Rocketry Videos

By wunkus

CHAD Stage on a Sweet Vee Rocket Glider (2018-09-08)
CHeap And Dirty two stage rocket powered flight! I was lucky enough to meet with joshuawfinn and fly rockets with him. Check out his channel! [View]

Estes Astro Blaster First Launch (2019-06-16)
First launch of my newly built Estes Astro Blaster (a rocket glider kit) using an Estes E12 rocket motor. This thing is fast! Watch the next launch using an Aerotech motor: ... [View]

Estes Astro Blaster Launch on Aerotech Motor (2019-06-16)
The newest rocket glider to my fleet: an Estes Astro Blaster. This was my first launch of any rocket using an Aerotech rocket motor: a reloadable RMS-RC 24/20-40. It seems to get more altitude than ... [View]

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