The first (and last) flight of my modified Estes Maxi Brute V2 on an AeroTech F30-4FJ. The motor blew it's forward closure as the rocket moved up the launch rod and then proceeded to torch and melt ... [View]
High Power Large V2 Magnetic Rod Lug Launch Maine 2000 (2011-02-26)
This video carried the telemetry70 cm packages in Maine videos [View]
Slow Motion Launches (2010-08-23)
Several launches of Estes, Quest, Aerotech, and other models in slow motion from a Casio [View]
V2 (2011-07-15)
A large model rocket of a V2 flying as part of the joint launch between the Jackson, MI. and Muskegon, Mi. clubs. It flew on a central Loki M2550 and two L630s. [View]
V2 at freedom launch (2009-09-09)
ouch, but what a show, CATOed the (2) outside "M" motor and flew on just a "O" motor [View]
V2 Highpower Raketenstart (2011-04-20)
Start am NRT 2011 auf einem Aerotech H180-W Motor. Flughöhe ca.180m [View]
V2 Launch Aerotech M1939 (2011-07-24)
12" V2 launched at Bong on 7/23/11 on an Aerotech M1939. AWESOME FLIGHT Eric!!!! [View]
Burl Finklestein, Matt Butler, Big V2 Rocket (2012-11-30)
400lb V2 on 1 O5500 and 2 N2000's, MDRA Red Glare 8, April 2010 [View]
Estes V2 (2019-04-02)
My first ever launch of a model rocket. It was an Estes V2 with a C11-3 engine in. We were somewhat surprised at how powerful it was hence the swearing at the start. [View]
Estes V2 Rocket built by team Addieey! (2020-08-30)
Flying rockets with Emiliano's best friend Tristan. 4 rockets: V2, mean machine, Saturn V, and the Mega Der Red! Everything went smooth and Emiliano and his friends had a great time. [View]
Highpower Rocket flights, V-2, Sparrow-Arcas, IRIS, Jayhawk, etc (2013-10-17)
From my early days of rocketry in the late '90s, Highpower Rocket flights, V-2, Sparrow-Arcas, IRIS, Jayhawk, etc [View]
Loc Precision 3.90 V-2 Modified for Dual Deploy (2013-09-16)
Loc Precision V-2 model rocket flies to 3,373' on CTI I170 motor at Lucerne Dry Lake ROC launch September 14, 2013. Recovery uses Missile Works RRC3 altimeter in nose cone and Archetype cable ... [View]
Sixty Acres Park Model Rocket Launch 7/4/18 (2018-07-11)
A little informal rocket launch was held at Sixty Acres Park in Redmond, WA, on the 4th of July 2018. A little breeze but overall good weather, great company, and some enjoyable flying. Here are 40 ... [View]
V2 On an F24-4 (2011-02-07)
After launching on a E15-4, I decided to, "boost it up a bit" with a F24-4. Wow!! what a nice motor! Not sure why the person filming stopped the film so quick, it went up so high!! The Blue Mountain ... [View]