Rocketry Videos

By Wolfstardesigns

4X Thor-X @ LDRS26 (2008-02-05)
Thor-X launched on (1) N4000bb and (3) m2200 skidmarks, weight was 335lb and 28.5 feet long, reached to 5800 feet. Also got (2) covers of magazines and (1) centerfold in another. [View]

Luna vid (2009-01-05)
5th generation NiteBow, 38mm motor tube, Dual microprocessors 40 LEDS [View]

NiteBow 5.1 patterns Demo (2011-02-27)
NiteBow 5.1 Mounted in a 4" fiberglass airframe 3 Watts RGB LED For Night launching high power rockets [View]

NiteBow test 5 3 (2011-01-24)
10 watt RGB LED, PIC processor controlling it, Still a little under driven, so it's just going to get brighter Designed for Night Launch Rocketry [View]

NiteBow51 Demo for Night Lauch Rocketry (2011-02-27)
3Watt RGB LED controlled by Pic Microproccessor 19 pattern to select from for use with High Power Rockets only @ Wildman rocketry [View]

The Ghoul Rocket Movie (2013-09-03)
A tribute to The Ghoul, a "B" rated movie host in the early 70's. Rocket is a 5 29mm cluster beast. Launched on a CTI "H399" and (2) Aerotech "G64's" on the pad, airstarting (2) CTI "H90's in 1 ... [View]

V2 at freedom launch (2009-09-09)
ouch, but what a show, CATOed the (2) outside "M" motor and flew on just a "O" motor [View]

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