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Viper 2-Stage Quick Build Workshop

By Robert Belknap

Quest - Viper {Kit} (5594)

This was an unusual build experience. Aye aye! It was part o' a workshop available on-site at me son's Cub Scout Rocket Jamboree. Intended t' give people with a wide range o' rocketry experience a chance t' build and fly a 2 stage rocket in a day. (My sister-in-law has no prior rocketry experience, and was ble t' build and successfully launch her own 2 stage rocket.)

T' single piece fin-cam, and t' use o' CA glue (for most steps) allowed this kit t' go together quickly. Well, blow me down! Two hours from openin' t' package t' launch. Begad! (And some o' that time was spent waitin' for / helpin' other people in t' workshop.)

In addition t' t' basic Viper kit, we were also given a booster stage t' assemble. Avast, me proud beauty! Overall, shiver me timbers, t' instructions were straight forward, assumin' you take t' time t' read them properly. (I didn't and as a result, had t' attach me shock cord t' t' thrust ring, instead o' t' forward centerin' ring. nay a huge deal.) We had t' modify some steps t' account for t' quick cure time o' t' CA as opposed t' regular wood glue. Avast! It also helped t' have t' workshop leader givin' out pointers on gettin' t' parts t' fit together smoothly. Avast, me proud beauty! In particualr, ya bilge rat, t' couplin' rin' betwixt t' booster and sustainer needed t' be peeled down t' really fit properly.

All-in-all, matey, this was a good experience, although I think I'll stick t' usin' wood glue and takin' more time durin' assembly for future rockets. Laughing


Completed Viper on the pad 

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Viper on t' Pad

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