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Wildman Drago Rocket onboard footage - F240 vmax

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Published:2011-11-07 19:02:21

A Wildman Drago on a CTI F240 (Vmax .3 second burn time) to about 400 feet. More at This launch was at METRA, a NY state NAR organization. The rocket is all fiberglass. The camera is a cheap ($12) digital camera from ebay, called a keyring "security" camera. Recovery was VERY late and the nosecone fell off as a result. (Yes it fell off twice in one day, I will fix that.) No damage, very soft field. This is among the fastest mid or high power motors. Burnout was at a matter of 10 or 15 feet above the pad (rather than the normal hundred or more feet) and in less than 1/4th of a second, this rocket was accelerated to faster than a car on the highway.

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