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Caribou Coffee Rocket (0 00:01:31)
Build, Display, and Launch the LOC HyperLoc 835 [View]

DARE - ACT September Launch 2016 (0 00:01:31)
ACT's second attempt at a roll-controlled flight, using improved hardware and software. The launch was conducted on September 23rd 2016 at ASK 't Harde during SLD03-2016, DARE launchday. This ... [View]

US Moves HIMARS Mobile Rocket Launcher from Jordan to Syria (0 00:01:31)
U.S. had moved the HIMARS Long Range Mobile Rocket Launcher into Syria which has seen a buildup in recent weeks as tensions have continued to mount between U.S.-backed forces and Iranian-backed ... [View]

Iowa Rocket Launches, AeroTech I327 DM & J570W (0 00:01:31)
Scratch built Moo Cow & Fat Boy upscale rockets [View]

Darkstar K1440 (0 00:01:31)
Wildman Hobbies 4" Darkstar on a CTI K-1440 at Red Glare XIV [View]

Goblin Flight (0 00:01:31)
Successful Goblin flight on an O motor [View]

Project TELL : Building a Rocket (0 00:01:31)
ARIS is a group of passionate students, working on Project TELL. They will compete at the 2018 Spaceport America CUP in New Mexico USA! Learn more about ARIS: https://s ... [View]

Estes PSII Ventris rocket with onboard HD Möbius and Jolly Logic Chute Release (0 00:01:31)
Estes Ventris on a G126. Estimated 1700' altitude with the JL Chute Release set at 400'. [View]

Police In Dubai Tested Hoverbikes That Go 20 Feet In The Air (0 00:01:31)
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the police on hoverbikes! Police in Dubai test-drove hoverbikes. The flying motorcycles are made by Russian company Hoversurf. The hoverbike would let police monitor ... [View]

Can wire mattress defend against a rocket propelled grenade? | CCTV English (0 00:01:31)
RPGs are said to be the nightmare even for tanks, but is there something that can stop them? #FLASH 标题:Acrobatics: Ballet on blades | CCTV English China Chinese life CCTV CCTV program hidden ... [View]

F-106 Delta Dart RC Rocket boosted glider flight (0 00:01:31)
F-106 Delta Dart RC Rocket boosted glider flight [View]

LOC Precision Warlock ~ I284W ~ Maiden Flight ~ GRITS - Tifton, GA ~ 2016-04-03 (0 00:01:31)
This was the shakedown flight of my LOC Precision Warlock, the rocket I did my Level 2 certification flight with. This was shot with a Nikon CoolPix P900 at Georgia Rockets In The Sky (GRITS) 2016 in ... [View]

Estes Prowler F23-7FJ (0 00:01:31)
Taken at the Rock Lake high power launch near Wrentham, Alberta. This wasn't high power though. :) [View]

4-H Rocket Camp 2013 (0 00:01:31)
Launch day for a 4-H rocket day camp that Jess and I taught July 18-20, 2013. Eleven kids including ours, plus Krista and Jackie from our local Virginia Cooperative Extension office. The models are ... [View]

NiteBow51 Demo for Night Lauch Rocketry (0 00:01:31)
3Watt RGB LED controlled by Pic Microproccessor 19 pattern to select from for use with High Power Rockets only @ Wildman rocketry [View]

Estes Scissor Wing Transport - Rocket (0 00:01:31)
This is the Estes Scissor Wing Transport Rocket. My son loves this one, but it would never glide. I added 1/4" of surface to the elevator. Now it glides quite well. My son is the man! [View]

Sugar Shot to Space second 2-segment star unigrain propellant test (0 00:01:31)
This is the second test of the 3" diameter seven point Star 2-segment unigrain. This was tested in Randy Dorman's short motor casing with his nozzle throat sized for a four grain Bates configuration ... [View]

NARAM-54 Saturn V Launch (0 00:01:31)
A little coyote magic and an Estes D12-3 put this detailed J-Mission cardstock Saturn V model into the sky at NARAM-54. It flies about as high as the Estes model IMHO. [View]

November 2012 Gary Tortora CTI O4300 Demo (0 00:01:31)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 13 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Reduce Reuse Rocketry (0 00:01:31)
"Spaceflight never became routine." As national priorities changed, NASA could no longer afford another project like Apollo, which utilized single-use rocket engines. The space shuttle was a ... [View]

rocket launch tragedy...oh the humanity! (0 00:01:31)
Jerry Gallagher attempts the launch of his "Leviathon" at the NEFAR (Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry) Flying site at the Clegg Sod Farm near Bunnell, Fl. [View]

Nypower 14 onboard video 1 (0 00:01:31)
Vado video camera in my PML Ariel flying on an aerotech H123W-10. Altitude was about 1200 feet. Video replays at 1/3 speed after recovery. [View]

Pocket Rocket Diy Quadcopter (0 00:01:31)
First flight with the new naze 32 controller. Nothing special just some line of sight stuff. Need to balance the props to get rid of that jello. [View]

Personal Texters: Same Girl | Texting and Driving Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:01:31)
Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America's roadways. In 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. NHTSA, in ... [View]

YellowKnight.wmv (0 00:01:31)
Yellow Knight Medium Powered Rocket (MPR) Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) 16 July 2011 Night Flight Capable [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Orion Starliner Upscale RC rocket Glider G-11ST flight (0 00:01:31)
This is a flight on a prototype Aerotech G-11ST single use 29mm 15 second burn motor at NARAM 60, glider is 5' long, 3" diameter, 37" wingspan, 29 oz rtf. Phone video courtesy of Gary Rosenfield of ... [View]

Rick's Bad Attitude Rocket (0 00:01:31)
Rick Dunseith's Competitor 4 rocket is called "Bad Attitude" and was launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team-1 rocket club. It flew on a CTI L935 Imax motor to 8905 feet. ... [View]

360 Drag Race @ ThunderStruck 2012 (0 00:01:31)
Eric Cayemberg's Entry in the 360 Drag Race [View]

The Science of Flight: Aeronautical Engineering, Aerodynamics, & Rocket Science (0 00:01:31)
Many of us board a plane without understanding what an extraordinary experience flight is: suspended 30,000 feet or more in the air, propelled to a destination at close to the speed of sound, ... [View]

launch of Northamptonshire Police's Christmas drink driving campaign (0 00:01:31)
Today was the first day of Northamptonshire Police's drink drive campaign. In this video, sgt Tony Hopkins talks about the operation, what officers will be doing this month and the penalties for ... [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Drone - Extended (0 00:01:31)
If you like, PLEASE subscribe :) Longer cut, showing leg deployment, and a few tipovers. Yes I know it's not a real rocket, but it does really fly, and is meant to reenact one of the greatest ... [View]

Level One Certification Launch (Slow Motion) (0 00:01:31)
3 seconds starting at 34.55 seconds into the original video. Slowed to 1fps from 30fps. Launch of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 named "Flying Colors" on my successful TRA Level 1 certification ... [View]

Estes Saturn V Model Rocket Crash with Onboard Camera (0 00:01:31)
Not sure why it changed its trajectory - wind maybe? [View]

1400 hp Onboard midnight Dragrace (0 00:01:31)
Illegal midnight drag race with a 1400 BHP Turbo charged Omega [View]

Nike Hercules rocket flight (0 00:01:31)
Maiden flight of scratch built rocket 29mm, Aerotech H180W motor [View]

Scratch built X-15 rocket. Built buy Hal Ellis, flown on a K motor. (0 00:01:31)
Scratch built X-15 rocket. Built buy Hal Ellis, flown on a K motor. [View]

Reno TRA 7/19/2014 Shadow F20 and Estes viking named "Bomber" almost hit each other (0 00:01:31)
1:15 into video you see the tiny red parachute of the Shadow and the "Bomber" scream fast it missing it by only a couple of feet [View]

Estes Saturn V Rocket with Onboard Camera (0 00:01:31)
Flying Estes Saturn V rocket on a C6-3. Using 808 keychain camera. [View]

Amraam 3 rocket (0 00:01:31)
Dave Healy\'s Public Missiles Amraam 3 shred on a Aerotech K-695 Redline motor the rocket died around 2500 feet. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Ron Swenson (0 00:01:31)
Ron Swenson's Nike Smoke on a K-560 at LDRS 32 [View]

LOC Precision Hi-Tech on a G80 (0 00:01:31)
Brian Hendrick's Hi-Tech on a G80. Oregon Rocketry Spring Thunder 2015. [View]

2-Stage High Power Rocket at Red Glare 13 (0 00:01:31)
My 2-stage HPR rocket named Distant Thunder flying at Red Glare 13 at Higgs Farm in Price, MD. Apogee at 5495ft, Max Velocity at 482mph and recovered 150yds away. Booster came in ballistic. [View]

Becoming a Barnard (0 00:01:31)
A special trailer for Suzy and Joe Barnard's wedding in VEGAS [View]

William's Rocket Prelaunch Video.avi (0 00:01:31)
William and His Grandma Built a homemade rocket. I plan on launching this rocket with my son after attaching 3 Estes d12-3 rockets, Wish us luck! We will also post the Pad set up and the launch. [View]

PML Level 1 Certification Flight H100 (0 00:01:32)
A successful Junior Level 1 certification flight at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club. Taken 3/17/18 [View]

Binder Design Bat - H115DM CATO - Drone footage (0 00:01:32)
Here's my Binder Design Bat Burning up on a H115DM. Video is captured from a drone, and taken at the Tripoli Mid-Ohio 3-10-2018 rocket launch. Thanks Bob for the footage! :-) [View]

Estes Rocket Launch with onboard #16 808 HD keychain Cam (0 00:01:32)
My family and I took the rocket out for its maiden flight at the local school, 1st flight went flawless. Looking forward to the next... [View]

1st flight of camera onboard a model rocket (0 00:01:32)
eDVR 5in1 camera onboard a scratch built rocket flown at EFNU airfield, Nummela, Finland. Be sure to check the second video, which is a bit better. The twinstar I almost hit is visible in the end of ... [View]

My TRA Level 2 Flight - 10/18/2014 (0 00:01:32)
My Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 2 certification flight on 10/18/2014. The flight took place at Tripoli Central California's October Skies launch at Maddox Farms in Helm, CA. Kit: LOC Door ... [View]

LOC Grad Ames 22Oct11 (0 00:01:32)
LOC Graduator on Aerotech F40-7 White Lightning reloadable October 22, 2011 at CMASS/FlisKits anniversary launch in Amesbury, MA. [View]

Upscale Alpha (0 00:01:32)
This an upscale Alpha, weighing in at 37 lbs. The rocket lofted on an Aerotech K1275... [View]

AstroVideoCam Quest C12-6 SPAAR 11.03.19 (0 00:01:32)
Estes Astrocam model rocket modified to carry DV recorder. Windy day so the footage is kinda hectic. [View]

The Estes Eliminator XL (0 00:01:32)
Launching my Estes Eliminator XL at Bull Sallas Park [View]

Estes Partizon F20-7W (0 00:01:32)
Launched at the Rock Lake High Power Launch near Wrentham, Alberta on July 1st, 2016. Tallest rocket I own. Not a high power launch, yet. :) [View]

"Golden Eagle" - Cesaroni L935 Imax - WAC Roll Your Own 2013 (0 00:01:32)
My "Golden Eagle" (a 3" Wildman Dual Deploy named after my college's mascot) launches on a Cesaroni Pro54 6GXL L935 Imax. This flight fulfilled my personal goal of sending a rocket to over 10,000' ... [View]

STS 79 - Space Shuttle Atlantis (0 00:01:32)
The 4th rendezvous and docking with the Russian Mir space station and the exchange of astronauts -- including the holder of the world record for longest space flight ever by a U.S. astronaut -- will ... [View]

Aerotech Mirage Level 1 Certification Flight (successful) (0 00:01:32)
This was second flight of the day... after first test flight on a G motor failed to open the chute, and broke a fin. A little bit of 5-minute epoxy, and the Mirage was flight-ready again, for a ... [View]

Mega Mean Machine Aerotech K185 long burn (0 00:01:32)
4000' on an Aerotech K185 Longburn White Lightning [View]

Christmas tree fires can turn devastating and deadly within seconds (0 00:01:32)
A live Christmas tree burn conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shows just how quickly a dried out Christmas tree fire burns, with flashover occurring in less than one ... [View]

Big Red Rocket Level 3 Attempt (0 00:01:32)
This is my Level 3 cert attempt with on-board video. The video spins a lot on the way down, but that's better than the ground video which just shows clouds. The motor is a Hypertek M1000 hybrid. ... [View]

Level 2 Cert Flight, Aerotech J350, PVC rocket (0 00:01:32)
This is my TRA Level 2 certification flight with the rocket, PVC Rulz. All PVC rocket except for motor mount and fins. Hit about 2300 feet high. At Rocketry of the Central Carolinas (ROCC) launch ... [View]

HyperTEK M960 Certification Flight Part II (0 00:01:32)
Tom Binford Narrated and shot this video from Southern Thunder 2005. This was my first attempt at TRA Level III. This video shows the motor ejection, and a little bit of the prep [View]

Estes Star Orbiter (Dual Deploy) - G25W to 2,180' (0 00:01:32)
CRASH launch at Bear Creek Lake Park RRC3 Altimeter Simple GPS tracker Fins replaced with birch ply All air frame tubes lined with coupler stock [View]

Apogee Aspire D12 7 FITS 2015 (0 00:01:32)
This is the first flight of my new Apogee Aspire. I am putting it up on a D12-7 so that I can see if it has any odd flight issues. on this flight I noticed a spin that could negate me trying to ... [View]

UCLA Rocket Project - Feb 5, 2011 - HyPE 1A Static Fire (0 00:01:32)
UCLA Rocket Project static firing the HyPE 1A Test Engine. Fuel is aluminized paraffin, oxidizer is nitrous oxide. There was a problem with the nitrogen pressurization system which prevented the ... [View]

2013-12-07 December ROCK Launch (0 00:01:32)
Video from the December ROCK launch in Oviedo, FL, as captured by a DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. [View]

Intruder rocket Launch (0 00:01:32)
launch of a high power rocket at North Devon Rocket Club launch site 10 July 2010 [View]

NARAM 53 Saturn V flight (0 00:01:32)
Here is Campbell Duffy's successful Saturn V flight at NARAM 53, held in Cincinnati in July, 2011. This flight successfully qualified Campbell for a spot on the US Junior Team that will represent ... [View]

Wildman Darkstar Jr & Madcow 4" AGM 33 Pike (0 00:01:32)
Wildman Darkstar Jr, Altitude Approx 2500 ft Madcow 4" AGM 33 Pike, Altitude Approx 2400 ft Both flights and recovery successful. [View]

3/4 Patriot - 8th Flight.wmv (0 00:01:32)
Once again, a perfect flight of my 3/4 scale Patriot. 9th flight will be at Red Glare XII in April of 2012. [View]

Super DX3, H150 (0 00:01:32)
Madcow Super DX3 flying on an H150 at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on August 25, 2018 [View]

BSD Thor 13th April 2014 - CTI J-354 (0 00:01:32)
This video was captured using an 808 key chain camera (720p HD). The location is Queensland Rocketry Society (QRS) LA2 launch site at Cedar Grove. This is my BSD Thor 4" rocket launched on a CTI ... [View]

A Year of Experimental Rocketry (0 00:01:32)
Compiled video from Cal Poly Pomona's USLI project. [View]

Tripoli Level 3 Certification Flight (0 00:01:32)
High Power Rocket - PML Ultimate Endeavour flying on an Aerotech M1297W in Plaster City, CA on 6 April 2013 Altitude: 5,770 ft Top Speed: 404 mph Peak Accel: 10.2 g's Electronics: Raven2 and ... [View]

Skypunch First Flight Jr. L1 H128 (0 00:01:32)
Andrew got his Jr. L1 certification on April 7th, 2012. He flew his scratch-built Skypunch on an Aerotech H128 engine. The estimated apogee was about 1450', and even with some pretty fierce winds ... [View]

Estes Rocket StormCaster Kit Bash with High Speed Camera (0 00:01:32)
Experiment with a Estes StormCaster. I decided to try something different with this kit. The rocket is built to look like some kind of transport. I did not do the final finish because I was not sure ... [View]

Extreme Wildman ESL 164 (0 00:01:32)
First flight of our new Wildman Extreme on an EX 54/1400 Green to about 3300'. [View]

Indian rocket launch failure on Christmas 2010 (0 00:01:32)
Indian rocket launch failure on Christmas 2010 [View]

Chili Blaster 5 - High Power Rocket - On board Video (0 00:01:32)
On board video from my 4" Patriot flying at Chili Blaster 5. [View]

Estes "Top Shot" Low Power Rocket Launch- Oct. 23, 2015 (0 00:01:32)
Estes "Top Shot" rocket powered by an Estes E9-6 motor. 60fps keychain camcorder. Rocket took a right turn off the launch rail and weather-cocked into the 10mph wind. Ejection charge successfully ... [View]

LOC Magnum Model Rocket Kit (0 00:01:33)
This is an overview of the features of the LOC Magnum model rocket kit. It is a three motor cluster, so it goes really high without the use of high power motors. [View]

LOC BIG NUKE 3E (0 00:01:33)
First flight of my LOC Big Nuke 3E on an Aerotech K550W motor. Dual PerfectFlite SL100 altimeters handled recovery deployment. It was a great day at the TTRA launch in Plant City, FL. [View]

Epic Rocket Launch, Pad Cam Audio (0 00:01:33)
My son designed and built this cluster rocket from scratch, with nomex honeycomb fins, and an Aerotech Metalstorm engine on each fin edge. Since it's a fixed videocamera at the pad, the visual ... [View] Europa Launch Video (0 00:01:33)
Launch of the Europa model rocket at the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) launch. [View]

The International Motorcycle Show. (1969) (0 00:01:33)
No titles. International Motorcycle Show. Brands Hatch, Kent. Various shots of two men and three girls wearing fashionable new motorcycling clothes and boots on the track at Brands Hatch. They ... [View]

ASU Students Launch Rocket | Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (0 00:01:33)
ASU students prove that school smarts and first place trophies go hand in hand. More Awesome Rockets! Visit [View]

Vintage Rockets - Tripoli Level 1 & 2 Certification Flights (0 00:01:33)
Here's video of my original certification flights back in high school. The quality is horrible, but that's what happens when you copy a VHS tape 3 or 4 times over the years and then try to covert it ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine C&RC3 Guy Jim Bill Tom (0 00:01:33)
Guy, Jim, Bill and Tom's HARV project on an P8500 for a Really Cool flight at BALLS 20 [View]

"Born in the USA" tribute rocket, AeroTech 38/1320 J510W (0 00:01:33)
~1400' AGL 22.3 lbs with motor AeroTech 38/1320 J510W I don't own the music, just a tribute video! [View]

Cartoon Network - Toon In to Reading PSAs (1993) (0 00:01:33)
In 1993, the Cartoon Network and the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) (formally known as the National Center for Family Literacy) team up in a collection of PSAs about reading with your ... [View]

Simon's Tribrid Launch (0 00:01:33)
Australia's First Tribrid Rocket Launch Liquid Fuel / Nitrous Oxidizer. at QRS, TRA launch [View]

2011-06-04, Tripoli Idaho Rocketry, Launch Montage (0 00:01:33)
Chronological montage of some of the rockets at the 2011-06-04 Tripoli Idaho Rocketry launch with links to the original videos. [View]

Dual Deploy LOC Precision 3.9" v2 (0 00:01:33)
This is my first Dual Deploy flight. Modified LOC Procision 3.9 v2 Extended Ebay kit from LOC Motor: Cesaroni I297 Skidmark Altimeter: StratoLogger Cameras: Booster Section: 808 Keychain ... [View]

4 in Nike Smoke K940 Keychain Cam (0 00:01:33)
I bought a $5 keychain camera and Gorilla-Taped it to the side of my 4" Madcow Fiberglass Nike Smoke for what turned out to be a pretty good video! I cut the delay about 3-5 seconds too short so the ... [View]

MAC Performance Rocketry 4-Inch Black Fly (0 00:01:33)
HED with redundant Missile Works RRC3 altimeters reporting 6,921' and 6,930'. Missile Works T3 GPS tracker. [View]

NARAM 53 Rocket Launch (0 00:01:33)
Aquarius Model Rocket with K size engine July 23, 2011 [View]

Full Beer Keg Rocket (0 00:01:33)
Team Numb did comfortably launch a fat rocket on a P7000 motor to loft a full beer keg from Oregon up over a mile high. 175 lbs of beer. They tapped it at the landing site (it was a perfect flight). ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine NERRF 7 Howard Druckerman (0 00:01:33)
Howard Druckerman's Wildman rocket on an M1770 for his Level 3 cert. [View]

April 2019 Tom Cohen Yellow Submarine (0 00:01:33)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 20 hobby rocket flight.  [View]

2002 Nov 20: Delta IV First Launch -- EutelSat W5 (0 00:01:33)
The first launch of this massive rocket (at night) was covered by two onboard RocketCam views. Check out the red-hot glowing engine nozzle as the second stage fires during its orbit insertion burns. [View]

US Army PSAs (0 00:01:33)
1970s TV public service announcements for the U.S. Army [View]

Mad Cow Mozzie Launch (0 00:01:33)
Mad Cow Mozzie launch on 2-20-11 at Santa Fe Dam in Southern California using an Aerotech F20-4W. First launch of this rocket. Successful. [View]

Composite reinforcement fin layup time lapse (~50x) (0 00:01:33)
Der Red Mix - fin layup time lapse, combination of carbon fiber and CF/Kevlar hybrid fabric + Aeropoxy laminating resin. Track = Massive Attack, Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)... buy Heligoland ... [View]

Odd'l Rockets Little Green Man (0 00:01:33)
Introducing Odd'l Rockets' latest model rocket kit - the Little Green Man. [View]

Estes Rocket launch captured by Quadcopter Drone! (0 00:01:33)
Launching a model rocket and filming it with multirotor helicopter Cinestar 8 with a 3-Axis Gimble and Freefly Radian Stabilizers. [View]

Another Longshot 2-stage model rocket on-board video (0 00:01:33)
Onboard video from a 2-stage Estes Longshot model rocket flying on D12-0 to C6-5 motors [View]

Formula 54 on a CTI G131 Smokey Sam (0 00:01:33)
Launched in Berwick Maine. MMMSClub [View]

August 2016 Robert DeHate Full Scale Patriot (0 00:01:33)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 218 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

X-15 Introduction (0 00:01:33) - This is an introductory video describing some of the features of the 1/21st scale version of the Apogee ... [View]

Toilet paper roll quadcopter build and flight (0 00:01:33)
Quadcopter with tp rolls for a frame. Subscribe for more epic rc stuff. [View]

Aerotech Arreaux 29mm Rocket F-powered High Altitude Launch (0 00:01:33)
Rocket: Aerotech Arreaux Engine: F40 White Lightning Apogee: 1975 feet Max Speed: 282 mph [View]

Return of the Little Green Man (0 00:01:33)
A short film featuring the Odd'l Rockets Little Green Man model rocket kit. [View]

big daddy2 rocket E9-6 (0 00:01:34)
estes big daddy model rocket [View]

The Jolly Rogers - Randy Dandy-O (0 00:01:34)
Randy Dandy-O off The Jolly Rogers' "Shanty Time" album which released with X X V. Support ye pirate brothers ... [View]

Seven Feet of Chaos on J340 Metalstorm (0 00:01:34)
Rocketry Warehouse Adventurer named "Seven Feet of Chaos" hits 2,594' on a Aerotech J-340 Metalstorm motor. Next stop - 1 mile on a "K" motor. [View]

It's Not Rocket Science...Oh Wait Yes It Is. H178 DM (0 00:01:34)
Just outside of the sleepy town of Three Oaks, MIchigan we flew rockets on 4/27-28/13 and usually I fly at least one of them with a camera on board so this was it. I decorated the rocket in a ... [View]

County Report This Week PIO 2014 NACO Awards (0 00:01:34)
Montgomery County’s Office of Public Information receives National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award for Cápsula Informativa. Cápsula Informativa, hosted by Lorna Virgili, is an ... [View]

Saturn V launch -- largest model rocket in the world (0 00:01:34)
This is a 1/10th scale, 36 foot tall Saturn V model rocket. It was launched on April 25, 2009 in Price, MD. [View]

Thrust Vector Control (0 00:01:34)
Modell-Rakete Neutron V3 mit Schubvektorregelung. Datum: 25.11.2019 Länge: 0.904m Gewicht (Start): 0.94kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.34m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD Antrieb: 4*Klima D3-P [View]

Three-Letter Agency Maiden Flight (0 00:01:34)
On-board video from my scratch-build model rocket TLA on her maiden flight using an Aerotech F39-6T. [View]

"Up in Flames" CTI I216 (0 00:01:34)
Bryce Chanes Scratch-built First attempt at dual deploy 7.8Lb 87" MAWD Perfectflite Cesaroni I216 [View]

OverKill Rocket Launch (0 00:01:34)
NEFAR JULY LAUNCH 2008 KSC SUMMER INTERNSHIP Song: "2001: A Space Odyssey" Copyright Word Entertainment 1996 [View]

Rocket Launches 8-21-10 (0 00:01:34)
Two rocket launches from the LUNAR launch at Moffett Field, CA on August 21, 2010. Launches: Estes Executioner on an Aerotech E15-4W engine Aerotech G-Force on an Aerotech G77-4R engine [View]

Estes Executioner & Partizon Rocket Launch (0 00:01:34)
My friends and I launching and Estes Executioner and an Estes Pro Partizon. First launch of the year. [View]

Model Rocket Launch Slow Motion 3-Rockets (0 00:01:34)
Three model rocket launches. Each is shown as recorded at 240 fps, and then again slowed down with video editing software. Enjoy.Estes Hornet on a C6-3Estes ... [View]

Superfly Kisses the Clouds (0 00:01:34)
This is my rocket Superfly which in the past thought it was a submarine. Well, we've come to terms with that incident and set the rocket on the straight and narrow as it were and today it behaved. ... [View]

2011_06_18 009.avi (0 00:01:34)
At 6/18/11 MDRA ESL: ESTES Fat Boy modified for cluster 4x24mm launching on four D12-5 motors. [View]

Deuce Onboard 090808 (0 00:01:34)
View from between the motors of my upscale Deuce's Wild! Motors were CTI J210s. Apogee 2100 feet, main deployed at 1500 feet. [View]

Lucerne Dry Lake, CA - 2/14/15 - CTI M3700 in Darkstar Extreme (0 00:01:34)
This flight represented my highest average thrust yet (831 lbf) and I could not have been happier with the weather, flight, or recovery! [View]

PINK DRAG RACE Part 1 -2 (0 00:01:34)
October 22nd Sunday Round 2 - PINK DRAG RACE Al Gloer versus Richard Comshaw in the PINK M Impulse Drag Race Al's rocket was funded by Yale New Haven Hospital and will be on display. Prior to ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine NXRS Fred Azinger (0 00:01:34)
Fred Azinger's Intimidator 5 on an N6500 [View]

Apogee Zephyr Rocket High Power Kit (0 00:01:34)
Electric Lime Green Metallic, 8Taps Gold Pearl. Paint laid down by the painter Nick at the shop......He knows his tools and materials,so there you go. All prep was done by me. Decal set was bashed ... [View]

Back in Black MDRA Red Glare XI Ground (0 00:01:34)
This is the from-the-ground view of my flight at MDRA's Red Glare XI on Saturday November 19th. My wife shot this with her Polaroid 1080p camcorder. She wasn't able to keep up with the acceleration, ... [View]

Launch of my scratchbuilt scale rocket "Nike Smoke" on MIR 2010 (built by Ivan Bonic) (0 00:01:34)
This is flight of my scratchbuilt scale rocket "Nike Smoke", on "MIR 2010" rocketry meeting in Bologna, Italy, 11.07.2010., L=195cm, D=120mm, m=7920g, Aerotech RMS J 350 WM motor, total impulse ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine John Caramagna & Barbara Grocki URRF 2013 (0 00:01:34)
John Caramagna & Barbara Grocki's Honest John on an M-2100 at URRF 2013 [View]

Russian military stages live-fire drills involving drone-guided rockets (0 00:01:34)
Russian Defence Ministry on Thursday published a video showing military drills involving BM-21 Grad multiple rocket systems, infantry combat vehicles and paratroopers. Two hundred military men and ... [View]

Terry's Level 1 Certification Flight (0 00:01:34)
This flight was made at the South Texas Aerospace Club's monthly launch at the Beeville Municipal Airport on June 8th, 2013. You can't see the rocket for most of the video but it is there. [View]

HTTP-3A H2O2/Plastics Hybrid Rocket Engine Thrust Vector Control Vertical Hot-Fire Test-3 (0 00:01:34)
--HTTP-3A Project-- HTTP-3A Stage-1 & Stage-2 Thrust Vector Control (TVC) Engine: 1,200 N Thrust H2O2/Plastics Flight Version Capable of Throttling Hybrid Rocket Engine TVC Vertical Hot-Fire Test: 30 ... [View]

Madcow Rocketry - Sport X - Aerotech H180w (0 00:01:34)
Sending up the 3" Sport X on an Aerotech H-180 white lightning. Apogee right around 2,500ft. Onboard cam is a caddx turtle v2 powered by a small 2s lipo. Could have used a second or two longer on ... [View]

