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Matthew Bond's 2.34x Upscale Sonic Shark

3.1" upscale of the InFlight Sonic Shark.  38mm motor mount, dual deploy.

Diameter:3.1 inches
Length:51 inches



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2011-03-12ROCH159-ALTIM1914 feet
    2011-03-18Tripoli Las Vegas: Springfest 2011H170-ALTIM2161 feet
    2011-04-09ROCI195-ALTIM2700 feet 
    2011-10-08ROCI236-ALTIM2972 feet
    2011-11-11ROCstock XXXIVI211-ALTIM3088 feet
    2011-11-12ROCstock XXXIVI242-ALTIM3716 feet
    2012-01-14ROCI242-ALTIM3782 feet
    2012-03-10ROCI211-ALTIM3065 feet
    2012-11-03SEARSI245-ALTIM2409 feet
    2013-01-12SEARSI161-ALTIM2227 feet
    2014-01-18SEARSI223-ALTIM2880 feet
    2014-02-01SEARSI175-ALTIM2778 feet
    2014-02-22GRITS 2014J270-ALTIM3880 feet
    2014-03-01SEARSI223-ALTIM2890 feet 

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