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Cosmik Debris flight (2011-12-06)

First flight of my Cosmik Debris rocket. It would become debris on the second flight. Sorry about the big donkey braying throughout he flight. Next time I'll bring a sock to put in my mouth.

Custom Serval launch.AVI (2011-12-11)

Kind of a crackhead look at the first flight of the evening. I have no idea what I was doing for the bulk of this clip, but I did manage to catch the all important recovery.

Der Red Max flight (2011-12-05)

This is a ten year old Der Red Max clone that I built using odds, ends and parts scrounged from other kits. (Estes has since reissued this rocket.) The parachute was one that I bought some years back in an Ebay auction. They were 10 for $1, so I made out pretty well on the deal. Unfortunately this one broke the snap swivel and drifted off for parts unknown. The rocket wasn't damaged.

Keychain camera rocket tragedy (2011-06-28)

WARNING!! Once you get past the launch, there is very little rocketry content in this video, and lots of hanging around, swingin' in the breeze content. I come up to take a bow and wave to the groupies about the 1:50 point, then I come back for a photo op at the 15:30 point. The real excitement happens just past the 19:00 mark when the rocket falls off of one line and catches on one just beneath it. Riveting. As an aside, the curb that is shown throughout this epic is the same one that was featured in the one picture that turned out from my AstroCam ten years ago. Good times.

Mach 10 flight (2011-12-04)
USS Atlantis Deux - first flight (2011-06-17)

This is an upscale of the Estes USS Atlantis kit. The mail body tube is a BT-60 with a nose cone from an Estes Screaming Mimi. It's powered by two C6-5s in a FlisKits Deuce 2 x 18mm engine mount.

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