Tulsa Rocketry Nike Smoke M2400 (0 00:01:34)
Cool Flight of Tulsa Rocketry Nike Smoke on an M-2400 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

2 Stage Nike Nike Smoke PB2007 (0 00:01:34)
A 2 stage Nike Nike smoke makes 20,000 feet at Plaster Blaster 2007 [View]

Model Rocket Launch Slow Motion 3-Rockets (0 00:01:34)
Three model rocket launches. Each is shown as recorded at 240 fps, and then again slowed down with video editing software. Enjoy. Estes Hornet on a C6-3 Estes Phoenix Bird on a C6-3 Quest Viper on a ... [View]

Level 2 Cert (0 00:01:34)
My (successful) level 2 HPR certification flight, in Amesbury on 11/21 Custom rocket 8.5' tall 4" booster, 3" body 9.5 pounds J500 Mohave Green motor (Aerotech) Thanks to all the CMASS people, ... [View]

Model rocket launch with B6-4 motor (0 00:01:34)
Adam and Sam launch a model rocket with a Quest B6-4 motor. 25 June 2017 [View]

Big Aerotech G-Force Rocket Launch with G80 Blue Thunder Engine (0 00:01:34)
Carson Valley Rocket Festival Date: July 24, 2011 Rocket: Aerotech G-Force Length: 60 inches Diameter: 4 inches Weight: 2 lbs Engine: Aerotech G-80 Blue Thunder (most powerful engine not ... [View]

Steve Eves Builds Saturn V Rocket Replica (0 00:01:34)
Replica a escala 1:10 Saturn V entrevista con el fabricante Seteve Eves. [View]

Steve Eves Builds Saturn V Rocket Replica (0 00:01:34)
Steve Eves plans to launch his 1/10-size Saturn V rocket from a Maryland field in 2009. | The Repository - Your Online Source for News in Stark County from Canton, Ohio (OH) [View]

OD's Steppin Razor on G64-7 12-10-2011 (0 00:01:34)
Onboard video of a boost on an Aerotech 29mm G64-7 White Lightning motor. This is my tube fin rocket "Steppin' Razor'. Rocket Science: Making everything else look simple since 1958! [View]

estes Hi-Flier XL with camera (0 00:01:35)
hi-flier xl with key chain camera on E9-6 on the dry lake bed near Boulder City Nv. A-G ROCKETRY [View]

Full Scale Patriot at NYPower (0 00:01:35)
Robert DeHate's full scale, 200-pound Patriot Missile wows the crowd at NYPower. [View]

Glider-C6-5 (0 00:01:35)
A very long glider flight that ended up in the young soy field at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020 [View]

Flight of the Phoenix Bird (0 00:01:35)
Onboard video ($6 keychain camera) on Ray Cole's Phoenix Bird rocket [View]

LOC Bruiser J316 (0 00:01:35)
LOC Bruiser on CTI J316pink St Albans, VT CRMRC [View]

Pershing 2 Highpower rocket flying on J-270 motor (0 00:01:35)
Pershing 2 Highpower rocket flying on J-270 motor to 2100' at NXRS 2017 [View]

Really Big Bertha (0 00:01:35)
Tony Haga's rocket called 'Really Big Bertha' flying on a LOKI I405 motor. Flight took place at the Jackson Model Rocket Club's monthly launch held at Horning's Alfalfa Field #2 near Manchester, MI. ... [View]

Deuce Ground 2010-06-12 (0 00:01:35)
My upscale Deuce's Wild! on a pair of 38/720 J340 Metalstorm motors. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 22 Jim Jarvis (0 00:01:35)
Jim Jarvis FourCarbYen 2 stage on an N-5800 to an N-1100 at BALLS 22 [View]

Estes AstroCam, Flight #3, New Years Eve 123121 (0 00:01:35)
A partial parachute deployment. And, like the previous flight, no damage! [View]

Fletch CTI I125 (0 00:01:35)
A Wildman Darkstar Jr flying on a CTI I125 [View]

Rocket Flight H220 Silver Streak with Airstarts (0 00:01:35)
4" diameter LOC parts rocket DFA launched at Medford OK (December 1995) using Rocket Flight H220 Silver Streak and airstarting (6) F32s using thermolite. [View]

snooper flight.mp4 (0 00:01:35)
My mars snooper II flight in Mansfield Washington at Fire in the sky, this video was taken by Devin Buettner, I will be flying it again this year at Fire in the sky on twice the power then the last ... [View]

March 2021 Dennis Kingsley Atrobee D (0 00:01:35)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Eastern Short Launch (ESL) hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Super high rocket. D12-0 E9-4 (0 00:01:35)
First flight of a soon to be ruined rocket. [View]

Red Glare 2006 (0 00:01:35)
A quick music/video compilation from MDRA's Red Glare Launch. These are some of the best clips I filmed wile I was there. Music by me first and the gimme gimmes. Enjoy! [View]

astrocam c6 5 (0 00:01:35)
A flight of the new Estes Astrocam, powered by a C6-5 motor, at the August 2020 launch of Southern Area Rocketry at Mill Springs Academy, Alpharetta, GA [View]

Thrusting the Throne - Michiana Rocketry Club (0 00:01:35)
Michiana Rocketry Club - Thrusting the Throne Three Oaks, MI - December 6, 2014 [View]

Wedding Rings delivered via DJI Phantom Quadcopter (0 00:01:35)
ATTENTION Haters! I am NOT a Professional Photographer NOR Videographer! My buddy asked if I could deliver his wedding rings with the Quadcopter, A Radio Controlled Helicopter. I said sure. I had the ... [View]

Proteus 6.5 Onboard video (0 00:01:35)
Amateur rocket "Proteus 6.5" launches from the Black Rock Desert, 9/25/2010. Constructed and launched by Jeff Taylor and Curt Newport, Proteus 6.5 reached an apogee of about 75000 feet ASL. After ... [View]

New Estes Astro-Cam Kit 2020 (0 00:01:35)
The new little digital camera equipped with the Estes AstroCam rocket of 2020 is pretty neat. [View]

Small Endeavor 121309.avi (0 00:01:35)
Launch of Mike Borman's PML Small Endeavor with CPR recovery and onboard Booster Vision Gearcam video camera. The first part of the video shows the launch from a nearby tripod mounted Sony Mobile HD ... [View]

Mars Lander 5X upscale High Power Model Rocket Launch (0 00:01:35)
This is my scratch built 5X upscale version of the Estes Mars Lander Rocket launching at Lucerne Dry Lake Bed in California. [View]

MADCOW MEGA COWABUNGA XL in flight (0 00:01:35)
this is a short fly sequence from a 8" extended megacowabunga from madcow rocketry with a contrail L1450 hybrid rocket motor. Great flight and successfull recovery! Video by Piero Valle, ACME Italia, ... [View]

Stars On Mars - Motorcycle Baby (Super-8, short edit) (0 00:01:35)
Stars On Mars released their debut single in november 1992. It instantly got massive airplay. Sleeve designer Lars Sundh shot this clip with an amateur super-8 camera. [View]

Scale rocket display launch (0 00:01:35)
Scale model of American rocket Litlle Joe II that were used in the Apollo program during 1963 to test the emergency system of Saturn 5. Made by Karel Jerabek, Czech Republic. Maketa americké ... [View]

"Lil Dumb Bunny" flying at Tripoli Wisconsin's Feb. 2018 Launch At Richard Bong State Park (0 00:01:35)
"Lil Dumb Bunny" flying at Tripoli Wisconsin's Feb. 2018 High Power Rocket Launch, Bong State Rec Area. [View]

Big Bertha Estes Model Rocket Launch with Video key chain Cam on board D engine powered (0 00:01:35)
Using two mini key chain cameras on modified estes rocket with a D engine. [View]

Model Rocket - SuperNova PayLoader F21-4W (0 00:01:36)
SuperNova PayLoader With Aerotech EconJet F21-4W Motor. [View]

Laser X on board 072008 (0 00:01:36)
Petitcodiac NB July 2008 high power rocket launch [View]

Parallel Staged rocket - onboard video (0 00:01:36)
PCR rocket, parallel staged. D12-7, 2 C6-0s, boostervision camera. Ground video, onboard video, onboard at 25% speed. The design for this rocket is described in this link. http://www.rocket ... [View]

Nike-Hercules Missile (0 00:01:36)
Here is a Nike Hercules missile coming out of its storage hangar and being raised in the air. It is at the Nike Missile Site SF in Marin, California. It is a national park, and is worth the trip to ... [View]

Revolutionary single stage Aerospike rocket set for 2018 launch [Video: Rocketdyne XRS-2200 Test] (0 00:01:36)
Read the original article: WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF: All of today’s rockets ... [View]

Rocket-Triggered Lightning (0 00:01:36)
To induce a lightning strike, researchers fire a rocket dragging a wire into an approaching electrical storm. If they are lucky, current will flow from the cloud, through the wire, to the ground, and ... [View]

Mavic Mini | How To Perform A "Dronie" QuickShot (0 00:01:36)
At just 249g, MavicMini is the ultimate portable drone - making it the perfect everyday flycam. In this video, we'll show you how to make yourself the centre of attention with the Dronie Qui ... [View]

Vern Hoag Patriot 12 M2200 (0 00:01:36)
Cool Flight of Vern Hoad Patriot 1/2 on an M-2200 From LDRS 27 DVD [View]

ADRIANA VESCOBI & NARAM 435 (D) ENTRENO 22/11/14 (0 00:01:36)
Día de entreno en Sportslavit con Adriana Vescobi y Naram 435 [View]

Polecat Black Brant III Main Charge Testing RRC3 (0 00:01:36)
I came home from my trip to find the grass had grown quite a bit. Perfect opportunity to test the main parachute charge on the Polecat Black Brant III before mowing the lawn. 1.3G of 4F black power ... [View]

FlisKits Anniversary Rocket Launch 2014 (0 00:01:36)
Fun Mass Rocket Launches: UFFO, Frich-n-Frack, and Decaffinator rockets by [View]

Star Orbiter, F20 White Lightning (0 00:01:36)
Jerry's Estes Star Orbiter flying on an F20 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on August 25, 2018 [View]

Why Make Rockets Reusable? (0 00:01:36)
Visit: for more information on SpaceX, Dragon, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, reusable rockets, grasshopper, Mars, upcoming rocket launch, or Elon Musk. SpaceX CEO & Chief Designer ... [View]

Rocket camera #1 (0 00:01:36)
Sorry that the audio is crapped up. I couldn't get other videos due to Polecat V2 crash (straight up, straight down, lake pancake XD). This is from modified Estes Executioner on an Aerotech ... [View]

BOMARC Level 1 Certification Flight - H97J-M - 18 July 2015 (0 00:01:36)
This was my high power rocket Level 1 certification flight on a Madcow BOMARC rocket with an Aerotech H97J-M composite motor. Flown 18 July 2015 at Hudson Ranch, Pueblo, CO, during Chili Blaster ... [View]

Saturn V Launch 2019 07 16 (0 00:01:36)
Saturn V Model Rocket launch, 50-years + 2-hours after the Apollo 11 lift off [View]

Big BLU-97 Launch Onboard Video - Short (0 00:01:36)
7', 50 lb. rocket on N3200 to 7,400' and 595 mph. Liter bottle of Crown Royal Whisky onboard survived the flight. [View]

Astrocam flight 10 - Q-Jet C12-6 (0 00:01:36)
Tenth flight on my new Estes Astrocam. Flown August 7th at Sixty Acres North park in Redmond. Power supplied by an Aerotech Q-Jet C12-6. Data acquired by a FlightSketch Mini altimeter. Altimeter ... [View]

Airfest 26 | Largest High Power Rocket Launch of 2020 Trailer (0 00:01:36)
Subscribe for more rocketry content! I trekked once again to Argonia Kansas for the Kloudbusters Rocket Club's annual AIRFest rocket launch. [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart X Night Flight (0 00:01:36)
Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart X Night Flight, I apologize for the video quality but the handicam just did not want to focus on the bright lights, but it gives you an idea of how bright the model is ... [View]

Launch Pad view of my NCR BOMARC launch (0 00:01:36)
Video from my Oregon Scientific ATCmini camera placed at the base of the launch pad for the maiden flight of my North Coast Rocketry (NCR) BOMARC. There's both a normal speed and an ultra low speed ... [View]

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL WORLD RECORD FOR CEBU, PHILIPPINES! GUINNESS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT. Most number of rockets launched under 30 seconds......A proud moment for Brian Lim and Cebu City, www.p ... [View]

Estes Optima 3" upscale Level 1 Certification on-board cam (0 00:01:36)
Onboard cam view of my L1 cert flight. The rocket is a scratch built 120% 3" upscale of an Estes Optima. Launched on a CTI Pro29 3-grain H133 Blue Thunder. You can even see the blue glow from the ... [View]

"Wild & Wonderful" Test Launch @ LDRS 36 4-9-17 (0 00:01:36)
Thank you to our sponsors! Statler College of Engineering & Mineral Resources WVU Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering WVU Student Government Association NASA West Virginia Space ... [View]

Kuch Log Tasbih, Zikr Karke Rakhte Hai - Virtual Stock Aur Mayyat Ko Esal Kardete Hai Iski Haqeeqat (0 00:01:36)
Donate Us By UPI ID: IRCEWT@SBI Contact Us: +91-80-5545-5545 Alhamdulillah, Now Islamic Research Centre Education & Welfare Trust is 80G Compliant. (Applicable From FY 2019-2020 Onward) So Get Tax ... [View]

Abby appears in 2 Child Abuse Prevention Public Service Announcements (0 00:01:36)
Two 60-second PSAs featuring Abby Miller. The videos play back to back. [View]

Estes Star Orbiter DD on CTI G126 to 2,346' AGL (0 00:01:36)
C.R.A.S.H. NAR 482 launch @ Bear Creek Lake Park [View]

TARC Rocketry Launch at NASA Field (0 00:01:36)
Team America Rocketry Challenge is the world's largest student rocket contest and a key piece of the aerospace and defense industry's strategy to build a stronger U.S. workforce in science, ... [View]

Elton John on John Lennon - 'Me' Book Extract (0 00:01:36)
Taken from the global bestseller 'Me', Elton John's first and only official autobiography - 'The rock memoir of the decade' (Daily Mail). It's the joyously funny, honest and moving story of the most ... [View]

Positive Ascent 8th Flight Boost Video 2, M1540 Imax (0 00:01:36)
Altitude was 10558.5 feet. 5.5" diameter 9 feet long Pad weight was 40 pounds  [View]

EDEM Simulation of Transfer Chute with Rock Box (0 00:01:36)
The video presents some of the capabilities of EDEM BulkSim and focuses on different visualization techniques and analysis that can be performed on a transfer chute using the software. The presented ... [View]

Chris Short N2020 (0 00:01:36)
Chis Short's Auburn rocket on an AMW N2020 at Southern Thunder 2008. [View]

baehawk con motor cohete D9-3 (0 00:01:36)
Puebas con Motor Klima D9-3 empuje. [View]

On-Board model rocket video--dual "E" engine cluster!! (0 00:01:36)
This is a scratch built Sidewinder style model rocket flying on a pair of Estes "E" motors. The flight is quite exciting and at one point, incredibly realistic looking! [View]

Madcow Super DX3 extended on CTI I255 Red (0 00:01:36)
Madcow Super DX3 Extended. It was launched on a 38 mm CTI I255Red. Full flight video, Berwick, Maine [View]

Video Rocket at LDRS (0 00:01:36)
This video was taken by an Aiptek ActionHD camera riding in the nosecone of a LOC Forte'. It was lauched at LDRS 27 in Argonia, Kansas. [View]

Tiny Pterodayctl 1-30-10 (0 00:01:36)
This is a much smaller rocket than my Purple People Eater. This is a kit built stock - no mods and is single deploy. This flight went probably to only 1000' or so. Tough to say without an altimeter ... [View]

Leana's Blue Ninja with jolly logic and 808 cam FITS 2015 (0 00:01:36)
This s my daughters Estes Blue Ninja launched at Fire In The Sky (F.I.T.S.) this is an annual launch put on by Washington Aerospace Club. We used a D12-5 BP motor, had a Jolly Logic 2 altimeter and a ... [View]

EMiR's HyperLOC300 AT-J350W - OnBoard Cam (0 00:01:36)
HyperLOC 300 - TRA Cert 2 Flight - J350W - OnBoard Cam This was my TRA Cert 2 Flight. This was using a 10sec motor ejection, which was a bit early, as it was the first flight with the LCX, I set ... [View]

Annual Rocket launch Mulholland Party Aerotech Mirage (0 00:01:36)
AJ pulls the switch? Aunt Joan races home minutes before launch LOL Troy built this one [View]

First flight of Homesick Angel (0 00:01:36)
Hyperloc 1600 "Homesick Angel" Aerotech K535 DMS Altitude: 2,301' AGL Velocity: 375 ft/s March 7th, 2015 - Misfit Flats, Stagecoach, NV This is the first flight of my Level 3 rocket, Homesick ... [View]

Unknown-G80 Blue Thunder (0 00:01:37)
Unknown name rocket flying on a G80 Blue Thunder at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020 [View]

Modified Estes Partizon, "Flowbee" (0 00:01:37)
CTI 168-H410 VM Apogee ~2300'. Acceleration went past the 24g peak capabilities of the Jolly Logic Altimeter 3. Altitude and G gauges driven by Altimeter 3 log, overlaid with Dashware. [View]

High Power Rocket Flight w/ Aerotech Redline Motor @ MDRA 09-16-12 (0 00:01:37)
Aerotech H148R in a 36oz, scratch-built 2.6" dia. rocket. Dual-Deploy recovery with motor backup at apogee - went 2676 ft. [View]

Cluster Model Rocket With Onboard Camera (0 00:01:37)
Model rocket with onboard camera. Everything worked better than we could have expected. Estimated altitude is between 500 and 740 ft AGL. The rocket flew on a cluster of 3 C6-5's with a total impulse ... [View]

Rocket Launch Gone Wrong!!!!!!! (0 00:01:37)
Shot this Estes QCC Explorer on a "D12-5". I had a friend manning the launch area while I was preparing the rocket. He was not paying very close attention and needless to say, I almost got hit by ... [View]

Kim's New Project (0 00:01:37)
Raw video of static launch pad view of Kim Mitchell's new project on an H-225 motor. Great launch with a near perfect landing within camera view! Birmingham Rocket Boys, Jemison Field, Chilton County ... [View]

First flight of Taser model rocket (0 00:01:37)
First launch of Estes Taser model rocket with B6-4. These things are awesome!!! [View]

Hornet- G79W- flight #3 (0 00:01:37)
Aerotech G79w in hornet. My scratch built 29mm min dia. [View]

Vanish 29 at Delamar - New I-motor High Power Rocket Record Flight (0 00:01:37)
Here's my flight of my Vanish 29 at the 2018 Tripoli Vegas launch at Delamar Dry Lake, NV. It's a custom rocket flown on a CTI I224. Peak altitude was 14,762 feet with a top speed of Mach 2. The ... [View]

SCARA Arm Pen Plotting (0 00:01:37)
The material is just some cardstock. The toolhead is a standard ballpoint pen. Toolpaths were created with Inkscape. Font created by See more projects and more about our arm at ... [View]

GREG-Mills-N10000.MOV (0 00:01:37)
Greg launches 4 inch dia. carbon fiber rocket using Cesaroni N10000 V-Max 98mm motor. (Mach 1 at 700 feet and Mach 2 around 1100 AGL) [View]

Initiator Camera Rocket (0 00:01:37)
This movie was with my LOC Initiator now fitted with a camera mount. The mount is made from a 12" long piece of LOC 2.5" tube with the camera friction fitted into a BT-50 that has been glued ... [View]

Saturn V scale model rocket launch (0 00:01:37)
This is a video of a Saturn V scale model rocket launch in Price, MD. The rocket was built by Steve Eves. All questions can be answered here: The music is ... [View]

Thrust Vector Control Model Rocket (strong crosswind) (0 00:01:37)
Datum: 25.04.2020 Länge: 0.904m Gewicht (Start): 0.94kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.34m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD mit zusätzlichem stark limitierten I Anteil Antrieb: 4*Klima D3-P [View]

Madcow 4" Nike Smoke on a CTI J290 (0 00:01:37)
From the TCC Rocket Launch, June 18, 2011. This is my Madcow Patriot on a Cesaroni 38mm J290. Launch reached 3032 ft and 361 mph. I had two keychain video cameras, one pointing up and one down. The ... [View]

First flight with camera. (0 00:01:37)
Our first rocket launch with the new camera. [View]

Stealth Rocket Drag Race METRA 05062012 (0 00:01:37)
Twin 54mm Stealth Drag Race at METRA Rocket Club's Pine Island, NY launch site. My wife flew her Stealth with an Aerotech K185 White Lightning and I used Aerotech's J135 White Lightning motor. The ... [View]

Aerotech Sumo 2012 (0 00:01:37)
Freedom Launch 2012 Orangeburg SC. Aerotech Sumo. Cesaroni 159G118-6 Blue Streak. 808 Keychain Camera onboard. [View]

J275 Flight on Aurora (0 00:01:37)
Had a hitch in the Hypertek GSE so I flew AP. [View]

Estes Prowler on an Aerotech F27-8R (0 00:01:37)
This launch was a big underestimate on my part. Mild weather cocking, a launch rod not quite straight, plus not compensating for the rocket's smoothness. I expected 1155ft, the altimeter said 1455ft, ... [View]

quadcopter rpg recovery potato gun AKA. LINE LAUNCHER (0 00:01:37)
This was back in March of 016, like I said, if i tried to tape a rescue? it would be hours and hours of epic fail's MURPHY'S LAW. But let me try something without recording? And it works with ... [View]

I236 Launch at the 2011 Livermore Boy Scout Rocket Jamboree (0 00:01:37)
Madcow Patriot dual-deploy launch on a Cesaroni I236 Blue Streak. This was at the 2011 Boy Scout Rocket Jamboree in Livermore, CA. [View]

Caliber ISP (0 00:01:37)
A level 1 certification attempt with a rocket from LOC named Caliber ISP. It flew on a Cesaroni H-295 Smokey Sam at the monthly Michigan Team-1 launch held at DuRussel's Farm near Manchester, MI. on ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 25 - Attaching the RCS Nozzles (0 00:01:37) - Wait to perform this step until after the rocket has been painted. The reason is to decrease the chances of the RCS nozzles breaking off during painting. The Reaction ... [View]

Rockets in Rockcliffe April 15 #3 Leviathan 1 (0 00:01:37)
Firing Model Rockets in Rockcliffe Dumfries & Galloway April 2015 Estes Leviathan rocket built new this year All up weight 640g Cesaroni Pro 29 1 Grain Motor 55 N-sec Impulse 1.78 Sec Burn Time ... [View]

Aerotech Initiator fitted with 5 in 1 camera (0 00:01:37)
This is the newest camera rocket I put together after the others had too much flight spin. Much better flight but the landing was less than perfect. It has been repaired to fly again. [View]

Grasshopper 744m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter) (0 00:01:37)
On Monday, October 7th, Grasshopper completed its highest leap to date, rising to 744m altitude. The view above is taken from a single camera hexacopter, getting closer to the stage than in any ... [View]

Model Rocket - Phoenix 2 Launch 2 (10/5/2010) (0 00:01:37)
Good flight. Parachute replaced by repurposed Astrobeam parachute. Worked well. Nice stable descent. Daniel caught on the way down. Onboard video recorded flight, but mostly aimed at the sun. [View]

Aurora Firefly build & maiden voyage video (0 00:01:37)
This video shows some of the key construction techniques used in the Aurora X5-02 rocket "Firefly". Also includes its maiden launch... [View]

GoPro Rocket Launch (0 00:01:38)
GoPro takes to the sky on a Estes model rocket. [View]

Flight of the 3D Printed Mini Cineroc 808 (0 00:01:38)
Flight of a 3D Printed Mini Cineroc with a 808 1080p camera on a custom built dual canted motor mount rocket. Flew took place in Lajas, Puerto Rico, on May 8th 2019. Flight conditions were not the ... [View]

Rocket Lanucher Tradgedy, Four Lions (0 00:01:38)
Omar and Wag get a rocket launcher to shoot down a spy pplane but fire it thte wrong way, giving away there position to the predeter Drone. [View]

Blue Angels Super DX3 Rocket, AeroTech I435T to 2,729' AGL (0 00:01:38)
NCR 4-7-18 Launch @ Pawnee NG Dual Deploy, Main at 700' 2,729' AGL, 317 mph drogue descent 49fps, main 23 fps Missile Works RRC3 18" and 60" Spherachutes OBH Kevlar All credit to Ned LeDoux for ... [View]

Rocket Launches (0 00:01:38)
Launching rockets out back with Dad, Hayley, and Brianna. May 2012. Sidewinder missile Estes rocket with an A motor, and a huge Saturn V Estes rocket with a D motor. [View]

J class PVC Rocket Motor Test (0 00:01:38)
This is the 4th test of this Motor a J 'Class PVC Motor based on Richard Nakka's methods. The first test was successful as this was however tests 2&3 were not they both had case failures due to the ... [View]

Estes Argent Level 1 Flight (0 00:01:38)
NAR Level 1 Certification Flight/Camden, SC/ ROSCO club. Estes Argent flying on a CTI H87 IMAX motor, Chute Release at 400 feet. Estes Altimeter recorded 2340 foot apogee. [View]

Deuce Onboard 2010-06-12 (0 00:01:38)
Onboard video from a Kodak Zi6 720p camera mounted between the motors of my upscale Deuce's Wild! Motors were the new Aerotech Metalstorm J340s. See for ... [View]

Bonding CTI 75mm/98mm Propellant Grains (0 00:01:38)
Keep 'em where they're supposed to be so the fire only comes out the right end of your motor. (Background track: "Sticky", from Les Sins. Get it?) [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:01:38)
A scale model of the Saturn V rocket with the actual countdown from the real launch at the 2009 TARC finals. The rocket was 50 pounds and used an M class rocket engine. [View]

Enter the exciting world of Estes Rockets (0 00:01:38)
Three...Two...One...IGNITION! If launching a model rocket sounds like your kind of fun, then you need to check out the huge selection of rockets from Estes! There are styles and sizes for everyone, ... [View]

GATR Big Rig Dover Drag Race semi 1983......Great American Truck Racing (0 00:01:38)
Albertson and Johnson qualified to battle each other in the one mile drag race semi final. [View]

Level 2 Cert flight (0 00:01:38)
My successful Level 2 certification flight. The rocket is a Performance Rocketry G3 flying on a J315R to 3,405 feet. [View]

Phoenix RC rocket glider flight at Moffett Field (0 00:01:38)
This is onboard video of an AeroTech Phoenix boost at Moffett Field/NASA Ames Research Center. It was shot at the LUNAR launch on Oct 22, 2011. This was flown with an old AeroTech F10 single use ... [View]

Modified I-ROC (0 00:01:38)
Dale Hodgson's modified I-ROC flying on a Cesaroni K660 motor with classic propellant. Flight was part of the joint launch with the Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry Club and the Jackson Michigan ... [View]

Launching the Helicat Rocket (0 00:01:38)
Summer is fast approaching and with it, rocket launching weather! This is a video we shot last year at the "Battle Point Rocket Launch Facility" [View]

Legacy.avi (0 00:01:38)
LOC Legacy with onboard video. Launched on a G75 Metalstorm motor. [View]

My Estes Prowler Model rocket launch 4-14-18 (0 00:01:38)
I APOLIGIZE FOR THE OUT OF SYNC AUDIO. but anyways I launched my Estes Prowler Mid power rocket at the monthly ROCstock event that takes place in Lucerne Valley ,California. It flew on a Economax ... [View]

PayLord Flight 9 18 2010 CMASS (0 00:01:38)
Onboard camera in Flis-Kits PAYLORD model rocket, launched 9-18-2010 at CMASS Amsbury launch site. [View]

August 2019 Tom and Joan Cohen Spirit in the Sky (0 00:01:38)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 252 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

X-CELERATOR High Power Rocket Onboard Video - CTI J355Red Lightning Motor (0 00:01:38)
From NERRF 7, this is Dave Lang's successful Level 2 certification flight on a Performance Rocketry X-CELERATOR all fiberglass rocket designed by Gary Tortora. Motor is a Cesaroni J355 Red ... [View]

SpaceX Launch in Titusville from Quadcopter (0 00:01:38)
We were in Titusville filming a TV commercial and happened to be in the right place at the right time to get a shot of the SpaceX launch with our newest quadcopter! [View]

LOC IV Maiden Flight (0 00:01:38)
Maiden of my LOC IV (standard config) at Redmond, Wa on a G76 on June 16, 2019. (Pardon the phone video). [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry X-15-3 Delta RC rocket glider flight (0 00:01:38)
Dynasoar Rocketry X-15-3 Delta RC rocket glider flight, details at [View]

2013 Desert Heat (0 00:01:38)
Mar 23-24, 2013 Southern Arizona Rocketry Association Multiple launches [View]

Saturn V scale model rocket launch 480p (0 00:01:38)
This is a video of a Saturn V scale model rocket launch in Price, MD. The rocket was built by Steve Eves. All questions can be answered here: ... [View]

