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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Ventris {Kit} (009701) [2012-2018]

Estes PSII Ventris rocket with onboard HD Möbius and Jolly Logic Chute Release (2016-05-02)
Estes Ventris on a G126. Estimated 1700' altitude with the JL Chute Release set at 400'. [View]
Estes Ventris - Jolly Logic Chute Release - Airplane Man by One-Eyed Doll (2016-07-17)
I mounted my in-flight camera facing upwards in the hopes of catching both the parachute deployment on my Estes Ventris rocket, and the delayed opening of the parachute that the Jolly Logic Chute ... [View]
Estes Ventris / Aerotech G80-7T - RIMRA/CMASS Launch 6-10-2017 (2017-06-10)
Estes Ventris on an Aerotech G80-7T at the RIMRA/CMASS launch on 6-10-2017. This rocket was simmed to 1,950 ft with a top speed of 438 mph. [View]
Estes Ventris L1 Certification at Snow Ranch LUNAR meet. (2014-03-09)
Level 1 NAR Certification flight of Estes Ventris PS-II rocket on Aerotech H128-10 white lightning motor. Ascent is slow-mo 1/4 time, descent is 20X time. Apogee 2,588 feet, max. speed 524 feet. [View]
Estes Ventris launched on a CTI G88 Smokey Sam onboard view (2016-08-27)
Launch of my Estes Ventris on a CTI Pro29 2-grain G88 Smokey Sam to 1179ft. The G88 is barely a G at only 84N total. Burn is fast and definitely smokey. Delay was drilled to 6 seconds, 7 seconds ... [View]
Estes Ventris on a CTI H159 (2017-07-24)
Estes Ventris H159 check out the distortions starting at 10:33.25. Also the audio of the wahooooo scream! [View]
Estes Ventris on an Aerotech E30-4T (2016-08-28)
Launch of my Estes Ventris on a single-use Aerotech E30-4T. This is an excellent low-end motor for this rocket. Plenty of kick off the pad with a very loud quick burn. Altitude for this flight was ... [View]
Estes Ventris on an Aerotech F39-6T (2017-12-03)
Launch of the Estes Ventris Pro Series II #9701 on an Aerotech F39-6T which is the largest motor currently available for the 24/40 case. ***This is one of several rocketry videos from this summer ... [View]
James Ranch Rockets 20171217 with Estes E9-6 CATO (2017-12-18)
Launching rockets north of Durango with the local TARC and FNL teams. The CATO was with an Estes E9-6 in a Madcow Mini Patriot. The Ventris with the GoPro had an Apogee of 1022' on an Aerotech G53. [View]
Jolly Logic Chute Release: The Best Thing to Happen to Model Rocketry! (2016-12-09)
The Jolly Logic Chute Release is probably one of the best things to ever happen to model rocketry! It gives you simple, easy to use dual deployment that can be flown on anything from an Estes B all ... [View]
Slow motion High Power Rocket Launch (2018-06-11)
Estes Ventris PSII CTI H125 Skidmark Est. Altitude 2350 ft. Lift off acceleration of 28.9 G Recovered safely with a chute release at 300 feet. Video shot at 960 fps. Tripoli Minnesota [View]