Rocketry Videos

By Wallyum

Custom Serval launch.AVI (2011-06-02) (DELETED)
Kind of a crackhead look at the first flight of the evening. I have no idea what I was doing for the bulk of this clip, but I did manage to catch the all important recovery. [View]

Der Red Max flight (2011-05-30)
This is a ten year old Der Red Max clone that I built using odds, ends and parts scrounged from other kits. (Estes has since reissued this rocket.) The parachute was one that I bought some years ... [View]

Dudley Do-Right flight at NARAM 47 (2007-03-28)
Another Jim Flis coffee cup creation. Based on Jim's reaction, I think he might have drained all of the coffee that morning. For best results, PLAY IT LOUD! [View]

Keychain camera rocket tragedy (2011-06-08)
WARNING!! Once you get past the launch, there is very little rocketry content in this video, and lots of hanging around, swingin' in the breeze content. I come up to take a bow and wave to the ... [View]

USS Atlantis Deux - first flight (2007-03-27)
This is an upscale of the Estes USS Atlantis kit. The mail body tube is a BT-60 with a nose cone from an Estes Screaming Mimi. It's powered by two C6-5s in a FlisKits Deuce 2 x 18mm engine mount. [View]

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