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MPC Flair Patriot (Kit)


Brief Vintage rocket kit from MPC. Components This kit comes packaged more like a plastic model than the traditional model rocket "plastic bag and header". Since MPC also made plastic models, I suppose it made sense for them to package their rockets this way. I really liked the ... [More]


Sure Fire Explorer X-13


Straight up off the launch pad, this rocket went up, up and up! Very high flier. Fell forever on streamer. No damage. Great flight! - A8-3 - Horizons Park [More]

Estes Shuttle Xpress


Perfect flight. Booster chute deployed and gliders slowly corkscrewed to ground. Tip: glue glider aerlons straight up. - B6-4 - Horizons Park [More]

Estes Wacky Wiggler


Performed as designed. Nice wiggle on the way down. Estes should have named this one "Cosmic Cobra". Although three sheets of wadding were packed into the first section, the nylon cord melted at bit at the attachment point. May have to cut off melted part and re-tie because it would probably not ... [More]

Estes Rattler-7


Amazing flight! All systems were go. - A8-3 - Horizons Park [More]

Estes Venus Probe


Straight up off launch pad. Thought it was going to lawn dart, but at the last minute the lander and booster chute deployed. Lander landed right side up. No damage. - Horizons Park [More]

Estes Star Trek Enterprise


Straight up off launch pad. Flew horizontal and right side up at apogee for a few seconds before ejection charge. Chute came out but shroud lines detached from chute. My fault for using 15 year old adhesive strips. Only minor damage on impact. - C6 - Horizons Park [More]


SureFire Rockets X-13 (Kit)


Brief Custom build and decorate your own 13" model rocket with the Explorer X-13 kit. SureFire Rockets has brought a new concept. The Explorer X-13 is the first in a line of rockets that gives the student control over both the look and design of his/her rocket. The Explorer does not include ... [More]

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