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Aerotech Initiator Rocket with Mini Cam (2011-06-20)

Odin's Initiator Rocket Camera Location: Creston Valley, British Columbia Father & Son (8 years old) Hobby: Model Rocketry (Mid Level) Note: All safety protocols were adhered to; as well as, full clearance from the Creston airport (up to 3000 ft) with proper notification to and with the approval from the FAA (because we are right on the border with the USA). 1st flight max altitude above ground level was 1100 to 1500 ft; 2nd flight = 2000 to 2100 ft; 3rd flight = same as 1st flight; 4th flight = rocket engine malfunctioned (rocket destroyed). Our motor type was G78-4G, 160 Newton/sec., max. liftoff weight = 3.3 lbs.

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