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AKA: dmarlowe69

Location: Lincoln Alabama

Club Memberships: NAR

Favorite Rockets: Saturn 1B


Cheif Engineer at Elbit Systems of America in Talladega Alabama. BSAE 1980 from University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Worked at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in the 70's with a couple German Engineers that came over from Germany with Von Braun after WW II, Werner Dahm and Heniz Struck.

Team America Rocket Challenge Mentor and member of the AIA TARC Board of Advisors. Interest include Rocketry performance and electronic payloads for data collection, tracking and telemtery.
Almost 40 years experience in industry, Aerodymanics, Flight Test Engineer, Autopilot architect and software engineer. Specializes in Vehicle System Integration, Avonics design and repair, mass properties and weigh and balance, structural design and proof testing,


Favorite Quote:

"Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. "
Robert A. Heinlein

“It is better to believe than disbelieve, in doing so you bring everything to the relam of possibility”

Albert Einstein

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Estes - Red Flare

Rocksim Design



Alpha 70 (3 Seperate Fins with Overlay).rkt

Rocksim Design



Denton - Estes Payloader II.rkt

Rocksim Design



Payloader II


First flight of this rocket on calm day. Intalled Estse Altitmter in payload bay. Lanuched straight up. Very nice lift off with good veritcal trajectory. Chute deployed completely. My Grandson caught the rocket before it landed. No damage. - C6-3 - Lincoln High School - Lincoln Alabama [More]

Maxi Alpha III


Launch was good, light winds and almost veritcal trajectory. Rockets had reach apogee and was nose down when ejection charge fired. One of the shroud line caught on the engine hook and prevented parachute from deploying. Spun all the way to the ground, only cosmetic damage.  - D12-3 - Lincoln ... [More]


Maxi Alpha III


First launch as a demo for the LHS TARC team. Good WOW factor! Good launch and parachute deployed. Caught by student before it landed. - D12-3 - Lincoln High School - Lincoln Alabama [More]

William Marlowe


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