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By vahpr

"O" motor Nike Smoke high power rocket launch (2010-10-25)
This is my 3/4 scale 200lb Nike Smoke flying to 11,300' on propellant designed to simulate the Space Shuttle SRBs. We were test flying an on-screen display unit which overlays flight info on the ... [View]

"P" Motor Rocket Launch (2012-04-24)
Todd Harrison, Ryan Sebatian, David Reese's "Little John" on a P7200 Green [View]

Al Anderson's Level 3 Flight (2012-04-24)
Flown at Red Glare 12, MDRA ( April 14, 2012. [View]

Burl Finklestein, Matt Butler, Big V2 Rocket (2012-11-30)
400lb V2 on 1 O5500 and 2 N2000's, MDRA Red Glare 8, April 2010 [View]

Dan Michael's Honest John, 3 x L-900s (2012-11-19)
140 lb rocket on 3 Dark Matter L900s at Red Glare 13. 11/17/12 [View]

Dan Michael's Patriot Rocket Flight LDRS 31 (2012-08-14)
Dan Michael's Patriot flying on an N2000 and 3 M1315s at LDRS 31 7/14/12 [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (2008-04-23)
This is my friend Bill's 11' tall, 58lb rocket flying on a white "M" motor to 5000' at a top speed of about 650mph. It recovered safely on a 17' parachute a short distance away from the launch pad. ... [View]

High Power Rocket with onboard amateur tv live video downlink (2009-05-18)
This is my 7.5" T-Smoke flying on a 6000 newton second M-2500 white formula I call "white boy". The payload is Bill Schworer's ham band ATV system w/RDAS flight data on-screen-display board. This ... [View]

Iris 2-stage rocket - Booster Cato (2012-11-20)
4 of 9 Cesaroni J595's (38mm 6 grain XL) catoed upon and shortly after ignition. The on-board radio control system was used to prevent firing of the upper stage motor and to safely deploy it's ... [View]

Iris Rocket Flight O-5000 LDRS 31 (2012-07-24)
Beautiful day for a rocket flight at Tripoli's annual Large Dangerous Rocket Ships launch, this year held at Potter in the Finger Lakes region of NY. The 145lb Iris flew to 12,500' at a top speed of ... [View]

Iris Rocket N4100 Red Glare 15 Dec 13, 2013 (2013-12-17)
Nice burn on a white variant to 6400' in 88mm hardware by TruCore. Good recovery but the cornfield has 2 new furrows. [View]

Iris Sounding Rocket 2 stage flight LDRS 31 (2012-07-28)
The first flight of the Iris at this year's LDRS was a 2 stage with 9 Cesaroni I540 hammers in the booster staging via radio control to a 7600 ns M3000 white which inadvertently turned out to be ... [View]

Large Cow Rocket P-12,000 LDRS 22 July 2003 (2012-12-29)
Neil McGilvray's "Udder Madness", 500lbs, P-12,000, July 2003 Argonia, KS [View]

Large high power 2 stage rocket launch 1 (2008-09-26)
This is the lift on the rail for size perspective. It's about 17' tall and weighs 200 or so pounds [View]

Large high power 2 stage rocket launch 2 (2008-09-26)
This was the ill-fated inaugural flight of the big Nike Smoke 2 stage. It was raining confetti.... [View]

Large High Power Rocket with Onboard Video (2007-03-17)
This is my 11,5" dia, 200lb, 14' tall Nike Smoke rocket with 2 on-board cameras. The 34,000ns motor lifted the Smoke to 11,800' at a top speed of 641mph. A higher-res version is available at ... [View]

LDRS 22 Highlights July, 2003 (2012-12-31)
Argonia, Ks July 2003, Large Dangerous Rocket Ships 22 high & low lights. [View]

LDRS XXXI highlights, July 2012 (2013-01-10)
A quick compilation of some of the activity at LDRS 31, July 2012, Potter, NY. The field was big and the weather was beautiful for most days. [View]

MDRA Red Glare IV Rocket Launch from an RC plane (2008-05-10)
MDRA's Red Glare IV, from the air with my RC plane. 4/2008. Check out too. [View]

Mercury Redstone rocket launch LDRS 31 (2012-08-14)
Nick Debrita's scale Mercury Redstone flying on an N2000 and 4 Ks, 7/14/12 [View]

Nick Debrita's Large Mercury Redstone Rocket M1939 + 4 K550s (2012-12-24)
Nick Debrita's Mercury Redstone, M1939 + 4 K550s Red Glare 12, April, 2012 [View]

O Motor Rocket Drag Race (2006-11-20)
Neil McGilray's and Jerry O'Sullivan's 200lb Nike Smokes drag race on O motors. [View]

Red Glare 11 Rocket Launch (2012-01-10)
From the biennial 3-day rocket launch hosted by MDRA, the weather was pretty good by Eastern Shore standards. Some cool flights and a great time as always. The Road Kill Cafe chicken cannot be beat! [View]

Red Glare 9 Rocket Launch (2010-10-26)
A great day to fly rockets and the largest attended event in club history. Highlights: Ryan Sebastian and David Reese's "Infinity", Steve Eves 1/27th Saturn 1B and my 65% IRIS [View]

Rocket Launch - 2/3rd scale Iris (2011-04-13)
My 65% scale Iris on a 15000ns white motor, about an N5000, flying to 8900' at a top speed of 600mph. Onboard footage is from a Contour 1080p helmet cam. Need to shroud it next time. Music by Matt ... [View]

Rockets in New York, URRF 2014 (2014-07-03)
Upstate Research Rocketry Group, June 26-28, 2014 [View]

Saturn V world record (2009-05-01)
This is Steve Eve's beautiful, huge 1/10 scale Saturn V flying on a cluster of rocket motors totaling some 42000lbs of thrust. It was a world record for a model rocket but you wouldn't know it ... [View]

Steve Heller, Ben Ullman, "Runaway Train" Rocket O-4700 (2012-12-22)
My old Sandhawk, repaired and re-built by Ben with big motor by Steve. Bye bye :) I may have to build another....... [View]

Terrier-Sandhawk 2 Stage High Power Rocket (2014-12-18)
12/14/14, Culpeper Va, Apogee 11,500' max accel 20gs, flight time 3 minutes.  [View]

Terrier-Sandhawk N-M 2 Stage Rocket LDRS 34 (2016-04-26)
Potter, NY 6/25/15. 1/2 scale, 125 lbs. High Power Rocketry is a hobby conducted at sanctioned launches in accordance with FAA rules and applicable NFPA guidelines. See for more ... [View]

Terrier-Smoke Rocket Flight (2007-03-17)
This is my T-Smoke, 7.5" diameter, 10'tall, 45lb rocket on a 6000ns (M) motor with a "space shuttle SRB" clone propellant. The rocket reached 6,000' and was recovered with the invaluable help of my ... [View]

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