RAW: Hells Angels skirmish with rival bikers, the Warlocks (0 00:01:38)
The video shows an attack by some Edmonton members of the Hells Angels on members of the Warlocks motorcycle club in a "dustup" in a tattoo studio/laundromat in Drayton Vallery, Alta., on Feb 21, ... [View]

Level 1 Certification - Volant Rocket Launch (Primus 1, October 14, 2017) (0 00:01:38)
This was my first High powered rocket flight. It's made with a Madcow Super DX3 kit and it used an Aerotech I140W Engine with a 10 second delay. The flight was a success and the rocket ended up going ... [View]

level 1 certification MADCOW SUPER DX3 (0 00:01:38)
Successful level 1 on a CTI H152 bluestreak Apogee 1352ft. [View]

2014 DARS High Power Rocket Event in Gunter Texas (0 00:01:38)
This is a compilation of some of the rockets shot May 24th, 2014 in Gunter, TX. [View]

Midwest Power 2 - Horizon (0 00:01:39)
High Power Rocket Shot by Gonzalo Ortega and Ben Ortega of CATO Television.  [View]

Wildman Punisher Sport on an H165R at OROC (0 00:01:39)
This is my awesome Wildman Punisher Sport fiberglass rocket, flying on an Aerotech H165R motor in the 29/180 case. Open Rocket predicted the altitude at just over 2,600 feet on this motor. A Jolly ... [View]

Quantum Nike Rocket at BALLS 2018, with videocam on Board (0 00:01:39)
We launched our reliable Quantum Nike rocket this weekend on a sparky K850 motor at the BALLS launch event in the Black Rock Desert. Blasted from 0 to 1,078 MPH (Mach 1.4) in 2 seconds flat. Rocket ... [View]

LDRS- Alien Rocket (0 00:01:39)
For more rockets, visit This thing looks more like a work of art than a real rocket. But its creators swear that physics are on their side. Can the alien rocket really fly? [View]

LOC Magnum K445 Gary Dahlke HD (0 00:01:39)
LOC Magnum K445 Skidmark Gary Dahlke 2017-10-14 Video by Jimmy Yawn From the official NEFAR website. [View]

Kingsborough Community College Rocket Launch Failure, May 10, 2011 (0 00:01:39)
Failure of a launch of the Estes Mean Machine, May 10, 2011 [View]

Astrocam flight 2 updated - speed gauge revised, Gs added (0 00:01:39)
Second flight of my new Estes Astrocam at Sixty Acres Park, Redmond, Washington on July 30th (datestamp on video is incorrect). Estes B6-4 motor. Data via FlightSketch Mini altimeter. Flight data ... [View]

L2CertFlight (0 00:01:39)
At LDRS 32, Black Rock City, NV - my level 2 certification flight in high powered rocketry (NAR). Successful flight of a Wildman Blackstar 3" (dark) with a C... [View]

IML Quadcopter Heavy Lift Vehicle Test #1 (0 00:01:39)
This video demonstrates the altitude hold and aggressive maneuverability of our heavy lift vehicle. Future work will incorporate an xbox kinect and netbook into the design. [View]

The 25th flight of "Shaken, Not Stirred" (0 00:01:39)
This was the 25th flight of "Shaken, Not Stirred". The flight took place during MDRA's Eastern Shore Launch (ESL) 144 at the Central Sod Farm. The rocket is a Firestorm 54 kit from Giant Leap ... [View]

2008-05-10 NEFAR Onboard Video (0 00:01:39)
Video from a camera flown on a J motor rocket at the May, 2008, NEFAR launch. [View]

Enter the exciting world of Estes Rockets (0 00:01:39)
Estes model rocket kits come in all sizes, shapes, colors and skill levels. You can be out at the launch pad in minutes with Ready to Fly (RTF) rockets or spend many enjoyable hours building and ... [View]

A few model rocket launches (0 00:01:39)
My son's Estes Patriot and my Blue Ninja. We almost lost the Patriot about 3 times and the Ninja flew just once. We thought the field was big enough for its maiden voyage but the big blue ended up ... [View]

P9100 Static Fire - MIT Rocket Team (0 00:01:39)
This is the team's third P motor test, and our most successful one to date. Using only 3 grains, the motor's volume loading increased. The new propellant formula burned slower, and with better ... [View]

We Are Apogee Components (0 00:01:39) - A video summary of what we do here at Apogee Components. [View]

Aerotech RMS Setup - Part 3 (0 00:01:39)
Leigh showing how to build an Aerotech reloadable motor at a QRS Launch Day. [View]

ENORMOUS Saturn V Rocket launches in Northern Colorado (0 00:01:39)
During Oktoberfest in Northern Colorado, the last flight to be launched was a scale Saturn V rocket. The rocket had 4 'K' class motors and 1 central 'M' motor giving this missle a lot of punch and a ... [View]

RisingStar on ATI F39-6T (0 00:01:39)
Dynastar RisingStar on Aerotech F39-6T [View]

MDRA for Charity Run 19 (0 00:01:39)
31st March 2014 - The Annual Charity event held by the MDRA at Hal Far Raceway all in the name of charity. We had an excellent turnout, thanks to all who made it a success!! [View]

RIMRA Level I Certification (0 00:01:39)
Dan D's Level I Certification attempt at the Rhode Island Model Rocket Association's October 12th Launch [View]

Instructions for Building Model Rockets : Paint Selection for Model Rockets (0 00:01:39)
Learn how to choose paint for a Big Bertha Estes model rocket in this free model rockets video. Expert: Jack Attkins Bio: Jack Attkins is a model rocket enthusiast who has been launching rockets for ... [View]

2019 Rocket Launch Fall Shoot - Estes Pro Series Rockets (0 00:01:39)
We love shooting off rockets! We tried to have a little competition, but on the first launch, we lost a rocket! Looked all over the desert for it, but it was no where to be found. Still had loads of ... [View]

Skidmark pad cam (0 00:01:39)
Some great footage from a camera just 5 feet away from the launch pad. The motor used is a CTI J360 with Skidmark propellant. [View]

Pats Monster Rocket Launch Oct 2010 to 3300 ft.wmv (0 00:01:39)
On board Booster Vision mini-camera view of Pat's flight to over 3300 feet on a CTI 468 I-287 motor! NEFAR club launch SW of Bunnell Florida, 10/09/2010. [View]

6" High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:01:39)
6" custom made rocket. This multi staged rocket has room for 5 motors (central 54mm motor with 4 38mm) It has an avionics bay and with timers this rocket can go over 18000 feet. This is the first ... [View]

Hydra 2 Stage High Power Rocket (0 00:01:39)
Built during the summer of 2017, HYDRA was the spiritual successor to River City Rocketry's award winning 2017 NASA Student Launch "Typhon Heavy" rocket. Weighing in at 65 pounds and standing over ... [View]

Moffett 3 15 14 (0 00:01:39)
Launching an Estes Eliminator on a D12-5 at Moffett LUNAR Rocket Club launch on March 15, 2014. Shock cord burnt through and rocket crash-landed but camera remained intact for a good video. [View]

Estes Stormcaster rocket launch 2011.wmv (0 00:01:39)
Successful estes stormcaster launch with an 808 keychain cam strapped to the side. One of the only two sucessful launches of the day. The engine was a D12-5, and we launched it from Middleton Pioneer ... [View]

USU Chimaera 5 Feb Motor Test L777 (0 00:01:39)
Utah State University Chimaera Rocket Team conducts a static motor test of the Animal Motor Works L777 Motor. [View]

Daedalus Astronautics Drag Race Team 1 Launch (0 00:01:39)
Rocket Info: Name: Gladys Max Velocity (at motor burnout/ t = 1.18seconds): 1440mph/2317km/h Max Alt: 5480ft/1670m Motor: Aerotech I600R Electronics: Stratologger CF Dual Deploy; drogue at apogee, ... [View]

Quest Big Dog, Aerotech Arreaux, And Strong Arm Rocket Video (0 00:01:40)
Three rockets were launched in this video. The first launch is my Quest Big Dog with a Estes D12-5 motor. The second launch is my Aerotech Arreaux with a Aerotech E18-4W motor. The last video is my ... [View]

Aerotech HV Arcas Launches (0 00:01:40)
Aerotech HV Arcas build - Fall 2009. Launch videos - November 2009, and May 2010. [View]

MDRA 2009 Christmas Tree Launch (0 00:01:40)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Christmas Tree Launch hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

AGM 33 Pike 4" CTI I350ss (0 00:01:40)
First flight of my Madcow 4" AGM 33 Pike. Flying on a CTI I350ss. Drag separation at apogee deployed the main chute early. [View]

Model Rocket "Intrepid" Flight 4 Video (0 00:01:40)
April 2007 in Palm Bay, Florida. (3) E9-4's. It crashed during a launch at NEFAR in Central Florida. Repaired it and it flew perfectly! [View]

Oracle Model Rocket Launch May 28th 2011 (0 00:01:40)
This is the view from the ground of the Estes Oracle Model Rocket Launch on the 40th Birthday 28th May 2011. [View]

ND-STRIPE Cluster Attempt at LDRS-27 (0 00:01:40)
ND-STRIPE cluster attempt at LDRS-27 in Argonia Kansas. It was to start on an N4000BB, air start two M2500GG, followed by another two M2500GG. The simulated altitude was 22000ft. However, there were ... [View]

Saturn V Launch - Dec. 2010 (0 00:01:40)
Launch of my 1:48 scale Saturn V rocket. It was a cold day, but a few of us made it to the clubs launch. [View]

Olliver Frenzy XL 75mm Level 3 CTI M1230 (0 00:01:40)
Olliver Bonner CTI M1230 flight in Mad Cow 4" Frenzy XL with 75mm motor mount. The two Stratologgers reported within 3 ft of each other. The CF at 11,481 and original Stratologger 11,478. 8ft ... [View]

University of Oklahoma CTI N5800 Rocket Launch (0 00:01:40)
The University of Oklahoma's Undergraduate Rocket Research group launched a level 3 high power rocket in Argonia Kansas on March 10th 2019. It went well. [View]

Flugvideo mit Modellrakete (Onboard-Kamera) bei Gräfelfing / München (0 00:01:40)
Modellrakete Video Courier (Quest Aerospace) mit Motor D7-3 und FlyCamOne2 (ACME) in der Kapsel; Start im September 2009 bei Gräfelfing; die Kapsel wird im höchsten Punkt der Flugbahn vom Rumpf ... [View]

Deuce Onboard 110903 (0 00:01:40)
Another flight of my Deuce with the Zi6 720p camera mounted between the motors. This time it flew on CTI Pro-54 J355's to 3280 feet. [View]

Why Micro-Lubrication is Good for your Engine | Two Guys Garage (0 00:01:40)
Matt and Bruno show how micro lubricants protect your engine. Follow Us! Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: ... [View]

Estes Model Rocket Blast Off (0 00:01:40)
Firing off an Estes Rocket in Minnesota farm country. We were having a fun afternoon doing an Estes rocket launch on the Jager Farm with Nathan, Sue and Pete a couple of years ago. Estes model ... [View]

Estes Sahara/G74-9 rocket launch (0 00:01:40)
Launched my Sahara on a G74-9 single use motor. Chute failed to open after the Jolly Logic Chute Release opened. No damage to the rocket. Altitude recorded by the Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 was 1219 ... [View]

Astrocam, Flight 1 (0 00:01:40)
Estes Astrocam, August 7, 2021, Blaisdell Park, Aiea, HI. The booster bent in half on landing! [View]

Final Flight of the Phoenix (0 00:01:40)
The final flight of our Estes "Phoenix" model rocket, fired from a scale seagoing barge. It powers into the sand while still under full thrust. The rocket, previously damaged by several crashes ... [View]

01_milestone _Copy1 (0 00:01:40)
Success! Second flight of my scratch built dual deploy Milestone, and my first successful dual deploy flight. I connected the parachutes this time! Cesaroni I175 White motor, to 2731 feet. LUNAR Snow ... [View]

Estes Majestic G74 White Lightning (0 00:01:40)
Launch of my Estes Majestic on an Aerotech G74 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 15th, 2017 [View]

Jayhawk flight 1 (forward facing camera) (0 00:01:40)
This is the onboard video from the forward facing gearcam on my 10" Jayhawk, which flew on 30 Oct 2010 on a Cesaroni N3180. The 120" drogue parachute shredded on opening, which prevented it from ... [View]

Chuck Neff's Quintex on an M1830 (0 00:01:40)
Our club's leader launches his big rocket. Seven and a half inches in diameter and sixty five pounds without a motor Chuck Neff's Quintex is a great rocket. He used a Cesaroni M1830 this launch. ... [View]

2010-12-11 Callisto G53-7FJ.mp4 (0 00:01:40)
My Public Missiles Limite Callisto flying on a Aerotech G53-7FJ motor at BattlePark VA on 12/11/2010 [View]

"To Infinity and Beyond" - Gaffney High School rocket project (0 00:01:40)
This video features the first 4-H Science on the Move high school project- named "To Infinity and Beyond" by statistics teacher Todd Gardner at Gaffney High School. Mr. Gardner wrote the lesson to ... [View]

University of Florida - Aerospace Design I - H-motor hybrid rocket.flv (0 00:01:40)
launch phase of the rocket, final altitude reached: 1680 feet (only rocket in class to fly and perform perfectly) [View]

Aerotech Sumo First Flight w/onboard camera (0 00:01:40)
First launch of my Aerotech Sumo using a G76-4G Mojave Green motor. I attached my 808 keychain cam and also recorded the flight looking down from the rocket. It landed about 25 feet from the launch ... [View]

Festival launches hundreds of rockets (0 00:01:40)
The Southern Arizona Rocketry Association hosts Desert Heat 2011. Sam Salzwedel tells the story. [View]

200m ROCKET Calypso engine Klima C6-5 (0 00:01:40)
Total Impulse: 10 Newton-seconds Burn Time: 1.6 sec Max Thrust: 6 Newtons Delay: 5 sec Motor Length: 70 mm Size: 18mm Quest Aerospace - Calypso Rocket with parachute and Klima rocket engine C6-5. [View]

"P" Motor Rocket Launch (0 00:01:40)
Todd Harrison, Ryan Sebatian, David Reese's "Little John" on a P7200 Green [View]

Upscale Goblin on Maiden flight (0 00:01:40)
Upscale Goblin on Maiden flight. May 15th Orangeburg, SC. Rocket built by Tom Binford. Flew on a K700 and 'stuck' the landing! Yeah I have a crappy video camera, it's a still cam with video as an ... [View]

Astro Skydart, Cosmic Interceptor, Lance Delta model rocket launches (0 00:01:40)
Our 2016 Independence Day weekend launching rockets in Beaver Utah. [View]

rocket (0 00:01:40)
Rockets from this launch: Superstition Spacemodeling Society G. Harry Stine Memorial Sport Launch [View]

Level 1 Certification Flight - Onboard Video (0 00:01:40)
Successfully achieved my Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certification flying a Madcow Patriot on a Cesaroni H143 Smokey Sam 38mm motor. The flight was at METRA's launch in Pine Island, NY on November 5, ... [View]

Estes Amazon on E9-6 Shenanigans (0 00:01:40)
We decided to modify the engine casing of an Estes Amazon E2X rocket to accomodate an E engine and ballasted the nosecone with pebbles to compensate for the balance change, the thing HAULED ASS into ... [View]

USB Rocket Launcher + Webcam + Quadcopter (0 00:01:40)
What happens when I have spare time, a USB rocket launcher, a webcam and a quadcopter. Thanks to for the script! [View]

Estes GeminiDC model rocket (0 00:01:41)
Estes Gemini DC Rocket-- 1 of 2 parachute failure [View]

Izstrelitev V2.wmv (0 00:01:41)
High power V2 rocket powered by 2-grain, 70mm motor (KN/Dextrose propellant). [View]

Aerotech Arcas Launch (0 00:01:41)
First Midpower rocket I launched. Used a G64-7W, and the rocket roared off the pad. Great flight. Event happened right at apogee, and it landed between two huge puddles in a field. No damage...but ... [View]

High power rocket launch (0 00:01:41)
Misc. rockets at the 1-23-16 Michiana Rocketry launch in Three Oaks, MI. [View]

Little John Maiden Flight (0 00:01:41)
The maiden flight of my Madcow Rocketry all-fiberglass Little John. This is a 1/4 scale model of the military rocket. [View]

Semroc Vega Flight (0 00:01:41)
The Semroc Vega with the "808 car keys" camera taped to the body tube flies again in Chilliwack BC at the Fairfield RC Flyer's field (otherwise known as Ron's back yard). Estes C6-3, and an Apogee ... [View]

Lun Fudi Punjabi joke 88, Naram Lun Wala Banda (0 00:01:41)
My all jokes and songs just only for entertainment Listen and Enjoy, Please subscribe my channel for next uploads new jokes and songs. [View]

Hobgoblin (0 00:01:41)
Ground view of my North Coast Rocketry Hobgoblin on an H238 [View]

Leviathan (0 00:01:41)
Second to last flight of the Estes Leviathan. The next flight landed in a pond :( Engine: AT G80-7 [View]

GoPro: Water Bottle Rocket Blast Off (0 00:01:41)
Three friends, Shimpei Yamashita, Masahiro Arai, and Takaaki Ito build and test a a water rocket in Japan. For more check out: Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ... [View]

Damien's rocketry team invited to prestigious rocket challenge (0 00:01:41)
Seven Damien Memorial School students are headed to the Team America Rocket Challenge in Virginia on May 10 after a successful launch in very windy conditions at Marine Corps Base Hawaii on the ... [View]

Black Brant II (0 00:01:41)
Desert Heat 2011 Fiberglass Black Brant II (HPR) Engine J315R Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) [View]

1st Flight 9ft Foam Rocket with H115DM-14A Motor (Sept 5, 2015) (0 00:01:41)
Sept 5, 2015 at Pine Island NY with the METRA Rocket Club: This was my first attempt for a Level-1 High-Power Rocket certification. It was a 9-foot tall 7.5 inch diameter scratch built rocket made ... [View]

High Power Rocketry - Rockets For Schools 2019 (0 00:01:41)
Tripoli Wisconsin Association supported the 2019 Rockets for School event in Sheboygan. [View]

Z-Max Experiment | TruckU Tech Tips (0 00:01:41)
Matt and Bruno showcase the benefits Z-Max can have on your engine. Follow Us! Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: http://www.truck ... [View]

Purple People Eater - Aerotech G138 (0 00:01:41)
This is my Purple People Eater rocket on the new AT G138 reload for the 29/40-120 hobby line case. This motor is technically a high-powered motor and requires a level 1 certification to fly it. This ... [View]

Model Rockets [includes slow-motion] (0 00:01:41)
Model Rocket launching with slowmotion & onboard video footage! Recorded with Casio-EX F1 PRO at 600-1200FPS and Sony CX 550. Engines used: C 6-3 and B4-4 from Estes/Weco Hope you enjoy ... [View]

Estes Riptide Model Rocket Launch With 808 Rocket Cam (0 00:01:41)
We went to Pine Island, NY and met up with Metra (Metropolitan Rocket Association) This was the Second launch of our Estes Riptide Rocket. it was a complete success. Thanks to Metra for Launching. ... [View]

UH students launch rocket in NASA competition (0 00:01:41)
With triumphant shouts and phones aimed skyward, University of Hawaiʻi Project Imua students achieved liftoff, launching the rocket and payload they designed and built for the NASA Student Launch ... [View]

Astrocam 2021 03 06 with body separation (0 00:01:41)
Estes astrocam (camera on rocket nosecone) launch x2. Second launch, body separates from nosecone and falls to field [View]

The Maiden Launch Of Our Ares IX Model Rocket (0 00:01:41)
First launch of our 1/70 semi-scale, scratchbuilt Ares IX model rocket on August 16, 2009. Power was from twin Estes D12-3 rocket motors. Recovery was successful after 48 seconds in the air. [View]

Estes Trajector (0 00:01:41)
Here's is Estes Pro Series 2 Trajector on an F15-8 both on ground/ on board videos with an slow down of it leaving the pad. [View]

Madcow Rocketry's Honest John on a CTI H255 (0 00:01:41) end of the year launch at MARS on october 8th 2011 my 2.1 inch fiberglass honest john apogee at 2027ft [View]

See a Rocket Launch at Kennedy Space Center (0 00:01:41)
Since the 1950s, rockets have launched into space from Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center. Watching spacecraft lift off from the launch pad and blast into space is a memorable experience. Watch ... [View]

Deuce Ground 121110 (0 00:01:41)
A flight of my 54 mm Deuce to compare sparky motors. On the left is an Aerotech K456 Dark Matter, on the right a CTI K454 Skidmark. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine Saturn 1b (0 00:01:41)
MDRA's Saturn 1b launch on April 17, 2011 [View]

G-Force Rocket Launch (0 00:01:41)
Launching the "G-Force" model rocket! Equipment used: Aerotech G-Force Model Rocket Kit - Homemade Launch Pad - 1/2" thick ... [View]

Dual Gliding 1/100th Scale Space Shuttle Kit - Model Rocketry (0 00:01:41)
This video shows the shuttles gliding down after going up on the mid-powered booster rocket. Additionally we have a 1/100th scale complete stack, booster, and shuttle model rocket kit available. ... [View]

HPR Level 1 Cert Flight (0 00:01:41)
Scratch-built 2.6" dia. rocket @ 2lbs 6oz on an Aerotech H123W Dual-Deploy with motor back-up on the drogueless separation. Successful flight to 2814ft. [View]

JMRC Launch 13Aug11 Clustered D Engine 2-stage (0 00:01:41)
Booster with D12-0 and two B4-2's, sustainer is D12-7 Scratch built rocket with on board video [View]

Estes Astro Blaster First Launch (0 00:01:41)
First launch of my newly built Estes Astro Blaster (a rocket glider kit) using an Estes E12 rocket motor. This thing is fast! Watch the next launch using an Aerotech motor: ... [View]

Standard ARM Flight 2 at Red Glare 9 (0 00:01:41)
Here is Scott Tyrrell's Standard ARM on a Fast Tiger Tail -Mg load for a 38/660 case that I made. 0.66 sec. burn lobbed the rocket to 2500'. [View]

Tony's L2 Flight (0 00:01:41)
Tony's Level 2 flight, BlueTube Phoenix Sr. flying on an AeroTech J350 [View]

HEAT 1XP static test (0 00:01:42)
Static test of the Copenhagen Suborbitals HEAT-1XP rocket engine. Fueled with polyurethane and LOX. Also test of parachute deployment. Congratulations to the team on the impressive burn! Visit ... [View]

PCS Sub Scale Testing (0 00:01:42)
UofL University Student Launch Initiative tests our Parachute Control System on a half scale model. Big thanks to Bluegrass Rocketry Society for hosting the launch! [View]

Arizona High Power Launch at Plaster Blaster 9 (0 00:01:42)
A single Scud missile followed by a Patriot barrage. [View]

Model rocket with seperatable boosters and onboard camera (0 00:01:42)
Home made model rocket with seperatable boosters and a onboard camera [View]

I've Gotta Get A Message To You - Bee Gees (solo guitar cover) (0 00:01:42)
I've Gotta Get A Message To You (1968) written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb for guitar sheet music with TABS: Thanks for watching! - - - Godin La Patrie Co ... [View]

The ScudZilla Chronicles - Flight 5 (0 00:01:42)
One month after Danville, I took ScudZilla to our club launch, at the site north of Salem, IN. I still had the unlit pair of AeroTech I211's from Danville in their cases, ready to go with just a ... [View]

Mongoose Astrocam - model rocket launch (0 00:01:42)
ESTES Astrocam camera, 3D nosecone built in CAM, ESTES B6-6 B6-0 engines [View]

I've Gotta Get A Message To You - Bee Gees - Piano (0 00:01:42)
DISCLOSURE: I may earn a commission when you use one of my links to make a purchase... Sheets ... [View]

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo demonstrates flight and re-entry (0 00:01:42)
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo hit another milestone on its way to starting up commercial operations to suborbital space. Space Ship Two's last flight pictures revealed and amazed whole world. The 8 ... [View]

Estes Saturn V launch on Apollo 11 50th Anniversary July 16, 2019 (0 00:01:42)
Estes scale model 1:200 Saturn V (pre-assembled) launch, shot with a GoPro 7 in 720p/240 fps mode. A gust of wind just before launch tilted my homemade launchpad, so it looks like a Saturn V being ... [View]

Kronos 2 rocket test (0 00:01:42)
The Kronos 2 rocket was made to replace Kronos 1 (a two stage rocket) and Hercules 2 (a one-stage payloader) to create a much more refined multistage payloader combination, which will be able to fly ... [View]

Estes STM-012 model rocket with D12-5 motor (0 00:01:42)
Model rocket STM 012 Airbrushed model of Estes fictive rocket... model: STM 012 (Estes part num. 7221 / serie Skill level 2) length: 1128 mm (1,13m) diameter: 42 mm spine: 5mm engine: ...D ... [View]

Mid Power Rocket flight in CA. (0 00:01:42)
This is a mid power test flight of a rocket video system. It was conducted at Dairy Aire '05. [View]

Quadcopter - ASK-21 Glider launch (0 00:01:42)
Using my Bumblebee quadcopter as a glider launch (or drop). [View]

Rocket on Aerotech L1000W with onboard GoPro (0 00:01:42)
My HSW Rocket on and Aerotech L1000W flying to 9600ft at mach 1.0 in New Zealand. [View]

M13 & M57 Hypercam Road Test (Peltier Cooled Upgraded SPC900) (0 00:01:42) A fairly thorough workout for the camera. Pure monochrome shots, no filters, no barlow, just prime focus. To give an idea of the cameras performance. Camera can be ... [View]

POV rocket launch Estes ShowStopper on D12-6 engine (0 00:01:42)
Aaron Love and his dad launch an Estes ShowStopper rocket on a D12-6 engine Nov 30, 2014 [View]

PML Callisto 14th December 2014 - AeroTech G76 (0 00:01:42)
This video what recorded on my PML Callisto rocket launched on an AeroTech G-76-7 motor. The video was captured using a cheap key chain camera (720p HD). The location is Queensland Rocketry Society ... [View]

Upscale Quest Tomahawk Flies Again!! (0 00:01:42)
I have repaired My upscale Quest Tomahawk SLCM and have flown it on a Cesaroni G68. [View]

WAC AP Checkride - High-Speed Video - Saturday - 4/24/10 (0 00:01:42)
My high-speed videos from Saturday at the Washington Aerospace Club's AP Checkride launch. From what I remember of the flights, the first one is a 5.5" Nike Smoke on a CTI K660, the second one is a ... [View]

IcanseeU Video Cam Rocket - Launch #4 (0 00:01:42)
This is the fourth launch of IcanseeU. The addition of a ball bearing swivel to the camera chute resulted in a much better video after the initial oscillation ran down. Filmed at the Team1 Fall ... [View]

LDRS 38 : The World's Largest High Power Rocket Launch Preview (0 00:01:42)
Here is a quick sample of the coming series of my coverage of LDRS 38 in Argonia, Kansas. LDRS is the Tripoli Rocketry Association's national high power launch. It stands for Large, Dangerous Rocket ... [View]

Turnigy Talon Quadcopter 330 with Triple Blade Propeller upgrade. Pocket Rocket. (0 00:01:42)
Upgraded the cheap starter props to some nice stiffer triple props to see how much more lift it would give. Pretty impressed. It had 9x4.7 and now has 9x4.5 Triple. [View]

Tom Cohen Awesome Drag Race (0 00:01:42)
Two of Tom Cohen's Monster Rockets Drag Racing at MDRA Red Glare 18 on April 10, 2016. M motor flights. [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC rocket glider flight (0 00:01:42)
Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC rocket glider flight, flown at sodblaster 2019 at tri cities washington on a 24mm Aerotech E-6 longburn motor. [View]

ROCKETS Mag BALLS 24 Jack Brewster Martlet 2 (0 00:01:42)
Jack Brewster's Martlet rocket for his L3 [View]

LOC Precision Nuke Pro Max on an H87 (0 00:01:42)
Brian Hendricks' LOC Precision Nuke Pro Max on a CTI H87 for his NAR Level 1 Certification on September 18th at OROC's Fillible's Folly launch. This is Brian's second L1 rocket after his LOC Hi-Tech ... [View]

Ultimate Patriot Crash (0 00:01:42)
(2 on-board cameras) This launch was supposed to be all about dual deploy from a single payload compartment. No such luck. The center motor exploded out the top of the motor case, ejecting it's self ... [View]

How to Kiss Snapping Turtle | Call of the Wildman (0 00:01:42)
After an underwater battle, Ernie gives a snapping turtle a kiss on the lips! For more, visit [View]

Estes Astrocam flight 8-15-2020 (0 00:01:42)
Flight footage of the new Estes Astrocam with a B6-4 [View]

Planet Atlas Rocket Burst Mid Launch (0 00:01:42)
A bit too much powder way too early. The 14 second delay ended up being 9 seconds on this very old Aerotech J420 Motor, launched with on-board HD Cam, luckily just above harms' way. At October Skies ... [View]

Positive Ascent L805 White Onboard Video at LDRS 31 (0 00:01:42)
The 11th flight on my scratch built rocket originally built for my level 3 certification in 2010. This was on 7-15-2012 (Sunday of LDRS 31). With the addition of the camera bay, the rocket is 10.5 ... [View]

