Flight Log - 2024-02-25 - Christopher Cafiero's Endurance ISX

Flight Date: 2024-02-25
Rocket Name: Endurance ISX
Flyer's Name: Christopher Cafiero
Motors: C6-7
Expected Altitude: 1,121.00 Feet
Launch Site: Desert Breeze Park
Wind Direction: From the N
Temperature: 68 F
1Estes C6-7


Today's launch of the SASA (Stansel Air & Space Administration πŸ˜‰) Rocket "Endurance" (it's third), an Estes Crossfire IXT type rocket. This flight carried the Estes altimeter on it for an accurate (as possible) height reading, and the C6-7 engine, the highest rated engine she's capable of using.

Today's launch of the SASA (Stansel Air & Space Administration πŸ˜‰) Rocket "Endurance", an Estes Crossfire IXT type rocket. Carrying her most powerful engine today, Mission Commander Gavin nearly flew her apart, but held her together despite some scorching to her shock-cord, and singed and partially melted chute.

Aiming for the 1000' barrier with a very light wind, and cool air, he came pretty close. The on-board instrument package recorded an altitude of 820' as she appeared to nose over a bit at the top of her flight, trading altitude for horizontal distance. Still a SASA record however! πŸ§‘β€πŸš€

Next attempt will need a more carefully packed chute and wading to negate the heat of the powerful C6-7 engine, and a more careful attempt to get a true 90ΒΊ launch angle. Rocket weight is 38.96g, and the engine adding another 10.62g and the altimeter package another 11.42g, for a total gross launch weight of 61.42g, which I expect is a bit heavy. If we launch straight up, control the heat issue, and lose the altimeter package, we might make it. In this case we will have to track using the good old fashion sextant and measured angle from a known baseline distance...not as accurate, but no weight deficit! We'll see...

Still a great flight, we lost her in the low cloud cover, but finally spotted her drifting down range with a lightly scorched, but otherwise, intact parachute recovery system properly deployed. If we start going any higher and we'll need to add a locator beacon as well...thank God for sharp young eyes on the flight crew!

Actual Altitude: 820.00 Feet (Altimeter)
Launch with Estes C6-7
Gavin with recovered rocket and altimeter
Altimeter Reading confirming 820 feet

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