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6 foot long Rocket Motor Test (2006-04-19)
This was a test of a rocket project which flew in the Nevada desert on three P impulse motors, each motor exceeding 20,500 newton seconds. An Estes D12 has 20 newton seconds. Ignition was thermite ... [View]

Al's blue diablo M-4000 NERRF launch (2006-12-24)
Simply another amazing blue diablo propellant motor at the original NERRF festival. [View]

Andrew's 15 motor cluster rocket (2007-11-01)
15 motors to light at once off the pad, the motor part worked so well they exceeded the speed of the vehicle. Seen at Red Glare 3 at MDRA. [View]

Blue Diablo rocket launch from ESL (2006-12-17)
Tim goes for broke on a cold Maryland morning lobbing a Blue Diablo M-2500 with the attitude you need in a hobby where one mistake costs hundreds of dollars [View]

Blueprint for Disaster hybrid rocket monocopter (2006-05-22)
The world's second, and largest, hybrid powered monocopter videotaped by Liberty Launch Systems and posted with their permission. I own the monocopter and built and designed it. [View]

Blueprint for Disaster long view (2006-05-22)
Another view of the world's largest hybrid rocket motor powered monocopter at MDRA's Price MD launch site. The Kevlar and Carbon fibered machine reached approximately 500 feet before the nitrous ... [View]

Blueprint for Disaster-take 2 (2006-11-06)
The second flight of the world's largest (so far) hybrid monocopter. A new formula, a nice flight and another hard landing at MDRA's Red Glare launch. [View]

Bob's ROCKET motor test (2006-11-23)
TEST IT LIKE IT'S BOB'S MOTOR!! The igniter ignited, the motor puked and those gathered tried not to laugh too hard. [View]

Dumas Bros 3' M motor (2006-11-13)
Rich Dumas and Woodie Dumas (twin sons of different mothers) prepare for the flight of a rocket which is all motor. The 40" rocket has a 38" motor inside. They don't call them the Dumas' for ... [View]

ESL 55 MDRA Fred's N to 2M Rocket air start (2006-07-04)
Fred flew his 12" Overkill burning one N with two Ls and air starting two Ms. MDRA will be holding ESL 100 in August of 2006 [View]

ESL 78 Kevin's V-2 CATO (2006-07-02)
In spite of rainy weather, Eastern Shore Launch #78 was held November 12-13, 2004, on Higgs farm in Price, Maryland. The launch was hosted by the Maryland / Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA). ... [View]

ESL 78 Tom's Harpoon 3M sparky (2006-07-03)
MDRA will be celebrating ESL 100 in August of 06, this is a slow motion look at a flight from ESL 78. Tom Heir brings 3 6000ns sparkies up to pressure for a very realistic looking flight. [View]

ESL 80 Suspicion of Extreme Ignorance-pad cam (2006-07-03)
SOEI didn't hang around on the pad very long, just the way we like it. [View]

ESL 84 Neil's O motor Nike launch (2007-03-31)
Neil gives his interpretation of simms and pushes the button on an O motor which blew the nozzle and changed direction [View]

ESL90 Rocket launch-The Save (2007-12-23)
Jerry O's unexpected save of his 3 motor Nike after last rites had been administered. [View]

GATR Big Rig Dover Drag Race semi 1983......Great American Truck Racing (2012-10-24)
Albertson and Johnson qualified to battle each other in the one mile drag race semi final. [View]

GATR-Dover Drag Race Final '83.....Great American Truck Racing (2012-10-21)
EJ Utley and Bill Johnson race a Corbett v a SuperLiner Mack in the one mile drag race at Dover DE in '83 [View]

Jerry O's shred rocket launch (2008-07-01)
From the way back machine, Jerry O at ESL 55 shreds his two stage 3 M boosted to single M sustainer Nike-Smoke with almost total destruction. [View]

Jerry's Big Sparkie Rocket Motor (2006-12-22)
Slow mo of Jerry's enormous M motor Sparky at ESL 90.....Jerry built a fabulous motor. [View]

