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Interop NY - Creation of Xirrus Rocket (2011-06-28)

Watch the Rocket that was on display in the Xirrus booth at Interop NY being built and painted! This 13ft high powered rocket was built by Xirrus CEO, Dirk Gates, and his brother, Erik.

Porthos Flight (2011-05-29)

This is the on board video from the flight of Porthos at LDRS 29 in Lucerne Valley, CA on June 13th, 2010. Porthos is 12" in diameter, stands 16 ft tall, and weighed 220lbs at lift off. She reached an altitude of 6300 ft. flying on a central Aerotech N3300R motor with 6 outboard Aerotech K1275R motors generating a combined thrust of 2200lbs. The flight was 100% successful, although she did get dragged a bit after landing due moderate surface winds.

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