Flight Log - 2024-03-16 - Jeff Boldig's Patriot 4"

4" Patriot in Red, White, Black & Yellow paint scheme

Flight Date: 2024-03-16
Rocket Name: Patriot 4"
Kit Name: Public Enemy - Patriot (4)
Flyer's Name: Jeff Boldig
Motors: J350-14
Expected Altitude: 4,000.00 Feet
Launch Site: Battle Park
Wind Speed: 8.00 mph
Wind Direction: From the W
Temperature: 70 F
1Aerotech J350W-14


Drilled delay to 10 sec. JLCR at 200 ft. Chute popped open at 10 ft.

Actual Altitude: 4,137.00 Feet (Altimeter)


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