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Dave Greger's 2X Upscale SA-14 Archer

5.5" Diam, 8ft tall, 54mm powered 2X upscale of the NCR 2.56" SA-14 Archer.

Diameter:5.5 inches
Length:96 inches



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2014-10-12Central Sod FarmK9402935 feet
    2015-01-17Higgs Farm, Ingleside, MDK7104649 feet
    2015-03-29Higgs Farm, Ingleside, MDK8202383 feet 
    2015-06-26LDRS 34 Torrey Farms, Potter, NY L7304991 feet
    2015-10-11Central Sod FarmK4542208 feet 

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