Clusterduck 10-13-19 at MDRA (0 00:01:42)
North Coast Rocketry Clusterduck on 7 composite engines! (6) Quest D16 and (1) Aerotech E15-7. Flight up was perfect, all 7 motors lit! Descent was a problem, it appears I forgot to attach the ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Hypersonic III RC Rocket glider flight #1 (0 00:01:42)
White color scheme version of the Hypersonic III kit available from flying on E-6RC 24mm motor [View]

First flight of my Binder Design Excel rocket, awesome flight on a J350W to 3480'. Arrow straight boost and a perfect recovery with the rocket landing about 50' in back of my SUV. Onboard was my ... [View]

ROCStock 43 (0 00:01:42)
First time I've managed to capture footage from aloft! GoPro Hero 4 in a LOC Hi-Tech, modded for dual deployment, on an AT I211W. Lucerne Valley Dry Lake Bed, November 13th, 2016. [View]

Model Rocket Aerotech Mirage (0 00:01:42)
Model rocket aerotech mirage great flight [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 07 - 3D Controls Pt 2 (0 00:01:43) - Customize the 3D view - Part 2. Modifying preferences, Adding lights, changing the resolution. [View]

MDRA Red Glare Rocket launch (0 00:01:43)
Red Glare Rocket launch at Price, Maryland Nov.19, 2011 [View]

GammaStar RC Rocket Glider (0 00:01:43)
The maiden flight of a GammaStar RC rocket glider at the Rhyl and District Model Flying Club 2010 Aerotow event. The Tug is a Decathlon (120 size) converted to E-power by Mark "Barnesyboy" Barnes. ... [View]

Black Brant-H110 White (0 00:01:43)
The Black Brant flying on an H110 White at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020 [View]

GoPro HERO4 Session Model Rocket Launch (0 00:01:43)
A hand-built model rocket with an on-board GoPro HERO4 Session and Arduino controlled accelerometer. This rocket reached around 1700 feet, with a max velocity of around 300 mph. Motor: Cesaroni ... [View]

Navy prepares deployment of LaWS Laser Weapon System in 2014 (0 00:01:43)
The U.S. Navy has unveiled a futuristic new ship mounted infrared laser weapon that officials say could be used to shoot down drones and disable other ships, all without significant costs for ... [View]

Red Glare 13 - Extreme Wildman Flight 2 (0 00:01:43)
My WIldman Extreme Saturday at Red Glare 13 on a 54/2550 Brilliant Blue motor. Flew to 8170' at 622 MPH, pulling 19.6 G's. [View]

G40W Estes Star Orbiter Dual Deployment (0 00:01:43)
G40W powered Estes Star Orbiter with dual deployment, 2333 ft @ 416 mph. dual deployment gets them back :) [View]

Model Rocket Launches 6/18/18: Estes Hi-Flyer and Alpha (0 00:01:43)
In the final days of my junior year of high school, my AP Physics teacher, Mr. Russell, let me bring in one of my model rockets (Estes Hi-Flyer) to launch! He also had a rocket in the classroom to ... [View]

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Titan II - High Powered Rocketry Preview (0 00:01:43) Titan II High Powered Rocket Expected speed: 900 mph Expected Altitude: 13,000ft Anticipated launch date and location (weather permitting): March 19, 2016 Princeton, IL Length: ... [View]

1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (3) (0 00:01:43)
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ... [View]

Piedmont Area Rocket Club Honest John M2100 (0 00:01:43)
Cool Flight of Piedmont Area Rocket Club Honest John on a M-2100 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

LDRS 31 Teaser (0 00:01:43)
With its rich history and modern diverting family activities, LDRS XXXI had something for flier and family alike. The field at the Torrey Farms of Potter is of a grand scale, not typically found or ... [View]

Steven Florig Launch (0 00:01:43)
Steven Florig's M1500G rocket at the New River Valley Rocketry Launch on 27-Sep-14 at Kentland Farm in Blacksburg, VA. [View]

LV2.3 July 2011 Launch Attempt - High Speed (0 00:01:43)
July 31st 2011 we headed to central Oregon to launch our rocket with the same roll control as the previous launch, but this time with much of the full flight computer we have been planning for years ... [View]

Rocket video 12-11-10.wmv (0 00:01:43)
Key chain DVR attached to model rocket and launched at Alamo Rocketeers monthy launch in China Grove on December 11th 2010. Launched rocket with an Estes D12-5 motor. Rocket quickly rises through ... [View]

Spring Fling 2010 in HD (0 00:01:43)
Annual combined COSROCS/Tripoli Colorado launch near Hartsel, CO. This video was made on day one of two. [View]

Common Problem Solutions: Injectors | TruckU Tech Tips (0 00:01:43)
Bruno and Matt discuss the problems carbon can cause in your engine. Follow Us! Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: http://www.truc ... [View]

78 RPM Vinyl- The Caroleers-For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (0 00:01:43)
Digitized from the original vinyl using Acoustica Spin It Again Software. Label scanned with Canon Canoscan LIDE 70 Scanner and edited using Fotoflexer. [View]

Airfest 19 - ACME J500 Level 2 2nd attempt (0 00:01:43)
After the incident with my 1st Attempt at my level 2, I tried again using my scratch built ACME Rocket on a J500. Thanks for the awesome video Justin!! [View]

Jolly Roger Xmas (0 00:01:43)
Church of FSM Tribute / Holly Jolly Christmas Parody [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart X RC rocket glider kit (0 00:01:43)
Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart X RC rocket glider kit. 23.5" wingspan, 36.5" length, 2" diameter, 11.25 oz rtf using 24mm E-6 motor [View]

X-43A Scramjet B-52 Takeoff And Launch (2004) (0 00:01:43)
Courtesy: NASA Langley Research Center, Dryden Flight Research Center NASA's X-43A Scramjet Breaks Speed Record11.16.04 RELEASE: 04-59 NASA's X-43A research vehicle screamed into the record books ... [View]

Model Rocket + Glow Sticks = Night Launch Win! (0 00:01:43)
Help me out! Subscribe, Like the Facebook Page and find all of my NARROWBOAT BOOKS here: Narrowboat Book 1: Narrowboat Book 2: ... [View]

Melissa's H165 Rocket Launch (0 00:01:43)
Melissa launches her rocket with an Aerotech H165 rocket motor, it goes 1243 ft @ 303 mph all recorded by an iPhone 3GS on the rocket, and an iPhone 4S on the ground [View]

Follow me on Instagram @brianbaxterscience. This launch of Estes "Tigres" model rocket was a great launch and great flight. I would definitely recommend this rocket! The altimeter I used onboard ... [View]

Large Patriot missile rocket launch (0 00:01:43)
1/2 PR Patriot on a Gorilla Motors Black Lightning. GREAT MOTOR! = [View]

Excel Plus on ATI I161W (0 00:01:43)
Excel Plus rocket on an Aerotech I161W [View]

Super Big Birtha - 5000 ft freefall (0 00:01:43)
Parachute was packed too tight, so the Super big Birtha, flying a n Aerotech J570 fell from about 5000 ft. No damage at all thanks to kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass lamination. More info at: ... [View]

Estes Model Rockets in Slow-Motion... (0 00:01:43)
A fun afternoon with Estes Model Rockets & a GoPro Hero 3 for wide angle & slow-motion... [View]

Wildman Jart Launch HOTROC Dec 2012 (0 00:01:43)
Launching a Wildman Jart on a Aerotech G75 MetalStorm motor at the December 2012 Heart of Texas Rocketry Club launch near Waco Texas. Onboard video using a Keyfob camera. [View]

Level 3 (0 00:01:44)
High Power rocketry TRA Level 3 flight:November 6, 2010 at Three Oaks, Michigan. Scratchbuilt Crayon rocket on a CTI M3100 White Thunder to 4440 feet. [View]

Estes Mean Machine Textbook Launch (0 00:01:44)
What's up Everybody? Thanks for Watching! ... [View]

"O" motor Nike Smoke high power rocket launch (0 00:01:44)
This is my 3/4 scale 200lb Nike Smoke flying to 11,300' on propellant designed to simulate the Space Shuttle SRBs. We were test flying an on-screen display unit which overlays flight info on the ... [View]

TORC Launch 3/7/09 (0 00:01:44)
The UC Rocketry Club goes to the TORC Launch in Xenia Ohio [View]

Estes Snapshot Model Rocket Launch - Onboard Video - 808 #11 Camera (0 00:01:44)
What better way to test a new camera by attaching it to a model rocket. The results are pretty good! [View]

F With D Pods First Flight (0 00:01:44)
U.S. Rockets F with D pods Maiden flight. Launched on 5 D12-7 black powder motors to keep with in the field flight restrictions. This launch was held by Washington Aerospace Club "Tax Relief 2014" ... [View]

Corta tus problemas, no tus muñecas [LouisTomlinson&Tu] [Capitulo 1] (0 00:01:44)
Segundo capitulo c: Espero y les valla gustando porque si me esta costando trabajo hacerla. Si quiere adaptarla no me pidan permiso, solo les pido que me den creditos. Si llego a ver que alguien la ... [View]

Gemini Titan (0 00:01:44)
A Gemini Titan rocket flying on two B6-4 engines. Flight was part of the Jackson Model Rocket Clubs monthly launch this time at Horning's Farm Field near Manchester, MI. on June 23, 2012. [View]

Mini Omega - First Flight (0 00:01:44)
First flight of my mini Omega (from Semroc) carrying a micro video camera. This is slightly smaller scale replica of the 1970 Estes rocket kit that carried an 8-mm movie camera in the nosecone. [View]

madcow ARCAS with Dark Matter Propellant (0 00:01:44)
Launch in my field upstate New York. H115DM-8 motor with air to air photo from drone! [View]

Montage of Tripoli Idaho Rocketry launches on 2011-05-21 (0 00:01:44)
3 of the 6 HPR launches at Tripoli Idaho Rocketry's launch held May 21, 2011. I missed the other launches because I was out recovering "Flying Colors", the red, white, and blue rocket seen twice in ... [View]

Level 2 J540 Rocket Launch at Snow Ranch, CA (0 00:01:44)
My level 2 certification launch for Tripoli Rocketry Association [View]

domani, 4 novembre, giornata importante per la storia d'Italia e giornata in cui le caserme friulane aprono le proprie porte per essere visitate. Alla Di Prampero una mostra particolare quest'anno, ... [View]

Aerotech Arreaux on a F52-8T motor (0 00:01:44)
Birmingham Rocket Boys March 2011 launch in Jemison, AL. I flew my Arreaux for the 3rd time today, perfect flight and recovery. Estimated altitude: ~1500ft. [View]

How to assemble a Model Rocket Launch Pad (0 00:01:44)
In this video we will show you how to set up a model rocket launch pad and launch a rocket. [View]

High-power rocket launch - CMASS - CTI H225 (0 00:01:44)
High-power rocket launch. Amesbury, MA 4/27/2013 [View]

LVL 1 certification.wmv (0 00:01:44)
My LVL1 attempts at Red Glare IX.Full video available from rocketsmagazine [dot] com [View]

High Power Rocket with onboard amateur tv live video downlink (0 00:01:44)
This is my 7.5" T-Smoke flying on a 6000 newton second M-2500 white formula I call "white boy". The payload is Bill Schworer's ham band ATV system w/RDAS flight data on-screen-display board. This ... [View]

Wildman 4" V2 - CTI J430 - OROC Summer Skies Launch - 7/23/16 (0 00:01:44)
First flight of my newest project, the 4" V2 from Wildman. This rocket is a combination of fiberglass and polycarbonate. It tops the scales at 7.75 lbs on the pad with a 54mm 2 grain motor. I added ... [View]

Super Science Bertha @ LDRS33 (0 00:01:44)
Super Big Bertha clone on an AT G64 White Lightning motor. [View]

Multi-stage Rocket Success! (0 00:01:44)
This rocket is for my 4-H aerospace exhibit. It took champion at the county fair, and is now moving on to State! The first attempt for this rocket ended in disaster. I had forgotten to turn on the ... [View]

Estes Saturn V On Aerotech G138T - Launch #4 (0 00:01:44) This was the 4th flight of the Estes Saturn V Kit that occurred on 1/21/2012 at 7:30pm. We used an Aerotech G138T and drilled out the delay charge to be around 6 ... [View]

Big Pink II on G76-5 at LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch Mar 3, 2012 (0 00:01:44)
March 2012 LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch: This is my tube fin rocket "Big Pink II" going up on an Aerotech G76-5. Yes, I had to drill out the delay to accommodate the extra weight of this big beast. ... [View]

New Look In Space (1962) (0 00:01:44)
Full title reads: ""US. New Look In Space". United States of America (USA). New space capsules are put on show. LV Inflatable space station (Doughnut). SV The metal core of the Doughnut. SV ... [View]

J300TS Ladyrobin Onboard (0 00:01:44)
Launching my Ladyrobin 2.0 rocket with a custom made "J300" Thunderstorm motor. AMW 54/1050 motor with 4 "Large Ti" grains. Altitude was 2,800 ft. Red Glare X. [View]

Two Stage High Power Rocket "Red Between the Lines" Onboard Slow Motion (0 00:01:44)
Launched on an Aerotech J350 and staged to an I161. Maximum altitude was 5861 ft. [View]

Landing Model Rockets - Rocket Motor Test 1 (0 00:01:44)
My name is Jonny, and my goal is land model rockets under their own power. Joe Barnard of BPS (@joebarnard, Barnard Propulsion Systems on YouTube) has been at this for far longer than I have, so I'm ... [View]

The fabulous exploding shredding failing rocket glider! (0 00:01:44)
They can't all be successes. For rocket gliders that DO fly great, check out the lineup at! Update: it flies now! [View]

Dr CARRO Dica barulho bieleta trava rosca quimica estabilizadora (0 00:01:44)
Siga nosso Instagram DVDs Dr CARRO: Acabe com esse barulho com essa super dica. Bate como se estivesse com a suspensão ... [View]

Fullscale Hellfire Missile flying on aerotech I-200W rocket motor (0 00:01:44)
Fullscale Hellfire Missile flying on aerotech I-200W rocket motor, 7" diameter 5.5# ready to fly. Constructed of depron foam stringers, centering rings and skin and a 29mm motor tube for a spine. ... [View]

Launch of Estes Saturn V Model Rocket (0 00:01:44)
This is one of the two successful flights of an Estes Saturn VI built in the early '90s. The next flight after this was in San Diego...the rocket was destroyed :-( [View]

BYD's perfect flight (0 00:01:44)
Dave Kenyon's Big Yellow Dog has a picture perfect touchdown at Snow Ranch. [View]

Flying Colors, Flight 4, post-flight (0 00:01:44)
Post-flight inspection of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 at its landing site after its fourth flight. This flight was on a Cesaroni 517I255-16A motor. Apogee was at 6479'. [View]

Rocketry 3-7-09 (0 00:01:44)
The UC Rocketry Club goes to the TORC Launch in Xenia Ohio.... It was really windy! The song is Blast from the Smashing Pumpkins [View]

2011-07-16 CMASS Aerotech G350 (0 00:01:44)
Howard Greenblatt's Black Brant on an Aerotech J350 [View]

Model Rocket Launch (0 00:01:45)
Set the GoPro up next to the launch pad and filmed the launch on the 4th of July. [View]

Estes Javelin 2.5" upscale launch on Aerotech H195 (0 00:01:45)
This was the maiden flight of my scratch built 2.5"(6.3cm) diameter upscale of an out of production Estes Javelin #2005 model rocket kit from 1989. This was launched on an Aerotech H195NBT with ... [View]

LDRS 2019 Flight Video (0 00:01:45)
This flight is of my two-stage "Test Rocket". It has vertical stabilization located at the top of the sustainer. The flight was an M1665 to M745 with a projected altitude of 22K feet. Due to coning ... [View]

Thrust vector control rocket 🚀. (0 00:01:45)
Hello guys Really excited to show my progress. This project is inspired by Joe Barnard (bps space) and all the rocket community who inspires so mch . I hope I could also make some contributions to ... [View]

Georgia Students Crowned America’s Top Teen Rocket Scientists (0 00:01:45)
B-roll 2018 Team American Rocketry Challenge [View]

Vern Hoag Patriot M2200 (0 00:01:45)
Cool Flight of Vern Hoag Patriot on an M2200 From LDRS 25 DVD [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 First Stage Landing - Sonic Boom and 4 Views (0 00:01:45)
SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk shared a 4 view look of the Falcon 9 rocket first stage landing after it launched the CRS-18 mission to the International Space Station. -- Watch SpaceX Rocket Break ... [View]

Initiator launch #1 (0 00:01:45)
Aerotech Initiator on a G76-7G (Mohave Green) engine. Altimeter read 1763 feet. [View]

AMW M1350 Zookeeper (0 00:01:45)
My "Zookeeper" takes off with an AMW M1350 White Wolf motor at Nerrf 3 (June 07). This was my first attempt at my Level 3 certification, which failed because the parachute never deployed. The video ... [View]

Apollo 11 Launch (Original NASA Video) (0 00:01:45)
The liftoff of Apollo 11's Saturn V carrying Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins into space exploration history on July 16, 1969. Look for the shockwave as the Saturn V punches through ... [View]

LDRS-28 MudFest (0 00:01:45)
Our vacation to LDRS-28 in Potter, NY met with difficulty on day 1. Getting back out of this horrible mud pit proved to be too much for our Subaru Legacy GT. We got stuck in this muck for a while ... [View]

The death of Nsane (0 00:01:45)
The life and death of a 15 year old rocket. Final flight was at Red Glare XII on (1) N4000 ,and (6) K450's that were airstarted. Thanks to Nick J. Southern, Norwood Truitt, Kevin Clarkston, Alex ... [View]

Masten Space Lunar Lander Challenge Flight 2 (0 00:01:45)
Masten Space VTVL rocket vehicle lifting off from one pad, hovering for 90 seconds and landing on a second pad 60 meters away, at the Mojave Spaceport in Mojave, CA. This is the return flight, see ... [View]

LOC Magnum + Dual Deploy w/ 20" Extra Air Frame (0 00:01:45)
This was supposed to be the 54mm K445 with an airstart of two 29mm H160's. But if you watched my other video, you know that the two H160's ignited on the launch pad. Unexpectedly! [View]

Estes rocket launch (0 00:01:45)
Launched my Christmas present at the elementary school today. First launch burned in but the parachute deployed properly for shots 2&3 and I even caught the third one. [View]

Mercury Redstone rocket launch LDRS 31 (0 00:01:45)
Nick Debrita's scale Mercury Redstone flying on an N2000 and 4 Ks, 7/14/12 [View]

Estes Magnum #2032 Flight on D12-0/D12-5 (0 00:01:45)
** WARNING headphone users** Estes Magnum #2032 (dual 24mm mod) on its successful flight after post-CATO rebuild. Launched on a D12 booster with D12-5 sustainer. Sorry for the crappy video quality ... [View]

Goblin K700 (0 00:01:45)
Maiden flight of my 7.5" diameter upscale Goblin. Flown on an Aerotech K700W to 2600 feet May 15, 2010. [View]

STS-129 Atlantis Launch Countdown Farewell [HD] (0 00:01:45)
Launch Director Leinbach gives the astronauts of Atlantis a farewell. [View]

Onboard a Level 1 Flight (0 00:01:45)
My CAR Lvl.1 cert flight. This is a Dual Deployment modified BSD 38 Special on an Aerotech H123W. Flawless flight! Success! [View]

Kelly's Engineering Challenge High Power Rocketry launch entry (0 00:01:45)
Here's my entry in the challenge. It started out as a PML Miranda from 1994 and is now serving as the base for my lander. Flight was on a Cesaroni H120R Redline motor. I got 950 feet out of it. [View]

Black Rock Desert rocket catos, 2002-2005 (0 00:01:45)
These are rocket catos at launch meetings of Aeropac in the years 2002, 2004, and 2005. [View]

Aerotech Arreauxbee Hi model rocket kit (0 00:01:45) This is a short introduction and launch video of the Arreauxbee-Hi model rocket kit from Aerotech. The rocket ... [View]

Olympus - C-300 Zoom (0 00:01:45)
olympus camedia c-300 zoom olympus c300 zoom drivers olympus c300 zoom software olympus c 4000 zoom olympus c-300 zoom treiber [View]

X-15-3 Delta Configuration RC rocket glider flight (0 00:01:45)
X-15-3 Delta Configuration RC rocket glider flight, kit from 38" length, 20" wingspan, 2.6" diameter 12.5 oz rtf using 24mm E-6 composite motors. [View]

LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 (0 00:01:45)
My LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 on Jan 22 2011. Great DD flight to almost 3200 ft. Raven altimeter said 392 mph, 27G's after download. [View]

Estes Magician 808 side camera side mounted and Altimeter (0 00:01:45)
Estes Magician launched at Lucerne dry lake Ca. on a cloudy day with a storm on the way. A 2 payload flight with Estes Altimeter and 808 Camera mounted sideways. [View]

Thrust Vector Control - Series E Hold Down (0 00:01:45)
The test held the vehicle upright for several seconds, then shifted the set-point on the X and Y axes to -7 degrees, as a step response test. Response was acceptable, though somewhat poor, and can ... [View]

O Motor Rocket Drag Race (0 00:01:45)
Neil McGilray's and Jerry O'Sullivan's 200lb Nike Smokes drag race on O motors. [View]

Anti-ballistic missile 53T6 Gazelle Test mission Launch. (0 00:01:45) Anti-ballistic missile 53T6 Gazelle Test mission Launch Vehicle nov. 2004 53T6 Gazelle Moscow System The 53T6 [NATO reporting name GAZELLE] is a short-range ABM ... [View]

Two Stage High Power Rocket Launch - Horizontal Camera (0 00:01:45)
Red Between the Lines - Flight 5 Launches on an Aerotech I211 to an Aerotech H123 Max Altitude ~3500ft. [View]

1/16 scale N1 launch (0 00:01:45)
Gary Rosenfield made this video on the N1 launch: [View]

Passive Thrust Vectored Finless Rocket (0 00:01:45)
A rocket that has no fins and uses thrust from compressed air to stabilize its flight. The holes in the base of the thruster tubes are slightly canted to add a little spin for even more stability. ... [View]

AMRAAM 4 Rocket On-board Video (0 00:01:45)
Greg Lane's High Power AMRAAM 4 Rocket was launched with the ARC-2K on-board at the June 2nd 2007 South East Alabama Rocketry Society Launch in Samson, AL. [View]

MIG 105 (russian) МиГ-105 (0 00:01:45)
The MiG-105 was part of a program known as the Spiral : a manned test vehicle to explore low-speed handling and landing. A Soviet project to create an orbital space plane. This was originally ... [View]

N1 Model rocket launch (1/16 scale) (0 00:01:45)
Amazing launch of an N1 1/16 scale model rocket. Saturday, July 21, 2001, the N1 flew at LDRS 20 ( By David Wilkins [View]

Big sugar rocket motor O-11K (0 00:01:46)
Static test of big amateur rocket motor using KNO3-Isomalt propellant. Class O-11000,grains 8pcs uninhibited. [View]

2011-04-30 Flight 2 - Thrud H100 (0 00:01:46)
See for more info. [View]

7.5" Loc V2, CTI L935, Plaster City, May 2012 (0 00:01:46)
This flight was very niiiiiice and hit 7,472' rather quickly. Perfect recovery less than 1 mile away and.... retired after about 20 overwhelmingly successful flights. [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Model Rocket Launch (0 00:01:46)
Launched a SpaceX Falcon 9 model rocket. Attached a Mobius ActionCam and AltimeterThree to rocket. Filmed using GoPro and iPhone 6. Mobius ActionCam: SpaceX Model ... [View]

Saturn V Burns Up (0 00:01:46)
Tried my Estes Saturn V rocket again, this time with an E20, at the SOAR club meet on 6/13/2015. I had it elevated off the pad several inches with a clip, but while we were waiting to launch it came ... [View]

Berklee Marimba Ensemble, "Ponteio (Agolopado)" (0 00:01:46)
The Berklee Marimba Ensemble performs "Ponteio (Agolopado)" live at Berklee College of Music. "Ponteio (Agolopado)" (Celso Machado) Davis Coleman: marimba Catherine DeBruyn: marimba Alex Humphreys: ... [View]

Aerotech Arreaux First Flight (0 00:01:46)
Flew on an AT F52-8T reload at the Tripoli ICBM Orangeburg SC launch, 8 Feb 09. Winds were about 10-15 mph. The rocket is stock, save for an extra long, tubular nylon recovery harness. [View]

Flight of a 4" LOC Goblin using an experimental Dual-Deploy Chute Release. (0 00:01:46)
Onboard video of my LOC 4" Goblin flying on a CTI J145 Skidmark motor. Rocket flew to 3,576' on a beautiful autumn day and I managed to get stunning HD video of Western NY Fall Foliage. I used a #18 ... [View]

Desert Heat 2016 LOC Magnum (0 00:01:46)
SARA Desert Heat 2016 Maverick II (LOC Magnum) Flown on a central J360, and two H180 skidmarks. Flew to 3,100' main @ 600' [View]

WAC Corporal Flight at Mini Midwest power 2015 (0 00:01:46)
Flew the WAC Corporal again on a M1315 at Mini Midwest Power 2015 in Princeton, IN. Also added a Mobius Action cam for onboard video. Rocket landed only 40 feet from the pad. The main came out ... [View]

Aerotech Strong Arm (0 00:01:46)
Launch of an Aerotech Strong Arm kit. [View]

estes ascender aerotech G80-7T (0 00:01:46)
estes ascender running on AEROTECH G80-7T CRAZY POWER went outa sight but came down 50ft from launch pad video does NOT due justice. A-G ROCKETRY [View]

XR-7930 2010.11.13 (0 00:01:46)
Onboard video from a Quasar One XR-7930 built by Markus Meier launched on an AeroTech F39-6T at the Sacramento Area Rocketry Group launch on November 13, 2010. [View]

How to make a woven bookmark (0 00:01:46)
Making these woven bookmarks is not only a great craft activity that will challenge fine motor skills, it's also a lovely homemade gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day or Christmas. A free printable ... [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 13 - Scaling (0 00:01:46) - Scaling Custom Fins and Your Rocket [View]

The Marseille base, a successful launch [en] (0 00:01:46)
Four months ago, Air France launched an extensive commercial offensive on departure from Marseille. By organizing its operations in a different way, Air France can offer 483 weekly flights to 30 ... [View]

Estes Mammoth, F67 White Lightning (0 00:01:46)
My resurrected Estes Mammoth flying on an F67 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on March 30, 2019. The recorded altitude was 1341 feet with a top speed of 294 mph. The flight profile was ... [View]

Astrocam flight 2 - trimmed and with gauges (0 00:01:46)
Updated version with better speed and added Gs data here: Trimmed version of prior video of the second flight of my new Estes Astrocam. Also added altitude and speed ... [View]

Polecat WOKET Drag Race at NERRF 8 (0 00:01:46)
This is a WOKET drag race between Dave Lang and Dave Ristow at NERRF 8 on June 24, 2012 at the METRA club field in Pine Island, NY. Dave Ristow on the left with his green WOKET using an Aerotech J90 ... [View]

Iso-Haisu launch from quadcopter (0 00:01:46)
Iso-Haisu hybrid rocket's third launch filmed from quadcopter. The quad uses Arduino mega and Aeroquad software. Camera is Gopro Hero HD. Two quad's motors cut off when it was decending after the ... [View]

Amateur rocket launches (0 00:01:46)
This is a highlight of some video we shot at Bear Creek Lake Park in Morrison, Colorado back around 2000. We learned that it's difficult to track the rocket launches with the camera - especially ... [View]

Lunar Lander Challenge at the X-Prize Cup (0 00:01:46)
Armadillo Aerospace Flight at Oklahoma spaceport [View]

Estes Nike Smoke (Pro Series II) First Flight (0 00:01:46)
The Estes Nike Smoke Pro Series II rocket launched for the first time in Berwick, Maine, on a G40-7 composite motor. Jolly Logic Chute Release was set for 400 feet. [View]

Twice The Size (0 00:01:46)
This is my "Twice the Size" entry for the 2010 EMRR Challenge. The objective was to build a two-times upscale model of an existing model rocket. My subject was the quest Commander, one of my first ... [View]

OSA AstroCam Launch 04-04-21 (0 00:01:46)
Estes Astro Cam rocket launch and recovery with footage onboard the rocket! Like and subscribe! [View]

Experimental lunar lander flight at X Prize Cup (0 00:01:46)
Armadillo Aerospace's rocket-powered Module 1 vehicle makes its second flight at the 2007 Wirefly X Prize Cup. For more info: [View]

Estes C6-7 static rocket motor engine test (0 00:01:46)
Video from three cameras of a strapped-down Estes rocket motor burning. The final clip in the series was shot at 240 frames per second and is therefore displayed at roughly 1/8th speed. [View]

Maiden flight of Dynasoar Rocketry Orbital Shuttle rc rocket glider (0 00:01:46)
Maiden flight of Dynasoar Rocketry Orbital Shuttle rc rocket glider, 20" wingspan, 2.6" diameter, 32" long, 10.25 oz rtf with E-6 24mm rocket motor. [View]

Rocket Launching Quadcopter - Flight Test (0 00:01:46)
This is a short video showing some flight test video from my latest project - a rocket laucnhing quadcopter. More details along with a build log will be coming soon. A comprehensive build log can be ... [View]

