Rocketry Videos

By Waikatotek

"BIG RED" Rocket launches Feb 2012 (2012-02-06)
My 8"x 3.2meter "Big Red" launches on its second flight at the New Zealand Rocketry Association's (NZRA) National Launch Day in Taupiri. (Waikato) Boost was on an Aerotech N2000W motor and was ... [View]

38mm Min diameter rocket launch (2010-12-07)
Alex Heffer's Mini me rocket (cut down PML cirrus dart) launches to 5508feet on an Aerotech H112J motor. Launched at Taupiri New Zealand Dec 5th 2010 (NZRA meeting) [View]

4" Fibreglass rocket J540R (2014-11-09)
Matthew and Craig Packards father/son project on a Aerotech J540R motor to 3101feet [View]

4" Rocket on a J415 NZRA launch, New Zealand (2011-12-11)
Matthews first flight of Dad/Son project, 11th Dec 2011 [View]

Big Red High power rocket launch (2011-12-30)
My 8" Diameter, 12ft tall "Big Red" rocket launching on its first flight on a cluster of motors on Feb 20th 2011 at NZRA's launch site in Taupiri, NZ Video Made By John Gerrand [View]

K motor drag race, Taupiri New Zealand (2015-05-03)
Drag race between our rocket (centre rocket) on an AT K1275R and Alex Heffers rocket (left) on an AT K456dm and Jack Davies rocket (right) on an AT K375NW. [View]

KesterL Rocket K480W (2013-04-09) (NEW)
Joel Schiff and Martin Aspells KesterL rocket flys on an Aerotech K480W for altitude attempt [View]

L1000w HSW rocket (2015-06-14)
Jack Davies HSW takes flight on an Aerotech L1000w at the NZRAs May launch in Taupiri, New Zealand [View]

Mongoose 98 High Power Rocket Launch (2010-12-05)
PLEASE NOTE, POOR SOUND. WIND IN CAMERAS MIC. Joel Schiff's Mongoose 98 Rocket launches on an Aerotech L952W motor at the December NZRA (New Zealand) launch meeting. The reload kit was 12 years old ... [View]

Mongoose 98 on an AT N1000W (2011-12-30)
Joel Schiff and Martin Aspell's successful altitude attempt made on the 20th Feb 2011 using a performance rocketry Mongoose 98 rocket on an Aerotech N1000W. Record was for the N class Achieved an ... [View]

NZRA Launch 2002, N2000 Rocket (2011-04-02)
During the NZRA's annual National launch in Feb 2002, Craig Packards "White lightning II" Rocket took to the sky on an Experimental N2000 motor. Flew just under 10000 feet with perfect recovery on a ... [View]

PML Pitbull High Power Rocket, K805G (2012-03-04)
Kevin Haydens PML Pitbull on its maiden flight on an Aerotech K805G motor. The nose cone drag separated and resulted in quite a major deconstruction mid flight. Launched at NZRA Members launch day, ... [View]

Rocket on K1103X motor (2012-11-11) (NEW)
Pml Sudden Rush breaks under the K1103X's power [View]

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