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"Golden Eagle" 3" Wildman Dual-Deploy - AeroTech K550 - Fire in the Sky 2014 (2014-07-17)
My "Golden Eagle", a 3" Wildman Dual-Deploy, flies on an AeroTech K550 White Lightning at the Washington Aerospace Club's Fire in the Sky 2014. I had more flights on larger motors planned for this ... [View]
Estes High Flyer XL Tax Relief 2015 with on bored camera (2015-04-28)
Estes High Flyer XL with 808 keychain camera attached to the side. Launched at WAC's Tax Relief launch 19 April 2014 [View]
Estes PSII Nike Smoke flights on Aerotech G64-7W (2016-07-10)
Flying my Estes PSII Nike Smoke rocket at Fire In The Sky 2016, Mansfield, WA. Both flights were perfect on Aerotech G64-7W motors, which use the 29/40-120 reloadable case. Jolly Logic Chute Release ... [View]
F With D Pods First Flight (2014-04-14)
U.S. Rockets F with D pods Maiden flight. Launched on 5 D12-7 black powder motors to keep with in the field flight restrictions. This launch was held by Washington Aerospace Club "Tax Relief 2014" ... [View]
Fire In The Sky High Power Rocket Launch FITS 2017 (2017-06-10)
The Washington Aerospace Club hosted their annual Fire In The Sky launch over Memorial Day weekend in Mansfield, WA. The weather for FITS this year was perfect, with light wind, reasonable ... [View]
Patriot Rocket High Power Level 1 Cert Flight (2016-06-01)
Certification attempt for NAR High Power Rocketry Level 1, using my Estes Scion kitbashed into a Patriot Missile. Aerotech H128W motor, Jolly Logic Chute Release. At Washington Aerospace Club's Fire ... [View]