Mavic Mini | How To Perform A "Rocket" QuickShot (0 00:01:46)
At just 249g, MavicMini is the ultimate portable drone - making it the perfect everyday flycam. In this video, we'll show you how to make yourself the centre of attention with the Rocket Qui ... [View]

January 2019 Nathan Tocus Cowabunga Mammoth (0 00:01:46)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 245 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

DCL - The Game - Launch Trailer | PS4 (0 00:01:46)
DCL - The Game is the official videogame of Drone Champions League - the world's leading championship for professional drone racing teams. In this simulation, players can control authentic drones ... [View]

QRS Members Launch - November 2010. (0 00:01:46)
Video of launches of amateur rockets at the Queensland Rocketry Society public launch in November 2010. [View]

Super Big Bertha Launch drone view (0 00:01:46)
This is a perfect example of how ya don’t want things to go.. It had an E motor but the light breeze got the best of her. It was recovered the next day [View]

Rocket Follow FPV drone (0 00:01:46)
Need to do more of this next time, already preparing a second rocket for the job. [View]

Certinator Level 2 Flight (0 00:01:46)
July 9 at Manchester Tennessee. Certinator flies for my level 2 certification on a CTI Pro38 J381 Skidmark. Dual deploy with a PerfectFlite StratoLogger SL100, main at 700 feet. [View]

Rocket launch compilation - Aug 7 (0 00:01:46)
Compilation of rocketry video from the Canberra Rocketry Group's August 7 launch. [View]

Santa Fe Rocket Launch (0 00:01:46)
My 4 year old rocket scientist launching his SpaceX Falcon 9 model rocket at the Santa Fe Dam, California. We had five successful launches with D12-3 and E9-6 engines. [View]

Estes Patriot Kit with on-board camera (0 00:01:47)
Estes Patriot Kit flown with C6-5 on a calm day. Interesting anomaly at the end of the video. Strange ball of light captured during descent. It could be the wading, tell me what you think in the ... [View]

NPS SSAG High Power Rocket Program (0 00:01:47)
The NPS Space Systems Academic Group (SSAG) High Power Rocket Program focuses on the use of amateur high power rocketry as a platform for project-based, hands-on education and research. In this ... [View]

Epic HD Camera Rocket Cluster Launch (0 00:01:47)
My son's scratch-built rocket had a perfect flight with onboard videocam and four motors, one of which was ignited by onboard computer.  (Still photos by Erik Charlton and Martin Hall) [View]

North Coast Rocketry Cluster Duck, 3-17-19 at SoJARS. SEVEN ENGINE CLUSTER!! (0 00:01:47)
North Coast Rocketry Cluster Duck on (6) C6 and (1) D12-7 Estes motors at SoJARS, 3-17-19. All 7 motors lit. Chute release at 400 feet. It was a windy day, and a long walk to recover the rocket ... [View]

Estes Astrocam Launch 1 (0 00:01:47)
Estes Astrocam first launch; fin assembly failed during ejection charge. On further launches, fins were CA glued to the body tube. [View]

Cab View: Vintage Freight Elevator | Former Haeger Pottery | East Dundee IL (0 00:01:47)
(6/26/16) Haeger Pottery 1871-2016. This is a very old freight elevator possibly from the late 1800's. This elevator has received little maintenance over the years meaning it is unsafe for people ... [View]

Longer video of 'Ariane 5' Rocket first launch failure/explosion (0 00:01:47)
People have uploaded shorter copies, but here's a longer copy of the Ariane 5 rocket's ill-fated first launch, which ended in explosion back in 1996. Now a quite reliable rocket, the failure was ... [View]

Double rocket launch (0 00:01:47)
Launches of two amateur rocket launches by Tripoli about one minute apart during the Wirefly X Prize Cup on October 21st, 2006. [View]

Matt Steele and Bruno Massel - Lubrication by Land and Sea (0 00:01:47)
Want more lubrication domination? Visit us at Matt Steele and Bruno Massel from TruckU talk Mystik. Mystik Lubricants isn't just for land vehicles anymore. Make sure ... [View]

3X Mars Lander by Colossus Rockets (0 00:01:47)
The launch of the 3X Mars Lander. A 3 times upscale of the famous Estes Rocket from 1969. This kit was developed and sold by Colossus Rockets - a one rocket company that was formed solely to build ... [View]

LOC Norad Pro Maxx on an Aerotech I245, Dual Deploy (0 00:01:47)
LOC Norad Pro Maxx modified to dual deploy. Aerotech I245 Apogee: 3,286' Velocity: 370mph Drogue deployed at apogee Main deployed at 500' [View]

July 2011 - Putting the Rocket on the Tower (0 00:01:47)
July 31st 2011 we headed to central Oregon to launch our rocket with the same roll control as the previous launch, but this time with much of the full flight computer we have been planning for years ... [View]

Estes Optima 3" upscale launch on an Aerotech G80-NBT onboard 808 cam (0 00:01:47)
Onboard cam view of my 3" upscale Estes Optima launched on an Aerotech DMS G80-14A NBT. This was the first launch after rebuilding after it's recovery separation and crash in June 2016. The altitude ... [View]

October 2019 Fred Wallace Carbon Red (0 00:01:47)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 255 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

L Motor Launch (0 00:01:47)
L Motor Launched during the National Sport Launch 2010 in Alamogordo New Mexico during the Memorial Day weekend. [View]

MINI0002 (0 00:01:47)
Graupner Fan Raketengleiter Flug mit D3-P Klima Raketenmotor Flug mit onboard Cam Flug II [View]

Warning: Graphic video of animal cruelty on a wool farm in Argentina (0 00:01:47)
PETA release harrowing footage of sheep mutilation on wool farms. . Report by Asana Greenstreet. GRAPHIC: Argentinean wool farmers sheep cruelty uncovered by Peta. This video may be upsetting to ... [View]

Action Origami Collage (0 00:01:47)
Action Origami: 1. Made from rectangular cardstock. 2. Never Glued or Cut 3. Can take apart and reuse parts for new creations 4. Always original models 5. Original music [View]

Grabthar's Hammer (Wildman Mach 2 Rocket) L935IM BALLS 22Sep2019 (0 00:01:47)
Tower launched Wildman Mach 2 rocket goes to 27,968' on a CTI L935 IM motor at Balls 28 in Black Rock Desert Nevada on September 22, 2019. [View]

ESTES Acender (0 00:01:47)
Dave and Shawna first Aerotech G80-72 [View]

Instructions for Building Model Rockets : Parachute Folding for Model Rockets (0 00:01:47)
Learn how to fold the parachute for a Big Bertha Estes model rocket in this free model rockets video. Expert: Jack Attkins Bio: Jack Attkins is a model rocket enthusiast who has been launching ... [View]

Tanner Morgan Highlights: 2017 Gopher Football Signing Day (0 00:01:47)
Check out highlights from 2017 Gopher Football signee quarterback Tanner Morgan of Union, KY., a key member P.J. Fleck’s first recruiting class at the University of Minnesota. Social Links ... [View]

BALLS 2011 Rocket Onboard View HD 720p (0 00:01:47)
Onboard HD video of BALLS 2011 Rocket. Launch, motor case burns through, seperation, recovery harness fails, booster section comes in ballistic, payload section recovers under parachute. All parts ... [View]

LOC Magnum on an AMW K815SK to 4,250' May 31, 2010 (0 00:01:47)
LOC Magnum flying on an AMW K815SK at NSL 2010 in Alamogordo, New Mexico. [View]

Deuce Onboard 121110 (0 00:01:47)
Onboard view from between the motors of my upscale Deuce. The Aerotech K456 is on the right, a CTI K454 on the left. Altitude was 3521 feet. [View]

Make Rocket Ejection Charge Canisters (0 00:01:47)
You can make a simple ejection charge canister for your high power model rocket with a rubber glove. In this video, you'll see how quick you can make the holder for the black powder. [View]

JayCoke Zero flight #2 (0 00:01:47)
This is the second flight of the JayCoke Zero. It is one of four recycling containers converted into high power rockets by members of the Wisconsin Organization of Spacemodeiling Hobbyists (WOOSH), ... [View]

Estes Vector Force rocket with on-board Camera (0 00:01:47)
Estes Vector Force rocket with onboard spycam flying on a C6-5 [View]

Insanely Fast Quadcopter Takeoff! (0 00:01:47)
At the time of filming, this was possibly the fastest drone worldwide, and nearly certainly the fastest in the Southern Hemisphere. Running the prototype 'Bones V2' frame. Insane speed and ... [View]

Estes High FLyer FITS 2015 (0 00:01:47)
Estes High Flyer XL loaded with a E9-4 motor, Jolly Logic 2 altimeter and a 808 Key Chain Camera strapped to the side. This launch was in Mansfield, WA during Washington Aerospace Club's annual Fire ... [View]

Estes Mean Machine #1 D12-3 First Launch (0 00:01:47)
Mean Machine #1 Launch 1 D12-3 HD 1080 USB cam 300 feet 135 km/h [View]

Juno mission to Jupiter launches [CNN 8-05-2011] (0 00:01:47)
Visit: Support this Youtube channel and Design & Publish a T-Shirt using the link above. This channel is brought to you by MeTee T-Shirts: T-shirt design in seconds & always free ... [View]

2xG64 Motor Cluster Rocket (with pad view) (0 00:01:47)
Here's an extended version, with a view from the pad, and a slow motion at the end. I launched this rocket at a Tripoli MN launch. This was my "practice" high-power rocket, and technically it's ... [View]

Standard ARM at Red Glare 9 (0 00:01:47)
Scott Tyrrell's Standard ARM on a 38/660 "J600". This was the first time for me mixing a clone of Blue Thunder propellant using Copper Chromite. It came out a bit faster than I expected with a 0.7 ... [View]

AGM 33 Pike rocket CAM (upward) July 7, 2018 (0 00:01:47)
July 7, 2018 at MMMSC Upward facing Mobius 2 camera CTI K1440 [View]

Finale internationale du Rocketery Challenge / International Rocketry Challenge World final (0 00:01:47)
La compétition consiste en un tir de mini-fusées à 230m d'altitude, muni de deux œufs crus avec dispositif de freinage par parachute pour la descente, les œufs devant arriver entiers ! The ... [View]

Estes Mongoose Homemade "ALTDuino" Altimeter Dual Deploy Recovery (0 00:01:47)
Estes Mongoose flown in 2 stage configuration on 2 Sept. 2012 in Orangeburg SC, USA. The dual deploy altimeter is homemade. For more information please visit On board footage ... [View]

Estes Majestic, G74 White Lightning (0 00:01:48)
My Estes Majestic on a G74 White Lightning. With a brilliant white flash and a loud thunderous roar, she flew to 2175 feet at 289 miles per hour. Brand new 3D printed rail guides from Apogee ... [View]

(5 May 1973) Animation of skylab being launched into orbit and astronauts carrying out experiments You can license this story through AP Archive: ... [View]

How A New FAA Proposal Could Impact Drone Delivery Services | NBC Nightly News (0 00:01:48)
The FAA is proposing a tracking system that regulators say massive drone fleets will need before they start making the kind of same day deliveries companies like Amazon, Google and UPS have been ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 22 Gerald Meux Jr (0 00:01:48)
Gerald Meux Jr.'s Death from Above on an O-25,000 at BALLS 22 [View]

(10 May 1973) Skylab astronauts Pete Conrad, Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz, undergo suit rehearsal and enter capsule in final preparations for Cape Kennedy launch You can license this story through ... [View]

Cherryfield HPR Launch (0 00:01:48)
My Estes Vector Force upscale flying on an Aerotech I-280 Dark Matter motor. 14 second delay, motor eject. Chute Release worked perfectly, rocket recovered 1500 feet from launch. Apogee at 4650 ft ... [View]

Laser-X Model Rocket. (0 00:01:48)
My Laser-X model rocket flying on a Aerotech F20/4 motor. Flight was part of the Jackson Model Rocket Club's launch held at Michigan International Speedway on June 16, 2018. [View]

ROCKETS Mag LDRS 33 Sather Ranum J Coke Zero (0 00:01:48)
Sather Ranum's J Coke Zero rocket at LDRS 33 [View]

Nick DeBrita 1/6th Scale Mercury Redstone flight (0 00:01:48)
The second flight of my 1/6th Scale Mercury Redstone on April 13th, 2012 at Red Glare XII. She flew to 5,760' on a central M1939W and four K550Ws and was recovered with no damage. [View]

Twp Stage High Power Rocket at BALLS 2019 (0 00:01:48)
Booster worked perfectly fine, we still don't know what happened two seconds after sustainer ignition. This was one of the Class 3 Projects from the Away Cell [View]

High-power rocket launch - MMMSC - CTI I-175 (0 00:01:48)
High-power rocket launch to 3,000 feet. Berwick, ME July 20, 2013 [View]

Level 1 Certification Flight (0 00:01:48)
Onboard video from my TRA Level 1 certification flight. Modified Estes Partizon 2327' on a CTI H410 VMax. Motor ejection at apogee; Jolly Logic Chute Release at 400' [View]

Loaded Longboard Ambassadors (0 00:01:48)
Been longboarding for only a few months. Music: "Machine" by Joe Barnard, wanna thank him for letting me use his song. He's going to be famous someday! [View]

High Power Rocket DashWare Stratologger CF Example (0 00:01:48)
High Power Rocket Dual Deploy with DashWare. Data source is Stratologger CF. Altitude data is 20 Hz resolution. Altitude data was smoothed for outlier rejection and velocity and acceleration ... [View]

Clustard 2.0 (0 00:01:48)
I211W Staged to 3 x G64W LCX in Booster and ignited 2nd stage. HCX in Sustainer for full graphing [View]

Hobgoblin Onboard Video (0 00:01:48)
Onboard video of a North Coast Rocketry Hobgoblin on an H238 [View]

On-Board Video from an Upscale Deuce's Wild Rocket (0 00:01:48)
This was a test of a Booster Vision Mile High Antenna with my camera and receiver. [View]

MegaCokeL3CertV2Movie (0 00:01:48)
My L3 Certification flight (Third flight of the Mega Coke Bottle) on a CTI 5604 M1830-CS to 1872 feet at URRF on the Summer Solstice June 21, 2013. (With music.) [View]

Extreme Darkstar J1520 Vmax (0 00:01:48)
A Wildman Extreme Darkstar flying on a CTI J1520 Vmax motor. The kids screaming in the background were boyscouts. Our club hosted approximately 250 scouts for a large "Rocket-ree" event. This was ... [View]

GoPro Hero 8: Model Rocket Launch (0 00:01:48)
A little fun during quarantine after #SpaceX and #NASA sent the Dragon Crew astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley into space on the Falcon 9 Rocket for the first American's launched into space on ... [View]

Estes Patriot rocket with video camera (0 00:01:48)
I modified my patriot rocket to accept a booster stage, its a little darker outside when this was shot but it really showed the flame coming out of the motor. Be sure to check out the pics of the ... [View]

Crash and Burn! How NOT To Recover a 42 Foot Tall Half-Ton Rocket (0 00:01:48)
At the FireBALLS 5 amateur and experimental rocketry gathering of "large and dangerous" rockets in Nevada, Chuck Sackett launched his pet project, named Project 463. The rocket was 42 feet tall and ... [View]

cyclotron (0 00:01:48)
LOC/Precision CYCLOTRON H123M 19 Jan 2014 Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) [View]

Paper Rocketry Briefing 3: Nose Cone (0 00:01:48)
Learn how to construct a nosecone for your paper rocket out of cardstock. The size of the nosecone circle will greatly affect the size of your nosecone, and will alter rocket performance. Experiment ... [View]

Old Glory Scratchbuilt staging cluster model rocket 11/23/2018 (0 00:01:48)
Scratchbuilt Old Glory, 2 stage model, 1 stage 3 engine cluster. Boosters b6-2 x 2, Center booster b6-0 and upper stage C6-7. [View]

Homemade Rocket Launch 1 (0 00:01:48)
This is our first homemade rocket launch, in which we made everything from scratch, including the fuel. We had a problem with the launch pad guide wire being too flimsy, causing it to lift off at a ... [View]

Old Rocket Prang Film Preview by George Gassaway (0 00:01:48)
Preview from old Model Rocket Prang (crash) films shot by George Gassaway in the 1970's. These were accidents, do not try to emulate them. [View]

Estes backyard flying (0 00:01:48)
Flying several Estes rockets in the horse pastures, including a Fletcher, vintage Surveyor, and Hi-Flier. Watch the Fletcher eat dirt when the parachute doesn't open. It's already fixed and ready for ... [View]

September 2015 Tom Cohen Funnel Cone (0 00:01:48)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 207 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Launching 5,000 Model Rockets To Break World Record (0 00:01:48)
The U.S. Space & Rocket Center honored the Rocket City engineers, scientists, and technicians who made the legendary July 16, 1969 launch possible. On Tuesday morning, the U.S. Space & ... [View]

Andover High School Rocketry (0 00:01:48)
We just conducted our first test launch for our entry in the upcoming Team America Rocketry Challenge. It was a fairly successful flight. Our egg was retrieved without being scrambled... even after ... [View]

New Frontiers of Model Rocketry: Multistage Model Rockets (0 00:01:49)
Model rocketry enthusiasts Batuhan Hoskan and Tanil Ozkan igniting their homemade 2 stage 45 cm rocket equipped with a wireless takeoff system, soft landing parachute and miniaturized 2cm lens ... [View]

Estes Maxi Alpha 3 on an Aerotech E15-4W (0 00:01:49)
Decided to try out a 24mm composite motor. Nice flight on this one. Estimated height about 950ft. Altimeter didn't work this time. [View]

Cineroc Clone slowed to 25% (0 00:01:49)
Cineroc clone flying near Grove City PA. June 2, 2019 This file was edited to 25% speed and the video was compressed. [View]

Extreme Wildman 4" Rocket - K630 (0 00:01:49)
4" Wildman rocket goes to 4500' on a CTI four grain 54/K630 motor. Winds about 15mph. Tripoli Tampa launch 19 Dec 2015. [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 8 - Sanding the Backs of the Wraps (0 00:01:49) - This video shows the sanding of the backside of the vacuum form wraps. The purpose is to get rid of lip around the edge of the panels. This is the 8th video in the ... [View]

Two Stage Model Rocket with Camera (0 00:01:49)
This is the maiden flight of our 2 stage rocket with on board video camera. David designed the rocket and verified it with a Fortran program he wrote for his Aerospace Engineering 160 class at ISU. ... [View]

S8E/P Rocket Glider Practice Landings #4 (0 00:01:49)
Practicing Landings for the FAI S8E-PR/C Rocket Glide event, using a Hi-Start, on August 12, 2010. This is cheaper and easier than doing rocket boosts, as it is a lot more critical to get in lots ... [View]

Part 2: Nose Cones-How To Make a High Power Rocket (0 00:01:49)
Making a nose cone using the same air frame tube. [View]

Re: Onboard Rocket Video - Two stage (0 00:01:49)
This is a higher resolution video of this flight showing more detail. [View]

October 17th Hurley, NY CTRA NARCONN PROPULSION: L1065BL 4 second burn using 75/6000 hardware. ... [View]

Launching Rockets (0 00:01:49)
Keiran's first time shooting off model rockets. We had a blast! :) [View]

HART Rockets Onboard Rocket video using ATC-1000 Camera (0 00:01:49)
Visit for more details - Video from a HPR Rocket on a I350 motor, Filmed using a ATC-1000 helmet camera from for more information visit the rocket ... [View]

NGLLC Masten Space Flight 1 Onboard Rocket 2009.09.16 (0 00:01:49)
Onboard down-looking video of the first leg of Masten Space's attempt at the level 1 Northrop-Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. Woo, rockets. [View]

KenRico DeeRoc Ultimatr Dark Star EX M1419 Springfest 2017 Tripoli LV March 18 2017 (0 00:01:49)
KenRico DeeRoc Ultimatr Dark Star EX M1419 Springfest 2017 Tripoli LV March 18 2017 [View]

Kyoko - Watercolor, Copic Marker Artwork PREVIEW (0 00:01:49)
HELLO SWEETIE SUBS :D GET THIS ARTWORK AS FINE ART PRINT Help me by supporting my art with only 1$ on Patreon COMMISSIONS PRICES http://s ... [View]

Building 'The Bull' - a low poly papercraft sculpture from PaperHen (0 00:01:49)
A short video in our series of how to assemble low poly papercraft models from PaperHen. This one is for 'The Bull', a sculpture inspired by the famous Bull and Bear sculptures located outside the ... [View]

Aaron Cohen’s Digital Astrocam Launch May 29th 2021 (0 00:01:49)
Good video with the new Estes AstroCam digital recording device. It was attached to an Estes two-stage Mongoose rocket. The video captured a good image of Mt Hood, as well as the staging from booster ... [View]

LOC Precision Bruiser - CTI J760 - NAR L2 Certification (0 00:01:49)
Brian Hendricks' LOC Precision Bruiser flown on a 54mm CTI J760 White Thunder for a successful NAR Level 2 certification. Perfect flight, perfect deployment, and a nice long walk for recover ... [View]

January 2014 Christmas Tree Drag Race (0 00:01:49)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 188 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Joe Barnard from Lancaster and Boron, California in El Paso (0 00:01:49)
Joe Barnard from Lancaster and Boron, California stars in El Paso, a short music video where Joe plays a singing cowboy with a story of love. [View]

MDRA ESL 175 launch December 2012 (0 00:01:49)
My Fluttering Heights to 3700 ft. The casting tubes blew out the nozzle and nozzle cracked. [View]

Roll Control - Test Launch #1 (0 00:01:49)
First test flight of our roll-controlled rocket. The control system seems to have failed partway into flight, perhaps because the servomotor did not have enough output torque. The flight was ... [View]

Tethys H170M inflight.m4v (0 00:01:49)
Inflight video of my Public Missiles Tethys flying on an Aerotech H170 Metalstorm motor. It landed in the trees, but was easily retrieved. [View]

PAC-3 Level 2 Certification. (0 00:01:49)
A level 2 certification flight with a Madcow PAC-3 model rocket. It flew on a Cesaroni J-285 classic motor. Flight was part of the Michiana Midwest Blast launch on April 16, 2016. [View]

Estes Partizon Rocket - First Flight (0 00:01:49)
My Estes Partizon Pro Series II rocket flying for the first time, on a CTI F31 motor. After a day of my low power rockets suffering damage, it was nice to have a good flight. [View]

How to Make a Simple Paper Kite (0 00:01:49)
Watch more Paper Crafts videos: Got an urge to go fly a kite? With this simple project you can be out the door and flying high in no ... [View]

Instructions for Building Model Rockets : Kit Setup for Building Model Rockets (0 00:01:49)
Learn how to setup the kit to build a Big Bertha Estes model rocket in in this free model rockets video. Expert: Jack Attkins Bio: Jack Attkins is a model rocket enthusiast who has been launching ... [View]

Model rocketry onboard video (0 00:01:49)
CTRA Hurley, NY field October 2006 [View]

NXRS Brothers OR 2016 (0 00:01:49)
Northwest Extreme Rocket Show, Brothers Oregon June 2016. High Powered Rockets... [View]

Interceptor-M @ Plaster Blaster VII 2008 (0 00:01:49)
On October 5th 2008, the finest flagship of the goldern era of rocketry took to the skies over Plaster City East. The 8X upscale Interceptor with aux booster built by the crazy bunch at Punk Rocket ... [View]

Onboard Estes Monarch Rocket - Flight 5 (0 00:01:49)
Estes Monarch rocket flying on an Estes C6-3 at the LUNAR launch at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, on January 22, 2011. [View]

Estes Majestic, G74-9 White Lightning (0 00:01:50)
My Estes Majestic flying on a G74-9 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on April 21, 2018. This flight set a new personal altitude rocket for my rocket at 2226 feet before ejecting the ... [View]

Scratch built Tri-Ceptor rocket flying on CTI G-65 motor (0 00:01:50)
Scratch built Tri-Ceptor rocket flying on CTI G-65 24mm motor. This is an upscale of the trident style rocket with vented ejection, using 24mm tubes as the side tubes and 2" PSII tubing and a cosmic ... [View]

I play BF-110 but i use rockets ONLY (war thunder gameplay) (0 00:01:50)
this rockets have 11kg of TNT which means they'll destroy any Aircraft close to them just aim them and laugh at those allied fighters burning down music:billy hill theme ... [View]

Madcow CRICKET (0 00:01:50)
Madcow CRICKET 22 Jan 2011 High Powered Rocket (HPR) Engine H148R-M Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc [View]

Big Orange Rocket Launch (0 00:01:50)
Watch a homemade scratch-built rocket that is over 7 feet tall soar into sky. Launched in Houston, Texas at Rushing Park. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 20 Bryan Whitemarsh (0 00:01:50)
Bryan Whitemarsh's Velociraptor Rex on an N5800 at BALLS 20 [View]

HD Rocket launch Malcolms "Big Boy" Rocket flight at Big Ears 2010 (0 00:01:50)
HD Rocket launch Malcolms "Big Boy" Rocket flight at Big Ears 2010 [View]

Rocketeer - Far East Movement | (Clara C Cover) (0 00:01:50)
Official video for Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and musician Clara C’s 2010 cover of Far East Movement's 2010 single “Rocketeer”. Subscribe to Clara C: Clara's ... [View]

"Pink Journey" for Breast Cancer Awareness flown on an Aerotech K375NW, Madcow Rocketry DX3 Masive. (0 00:01:50)
Pink Journey is a rocket that I built to help bring awareness to breast cancer. It was an idea that came to me when I was finding a way to help raise money for an "It’s the Journey” ... [View]

Estes Taser Launch (0 00:01:50)
The Taser is another great kit from our E2X (Easy to Assemble) Series. Launched on standard engines, amazing heights of 1000 feet can be reached! Spend a little time building and a lot of time ... [View]

It's been a Hard Day's Landing (0 00:01:50)
This is a Boostervision system being lofted by a scratch built 8 fin rocket using a BT-56 body tube. This flight uses a D12-5 motor. The camera nosecone and rocket body return on separate chutes. ... [View]

SYND25-09-73 SKYLAB SPLASHDOWN (0 00:01:50)
(25 Sep 1973) The splashdown in the Pacific Ocean of the lastest capsule to return to earth from the Skylab space station/ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.apar ... [View]

MFHS rocket class aiming for 100,000-ft launch | ThePicayuneTV (0 00:01:50)
MARBLE FALLS — A long aluminum tube stretches across two sawhorses at Specialty Machine. On a nearby bench is a matching nose cone that soon will be atop an 18-foot rocket designed and built by ... [View]

Deuce's Wild 11 Sept 2010.wmv (0 00:01:50)
Deuce's Wild Launch Video Behind Udall Park, Tucson Arizona 11 Sept 2010 Engines B6-4s [View]

Skidmark H123 (0 00:01:50)
Red Rocket on a H123 Skidmark. Thanks Tom for the video!!! This is from the November 2009 rocket launch at Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry. [View]

V2 rocket launch from USS Midway Aircraft Carrier (1947) (0 00:01:50)
The U.S. Navy attempted to launch a reassembled German V-2 rocket at sea. One test launch from the aircraft carrier USS Midway was performed on September 6, 1947 as part of the Navy's Operation ... [View]

High Power Rocketry-Tripoli Wisconsin Association August 2019 (0 00:01:50)
Tripoli Wisconsin Association's August 2019 high power rocket launch. When your fancy cameras let you down, make the best of the "B" roll. [View]

Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Camera (0 00:01:50)
Model rocket launched with 808 #8 Keychain camera aboard [View]

Artemis chute release flight (0 00:01:50)
A short video of my scratch built model rocket I named Artemis, using a Jolly Logic chute release for the first time. I was in a small launch area (600' by 1,250'), so I decided to test out my Jolly ... [View]

High-Power Rocket Crash (onboard video) (0 00:01:50)
Altocumulonimbus 2 G77-10Rs Unsuccessful cluster ignition Only one motor ignited The rocket was completely destroyed The payload bay was obliterated But the electronics were fine. Altimeter ... [View]

I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You – Bee Gee (0 00:01:50)
DISCLOSURE: I may earn a commission when you use one of my links to make a purchase... Sheets ... [View]

Model Rockets Fail (0 00:01:50)
A series of small model rockets that didn't always go as planned. A few of the rockets are "Solar Flare" the gold rocket, "Teal Torpedo" the tall black rocket with teal writing, and others that ... [View]

Der Drei Max (0 00:01:50)
3 H135 motors in a stretched, canted and Dual Deploy. Motor mount designed by William Cook and cut out by UpscaleCNC. Flew to approximately 2500 ft. Have to check the Stratologger tomorrow. [View]

OEHS TARC Rocket Team - Launch of Rocket at Nationals (0 00:01:50)
Oswego East High School TARC Rocket Team - Launch of Rocket at Nationals. Great Prairie, The Plains, Virginia, May 11, 2013 [View]

K540M Super Magnum Onboard (0 00:01:51)
The onboard video of my Super Magnum which flew with an Aerotech K540 Metalstorm motor to 3800 ft. Red Glare X. [View]

Estes Ventris Certification Level 1 Flight - TTRA Launch 21 May 2016 - raw video (0 00:01:51)
WARNING: THE VIDEO GETS LOUD AT 0:45 AS THE CAMERA SLIPS AND THE MICROPHONE IS UNSHIELDED! This was the second flight of my Estes Ventris, and as the first flight went so well, I decided to make this ... [View]

