Aerotech - RMS-24/40 Motor Motor

Manufacturer: Aerotech
Product Type: Motor
Status: In-Production
Tags: Motor:Hardware
  • Aerotech RMS-24/40 Motor By Taylor Jessee

    The RMS case is real handy for sending small rockets high or just buying cheap motors for your bigger rockets. The case itself cost $40 but you do get to buy those less expensive reloads, which you start saving money after about 9 flights. The components to this motor are the casing, two end closures, and a tube of grease. The instructions in the kit are easy to follow once you get the ...

  • Aerotech 24mm RMS Motor By Kris Henderson

    Aerotech's Reloadable Motor System (RMS) 24/40 motor kit. Allows for use with Aerotech motor reload kits, which in the long run saves you cash over using single use motors. Get the same high performance flights at about half the price of single use motors. The motor casing consists of one motor tube with a forward and an aft closure. The kit without the reloads consist of three metal pieces ...

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