JerryLDRS23 (2013-01-23)
Jerry taking advantage of a HAG warbird ride in 2004 [View]

Jim lobs a Hybrid M-1000 at NYPOWER 11 (2006-12-25)
Jim flew his nitrous oxide hybrid Hypertech M - 1000 into a bright blue NY sky in 2004 [View]

Jim's rocket goes for a swim (2007-03-31)
Murphy showed his ugly mug at MDRA when Jim's rocket homed in on a stream only three feet wide. [View]

Joel's K2000 Skidmark (2008-11-21)
The sound at NERRF was interupted by the crackling of Joel Roger's K-2000 Skidmark motor [View]

Just another rocket cato (2009-11-12)
Just another oops at the field. [View]

LDRS 23-The World's Largest Rocket Launch music video end (2006-04-23)
This is the ending of the LDRS 23 music video. Experimental day had a few 'anomalies' not able to leave the pad.....and that wonderful B-17 which landed at the launch starts the video with a show ... [View]

LDRS 23-World's Largest Rocket Launch music video (2006-04-18)
This music video is from TRA's LDRS 23, the world's largest amateur rocket launch which is a yearly event held by the Tripoli Rocket Association. The music by Doylestown PA's CalmInSight is almost ... [View]

MDRA's Rocketry Big Dogs (2006-12-21)
Pad cam shots of the biggest projects launching at MDRA's ESL 90. [View]

Mega (mega) Thor rocket launch (2006-12-22)
One very large rocket launching at MDRA. [View]

Monocopter at Dusk (2006-05-20)
The disassembly of the world's first hybrid rocket monocopter at dusk. The Carbon Fiber machine broke in half from the extreme centrifugal force aided by the freeze of the sub -50 degree nitrous ... [View]

Monocopter flight at ESL 88 (2008-12-31)
A bit of an experiment of a motor at ESL 88 several years ago. [View]

Monocopter with AT's G-12 (2008-12-07)
A scratch built monocopter running up on AT G-12 continues on a G-7 +- EX motor for this wing. The site was just down the street from my home at a local park. [View]

N 2000 Rocket launch (2006-04-19)
a slow motion look at a picture perfect flight with a 5 motor rocket [View]

NERRF Rocket Festival Music Video (2006-04-18)
A music video of CalmInSight and the Independent North East Regional Rocket Festival. Including several clips of the world's biggest monocopter. Just turn up the volume. [View]

NERRF2 10,000ns rocket launch (2006-06-30)
The first launch of NERRF2 in New York was a 10,000 ns white motor by Dennis. It went without a hitch. Great flight! [View]

NERRF2 Level cert (2006-11-05)
Here Greg successfully launches his level 3 rocket and can now spend a fortune for big motors. Well done lad! [View]

NERRF2 Rocket motor problems (2006-06-28)
It was our day in the pickle barrel as the rocket motor gasses leaked from the forward end of the motor pushing the payload section off at high speed. The booster continued on, both sections landed ... [View]

NERRF2 SloMo of rocket Blowby launch problem (2006-06-30)
Just a full slow motion of the former Mountain of Ignornance rocket, now called Ivannatinkl working towards self destruction. [View]

NERRF2 Tim's L Sparkie (2006-06-30)
Tim sent off a wonderful sparky motor engineered by Dennis at the second annual NERRF launch. The secret ingredient? Very oily Ti. It got tail happy, needs nose weight Tim. [View]

Night rocket flight at ESL79 (2006-12-22)
Steve and his father light up the Maryland sky with a dusk flight at MDRA's ESL 79 [View]

Night static rocket motor test (2006-12-25)
This test did not happen, but if it did it would be cool to see at night. Look for the purple from John's motor. [View]

NSL 03 Rocket launch mess (2007-01-21)
There are a lot of ways for rockets to fail, here's another. The dreaded blown forward closure. It pretty much fries the inside of the rocket [View]