North Coast Rocketry SA-14 Archer XL (0 00:01:51)
North Coast Rocketry (by Estes SA-14 Archer XL flying on an Aerotech H-180 reload at LDRS 19....July 2000 [View]

NYPower 21 (0 00:01:51)
Slow motion rocket flights from NYPower 21. [View]

This is MDRA (0 00:01:51)
This is Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA). MDRA is the premier rocketry club that flies once a month on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The club is open to all ages. Please see http:// ... [View]

Manny Ballestero Carbon Nightmare L2375 (0 00:01:51)
Cool Flight of Manny Ballestero Carbon Nightmare on a L-2375 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

Tripoli LDRS 29 odd rocket competition "My Spare Rocket" (0 00:01:51)
I built this rocket for the Discovery Odd Rocket competition. It started with a much larger motor but I was trying to go to 100' to win the contest and went with a "H" motor that proved too small. ... [View]

MDRA Christmas Tree Launch, 1/16/10 (0 00:01:51)
Santa ... be afraid, be VERY afraid! At this year's MDRA Christmas Tree launch, we kicked it up a notch by drag racing 'em. Note that the rightmost tree in the big race had its motor mounted on the ... [View]

High Power Rocketry 1997 - 2001 (0 00:01:51)
A montage of my high power rocketry activities from 1997 to 2001. Filmed at the Ocotillo Test Range and Lucerne Dry Lakebed, CA. [View]

1/2 Scale Harpoon on AT K375NW (0 00:01:51)
30 pound Rocket on an Aerotech K375NW dual thrust motor. Flight to 2750'. [View]

two stage hybrid.m4v.mp4 (0 00:01:51)
Australia's First Two Stage Hybrid Rocket Launch 23/10/11 Booster using Skyripper K347 sustainer using Aerotech hybrid J144 [View]

2010-03-06 - Art Applewhite 10.25 Original Flying Saucer Launch 002 - G71R-X - 210 FPS - FC100.avi (0 00:01:51)
2010-03-06 - Art Applewhite 10.25 Original Flying Saucer Launch 002 - G71R-X - 210 FPS - FC100 [View]

Matt's Level 1 High Power Certification Apr. 22, 2018 (0 00:01:51)
Matt Lillis flew his LOC Iris on a CTI H152 Blue Streak motor at CRMRC's St. Albans VT field to get his level 1 high power certification. [View]

Model Rocket Fun (0 00:01:51)
Perfect day for a model rocket launch - or two! The second launch features an onboard camera, which made for a wobbly flight path. [View]

Aerotech G75 Metal Storm (0 00:01:51)
This is a clip of an AeroTech G-Force rocket flying on the new AeroTech G-75 Metalstorm motor. This was a demonstration flight by Aerotech's East Coast Representitive Dan Michael. The rocket weighed ... [View]

L1 Certification Flight (Success!) Deep Space OFFl on an Aerotech I357T-14A Blue Thunder (0 00:01:51)
Third launch of Deep Space OFFl, this time, no fires, and no need to repair the nosecone. In all, a SUCCESSFUL L1 Cert flight. [View]

Launching my first model rocket (0 00:01:51)
Today I launched my first model rocket from a field in North Myrtle Beach, SC. As a member of the National Association of Rocketry, I want to connect with other fans and build bigger and more ... [View]

Rattworks M900 high power hybrid rocket (0 00:01:51)
Custom built 12' x 5.5" high power rocket for Tripoli Level 3 certification. Rattworks M900 hybrid rocket motor with a peak thrust of 437 pounds and an average thrust of 140 pounds for 12 se ... [View]

Pam's Crayon.wmv (0 00:01:51)
Pam's Crayon 29mm, G79W-M 18 Dec 2011 Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc [View]

Supercharged Honda Blackbird (0 00:01:51)
This supercharged Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird makes a staggering 65bhp and 24lb-ft more torque than standard. For the full story on this amazing motorcycle, see next weeks MCN (on sale June 3 ... [View]

High-Power Rocket at Snow Ranch (0 00:01:51)
Steve launches a high-power rocket on an I-211 engine (2000 feet). Shot at a LUNAR rocket launch in Snow Ranch, near Farmington, Calif. Apologies for the horrible cinematography; I'll get better. :) [View]

Model Rocket w/Camera Crashes At Sea (0 00:01:51)
This is an Estes Phoenix model rocket, fired from a scratch-built barge pushed by the Dumas electric tug "Farwell." The rocket, heavily damaged from prior misadventures (see our earlier videos), was ... [View]

Unreasonable Rocket Lunar Lander Challenge Onboard Flight Video - Down (0 00:01:51)
Down video from Unreasonable Rocket's Lunar Lander Challenge attempt. Listen to how quiet the engine gets when it throttles down to start dropping over the second pad. It hovers five meters over the ... [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink 4 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral AFS, 17 Feb 2020 (4K/UHD) (0 00:01:51)
17 Feb 2020, 10:05:55 AM EST: SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink 4 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral AFS, FL. This 4K UHD video was recorded 11.6 miles from the space launch complex 40 (SLC-40) using a ... [View]

Gum Cam Video Number 1 (0 00:01:51)
Model rocket launch video from Challenger 498 club launch on Saturday, November 14, 2009. Camera is "gum cam" purchased on eBay, taped to side of Estes Big Daddy with black electrical tape, facing ... [View]

High Power L2 Rocket w/ Onboard Video- Thick Black Exhaust Smoke- 5/20/2011 (0 00:01:52)
Launched at monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City, FL. Aerotech J401 Black Max and Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. Camcorder record button turned itelf off after only three seconds of flight- ... [View]

Other Peoples' Rockets at BALLS 2018 (0 00:01:52)
OPR: 1) A high-power drag race of oversized Der Max rockets 2) A P10000 launch, with an O3400 sustainer 3) a 3-stage rocket with 3 N motors and active stabilization and 4) air-starting 4 J motors, ... [View]

PSAS rocket launch - rocket-mounted camera - Brothers, OR (2009-05-31) (0 00:01:52)
Rocket-mounted camera from a Portland State Aerospace Society rocket launch. High-speed camera footage of liftoff at . For more information on this ... [View]

CATO at Winchester, IN (0 00:01:52)
CATO of a rocket at SCAM Launch in Winchester, IN [View]

Gerald Meux's Peanut Butter motor K652 (0 00:01:52)
Cool Flight of Gerald is the flying TRA BOD member with a Peanut Butter motor K-652 From Balls 26 DVD [View]

Estes Alpha & "How High SP" Altimeter Flights (0 00:01:52)
I've always wanted to know how high my small low powered rockets would fly. Thanks to a company called "Winged Shadow Systems" this is now possible. The altimeter is called "How High SP" and is a ... [View]

Sapphire data (0 00:01:52)
Animation of the June 23rd 2013 launch of the actively guided Sapphire hybrid rocket. The animation shows the attitude, speed, altitude, acceleration and ground track of the rocket. The rapid ... [View]

Mercury Redstone Cardstock Model Launch (0 00:01:52)
RT Coyote celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first American in space by launching this cardstock replica converted to flightworthy status. Powered by an Apogee 1/2A2-2 10.5mm motor manufactured ... [View]

ARCAS on Loki J-525 White (0 00:01:52)
ARCAS rocket on a Loki J-525 White at MMMSC in Berwick, ME [View]

Wildman Rocketry N10,000 Ns CTI Drag Race - MDRA REDGLARE 8 (0 00:01:52)
Four CTI N10,000Ns motors being flown in (3) Ultra Wildman 6" Rockets and one 7.5" Nike Smoke. Put your rocket where your mouth is! The WILDMAN ROCKETS proved themselves again! [View]

Large Orion Starliner RC rocket glider flying on G-12 rocket motor (0 00:01:52)
Large Orion Starliner RC rocket glider flying on G-12 rocket motor, 55" long, 37" wingspan, 26.5 oz rtf. This is a 1.5x upscale of my smaller version that flies on 24mm E-6 rocket motors. Plans for ... [View]

Model Space Shuttle With Firing Rockets (0 00:01:52)
Flying a model shuttle with some rockets firing! [View]

Comanche 3 Upscale Onboard (0 00:01:52)
F39-4, D12-5, E9-6. Upper two stages are airstarted, all stages have motor ejected chutes, sustainer has timer based backup drogue and main parachute ejection charges. SMASH/MMAR field, Muskegon, MI ... [View]

Estes Mammoth F15 6 Maiden Voyage (0 00:01:52)
The maiden voyage of my Estes Mammoth on an Estes F15-6 motor. Takeoff weight 15.8oz; it went so high I couldn't see it. Nose cone and parachute separated and landed about 40 yards from the launch ... [View]

Photobook | How I made a photo book for my son in 5 minutes (0 00:01:52)
Photobook | Stephanie, a real Shutterfly customer, shows you how she made a photo book of her son's first year of life in 5 minutes - it's just so simple. Shutterfly's revolutionary new Simple Path ... [View]

Doorknob K535-White Lightning (0 00:01:52)
The LOC Doorknob with the biggest motor of the day, a K535 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020. A little bit of trouble with the chute almost led to a 4th rebuild, but it ... [View]

PML Callisto ~ G76G ~ Chute Release @ 400' ~ SoAR - Lilly, GA ~ 2016-09-25 (0 00:01:52)
The first launch of my PML Callisto, and my first launch using the Jolly Logic Chute Release. [View]

PSAS Rocket Launch - Onboard Camera - 05-31-09 (0 00:01:52)
This is a slightly edited version of the onboard camera from the PSAS LV2.3 Launch outside bend on 05-31-09 [View]

Whatchamacallit Onboard Flight Video (0 00:01:52)
This is the onboard flight video of my 5 inch diameter, 6ft 2" tall, 7x upscale of the Fliskit Whatchamacallit at the Upstate Research Rocketry Festival. The motor used was a 3 grain 54mm Cesaroni ... [View]

Rocket Launch EZI-65 July CTI K261 (0 00:01:52)
Engine: CTI K261 Max Speed: 590 MPH Lowest measured Apogee: 8580 feet AGL. Weighed down with 16 oz. Camera mount was misaligned for this flight. [View]

John Hansel M1730SK (0 00:01:52)
John Hansel flies his Nike Smoke on an AMW M1730SK to start ST08. [View]

Rocket Cam Estes Executioner Model Rocket (0 00:01:52)
Estes Executioner on a G-64 Rocket Cam provided by [View]

Model rocket onboard video (0 00:01:52)
First rocket launch with keychain videocamera attached [View]

ROCKETS Magazine NYPOWER 20 (0 00:01:52)
NYPOWER May 28-30, 2016 at Geneseo New York [View]

Rocket Videos from inside rocket using mini pocket DV camera (0 00:01:52)
My first 5 flights attempts using a mini DV camera on Estes rockets. Rockets used were Estes Eliminator on C11-3 and TLP AMRAAM dual engine rocket on C11-3s. I have modified the camera setup and nose ... [View]

JFL Versteckte-Kamera Streich: Sarg Entspannung (0 00:01:53)
Abonnieren! Unsere Opfer entspannen sich bei einer netten Massage… in einem Sarg! Twitter: Facebook: http://f ... [View]

estes hi-flier xl model rocket first launch (0 00:01:53)
This is the first lauch of my hi-flier xl. I used a d12-7 engine. Camera used was a simple keychain camera. [View]

John Metcalf M1230 Dreamsickle L3 (0 00:01:53)
John Metcalf certifies Level 3 with his ultimate DarkStar 'Dreamsickle' and a CTI M1230 Imax. [View]

Aerotech Cheetah rocket launch (0 00:01:53)
Aerotech Cheetah model rocket launched with an Aerotech Econojet F20-7 motor. Estimated altitude 1300 ft. [View]

Safety Orange Model Rocket Launch (0 00:01:53)
Makers Local 256 ( member Dmitriy tested his model rocket he calls Safety Orange at the launch event held in Talladega, AL on Saturday January 14, 2012. Using a homemade, ... [View]

Estes Majestic, G74 White Lightning (0 00:01:53)
My Estes Majestic flying on a G74 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on March 30, 2019. The unusual flight pattern initially led me to think a fin had sheared off or the airframe had been ... [View]

Rocket Onboard Video Nov. 21, 2009- "Cinema 3" (0 00:01:53)
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" scratch-built 52" tall rocket from Aerotech parts and one Aerotech G80-7 motor. Very first test of a timer-fired, ... [View]

Wildman Wildchild Rocket Flight (0 00:01:53)
A Wildman Wildchild flown on a Roadrunner F45-7R at the CMASS field in Amesbury, MA. Flown on November 5th 2011. [View]

Slow Motion Estes Rocket Launch with GoPro and KeyChain HD Camera Mounted on Board (0 00:01:53)
Los Angeles - Slow Motion Estes Rocket Launch with GoPro and KeyChain HD Camera mounted [View]

OU Rocket Launch November 10th Argonia Kansas (0 00:01:53)
On November 10th a four-student team from the University of Oklahoma launched a 14 foot tall, 104 lb rocket to over 8000 feet in Argonia Kansas at the "Kloudbusters" rocket pasture.  [View]

January 2013 Scott Szympruch Harpoon (0 00:01:53)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 176 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Thor High Power Rocket (0 00:01:53)
BSD Thor High Power Rocket launched with an I-211 White Lighting Aerotech Motor. It reached between 1700-1800 feet. Single deployment parachute [View]

Model Rocket Camera Launch - Perseus "Eagle" (0 00:01:53)
Finally got our rocketcam project off the ground...Literally! Side note: I messed up the title on the video...the booster is actually that of "Eagle", not Columbia! Columbia is red & black... [View]

Smithville Rocket Club - First Launch - Storm II (0 00:01:53)
Launch of a G force rocket made by the rocket club at Smithville Christian High School. Engine size = G. Height = 200m. Max velocity = 55m/s. Max acceleration = 47m/s^2 (4.5 g's). The parachute ... [View]

Electron Launch - Build Signal R2 (0 00:01:53)
Launched on an Aerotech G11 motor with the Signal R2 thrust vectoring kit as part of the Build Signal R2 video series [View]

Blue Maxx AMW M1350WW (0 00:01:53)
Kevin Cornelius' Blue Maxx on an AMW M1350WW at Southern Thunder 2009. [View]

Model rocket launch with onboard camera (0 00:01:53)
After the first crash of this rocket (see related video), we shortened the missile's body and fired it again. The long delay on the D-engine we used resulted in a tense moment. [View]

Dual stage Estes MAMMOTH rocket slow Motion launch (0 00:01:53)
Dual stage Estes MAMMOTH slow motion rocket launch in Las Vegas on 10/15/2017. [View]

Estes Photon Probe rocket with onboard camera (0 00:01:53)
Estes Photon Probe maiden voyage. C6-5 engine used. To see how close we came to free fall check out the stills at the end of the video. [View]

Simulated Rocket Flight with Raven Altimeter (0 00:01:53)
The Raven Altimeter is from Featherweight Altimeters Not shown in the video is the maximum altitude being beeped out, after you pickup and tip the landed ... [View]

Big Bertha Rocket with Onboard Video 2 (0 00:01:53)
Estes Big Bertha Rocket with Onboard video camera. This time the camera was mounted facing down. Much better effect. My 4 year old is the official launch master =). Take look at my website for more ... [View]

15 Worst Superhero Movies of All Time (0 00:01:53)
We all loved Guardians of the Galaxy and The Dark Knight. But Catwoman? R.I.P.D.? Ehhh.... [View]

Estes Leviathan Level 1 Certification Flight (0 00:01:53)
This was my successful Level 1 Certification Flight flown on a Estes Pro Series II Leviathan on a CTI H87 motor. Flight was at our Edmonton Rocketry Clubs hi... [View]

Rocket motor tests March 28 2020 (0 00:01:54)
Test firing of two experimental rocket motors. Chamber pressure was measured. [View]

Quest Big Dog Launch with on-board camera (0 00:01:54)
My daughter building and launching a Quest Big Dog with on-board 808 camera for her 6th Grade science project. This is the first rocket that she has fully built by herself. The on-board video starts ... [View]

Cårven Der Pümpkîn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef | The Muppets (0 00:01:54)
Streaming Now on Disney+ – Sign Up at Watch the Swedish Chef prepare for Halloween as he creates a Jack-O-Lantern! Subscribe for all new videos from The Muppets! ► ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Judy Lubin (0 00:01:54)
LDRS 32 at Black Rock, Judy Lubin's cool rocket flight [View]

Air Start of LOC BRUISER EXP rocket at the Maryland Field (0 00:01:54)
First flight for Jay Sessler and friends. Mid-air engine start- up of a LOC BRUISER EXP. at the Price Maryland Field. [View]

[GRAPHIC] 9/11 – CHUTE WTC7 (NIST R14/Greenwich) [HD] (0 00:01:54)
[NIST Release 14] - "CHUTE WTC7 (NIST R14/Greenwich)" [HD 1080P] = CHUTE DE LA TOUR WTC7 A 17H20M52S EDT (HEURE DE NEW YORK) LE 11 SEPTEMBRE 2001 Caméra : Mike Hernandez pour CBS News. Chute de la ... [View]

2017 College Gridiron Showcase: Select Day One: 7-on-7 (0 00:01:54)
SELECT ROSTER 1 Nelson Jack Winona State 2 Apodaca Austin University of New Mexico 3 Ferguson Tyler Western Kentucky University 4 Dvorak Justin Colorado School of Mines 5 Easton Dalton Bryant ... [View]

Tabiyat Naram Hai Aaj - Johnny Walker, Bela Bose - Comedy Scene - Shikar (0 00:01:54)
Watch the comedy scene "Tabiyat Naram Hai Aaj" from the superhit bollywood movie Shikar (1968) starring Dharmendra, Asha Parekh, Sanjeev Kumar, Helen, Bela Bose & Johnny Walker. Directed & Produced ... [View]


Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC Rocket Glider Flight (0 00:01:54)
Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC Rocket Glider Flight, available from 33" long, 2.6" diameter using 24mm E-6RC rocket motor [View]

Russian rocket engines suspected in launch blast (0 00:01:54)
YOUR DESCRIPTION HAS REACHED THE LIMIT OF CHARACTERS ALLOWED AND WAS CUT. CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (AP) -- Crews searched for scorched wreckage along the Virginia coast Wednesday in hopes of determining why ... [View]

Jay's Impulse Buys Rocket (0 00:01:54)
Jay Calvert's Impulse Buys rocket on a 9 motor cluster with two sets of airstarts. Launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. It produced a huge smoke cloud ... [View]

Deuce Ground 191012 (0 00:01:54)
My 54mm Deuce on Aerotech J315 Redline motors. No onboard camera this flight. [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC Rocket Glider flight (0 00:01:54)
Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC Rocket Glider flight available from 2.6" diameter, 33" length, 23" wingspan, 10.75 oz rtf using 24mm E6 rocket motor. [View]

LDRS 31 Lava Lamp (Basic Blues 4") on CTI I297 Skidmark (0 00:01:54)
Launch video of our Lava Lamper, which is a Basic Blues 4" kit from Always Ready Rocketry, at LDRS 31. It's on a Cesaroni I297 Skidmark, which is a 38mm sparky motor. Liftoff photo by DTHrocket. [View]

Heavy Lift Quadcopter Blade Lock Test #1 (0 00:01:54)
In blade lift testing, we discovered damage to our test blades indicating that they were swinging back and striking parts of the rotor head when rotational speed was suddenly increased. This led to ... [View]

360 VIDEO: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit | Universal Studios Florida (0 00:01:54)
SUBSCRIBE - The best way to view this amazing front row coaster POV video is using the Google Chrome web browser. You can also open this 4k video on your mobile device or ... [View]

Dragon Fly, Flight 4, Attempt 3 (0 00:01:54)
Third attempt to launch "Dragon Fly" on its fourth flight. This turned into an accidental drag race due to a misconfiguration of the launch controller. My rocket had an unfair advantage due to it ... [View]

Estes Athena Model Rocket (april 2016) (0 00:01:54)
Estes Athena motor ESTES C6-5 (USA), Klima C6-5 (Deutschland) hlavice dovážena asi 5g Pb vzletová hmotnost vč motoru asi 85g (info výrobce: 2452, RTF, Athena, délka :419 mm / prům: 25 mm, ... [View]

High Power EX Sparky Flight test (0 00:01:54)
Flight test of a 38mm 3 grain Sparky motor [View]

10 Inch Sledgehammer (0 00:01:54)
10\" Sledgehammer on an Aerotech N2000... [View]

Keycam EZI J90 (0 00:01:54)
Key fob video from onboard my EZI. Motor was an Aerotech J90. [View]

Estes Astrocam flight #2 8-15-2020 (0 00:01:54)
Estes Astrocam flight #2 on a B6-4 [View]

November 2012 Level 3 Certification (0 00:01:54)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 13 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Big Daddy 2011.12.10 (0 00:01:54)
Onboard video from an Estes Big Daddy built by Skip Meier launched on an AeroTech E18-7W at the Sacramento Area Rocketry Group launch on December 10, 2011. [View]

Rocket Mike 1b flying on an Aerotech J275 motor (0 00:01:54)
The first high-power launch of the St. Louis Rocketry Association at Elsberry, Mo. A beautiful day with a warm breeze out of the South. Mike 1b flew to 3379 feet above ground level. [View]

Moar Homemade Rocket! (0 00:01:54)
[Poor Audio Due to Wind] High Power Rocket Launch (Level 2 Certification Flight) Parachute got stuck inside the body tube and luckily came out at the last moment. Rocket Specs: Weight: ~7 lbs (3.2 ... [View]

(2 Mar 1973) The Skylab space station undergoes a test series as the launch date approaches. You can license this story through AP Archive: ... [View]

SpaceX Falcon-9 Model Rocket launch, with on-board camera (0 00:01:55)
**Earphone alert** Turn down volume before playing. Second day of flying this model rocket with my son (D12-05 engine), this time I added a #808 keychain camera to it (the cheap $8 version, ... [View]

Full Scale Hellfire Launch #2 - MDRA Rocketry (0 00:01:55)
2nd Launch of the Full Scale Hellfire at MDRA. [View]

Jackson Michigan Model Rocket Club (0 00:01:55)
Wildman Jumbo Dark Star 8" 14.5 feet tall 93 pounds loaded, flown on a Aerotech N2220. Flew to 7,200 feet and 600mph Wildman Ultimate Interceptor 6" 12 feet tall 57 pounds loaded, flown on a ... [View]

Milking Big Mama and making cheese and Ice cream with ♪Milk Cow Blues♪ (fiddle cover) (0 00:01:55)
Farmer/Fiddle/Video- by Masako Jeffers Milk Cow Blues- written and originally recorded by Sleepy John Estes in 1930 [View]

BSD Sprint - H268R (0 00:01:55)
Onboard video taken of the launch of my BSD Sprint on an Aerotech H268R-M motor at the 9/11 FLASH launch in LaBelle, FL The estimated altitude was about 3,000 feet. [View]

DARPA Second Test Flight Falcon HTV-2 Mach 20 X Speed Sound 08/11/2011 (0 00:01:55)
08/11/2011 atualized 08/12/2011 at 05:24 AM The second and final flight test of DARPA's Hypersonic Test Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) is expected to take place today over the Pacific Ocean. The wedge shaped ... [View]

Estes Astrocam Model Rocket Launch (0 00:01:55)
This is a launch of the Estes Astrocam model rocket using a B6-4 engine. 0:00 Body and Tracking Feed 0:45 Clean Body Feed 1:30 Slo-Mo [View]

Onboard a 2 Stage Rocket Disaster (0 00:01:55)
After booster seperation I had an event. Apogee charge fired fractions of a second before sustainer ignition. [View]

AZ High Power Rocketry Association Upscale Centuri Firefly N1100, 4 K1100 (0 00:01:55)
Cool Flight of AZ High Power Rocketry Association's Upscale Centuri Firefly on an N-1100 and 4 K-1100 From LDRS 25 DVD [View]

2 stage rocket onboard video J825R - J90W (0 00:01:55)
Onboard video from my 2 stage rocket to 4300ft on a J825R to a J90W [View]

S8E/P Rocket Glider Practice Landings #5 (0 00:01:55)
Practicing Landings for the FAI S8E-P R/C Rocket Glide event, using a Hi-Start, on August 12, 2010. This is cheaper and easier than doing rocket boosts, as it is a lot more critical to get in lots ... [View]

Deuce Onboard 2010-05-15 (0 00:01:55)
Onboard video from my Deuce on Aerotech J180 motors. This is the same flight as the ground view. [View]

Matt Steele Outdoors (1) Blowin' Stuff Up (0 00:01:55)
This is the first installment of Matt Steele Outdoors. More info will be updated soon at [View]

Zoox Assault Rocket Launch at LDRS 2018 (0 00:01:55)
Our all fiberglass rocket shot to 14,300 ft. on an Aerotech K250 long-burn motor. Altitude logged by the onboard HCX flight computer. At LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) launch event this past ... [View]

Mirage Rocket, H163 (0 00:01:55)
7 foot tall Mirage rocket flying on an H163 at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club 10-21-17 [View]

NASA Shuttle Launch Endeavor STS 126 night (0 00:01:55)
Space Shuttle Endeavor STS 126 night launch This clip is highly edited due to some filming mistakes. However, I think it came out pretty good and the initial launching sequence is amazing. I will ... [View]

OD's Steppin Razor II on H123W 12-10-11 (0 00:01:55)
This is the onboard video from my launch of Steppin' Razor II tube fin rocket on an Aerotech H123W. Apparently tube fin rockets also whistle. Who knew? Rocket Science: Making everything else look ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine C&RC3 Doug Gerrard (0 00:01:55)
Doug Gerrard's BDCR (Big Dumb Camera Rocket) on an M2400 at LDRS 29 [View]

BALLS 2011 55,000' with a small Q (0 00:01:55)
BALLS 2011 flight with a baby Q motor. Hit 55,000 feet with a complete recovery. Flown by Hillbilly Rocketry of Arizona. [View]

On Board Rocket Video of Launch in Pueblo Colorado (0 00:01:55)
On board rocket video from an Estes Blue Ninja on a D12-5 and an Estes Big Bertha with a C6-3 motors. Launch site was near Pueblo Colorado on the Hudson Ranch. [View]

STEM Launch CSU-Pueblo.wmv (0 00:01:55)
Model rocket presentation at Colorado State University -Pueblo for the Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math (STEM) event being held for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Colorado. The video ... [View]

Rockets, Planes and Quadcopters (0 00:01:55)
Ethan flew his first airplane (Mini Apprentice), rocket launches, barrel rolls inn the FT Bloody Baron and flybys with my Pulse XT. Rocket shenanigans provided by the crossfire rocket and CX-20 quad. [View]

NAR Level 2 Attempt Failure - Hyperloc 835 - J350 (0 00:01:55)
My first NAR L2 attempt with a LOC Precision Hyperloc 835. It flew nicely on an Aerotech J350 in Brothers, OR at Oregon Rocketry's "Rocketober" launch. At apogee, the rocket completely separated in ... [View]

Mini AJAKS - Tracking (0 00:01:55)
Two stage rocket flown near Fresno, CA. Second stage max altitude 5500 ft. First stage flown on an Aerotech K695 and second stage on an Aerotech J460. [View]

GoPro Cancun Pool Water Slide Zipline Extreme Fun 2016 Spring Break (0 00:01:55)
GoPro video of the boys at Moon Palace Cancun 2016, Zip lining , water slide, swimming , spring break, extreme adventure [View]

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket first launch from Kennedy Space Center (0 00:01:55)
The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launches from Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center. Keep watching, or rather listening, as the sound is delayed from a few miles away. You'll also see the camera and ... [View]

Airfest 19 - "Green Beetle" (Magnum) J350 Level 2 1st attemp (0 00:01:55)
This was my 1st Level 2 attempt at Airfest 19 in Argonia KS. I was flying a LOC Magnum on a J350. I named this rocket after my friends business here in Tulsa. [View]

NGLLC leg2out (0 00:01:55)
October 7, 2009 - Masten Space Systems flew our XA0.1B-750 rocket vehicle in the Northrop-Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, level one. Both Flights were successful meeting the required flight profiles ... [View]

Echo - Drop Test #1 (0 00:01:55)
This is the first real test of model rocket retro-propulsion! At 50m AGL, Signal(the flight computer) commanded release and began computing the optimal retro-burn altitude to "land" the rocket at 14m ... [View]

AltimeterTwo Altimeter Actual Flight in a model rocket (0 00:01:55) This video shows how to use the altimeterTwo altimeter in a model rocket. Just turn it on, zero it out, drop it into the rocket, and launch! By the time you walk over to the ... [View]

Clato (cato & clove) ll We Found Love (0 00:01:55)
CLATO FOREVER =] comment rate subscribe "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act ... [View]

Positive Ascent CTI L2375 White Thunder Boost Video (0 00:01:55)
Boost video of my rocket called Positive Ascent. Unfortunately, the camera is on a tripod, zoomed all the way out, and the rocket was 1000 feet away. The sound quality is really good so turn it up. ... [View]

Saturn IB 1:30,1 Launch om M1297W at ALRS Event (0 00:01:55)
This shows the launch of my L3 Rocket, a scale Saturn IB. It flew on an Aerotech M1297W to 1500m. [View]

