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Flights flown on 2013-08-10

2013-08-10Leon Smith's Tapping the sky-Cesaroni M1810 <b>...</b>5077 feet 
2013-08-10Michael Freedman's Talon 2Giant Leap Rocketry - Talon 2H133-7 CTI-
2013-08-10Michael Freedman's Strong ArmAerotech - Strong ArmF42-7T- 
2013-08-10Michael Freedman's Bull PuppyPublic Missiles - Bull PuppyH152-10 CTI- 
2013-08-10Michael Freedman's T-BoltGiant Leap Rocketry - T-BoltI195 CTI-
2013-08-10Justin Stotter's MosquitoEstes - Mini Mosquito1/2A6-2- 
2013-08-10Justin Stotter's Mini Honest JohnEstes - Mini Honest JohnA10-3T- 
2013-08-10Justin Stotter's Hi-Flier-B4-4- 
2013-08-10Justin Stotter's Super AlphaEstes - Super AlphaD12-5- 
2013-08-10Justin Stotter's Vagabond (2)Estes - VagabondE9-6- 
2013-08-10John Kelley's Art Applewhite 18mm Helix-Estes C6-3-
2013-08-10John Kelley's Art Applewhite Hornet-Estes C6-3-
2013-08-10John Kelley's Art Applewhite 18mm X-Fire-2xC6-3-
2013-08-10John Kelley's Trident I SLBM-I245-10-
2013-08-10John Kelley's Fliskits Alien8-Estes C6-5-
2013-08-10John Kelley's Art Applewhite 24mm Delta Chrome Saucer-D12-0-
2013-08-10John Kelley's Art Applewhite super Stealth-Estes C6-0- 
2013-08-10John Kelley's New Way N20 Demon-Estes D12-3-
2013-08-10John Kelley's Tripod 4Scratch3xC6-5-
2013-08-10Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Quest MMX Saturn V-Quest MicroMax <b>...</b>30 feet
2013-08-10Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Fliskits Saturn V MMX-Quest MicroMax <b>...</b>60 feet
2013-08-10Hans "Chris" Michielssen's FlisKits Honest John MMXFlisKits - Honest JohnQuest MicroMax <b>...</b>100 feet
2013-08-10Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Super Alpha-Estes B6-4300 feet
2013-08-10Hans "Chris" Michielssen's CD Spool (Scratch Design)ScratchEstes C6-3300 feet
2013-08-10Rich DeAngelis's AlphaEstes - Alpha (Modification)B6-4484 feet
2013-08-10Rich DeAngelis's BanditEstes - Bandit (Modification)C6-5379 feet
2013-08-10Rich DeAngelis's BanditEstes - Bandit (Modification)C11-5435 feet
2013-08-10Rich DeAngelis's BanditEstes - Bandit (Modification)C11-5458 feet
2013-08-10Rich DeAngelis's Vector ForceEstes - Vector ForceC6-5322 feet
2013-08-10Glenn Weiss's Estes LoadstarEstes - LoadstarB6-4- 
2013-08-10Glenn Weiss's Estes Big DaddyEstes - Big DaddyD12-3- 
2013-08-10Glenn Weiss's Estes MosquitoEstes - Mosquito1/4A3-3- 
2013-08-10Glenn Weiss's Estes Mercury AtlasEstes - Mercury AtlasD12-3- 

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