AeroTech Initiator Rocket Launch 4-29-2012
AeroTech Initiator Rocket Launch April 29, 2012. First launch. The rocket was powered by an AeroTech F50-6T. The weather was perfect. The launch was perfect and the F50 kicked the rocket off the launch pad and it quickly accelerated out of sight. Chute deployment was flawless and a slight wind from the NW carried the rocket about 1/4 mile from the launch site. It drifted over the access road to the mall and landed safely in the tall grass. The onboard camera shows that the Initiator with its Fin-Lok system make the rocket very stable. I highly recommend this rocket as you first step up to Mid Power Model Rocketry. For smaller fields I recommend starting with the EconoJet line motors. The on board camera is a Mini 808 Car Key Chain Hidden Spy Camera DVR Digital Video Recorder 720 X480 I purchased on Ebay for $6.07 landed from Hong Kong. It was strapped to the rocket with masking tape at the rockets center of gravity. The ground camera footage was taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII. Please subscribe and leave comments. Thanks for watching.

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - Initiator {Kit} (89011) [1989-]

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - F50T Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Author Doug Clark
Duration 198 seconds
Rating Best

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