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Flights flown on 2015-08-08

2015-08-08Mark S's mega mosquitoEstes - Mega Mosquitod12-3- 
2015-08-08Mark S's DragonflyEstes - Dragon Fly1/4A3-3T- 
2015-08-08Mark S's NighthawkEstes - NighthawkA8-3- 
2015-08-08Mark S's Silver HawkHolverson Designs - Silver HawkA8-3- 
2015-08-08Bill Eichelberger's Fishhead Rocketry - Bulldog LowScratchD12-5800 feet
2015-08-08Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Star Wars Star DestroyerEstes - Star Wars Star DestroyerD12-3300 feet
2015-08-08Karl Tyrrell's Phoenix, Madcow 4"Madcow Rocketry - Phoenix (4")J381 Skidmark3006 feet
2015-08-08Bill Eichelberger's MRC - XR-20MRC - XR-20C6-5750 feet
2015-08-08Bill Eichelberger's Centuri Engineering Co. - TaurusCenturi - TaurusC6-5750 feet
2015-08-08Bill Eichelberger's Fishhead Rocketry - Wizard MiniEstes - WizardA3-4750 feet
2015-08-08Bill Eichelberger's Estes - RavenEstes - RavenC6-5500 feet
2015-08-08Justin Stotter's Hi-Flier XLEstes - Hi-Flier XLE9-6- 
2015-08-08Justin Stotter's ArrrgentScratchG64+F29947 feet 
2015-08-08Justin Stotter's QCC Explorer IIEstes - QCC ExplorerE18-7W- 
2015-08-08Bill Eichelberger's Centuri Engineering Co. - USS AmericaCenturi - U.S.S. America (Clone)E9-41000 feet
2015-08-08Erik Conway's Madcow 3" Frenzy XL-J355-174808 feet 
2015-08-08Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l Rockets Little Green ManScratchQuest B6-4300 feet
2015-08-08Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Patriot M-104Estes - Patriot M104Estes C6-5450 feet
2015-08-08Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Teros UpscaleScratchD12-5525 feet
2015-08-08Dan Patell's Beta-I1801934 feet
2015-08-08Ken Johnson's Starhawk Quest - StarhawkQuest A6-460 feet 
2015-08-08Ken Johnson's Fiesta-Quest A6-420 feet 
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's Orange FUBAR-C6-5-
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's X-Prize SpaceShipOneEstes - SpaceShipOneC6-3-
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's Lunar ExpressModificationA10-3-
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's X-Prize RubiconEstes - RubiconD12-3-
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's GoonydentEstes - Trident (Kit Bash)D12-5-
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's Star WarriorAerospace Vehicles Inc - Star Warrior (Clone)C6-5-
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's Rock-itEstes - Rock-It Stone Age FlyerD12-5-
2015-08-08Steve Lindeman's TinkerbellScratchE16-6-
2015-08-08Ken Johnson's Sparkly TwisterCustom Rockets - TwisterQuest A6-415 feet 
2015-08-08Tony Fr's Solar Warrior UpscaleScratchA8-3- 
2015-08-08Tony Fr's Mini Big NukeLOC/Precision - Big Nuke-3EA8-3-
2015-08-08Tony Fr's Big DaddyEstes - Big DaddyD12-3-
2015-08-08Tony Fr's Flutter ByEstes - Flutter-ByA8-3-
2015-08-08Tony Fr's KISS DestroyerMPC/Round 2 - KISS Alpha I DestroyerB6-4-

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