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Estes - Gauchito {Kit}


Diameter: 1.0000 inches
Length: 8.6000 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Product Type: Kit
Recommended Motors: 1/2A3-2T, A10-3T, A3-4T
Recovery: Parachute
Scale: 1:55
Skill Level: 1
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: Scale
Weight: 1.0800 ounces


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ESTES  Launchables Rocket  "GAUCHITO"  Model Rocket Kit  New in Box
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End Date: Thursday May-24-2018 9:25:21 PDT
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Recommended Motors: 1/2A3-2T, A10-3T, A3-4T

Estes 1/2A3-2T Engine Pack (4-Each)
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Estes A10-3T Engine Pack (4-Each)
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Estes A3-4T Engine Pack (4-Each)
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Launch Supplies:

Estes 2274 Recovery Wadding
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Estes-Cox Corp 2302 Solar Starter
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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2004-12-14Donald Besaw's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-2- Nice first flight. Not much altitude, maybe 100 feet. Nice chute deployment and recovery. No ...
2004-12-14Donald Besaw's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- Nice second flight, reached maybe 250 feet. Nice recovery but the capsule seperated from the ...
2005-04-17Kyle Hancock's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA3-4- First Flight
2005-04-19Warren Evans's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- To big a chute I should of used a streamer It drifted to the woods
2005-05-04Donald Besaw's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- Nice quick flight to about 300 feet. Great recovery close to pad. No damage.
2005-10-16Kyle Hancock's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-4-
2005-11-04Donald Besaw's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- Nice flight, nice straight boost. Capsule seperated from insert at ejection but it was recovered. ...
2006-01-29Robert Koenn's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA3-4- This was a future sport scale contest entry for the Florida Winternats Contest. Model flew well ...
2006-04-08Eldred Pickett's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3-
2006-04-09Gene Wolski's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-4- Chute wadded up - broke two fins on landing. Repaired for next flight.
2006-04-16Donald Besaw's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA3-4- Nice flight and recovery. No damage.
2006-04-29Clive Davis's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA3-4- Nice flight, but the 'chute was tangled and didn't deploy properly. Still landed undamaged.
2006-05-21Gene Wolski's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-4- Great flight!
2006-06-26Richie Brunjes's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-2- Cool little rocket, broke a fin on landing
2006-06-27Richie Brunjes's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- Broke a fin
2006-08-20Gene Wolski's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- Great flight!
2006-09-12Ed Scientist's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-P- OOPS. After launching a couple of tumble recovery rockets..I ugh..I..didnt realize I put a plugged ...
2007-04-28Craig McGraw's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-450 feet Bad choice of motor. Model reached about 50' before plunging to earth. Deployment was after ...
2007-04-28Craig McGraw's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3400 feet Much better choice of motor. Model screamed off pad and nearly straight ascent. Good deployment ...
2007-06-16David Montgomery's Estes X-Prize Gauchito4x1/2A3-2250 feet Ejection just before reaching apogee; Entered in the Future Scale/Science Fiction event at the ...
2007-08-12Taylor Gonnerman's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-2- The flight was low and slow; this is an excellent rocket for a small field.
2008-02-17Gene Wolski's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- Great boost! Replaced chute with crepe paper streamer - no damage on landing (usually breaks a ...
2008-05-04 David Montgomery's Estes X-Prize Gauchito4x1/2A3-4300 feet Excellent flight for the Future Scale/Science Fiction event. Strong winds and light thermal caused ...
2008-06-07Robert Koenn's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-3- This was a contest flight in Orlando at an open meet. The model was actually used for spot landing ...
2008-07-12Joe Alain's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-4- Nice flight but chute was slightly burned. Landed close by with no problems.
2008-09-07David Sindel's Estes X-Prize Gauchito1/2A3-4- I replaced the parachute with a small streamer. It went about 100 feet up and ejected about 15 ...
2009-02-21David Sindel's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3-
2009-11-07John Bergsmith's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3- Never goes that high, but always goes straight. Nice flyer, fun to watch.
2012-10-21Gene Wolski's Estes X-Prize GauchitoA10-3T- Great flight - recovered on streamer with no damage.

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