PML D-Region Tomahawk - CTI I212 SS (0 00:01:55)
Launch at Jimboomba Queensland 10 November 2013 [View]

New for 2015 - Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Spinning Reel (0 00:01:55)
The name says it all – the new Orra™ Power Finesse spinning reel gives anglers the ultimate tool for power finesse techniques. The wide spool design ensures low line memory, making this reel an ... [View]

G Force H155 7R launch (0 00:01:55)
The maiden flight of my G-Force high powered rocket, launched with a CTI H155 with a seven second delay and a Jolly Logic chute release set at 500 feet [View]

L3 Test Flight (0 00:01:56)
Test flight of my Level 3 rocket on an Aerotech K700 White Lightning motor. [View]

Big Model Rocket Crash (0 00:01:56)
You can see at liftoff one of the motors venting out the side, which led to asymmetric thrust, then corkscrewed flight, and finally departure.  [View]

High power rocket motor failure at take off (0 00:01:56)
Motor: 54/1706 (US manufactured) Propellant: APCP (Russian) Ignition: Electrical, 12v Launch controller: 433Mhz wireless Rocket length: 1530 mm Body diameter: 79 mm Rocket weight with motor: ... [View]

Pem Tech Kraken 3x18mm cluster (0 00:01:56)
Pemberton Technology LPR Kraken Tube Fin Rocket Wow these things are excellent! Usually you would build these with a 24mm MMT, but, nah, not me, not this time. 3x18mm running on 3xC6-5. Now, I think ... [View]

JPX Level III Cert Flight (0 00:01:56)
Sorry for the crappy quality video. Scratch-built model burning a Kosdon M1130 TRS, using an Adept ALTS2 for dual deploy, Rocketman 6' drougue, Rocketman 14' main parachute. Big thanks to Ross at ... [View]

The Overlook, Estes Park, Colorado (0 00:01:56)
The Overlook House All Rights Reserved Filmed enthusiastically with an Autel X-star quadcopter. Edited frustratingly with gopro studio. [View]

Balls 21 Frenzy Massive N1975 Partial/Final (0 00:01:56)
This was my first BALLS launch as well as my first N-motor thanks once again to California's arbitrary total impulse limits. The up part? Epic. The descent? Partial fail. See ... [View]

STS-131 Discovery Crew TCDT - Launch Dress Rehearsel [CC] (0 00:01:56)
After arriving at the Kennedy Space Center, the seven-member crew of the next space shuttle mission eagerly participated in a week's worth of training activities to prepare for their upcoming ... [View]

Upscale Scissor Wing transport RC rocket glider (0 00:01:56)
Upscale Scissor Wing transport RC rocket glider, 2" diameter, 36.5" length, 28" wingspan, elevon control surfaces for roll/pitch only, 12 oz rtf, this version does not actually swing the wing as in ... [View]

St. Louis University IREC 2016 Highlights (0 00:01:56)
Fall 2016 Class Presentation Video The Saint Louis University Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (SLURPL) is a student run organization that designs, constructs, and launches high powered rocket systems. ... [View]

70MPH Mobility Scooter in the SNOW (0 00:01:56)
This is my WORLD RECORD HOLDING Fastest mobility scooter being thrashed in the snow which as you can see was BLOODY WICKED. I reached around 51mph on snow and found it easyer to ride as the steering ... [View]

Michiana Rocket Launch (0 00:01:56)
National Association of Rocketry Level 1 Certification Flight, with a Wildman Jr. Rocket kit using an I180 motor, in Three Oaks Michigan. Flew to an altitude of 4000 ft, was recovered 1 mile to the ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine C&RC3 Charles Ogino (0 00:01:56)
Charles Ogino's Full Scale WAC Corporal on an O25,000 for a REALLY Cool flight at LDRS 30 [View]

Joe Barnard Show Reel 2014 (0 00:01:56)
Contact: [View]

MDARS launch 12/27/14 (0 00:01:56)
Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society (TRA) host their monthly launch, with invited guests Southern Kern Aeronautics and Rocketry Club (SKAR) [View]

Dual Stage Model Rocket (0 00:01:56)
Dual stage model Estes rocket. D12-0 booster with E9-8 main stage. First firing, unfortunately main stage was lost. [View]

S.H.A.R.C.members launching their rockets at Lucerne Dry Lake, CA (0 00:01:56)
It was a VERY windy day, but these rocketeers came through!! [View]

Patroit Rocket (0 00:01:57)
A level 1 certification attempt on a Loki H144 motor. Flight was part of the Jackson Model Rocket Club's June 2016 Launch. [View]

Finally a successful Level One Certification Flight (0 00:01:57)
Successful flight of a LOC IV (Think Pink) on an AeroTech H128W [View]

Stanley Black & Decker Guinness World Record model rocket launch (0 00:01:57)
Shooting for the stars! In collaboration with the Maryland Delaware Rocket Association, we helped to successfully launch the world’s largest scale model rocket, achieving a Guinness World ... [View]

Large High Power Rocket with Onboard Video (0 00:01:57)
This is my 11,5" dia, 200lb, 14' tall Nike Smoke rocket with 2 on-board cameras. The 34,000ns motor lifted the Smoke to 11,800' at a top speed of 641mph. A higher-res version is available at ... [View]

Madcow Super DX3 on Aerotech J510W Motor (0 00:01:57)
Madcow Super DX rocket flies to 6,300' on Aerotech J510W motor at ROC Launch on 11-Apr-2015 [View]

Progress M-10M (42) Launched atop Soyuz-U rocket (0 00:01:57)
April 27, 2011 - Baikonur Cosmodrome. At 17 hours: 05 minutes: 21 seconds Moscow Time transport cargo vehicle Progress M-10M was launched. The launch is aimed at ensuring further in-orbit operation ... [View]

Launching the Maniac - Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Video (0 00:01:57)
Launch of a vintage Estes Maniac, with a USB keychain camera taped to the side. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 22 Dave Couzens (0 00:01:57)
Dave Couzens B2K12 Plus 1 on an N-5800 staging to an M-1450 at BALLS 22 [View]

Rocket Explosion - COBRA Rocketry Failure Analysis (0 00:01:57)
COBRA Rocketry tested our V.2 of Copperhead on Feb. 2nd, 2019 with some interesting results. Rocket science is hard and this is a great example of that. We have, and will continue to learn a lot ... [View]

The PM and Ed Balls launch the Children's Plan (0 00:01:57)
11 December 2007. The Government has launched details of its blueprint for improving children's prospects in life following a statement in the House of Commons by Children's Secretary Ed Bal ... [View]

LDRS 28 (0 00:01:57)
LDRS 28 Potter, Ny July 2009 Various Rockets as I rambeled around. Part One [View]

Launch-Pad A-9 Sidewinder launch on Estes D12-5 motor (0 00:01:57)
My dad launching his Launch Pad A-9 Sidewinder missile model. Next missile - PAC3-SAM [View]

World's longest burning I300 (0 00:01:57)
At Tripoli Idaho Rocketry's launch on april 24th. [View]

Students Aim To Send Your Videos, Photos And More To Mars (0 00:01:57)
A group of students has launched an initiative to send a "time capsule" to Mars by 2017. The group plans to include media from people all over Earth. Follow Lauren Gores: http://www.twitter ... [View]

Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launch & Landing 1666 ft (0 00:01:57)
One half speed video of Estes Oracle Rocket with Aerotech E15-7 Engine. Apogee: 1666 feet.. Gardnerville, Nevada. Yes, I caught the rocket before it touched down. [View]

BT60 upscale of Odd'l Rockets Break Away (0 00:01:57)
Flying on a D12-7 QRS Launch 2017-08-20 Tumble recovery gets lost for a bit but turns back up at 1:43sec [View]

How to Draw a Floating Star - 3D Trick Art Optical Illusion (0 00:01:57)
How to draw a floating star on line paper. 3D trick art optical illusion for kids and adults of all ages. Follow along and have some fun! Materials used: 110lb cardstock, HB pencil, fine line pen, ... [View]

Super Lightweight Rocket Glider (0 00:01:57)
This is the Fliplock Lite, intended for a 1/4A NAR Rocket Glider national record attempt. We're hoping it will boost about twice this high on a piston launcher. The currect Fliplock design can be ... [View]

Goblin on CTI L935 (0 00:01:57)
Good flight to 3551 feet. One of the best 54 mm motors made :-) [View]

Joel Chambers - Level 3 Certification Attempt (Aerolite III) (0 00:01:57)
Joel Chambers launched Aerolite III for Tripoli High-power rocketry level 3 certification. The rocket went 16,500 feet on a Cesoroni M1830 C-Star. The rocket reached a maximum Mach number of 1.57. He ... [View]

T minus 60 seconds and counting... (0 00:01:57)
Just for fun! We flew our space shuttle museum to a new location recently and of course -- we filmed it! Check back for more videos in our A4 / V2 Rocket in detail series with The Wernher von Braun ... [View]

Estes Magician Rocket Cam (0 00:01:57)
My Estes Magician flying to 1800ft. on an E Engine. [View]

Tripoli Level 3 Certification Flight - MAC Performance Rocketry 6" Black Fly on an AeroTech M1297W (0 00:01:57)
36lbs on the pad, 7.5' tall 10,315' AGL, 600 mph AeroTech RMS 75/5120 M1297W NCR Club Launch @ Pawnee NG May the Fourth 2019 [View]

7 5'' NIKE SMOKE part 2 Launch on an L2200G P (0 00:01:57)
the launch of Bill Crabb's 7.5 Inch Nike Smoke on an Aerotech L2200 Mojave Green Plugged motor. [View]

1990's Model Rockets Estes Maxi Force, Patriot 4D, Black Brant II (0 00:01:57)
Back in the mid 1990's I was into model rocketry. Here I'm Flying Estes Maxi Force on (3) D12-7 engines, Estes Patriot 4D on (4) D-12-7, Eates Black Brant II on an Aerotech E-15-7 and Estes ... [View]

(27 Apr 1973) NASA film of the Skylab telescope being installed in the latest rocket going to the space station. You can license this story through AP Archive: ... [View]

How to fold a model rocket parachute (0 00:01:57)
If you're reading this, the video you REALLY need to be watching is (before you crash a rocket) This video features the Estes Alpha iii, you can purchase ... [View]

Model Rocket SLOW MOTION Launch! Explosive! (0 00:01:57)
Great first attempt at slow motion video of model rocket launch pad explosion. Next I will try high speed @ 120fps with my Sony AS15 action cam. Check out my other videos for the 120 fps launch under ... [View]

BOB Launch 10-22-06 (0 00:01:57)
First successful video from my rocket. Location:Pickrell, NE Altitude: 2194' Camera AIPTEK DV 5100M [View]

woody LDRS 25 (0 00:01:57)
flag rocket at ldrs on a N , 2 M's , and 2 k's [View]

Dual Deployment of Parachutes and a Spool Rocket (0 00:01:57)
Spool Rocket followed by a Rocket with Dual Deployment of Parachutes. [View]

ESL 251 - Apogee Zephyr I140 (0 00:01:58)
10 second delay, chute release at 500' [View]

Blue Angels DX3 Rocket, AeroTech J575FJ to 3,934' AGL (0 00:01:58)
3,934' AGL 397 mph 22Gs of acceleration Northern Colorado Rocketry Club Pawnee National Grasslands [View]

Bigger Purple Two stage Rocket (0 00:01:58)
Two stage rocket with onboard camera [View]

Hellfire15 rocket launch Utah Saturday (7/7/10) (0 00:01:58)
Short clip of the Hellfire rocket launch in the salt flats in utah. The rockets are a lot louder than they sound on the video. Most of the rockets were "H" and "I" powered. [View]

TARC (Team America Rocket Challenge) (0 00:01:58)
Qualification Day - March 28, 2017 STARBASE Los Alamitos [View]

8-18-2012 Citrus College Rocket Owls first flight at FAR (0 00:01:58)
First flight of the scratch built rocket by the Citrus College Rocket Owl team at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry ( FAR ) launch site in the mojave Desert. Airframe was made from mailing tubes, fins ... [View]

NASA | GPM Rocket Launch (0 00:01:58)
A Japanese H-IIA rocket with the NASA-Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory onboard, is seen launching from th Tanegashima Space Center, ... [View]

Brian's Brodersen's "No Surrender" Hypertek CATO (0 00:01:58)
Brian's "No Surrender" rocket was supposed to launch on a Hypertek M1010FX hybrid. After nitrous fill, ignition failed and only a white flash was seen. The motor CATO'd on the second fire attempt, ... [View]

Tube rocket Stig free flight and crash no audio (0 00:01:58)
The Armadillo Aerospace tube rocket Stig launches, has a flight anomaly, and lands at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The file was corrupted which is why there isn't any audio. GoPro HD Hero ... [View]

Estes Interceptor E with Onboard Video - AeroTech F24W (0 00:01:58)
The third flight of Luke Carpenter's "Green Machine". It flew on an AeroTech F24W and had my Boostervision GearCam DVR strapped to the side for some interesting onboard footage. At the end of the ... [View]

Fire Stars/Weco 2017 (Golden Night Raketen) 3,80€ Pyroland (0 00:01:58)
20 Effekt-Raketen 3,80€ Pyroland Spenden: Top Feuerwerk Onlineshop: ... [View]

Model Rocket Build with my 4 year old - Time Lapse (0 00:01:58)
This is a time lapse of my four year old daughter and I building the Estes Cosmic Cobra model rocket kit. It is skill level EX2 (easy to assemble). She loved it! [View]

Little joe (0 00:01:58)
Lanci MIR-2011 Little joe II Onboard and Ground view [View]

Tim Dixon Hope N Pray M2550 (0 00:01:58)
Cool Flight of Tim Dixon Hope-N-Pray on an M-2550 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

Blake, Dave and Mark Outback Thunda M2600, 3 J381 (0 00:01:58)
Cool Flight of Blake, Dave and Mark Outback Thunda on an M-2600 and 3 J-381 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

AwesomeSauce J350 (0 00:01:58)
This is my modified HyperLoc 835 on a Aerotech J350 in Three Oaks, MI. This was the 3/17/13 launch with Michiana Rocketry. I used a PerfectFlite HiAlt45k and an Adept22 altimeters and they both ... [View]

CMASS Launch 08/26/17 - Skydart and asst rockets (0 00:01:58)
Skydart lands hard, and almost gets run over by funky skateboard like contraption. [View]

Model Rocket - Phoenix 2 Launch 5 (2/26/2011) (0 00:01:58)
Cold (22). Wind was calm, though picked up a bit as the rocket was prepped (no measurement; the wind meter didn't work). Took 2x to launch and several seconds to ignite engine. Good flight. Landed ... [View]

Black Brant Vb 2010.12.11 (0 00:01:58)
Launch and onboard video of a PML Black Brant Vb built by Skip Meier launched on an AeroTech H128W at Sacramento Area Rocketry Group launch on December 11, 2010. [View]

Gove Farm Cub Scout Rocket Launch 2015 - QuadCopter Drone Video (0 00:01:58)
Cub Scout Rocket Launch at Gove Farm filmed with a GoPro Hero3+ on a Blade 350qx Quad Copter. [View]

Madcow Little John High Power rocket TRA L1 cert flight on an AT H115DM (0 00:01:58)
L1 cert flight on an AT H115DM at SCAM launch in Ft. Wayne, IN. 6-19-16 [View]

iroc turbo first 7 second pass on board camera (0 00:01:58)
See my other vids for more info. This is the first time the car got into the 7's. It's all stock except for 13 psi and supporting mods for the turbo setup. Sorry for the sound clipping, I used my ... [View]

Level 2 Certification Flight (0 00:01:58)
Launched at SWEATY BALLS III at Kloudbusters in Argonia, KS Rocket flew ~ 1 mile on a CTI K500 red lightning. Dual deploy with a 3' drogue at apogee, followed by a 9' at 900'. I used a Perfect ... [View]

Leviathan, G74 White Lightning (0 00:01:59)
The Leviathan rocket flying on a G74 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on 6-16-2018 [View]

Desmond/ Estes Argent High Power Flight (0 00:01:59)
Estes Argent/ Desmond on a H123 Sparky Motor [View]

Keycam CB135 K533 (0 00:01:59)
Key fob onboard video from my Cloudbuster 135 Sport on a Gorilla K533. [View]

S8E/P Rocket Glider Practice Landings #6 (0 00:01:59)
Practicing Landings for the FAI S8E-P R/C Rocket Glide event, using a Hi-Start, on August 12, 2010. This is cheaper and easier than doing rocket boosts, as it is a lot more critical to get in lots ... [View]

TRF "Fly the Logo" contest submission (0 00:01:59)
This custom rocket is designed around the logo. It is constructed of balsa and tissue over lite ply formers, and is powered by an Aerotech D10-5W composite motor. It features two ... [View]

Deuce Ground 2010-05-15 (0 00:01:59)
My 54 mm Deuce on Aerotech J180 motors. Flown May 15, 2010 [View]

Homemade SLC 17b Model Rocket Launch Pad (0 00:01:59)
Homemade model rocket launch pad based on SLC-17b at Cape Canaveral [View]

ROCKETS Mag BALLS 24 Neil Anderson A Money Pit (0 00:01:59)
Neil Anderson's 87K foot flight with A Money Pit at BALLS 24 [View]

Estes Omega clone, 2-stage flight, onboard video (0 00:01:59)
Taken at the NARHAMS flying field in Mt. Airy, Maryland. Estes Omega clone rocket, with onboard 2.4gHz video transmitter. First stage D12-0, second stage C11-5. Speed reduced to 50% of actual. [View]

NASA | Understanding Lunar Eclipses (0 00:01:59)
It's not often that we get a chance to see our planet's shadow, but a lunar eclipse gives us a fleeting glimpse. During these rare events, the full Moon rapidly darkens and then glows red as it ... [View]

EMRR contest rocket second try (0 00:01:59)
Model rocket designed and built for an online contest from a picture. This the second flight attempt with 2-C6-5 and 2- C6-0 engines [View]

PB2k13 M2245 (0 00:01:59)
DS Extreme - CTI M2245 Imax at Plaster Blaster 2013. That's 33.5 lbs to 19,500' at 1.7x the speed of sound. It remains rocket science. [View]

Quest Mean Green Model Rocket Onboard Camera (tangled 'chute) (0 00:01:59)
Quest Mean Green ill-fated 3rd flight. shroud lines got tangled in the motor clip, probably wouldn't have happened with a shorter delay time. Motor was an Estes D-12-5. [View]

Amazing Shrimp Chop ||| Street Foods ||| YouBee Foods (0 00:01:59)
Amazing Shrimp Chop _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www.face ... [View]

Intimidator (0 00:01:59)
A scratch built model rocket named Intimidator flying on a Aerotech J415 White Lightning. Part of the Team-1 launch held at DuRussel's Farm near Manchester, MI. on August 19, 2012. [View]

(12 Sep 1972) Preliminary tests are carried out on the United States orbiting laboratory Skylab. You can license this story through AP Archive: ... [View]

Cliff's Temporary Insanity (0 00:01:59)
Cliff launched his 7.5 inch diameter Temporary Insanity rocket on an AMW M1350 at the S.E.A.R.S. Sept 6th Launch. The on-board camera was an ATC-2K. Thanks to Marty for the ground video. [View]

Iso-Haisu hybrid rocket flight collage (0 00:01:59)
A collage of the videos from the flight of the Iso-Haisu hybrid rocket at Pahkajärvi on 2.3.2011. More information at [View]

Cataclysm - Patch 4.2 Daily Quest Preview (Avance Misiones Diarias) (0 00:01:59)
Un breve vistazo con el que deleitar a tus ojos en las aventuras que te esperan con la llegada del contenido del parche 4.2 de World of Warcraft previsto para finales de Junio, que te llevará "a ... [View]

Amazeng Muri & Noodles || Street Foods || YouBee Fooods (0 00:01:59)
Amazeng Muri & Noodle _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www.f ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC rocket glider flying on 24mm E-6 rocket motor (0 00:01:59)
Dynasoar Rocketry Iron Cross RC rocket glider flying on 24mm E-6 rocket motor [View]

rocket launch (0 00:01:59)
This is a summary of clips from the world's largest amateur rocketry launch. [View]

Estes Astrocam launch (0 00:02:00)
Launch of my son’s Estes Astrocam rocket. The parachute didn’t fully deploy, so it acted like a streamer. Still landed gently enough. C6-5 motor. [View]

(0 00:02:00)
Launch and crash of an original ESTES X-Wing fighter. [View]

Sugar Motor Drag Race (CATO) (0 00:02:00)
Jimmy Yawn and Marc Slabbinck drag race two sugar-motor rockets at the NEFAR launch on February 9, 2008. [View]

onboard camera on model rocket (0 00:02:00)
My first upload, more aireal footage coming soon, including my plane. I take these videos with my mini FPV cam. [View]

4 inch V2 doing Dual Deployment (0 00:02:00)
Here I am flying a somewhat shortened 4 inch V2. It is using an I-161, a Raven altimeter and the HDPE Tender Descender to do dual deployment from the same compartment. I will once again will be doing ... [View]

The Hound - Launch at Balls 2018 (0 00:02:00)
In September of 2018 the TU Wien Space Team launched the two-staged rocket "The Hound" in Nevada, USA. More information under TU Wien Space ... [View]

Estes Interceptor Model Rocket Launch with Sawyer Talking (0 00:02:00)
Check out us launching a USA Interceptor model Rocket. [View]

Wildman "Mach 2" Rocket - AeroTech K375NW to 21,934’ (0 00:02:00)
40Gs of acceleration 21,934' AGL 1255 mph (Mach 1.7) 42" and 13" Ultralight Spherachutes ( MissileWorks T3 GPS and RRC3 Northern Colorado Rocketry, Pawnee National Grasslands [View]

Full Clip - 54mm MD CF rocket - CTI L935 (0 00:02:00)
Max altitude - 26,850 feet AGL (8,184 meters) Max velocity - 3,004 feet per second (~ Mach 2.67) More information can be found here. A ... [View]

Estes, Thomas connect to give East St. Louis playoff win (0 00:02:00)
University of Missouri recruit Rey Estes connected with All-American wide receiver Jeff Thomas on a touchdown pass with three seconds left to give East St. Louis a second round playoff win over ... [View]

Scratch Built High Powered Rocket (0 00:02:00)
I built this rocket from scratch, not a kit. Wanted to launch at Southern Thunder 2006 in Manchester TN. but did not make it. Launched at MC2 August 2006 shoot. Altitude was 1987 feet measured by ... [View]

Estes Big Daddy Rocket Launch RMS F39-6T and F24-7W (0 00:02:00)
This video is two launches of my custom Estes Big Daddy. The first launch was on my favorite motor for this rocket the AeroTech RMS F39-6T, it flew straight up to 699 ft . The second flight is on ... [View]

Eric's Pzzycho Killer M1230 L3 flight (0 00:02:00)
Eric Foster has a perfect L3 certification flight on a CTI M1230 Imax. He completely scratch built the 6.6" diameter rocket with hand rolled fiberglass tubes and CNC machined aluminum centering ... [View]

Big Daddy Rocket Launch (0 00:02:00)
Launch video of my Estes Big Daddy rocket! Onboard cam gives great shots of the liftoff and landing! Stick around to the end tp see the recovery of it! Drop a Like! Subscribe to my channel! ... [View]

GLR Firestorm 54 0001 (0 00:02:00)
Firestorm 54 on a J425. 5400ft., 709MPH in Elsberry, MO. [View]

Disney, Nick Jonas & Michelle Obama Team Up For Healthy Living (0 00:02:00) - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! More Info: Disney's hitting the White House to make a ... [View]

Werk Zahlt (0 00:02:00)
This is Chris Dale's rocket on a Aerotech J500 green motor. The rocket is extremely unusual and few really well other than a slightly longer than optimal delay. What was really surprising was the ... [View]

Model Rocket (0 00:02:00) The Micro Camera weighs just 15 grams, making it perfect for capturing stunning shots onboard model rockets. [View]

launching a two-stage rocket with on-board camera (0 00:02:00)
A few things went right: - lower stage ignited upper stage - lower stage separated successfully - the camera survived and recorded the flight A few things went wrong: - too much wind tilted the ... [View]

CMCA NASA SLI Launch (0 00:02:00)
Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy in Colorado Springs testing their experiment for the NASA Student Launch Initiative at the Hudson Ranch on 17 January 2009. The location is the launch site of the ... [View]

3rd Flight 720p HD Camera Rocket - Estes E9 Powered (0 00:02:00)
This is the third flight of a custom built 720p HD (High Definition) Camera rocket (with sound!). I worked out some of the kinks from the first and second fl... [View]

Death to my Aerotech Sumo Level 1 rocket (0 00:02:00)
I was planning to Level 1 cert launch my Sumo on December 1 at Snowranch. I wanted to do one more test launch to confirm the motor retainer and piston modifications we good. The Aerotech G80-7T ... [View]

Big Lincoln 1 - Rocket Launch Video (2/2) (0 00:02:00)
This video shows two launches, (1) the first launch of a single G40-powered rocket and, (2) the second and final launch of the "Big Lincoln 1" rocket. The Big Lincoln 1 is single stage high ... [View]

Maiden Keychain Camera Model Rocket Launch (0 00:02:00)
I strapped my new keychain camera to an Estes Antares rocket with streamer recovery powered by an old B6-4 rocket engine (manufacture date: 27th March 1977). The second flight was an Estes Patriot ... [View]

BRB Rocket Launch Equipment & HPR L1 Cert Flight. (0 00:02:00)
A brief review of how the Birmingham Rocket Boys (BRB) Launch Equipment operates. Plus, a HPR Level 1 Cert Flight by Brandon Kirkland, on December 13, 2008 (With pad load assistance by Kim ... [View]

Estes SkyTrax Model Rocket Launch - Field (0 00:02:00)
Our first onboard camera rocket launch video. Estes SkyTrax with C6-3 engine and 808 #3 keychain camera mounted to rocket. Launched from the edge of a pasture. [View]

Odd Rockets at JMRC's MIS launch (0 00:02:00)
Fun with odd model rockets at the Jackson Michigan Rocket Club's launch. [View]

Mean Machine and Patriot.wmv (0 00:02:00)
A Mean Machine & a Patriot "drag race". [View]

LDRS 23-World's Largest Rocket Launch music video (0 00:02:00)
This music video is from TRA's LDRS 23, the world's largest amateur rocket launch which is a yearly event held by the Tripoli Rocket Association. The music by Doylestown PA's CalmInSight is almost ... [View]

THRUST VECTOR CONTROL!!!!! (0 00:02:01)
This is our TVC Mount! Project Thrust Vector Control is Alpha Omega Rocketry’s #1 priority. We will be releasing a series of videos that show the progress of this project! Inspired by Joe ... [View]

Beavers Rocket Launches (0 00:02:01)
Playing around with drone and rockets! My Drone or Amazon My ND Filters (ND 4, ND 8, ND 16) https://www.drdrone.c ... [View]

Instructions for Building Model Rockets : Tube Marking Techniques for Building Model Rockets (0 00:02:01)
Learn how to mark the tube to build a Big Bertha Estes model rocket in this free model rockets video. Expert: Jack Attkins Bio: Jack Attkins is a model rocket enthusiast who has been launching ... [View]

2010_sostarich_meco_nsl.asx (0 00:02:01)
This is onboard video taken at the 2010 National Sport Launch from a small (24") rocket that I designed and built, featuring functional strap-on boosters. The video is my original work. The ... [View]

Onboard a rocket at SAM 2010 (0 00:02:01)
Onboard an Oracle rocket at SAM 2010. Boosted with an AT reloadable F24-7W. [View]

3" Aerobee Hi - Level 1 Cert Flight (0 00:02:01)
Flying a MadCow Aerobee Hi on CTI H-125 at Plaster Blaster 12 (02 NOV 2013) [View]

Underwater Model Rocket Launch (0 00:02:01)
More Info: (Description below) This is an Estes Alpha III model rocket, waterproofed with candle wax and fired from a depth of approximately 9 inches. This was ... [View]

Aether - 7.5 ft rocket on a J360 level 2 cert attempt (0 00:02:01)
This is my scratch built 'Aether', a 7.5 foot rocket that I launched on 10/23/2010 at MDRA in Price, Maryland on a CTI J360 Spitfire. It was my level 2 certification attempt and was dual deploy. It ... [View]

UK Armed Forces Day in the USA .wmv (0 00:02:01)
Video made from an on board camera during mid power rocket launch in Hartsel Colorado USA. The specific launch of this rocket was to celebrate UK Armed Forces Day. Tripoli Colorado was holding their ... [View]

Big EARS 2011 - Sunday (0 00:02:01)
A few high speed & a HD video from todays flights [View]

ROCKET CAM (0 00:02:01)
Digital camera hack installed inside an Estes rocket cone. Rocket powered by Estes E9-4 engine and video downloaded after rocket was retrieved. Project came from MAKE magazine ... [View]

1968: Apollo 6 (NASA) (0 00:02:01)
Apollo 6, launched in April 1968, was the Apollo programme's second and last unmanned test flight of its Saturn V launch vehicle. Unlike the near perfect flight of Apollo 4, Apollo 6 experienced ... [View]

