4-25-2010 MiniSShot Flight videocam #2

First Flight of the MiniSShot rocket, part of the Sugar Shot to Space project at 10:00 am on April 25, 2010 at the FAR site in the California Mojave Desert. First motor ignition at 2:21 in the video followed by the the motor delay at 2:26. At 2:45 in the video you can hear the relight of the motor quickly followed at 2:46 by the CATO or break up of the Aft motor casing and subsequient detachment of the forward avionics/payload section and nosecone (safely deployed on main for the recovery). Aft end of motor, nozzle and fin can recovered intact after free fall of several thousand feet. For complete flight from video cam #1 go to: www.youtube.com For more information go to sugarshot.org We wish to thank everyone that helped support the project. I would also like to personnally thank "Dok" Hanson that made this launch possible, thanks Dok.

Author mojaverockets
Duration 213 seconds
Rating Better

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