NYPOWER rocket launch music video (2007-03-31)
The music video for the DVD of NYPOWER X [View]

NYPOWER X monocopter (2007-07-21)
Ed Miller unleashes his wild three stage monocopter for the first time at NYPOWER X [View]

NYPOWER X Saturn V (2007-07-21)
The Hannas launched a great looking rendition of a Saturn V at NYPOWER X [View]

Red Glare Mach flight (2006-11-05)
A simple Hawk Mountain 4" Gryphon rocket burning one hot Blue Diablo L 1300 motor to mach speed, and landing only a quarter mile away. This was at the Red Glare launch, from the beast of the east, ... [View]

Revolutionary War Graves from The Crossing (2007-12-25)
On a cold, windy December day I took my son to holy ground on the banks of the Delaware River. It is there you will find casualties who were not able to make The Crossing in 1776. Whether because of ... [View]

Rick's LDRS 23 Rocket shred (2006-11-23)
Rick's chinese Long March did what chinese Long Marches's why we love from wally world ;-) [View]

Rob's big fat rocket launch (2008-03-02)
At NYPOWER 12 Rob lobbed a rocket which looked far more like the average water heater. The results for his AMW powered machine were less than had been hoped for. [View]

Rob's L3 at NYPOWER (2007-01-22)
Despite Murphy's law Rob got his L3 on the last flight of the weekend at NYPOWER......The Hypertek motor performed well, though if you watch closely it's blowing chunks, and landed 200 feet from ... [View]

Rocket CATO (2006-05-13)
14 foot amateur rockets still use formulas generated by rocket scientists from more than 70 years ago. Break the rules of physics and pay the price. This is just one CATO from LDRS 23 in Geneseo NY, ... [View]

Rocket Launches of NYPOWER 12-Geneseo NY (2007-12-14)
Work continues on the NYPOWER 12 effort. Here's a look at the beginning of the work. [View]

Rocket pad cam shots (2006-12-22)
A close look at rocket takeoffs from the pad cam at ESL 84..... [View]

Rocket powered monocopter (2006-05-20)
This is a shakedown flight for the world's first hybrid powered monocopter. A monocopter is a flying machine with a single wing on one end and a motor on the other end. It is kind of a maple seed in ... [View]

Screaching K240 hybrid rocket launch (2006-12-24)
At NYPOWER in 2002 the old K 240 design made its signature sound......I miss that noise. [View]

TARC Team America Rocketry Challenge 2007 (2007-05-25)
Just a glimpse at what will be available in July 2007 from the Great Meadow complex in The Plains was an incredible event which will be chronicled in a DVD [View]

The first public 29mm Sky Ripper hybrid motor launch (2007-01-18)
The 29mm Sky Ripper Systems 29mm hybrid motor debuted at LDRS 23. The cool little nitrous oxide powered rocket worked out to about a G 63. [View]

The M 2200 Sparky (2006-12-17)
At MDRA's ESL 92 big Tim let an AMW M 2200 sparky rip off the pad and echo through the landscape [View]

Thompson Doylestown Pro Cycling Criterium 2012 (2012-09-28) (DELETED)
The 2012 rendition of the Doylestown Criterium Pro Cycling race seen through a GoPro camera with stills mixed in. Now sponsored by Thompson Car Dealerships as the backend to a weekend starting with ... [View]

Twas the Night before Christmas in Doylestown PA 1995 (2007-12-01) (DELETED)
This 1995 clip of Santa telling the story of the night before Christmas. Dedicated to the life and memory of the incomparable Stu Montgomery. [View]

World's largest Monocopter (2006-12-24)
Ed Miller owns the largest monocopter so far, burning a J to a J and finishing up with a K. It didn't behave as normal but it may have had something to do with the last scene. [View]

X system Hybrid Rocket Launch system-pad view (2007-01-15)
Hypertek hybrid rocket motors use a fill stem instead of a fill line, the X system allows the stem to drop at ignition instead of forcing the rocket to work it's way off. [View]

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