Rocketry Videos

By xxDRAGON64xx

Black Dahlia Launch (2011-12-18)
When I returned to rocketry in 2007 as a BAR(2.0), this was my first launch: a scratch built rocket, on a scratch launch pad, using homebrewed propellant... I would have it no other way. [View]

HPR PVC Launch Pad (2012-03-11)
I designed and built this launch pad over 10-years ago, and it is still a good launch platform [View]

HyperTEK M960 Certification Flight (2012-03-23)
More legacy video; this was my first attempt at TRA Level III, and one of the last times that I ever flre commercial model rocket hybrids... Have a look see. The event was Souther Thunder 2005 [View]

HyperTEK M960 Certification Flight Part II (2012-03-28)
Tom Binford Narrated and shot this video from Southern Thunder 2005. This was my first attempt at TRA Level III. This video shows the motor ejection, and a little bit of the prep [View]

Low Power Launch Pad (2012-03-10)
This pad has a little history, but very little use... it is a good sturdy design that I hope to get plenty of use from in the future. [View]

Mid Power Launch Pad (2012-03-10)
I had an extra ball and socket device, so I made a new launch pad for it out of 2" PVC. [View]

ProRail HPR Launch Pad (2012-03-10)
Ever since I stumbled across John Coker's ProRail Base design, I knew this is the pad I was going to build for myself... [View]

Upscale Alpha (2013-06-23)
This an upscale Alpha, weighing in at 37 lbs. The rocket lofted on an Aerotech K1275... [View]

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