The CITY PSA (Community Inspiring Today's Youth) (0 00:02:01)
LOS ANGELES – Today, The Community Inspiring Today’s Youth (The CITY) announced the launch of a new series of PSAs highlighting youth entrepreneurism. The CITY is a free, 46-week business ... [View]

Mars Alien Crash Site Drone Rocket Missile Launcher Ancient History Curiosity SOL 1545 (0 00:02:01)
You guys asked for a side by side of the images from Mars so here it is. Please let me know what you see and don't hold back. If you think I'm crazy, tell me I'm crazy. The first image looks like a ... [View]

Launch 1 03192016 SRA - High Powered Rocketry (0 00:02:01)
This is our two stage Double "L" rocket that if lying on a CTI K520 and CTI I55. The second stage did not start for some reason and currently is under investigation, but first assumption based on ... [View]

Falcon (0 00:02:01)
Buzz Nau's 'Falcon' flying on a Cesaroni J94 Mellow which has a 6.8 second burn time. Flight occurred as part of the joint launch between South West Michigan Association of Spacemodeling Hobbyists, ... [View]

Recovery of Apollo 11 F-1 (Saturn V) engines from three miles beneath the Atlantic (0 00:02:01)
Video from Jeff Bezos expedition to recover from the ocean floor Saturn V Engines used in the Apollo Moon Missions. Confirmed in July 2013 to be from the Apollo 11 Saturn V launch "The technology ... [View]

Custom two-stage high power rocket (0 00:02:01)
Misfit Flats, Stagecoach, NV. Custom two-stage rocket - 54mm airframe, 38mm Aerotech 38/600 RMS I435 in the booster to 29mm Aerotech DMS H195 in the sustainer. Booster altitude was 2,722' AGL, ... [View]

No Plans Past MECO flight at NSL 2010 (0 00:02:01)
"No Plans Past MECO," a rocket with functional strap-on boosters, flies with onboard video at the 2010 National Sport Launch. Motors used were (2) B6 and (1) C6. [View]

CMASS Saucers Over Cmass! Part One (0 00:02:01)
Saucers Over CMASS October 25th launch. PartOne [View]

Whitney Young teens compete in national rocketry finals (0 00:02:01)
The Whitney Young Aerospace Club soared into the Team America Rocketry Challenge National Finals this weekend as the only Illinois team ranked in the top 100 of 800 entries from across the country. ... [View]

Tripoli Level 1 Certification Launch Onboard (0 00:02:01)
4000ft altitude, Cesaroni I236-17A "Blue Streak" rocket motor. [View]

SaturnV HPR at MIR2014 (0 00:02:01)
MIR2014 model rocket HPR cluster [View]

Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Static Fire Test | Landing Model Rockets (0 00:02:01)
Music: HOME - We're Finally Landing Hello! We are Orion Aerospace a new youtube channel created to document our adventure in the attempt to create some of the most advanced model rockets possible. ... [View]

USF SOAR 2 Stage Launch Medium (0 00:02:01)
On-board camera view of the University of South Florida Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry 2-stage high power rocket project on 21 April 2019. TURN ON close captioning for commentary [View]

E18-W Motor Test Cato (0 00:02:01)
Well, the video explains it all. An Aerotech E18 blew out a forward bulkhead in the test. Please subscribe, and thanks for watching!!! [View]

Estes model rocket launches, PIP plus slo-mo (0 00:02:01)
A couple rocket launches with a small Mars Lander. Slow motion and picture-in-picture produced with Sony Vegas Studio from Aiptek HD camera footage. [View]

QRS August 2012 (0 00:02:01)
High Power rocket lands in power lines at the Queensland Rocketry Society launch August 2012 [View]

Lenormand Kurzlegung - schnell und einfach die Kombination Blumen und Sarg erklärt (0 00:02:01)
🔔 Das BESONDERE: Ich lege die Karten live aus. Das bedeutet, ich zeige die hohe Kunst des Kartenlegens, nämlich ohne Vorbereitung Kombinationen und Lenormand Legungen zu deuten. ⭐️ ... [View]

Zee 24 Taas News Women 06 July 2013 02min Dr Smita Naram 14 18pm (0 00:02:01)
Dr. Smita Naram, founder of Ayushakti Healthcare speaking on Panchkarma and detoxification [View]

Fedex Model Rocket CRASHES | PARACHUTE FAILS (0 00:02:01)
**THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED BY FEDEX** I recently went out launching model rockets and the first flight of my FedEx Express rocket failed. The parachute failed to deploy and it came crashing back ... [View]

Proton M Flight at Plaster Blaster 9 (0 00:02:01)
L aunch and unhappy ending.. [View]

Cluster Rocket Launch (0 00:02:01)
Launch of 3xc6-3 engine model rocket, scratch built by Scott and Simon Experimental Rocketry [View]

Level II Cert Flight - JPX Gets High (0 00:02:01)
NARAM 38, Evansville, IN - JPX (hey, that's me!)with a LOC Magnum burning an AeroTech J275 reload for a successful Tripoli Level II certification. This was a great gathering of the KRA group for the ... [View]

Madcow Torrent Rocket Launch - BlaZing BluZ - Cesaroni I180 Skidmark (0 00:02:01)
Here is some videos and pictures from my Level one HPR attempt with my Madcow Torrent on a Cesaroni I180 Skidmark motor with 9 second delay. The fight went perfect . The on board key chain camera ... [View]

Rotationsprozessor für Super 8 Teststreifen (0 00:02:01)
Mini-Rotationsantrieb zur Entwicklung von Super 8 - Teststreifen, gebaut aus Lego-Steinen. [View]

Group Therapy Rocket (0 00:02:01)
A large group project flown on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. After a great flight it came down on a giant 27 foot chute for a gentle landing. Despite the ... [View]


0757 Scorpius Team Rollout (0 00:02:01)
The procession begins with the Armadillo Aerospace crane truck, followed by the Scorpius rocket module, then a fuel truck towing what I believe is a methane fuel cell. I don't know what the function ... [View]

February 2015 Tom Cohen Honest John (0 00:02:01)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 200 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Neil Brown Goblin 1 (0 00:02:01)
This is the launch of Neil Brown's Polecat Aerospace 10" Goblin. The motor is a LOKI K-830 Spitfire which makes lot's of noise, smoke and sparks! The rocket has single deployment recovery triggered ... [View]

NYPOWER rocket launch music video (0 00:02:01)
The music video for the DVD of NYPOWER X [View]

NAR Level-II Cert Flight ROC Lucerne Valley 2012-08-11 (0 00:02:02)
One of the students I am mentoring at Citrus College, Andrew Ferguson, Level-II NAR certification flight at Lucerne Valley during Rocketry Organization of California's monthly event. Our thanks to ... [View]

Estes Mongoose model rocket launch (0 00:02:02)
The first launch of my Estes Mongoose model rocket ends with a crash. #JROspace [View]

Aerotech Initiator Rocket Launch (0 00:02:02)
Launching this model rocket that I built from a kit last week. It was an easy build and is nicely put together and thought out by Aerotech. You can purchase Aerotech from them or places like ... [View]

HyperLOC 300 #2 - HyperTEK Hybrid - 54-440-J250 - On-Board Rear Cam (0 00:02:02)
High Powered Rocketry EMiR's HyperLOC300 HyperTEK Hybrid Launch On-Board Rear View HyperTEK 54mm 400cc Tank - J250 [View]

"Lazy 8" high power rocket video on H123 (0 00:02:02)
Onboard video from a high power rocket flown near Elk River, MN on an H123 motor. [View]

Dan Michael's Patriot Rocket Flight LDRS 31 (0 00:02:02)
Dan Michael's Patriot flying on an N2000 and 3 M1315s at LDRS 31 7/14/12 [View]

SEVEN (7) Engine Cluster!! North Coast Rocketry Cluster Duck, December 9, 2018 at CENJARS (0 00:02:02)
North Coast Rocketry Cluster Duck on (6) Estes C6-3 and (1) Estes C11-7 at CENJARS, Dec 9, 2018. Chute release at 500 feet. [View]

Vets vs Rookies | Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (0 00:02:02)
One LDRS veteran must find a way to beat a group of first timers. More Awesome Rockets! Visit [View]

Estes follows coach to Minnesota (0 00:02:02)
Reyondous Estes, previously committed to Western Michigan and Missouri, explains how loyalty to football coach P.J. Fleck redirected him to the University of Minnesota. [View]

Model Rocket Automatic Recovery Drop Test (From a Drone) - #WKNMKR (0 00:02:02)
This is a drop test of the model rocket (Newton) performed from a Drone to test the flight computer's capability to deploy the recovery parachute at a certain altitude. This test is the last phase of ... [View]

Lucky Balls Launch Party (0 00:02:02)
February 2015 witnessed the launch of Lucky Balls-the UK's newest and most exciting gaming company.To mark the occasion Harbour Gaming invited friends, clients and partners to palatial Kensington for ... [View]

1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (5) (0 00:02:02)
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ... [View]

BALLS 2017 rocket launches (0 00:02:02)
BALLS is the most extreme launch event in the world. By far. Our two launches were among the smaller projects: 1) 13' tall fiberglass Warped Reality on a N3180 Redline and 2) hitting Mach 1.8 and ... [View]

Red Glare 8 MDRA VIII 2010 - CATO in Slow Motion - 240FPS (0 00:02:02)
Red Glare 8 - MDRA Launch - V2 CATO in slow motion [View]

Tripoli Level 1 Certification (0 00:02:02)
Launch at Battlepark, Culpepper VA on March 27, 2010. 3 in. Blue Tube rocket with H123W-7 motor. [View]

Rocketry at Virginia Tech | IREC 2018 First Test Launch (0 00:02:02)
At the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in June, Rocketry at Virginia Tech will launch their most advanced rocket yet - Whipsnake. Thank you to ESRA for inspiring us to use this music ... [View]

Perseus II (0 00:02:02)
TLP Perseus II build and launch sequence with custom built 12V launch controller. [View]

Nick Debrita's Large Mercury Redstone Rocket M1939 + 4 K550s (0 00:02:02)
Nick Debrita's Mercury Redstone, M1939 + 4 K550s Red Glare 12, April, 2012 [View]

1/3 Scale Wac Corporal Rocket at Red Glare VIII (0 00:02:02)
This is my 1/3 Scale Wac Corporal flown at Red Glare 8. It was boosted using an Aerotech J540R staged to a Censaroni J355 Red Lightning. On board cam is a Booster Vision GearCam DVR. It flew to ... [View]

QRS October Sky 2018 (0 00:02:02)
Small selection of launches from the QRS October Sky 2018 launch day [View]

Launching rocket - ESTES Rocket Science Starter Set while CORONA VIRUS outbreak (0 00:02:02)
Staying at home in quarantine doesn't have to be boring. Launching ESTES Rocket Science Starter Set. We used the medium power "engine" but it was still too high to even film it with a 200mm lens. [View]

Extreme Wildman powered by CTI K940 motor (0 00:02:02)
Keychain camera on board Extreme Wildman powered by CTI K940 motor. Launch at Plaster City CA DART/TRA-SD launch site. Rocket went to 4200 feet. [View]

RB's RC's: Trident cluster rocket (0 00:02:02)
I wasn't too sure about a cluster rocket but this was a very cool build and is very exciting to watch in action. This video includes build pictures, close-up go pro footage of the launch and drone ... [View]

Long Tom 1st flight at NARAM 60 - K750 Red Lightning (0 00:02:02)
Long Tom had a successful flight on 8/4 at NARAM 60. The K750 Red Lightning motor by Cesaroni performed perfectly and sent it to an averaged altitude of 6975'. I have data processing and analysis to ... [View]

Dairy Aire 2009 M Drag Race (0 00:02:02)
Jack Garibaldi's Nike Smoke against James Dougherty's 1/2 scale Patriot at Dairy Aire May 16th 2009 [View]

10 Hidden Places the World Doesn't Know About (0 00:02:02)
Best Hidden Destination Within The United States: North Dakota "My newest 'find' is North Dakota, which I discovered last fall. Wide open spaces, very few people, and lots of things to do, too, ... [View]

Scratch Built 29mm Rocket - CTI G83 BS - Onboard Video (0 00:02:02)
Onboard video from the flight of my scratch built 29mm 2.1" diameter rocket. The rocket was originally built to accommodate 2 eggs in the payload compartment. It was flown with no eggs today. The ... [View]

Pokémon iniciais para Pokémon Sun e Pokémon Moon revelados! (0 00:02:02) Conheça Rowlet, Litten e Popplio! Estes são os Pokémon que poderá escolher para o seu primeiro parceiro, ao iniciar a sua aventura em Pokémon Sun e Pokémon Moon! Saiba ... [View]

Kya PPP PTI Kay Liye Naram Gosha Rakhti Hai... PPP Kya Chahti Hai...? Abdul Basit Nay Bata Diya (0 00:02:02)
کیا پیپلز پارٹی تحریک انصاف کےلئے نرم گوشہ رکھتی ہے۔۔۔؟ پیپلز پارٹی آخر چاہتی کیا ہے۔۔۔؟ عبدالباسط نے بتا ... [View]

Vertical Assault CTI J360 Skidmark (0 00:02:02)
Giant Leap Rocketry Vertical Assault flown at Tripoli Tampa 11/21/2015. J360 Pro54 motor, Eggtimer TRS, apogee at 5000'. [View]

Giant Leap Liberty 4 Flight 2 (0 00:02:02)
Second flight of my Giant Leap Liberty 4. The chute fails to deploy properly (it got fouled in the lines, too long of a delay charge) but landed without damage and flew again! [View]

1942 - First Rocket Launch (A4 Rocket) (0 00:02:02)
Developed in great secrecy at Peenemünde on the Baltic coast, the V-2 was a revolutionary, liquid-fuelled rocket, burning a mixture of pure alcohol and liquified oxygen. On its first successful test ... [View]

First launches of Dragonite, a Estes Model Rocket (0 00:02:03)
This is the newer version of the first launches of the Estes Model Rocket Dragonite. Don't pay attention to the sound stuff in the credits. If you like it, please like. If you don't, please tell me ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch With Keychain Camera POV 02 (0 00:02:03)
Here is a edited version of the launch with some music to go along with it. Enjoy. [View]

Rocket Tiki Bar | Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (0 00:02:03)
In the final round of the drag race competition, one LDRS veteran must find a way to beat an impressive win by a group of first timers to come out on top. [View]

TRA Level 1 Certification Flight, Blue Angels Super DX3 on CTI I345 to 1,733' AGL (0 00:02:03)
SCORE Chili Blaster 8 Hudson Ranch Pueblo, CO 4" cardboard Super DX3 7.1lbs w/ motor 60" Spherachute at apogee (via RRC3) On board video from 808 Matecam [View]

Making 6 Black Powder Polumnas Polumna Time Lapse with Test (0 00:02:03)
8,000 views and counting! Keep 'em coming guys! I made 6 polumnas using cardstock and 2 grams of black powder each. The speed is 8x actual speed. I don't recommend lighting these in the garage ... [View]

Video Rocket Launch footage (oracle rocket) (0 00:02:03)
The oracle rocket has an onboard video camera. You can see video right from the rocket as it goes up and comes back down. Pretty neat. I have also included footage with a camera showing the launch ... [View]

LDRS 30, NORAD Pro Maxx.wmv (0 00:02:03)
LDRS 30 LOC NORAD Pro Maxx H148R Sept 3, 2011 Hot and Windy [View]

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon -- Launch Trailer - Robo Balls to the Wall [DE] (0 00:02:03)
Komm her und schau rein: Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens und The Abyss) ist Sergeant Rex Power Colt, ein Mark IV Cyber Commando auf einer Mission...der ... [View]

FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON | Launch Trailer - Robo Balls to the Wall Trailer [HD] (0 00:02:03) ... Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (deutscher Trailer / Trailer deutsch german HD) - Kinostart: 01.05.2013 --- Bitte ABONNIEREN nicht vergessen: • http://www.yout ... [View]

Estes Partizone - G64-7 - Onboard 808 Camera (0 00:02:03)
Estes Partizone launching on a G64-7 with an 808 keychain camera. Altitude: 1,886' Speed: 258 mph [View]

George and dad's Estes Interceptor Launch (0 00:02:03)
Birmingham Rocket Boys club launch June 15, 2013 [View]

February 2020 MDRA Cupids (0 00:02:03)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 258 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Model Rocket Kits: 17 Model Rocket Companies Best Model Rocket Kits (0 00:02:03)
Model Rocket Kits: - Best Model Rocket Kits Model rocketry is a lot of fun, rockets are fun to build and even more fun to launch! Model rockets are great for people of all ... [View]

Estes SR-71 Blackbird Unboxing (0 00:02:03)
This is the Estes Sr-71 Blackbird I ordered on Ebay. [View]

Onboard Rocket Video - 30000ft Disaster (0 00:02:03)
This video is from my 2002 flight to over 30000ft on an N-3500. Unfortunately at that altitude, the dual deployment 2 gram charges were not enough to separate the airframe, and the whole thing came ... [View]

Level 1 Rocketry Certification (0 00:02:03)
I built a Madcow Super DX3 rocket kit (4" diameter rocket) and used a Cesaroni H120 Red Lightening motor for this certification. It was my first time building a rocket and launching one so it was fun ... [View]

Breathe Youth Media Awards (0 00:02:03)
Student filmmakers from high schools and middle schools across California were honored at the the third annual Breathe Youth Media Awards for producing anti-tobacco PSAs to raise awareness of the ... [View]

Riding a Rocket (0 00:02:03)
Onboard video from a PML AMRAAM 4 high power rocket burning an Aerotech J350W motor. Cameras are looking towards the rocket's nose, aft, and perpendicular axis. Dual deployment and data collection ... [View]

Rocket Mike-II Flight #1 on CTI-J295 (0 00:02:03)
Closing out the winter flying season in Metamora, IL with the second coming of "Mike the Tiger." The J295 performed flawlessly taking Mike II to a barometer projected altitude of 5,500 feet AGL. The ... [View]

Estes Alpha 3 Model Rocket Launch (C6-5 engine, 1,150 feet) (0 00:02:03)
The kids doing their first serious model rocket launch. Used an Estes Alpha III with a C-class engine rated for 1,150 feet, It sure appeared to reach that! [View]

Estes Sky Hawker Rocket Launch - C6-5 to 1100ft - High Def (0 00:02:03)
My first rocket! First launch was the night before in 40km/h wind with a smaller B6-4 engine. Loved it! This video is the Estes Sky Hawker 16.5" rocket on a C6-5 engine. Video taken with my BB ... [View]

Egypt - Aswan Souk Market - Travel - Jim Rogers World Adventure (0 00:02:03)
Leading economic expert Jim Rogers traveled to 150 countries over 150,000 miles in three years - follow his adventures here on FentonReport. In this video Jim and Paige visit Aswan Souk in ... [View]

Estes Astrocam failed recovery (0 00:02:03)
Our third attempt at launching the Estes Astrocam. Our third lost Rocket... [View]

Blue Angels DX3 Rocket - AeroTech 38/1320 J510W - 6,507' AGL (0 00:02:03)
6-30-19 Tripoli Colorado launch at Hartsel, CO 540 mph 15,273' MSL [View]

Bruiser M1730SK 10-30-10.wmv (0 00:02:03)
Loc Bruiser AMW M1730 Skidmark Midwest Power 8, 10-30-10 [View]

Maiden flight of Alley Oop Rocket (0 00:02:03)
Maiden flight of a rocket I named after my fathers B-17 squadron. [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Aborted (0 00:02:03)
SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Aborted due to Bad Weather Credit : SpaceX #spacex #falcon9 #crs18 [View]

MDARS launch 12/27/14 (0 00:02:03)
Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society (TRA) host their monthly launch, with invited guests Southern Kern Aeronautics and Rocketry Club (SKAR) [View]

Wildman Shapeshifter Jr. / AT I600R (0 00:02:03)
Launched by Tom Maulsby at Mini Midwest Power on 5-28-17. Altitude reached was 4591'. [View]

Model Rocket Build - Estes SpaceShipOne (0 00:02:03)
The is my first build video, hope you will like it. I'm going to try to launch it in a month's time.  [View]

April 2014 Colins Level 3 Certification (0 00:02:04)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 190 Red Glare 16 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

2011_Rocket-600.wmv (0 00:02:04)
Interns from United Launch Alliance and Ball Aerospace—representing the future of the aerospace industry—built high-power rockets and a variety of multi-faceted payloads last summer as ... [View]

How to Make an Iron Man Suit [MUST SEE] DIY Iron Man Suit Review (0 00:02:04)
Make your own Iron Man suit. Start today! Thanks for checking out my video “How to Make an Iron Man Suit”. If you’ve been wanting to know how to build a homemade DIY ... [View]

nypower 2011 (0 00:02:04)
Just found this Video lurking on a backup drive. Pretty certain my daughter filmed it. Enjoy! [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 HillBilly Rocketry Juevos (0 00:02:04)
HillBilly Rocketry strikes again with Juevos at Balls 23 [View]

Wildman Gizmo on a CTI K454 Near Mach 1 (0 00:02:04)
Huge motor in a little rocket sent this thing upwards of 5,800' and possibly past Mach 1. Great flight. [View]

Scratch built rocket (Salvage 90) flies on a D12-5 (0 00:02:04)
Onboard video ($6 keychain camera) on Salvage 90, a rocket I built for one of EMRR's online contests [View]

ON BOARD (0 00:02:04)
Binder Velociraptor on an Aerotech J575-FJ at our Hurley launch site. [View]

Formula 98 K185 AIRFEST XX (0 00:02:04)
Rocketry Warehouse Formula 98. Aerotech K185 moonburner. Saturday morning @AIRFEST XX. Altimeter recorded apogee @ 4082' AGL [View]

Goblin L1300 (0 00:02:04)
My upscale Goblin on an Aerotech L1300R [View]

Big model rocket booster malfunction (onboard camera) (0 00:02:04)
Big model rocket with seperatable boosters, booster separation system malfuntion [View]

Nebraska Thor Bob Launch 2010 (0 00:02:04)
Video of a onboard cam at the Bob launch in Pickrell Nebraska. Public missiles D-region Tomahawk on a cesaroni I 236 blue streak [View]

2013-02 - February 2, 2013 - ROCK Launch - Featuring The Dude (0 00:02:04)
Slow-motion video from the ROCK launch in Oviedo, FL. [View]

Majestic, G77 Redline (0 00:02:04)
My Estes Majestic flying on a G77 Redline at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on August 25, 2018. According to the Jolly Logic Altimeter Two, the rocket flew at 507 mph to an altitude of 2627 feet [View]

Solfege: Mozart & Jordin Sparks (Fixed & Movable Do) (0 00:02:04)
Sam Parkinson from The Boston Conservatory and Alexandra Hernandez from Berklee interpret an arrangement of Mozart's "Là Ci Darem la Mano" and Jordin Sparks' "No Air" in each institutions method to ... [View]

Shepard-McAuliffe Discovery Center rocket launch (0 00:02:04)
Unitil celebrated the opening of the Unitil Program Center at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center on May 19, 2011. The day's agenda included a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony, an educational ... [View]

Buddy the Puffin Turns Back the Tide (0 00:02:04)
A complete sketch complied of all the short Buddy the Puffin Turn Back the Tide PSAs [View]

Cesaroni K1350 motor, 8 ft tall, 12" diameter rocket (0 00:02:04)
Launched from Orangeburg, SC Super Sod field. Altitude ~2200 ft, Two Raven Altimeters [View]

Rocket Girl (0 00:02:04)
High Powered Rockets. Great flights on-board camera. The first woman in Australia Tripoli to fly M power. Rocket Girl: A two-minute documentary on High Power Rocketry Directed by Richard Termini. ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 20 Team Hardtail (0 00:02:04)
Team Hardtail's Nike Apache Wallops on an O3200 staging to an M600 at BALLS 20 [View]

JD's two stage HPR flight at DA 2008 (0 00:02:04)
This is Jonathan's K550 to K185 two stage flight at Dairy Aire 2008. [View]

8x alpha.avi (0 00:02:04)
Onboard video taken from Team R & r Rocketry's 8x upscale Alpha at Indiana Rocketry's 11-22-09 launch in Ash Grove Indiana. [View]

Astrocam, Flight 2 (0 00:02:04)
Estes Astrocam, August 7th, 2021 at Blaisdell Park in Aiea, HI. The booster had bent in half the first flight, so I had attempted to brace it with half a motor adapter. [View]

Mark Builds The ESTES Sky Dart (Launch) (0 00:02:04)
Watch as this sweet Estes model rocket takes to the sky! The Sky Dart is a small rocket that soars to about 900 feet, and returns to Earth safely via streamer and air resistance. [View]

Boobs and Beer in a Bag - Las Vegas Strip (0 00:02:04)
I had a real good vacation in Las Vegas: Girlfriend's boobs, beer in a brown paper bag, walking down the Las Vegas Strip without a care. Vas Vegas attractions that make an appearance in this video ... [View]

Double Trouble CATO at URRG 9-23-17 (0 00:02:04)
Two stage high power rocket failure at URRG launch at Potter NY on 9-23-17. Failure of the front bulkhead in a 38mm CTI motor led to a catastrophic air frame failure of my Madcow/RW Double Shot. [View]

Mega Alpha Level 2 Cert Flight (0 00:02:04)
Finally made a NAR Level 2 High Power Certification flight with my old MegaAlpha rocket on an Aerotech J270 motor at Southern Thunder 2014 near Manchester, Tennessee. [View]

Quadcopter lockout Flown with DragonLink (0 00:02:04)
DragonLink is an awesome system! This was not a fault in the Dragonlink system. My Dragonlink RX has taken quite a beating over the years and thanks to my rocket powered quadcopter test, the RX is ... [View]

8 inches V2 - flight #2 - hybrid rocket - April 2013 Salching Bavaria (0 00:02:04)
Successfull flight #2 - 8" V2 rocket with 75mm hybrid rocket motor from Contrail USA. M711 black smoke reload [View]

Follow me on Instagram @brianbaxterscience. This launch of the giant Mean Machine model rocket by Estes is powered by a D12-5 rocket engine. It reached an altitude of 450-feet and was recovered ... [View]

DCX-S: Tirebiter's Revenge - Static Fire Test (0 00:02:04)
Tirebiter has had his revenge! Check out our successful static fire test of DCX-S, on March 21, 2015. The Q class motor produced an average of 2000 pounds of thrust for 14 seconds and featured RPL's ... [View]

Successful launch from SDSU Rocket Project (0 00:02:04)
The SDSU Rocket Project had a successful launch at Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) Saturday April 18th, 2015. Congratulations to their team for all of their hard work! [View]

Advanced Rocketry Workshop & Level 1 Certification Flight (0 00:02:04)
1/4 scale Patriot Missile kit Height: 55" Diameter: 4" Weight: approximately 6 lbs Parachute: b2 Rocketry SkyAngle II, 36" (motor ejection) Motor: Aerotech I284W-M I used a Perfectflite altimeter, ... [View]

Wildman Jart 4-inch and Aerotech J570W (0 00:02:04)
At the 16 June 2018 MDRA launch at the sod farm [View]

MSN SLI Air Start Skidmark at Bong 06 (0 00:02:04)
The Madison Students Air Start a SkidMark at Bong in the Summer of 2006. Jay Rietz video [View]

Estes Extreme 12 Maiden Launch E-12-4 Motor (0 00:02:04)
What's up Everybody? Thanks for Watching! I have been on the search for my favorite rocket why? Because they are a BLAST!!! No pun intended. In this video we will see the Maiden launch of the Estes ... [View]

Hayabusa vs Kawasaki Ninja -1/4 mile drag race of street bikes (0 00:02:05)
The best racing of street bikes.Is Hayabusa fastest than Kawasaki Ninja.The best of motorbikes drag race,burnouts,top speed and acceleration.Who's the fastest? [View]

MIM-23b Hawk-H110 White (0 00:02:05)
The MIM-23b Hawk flying on an H110 White at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020 [View]

ROCKETS Magazine Balls 22 2013 (0 00:02:05)
Rocket Launch Black Rock NV BALLS [View]

The Wernher von Brian, Estes Big Daddy with an E20-7 (0 00:02:05)
This is an Estes Big Daddy model with a V2 paint job, flying with an AeroTech E20-7W engine. Slow motion reply and a map feature at the end of the clip. [View]

2008-10-04 Akavish Launch on a G77 Redline (Normal/Slow-motion) (0 00:02:05)
Roger and Bracha Smith's "Akavish" is launched on an Aerotech G77 Redline motor at the October ROCK Launch. The launch is shown at normal speed then as recorded at 600 fps (20x slow-motion). [View]

ROCKETS Mag BALLS 24 David Hassinger Fuzzy Bunny (0 00:02:05)
Fuzzy Bunny rocket of David Hassingers at BALLS 24 [View]

Bobby and Dylan Launch Amraam at LDRS 29 (0 00:02:05)
Successful launch and recovery of full scale Amraam, 65lb, 13 ft, at Lucerne dry lake bed. altitude 9500ft. , ammonium perchlorate solid propellant, Aerotech M1939 motor [View]

Unlikely Rocketeers | Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships (0 00:02:05)
Subscribe to Science Channel! | Andrew and Cheryl are a married Mennonite couple who live a simple and Biblical life. That is, with ... [View]

Epic Drag! Supersonic Decelerator on Daily Planet (0 00:02:05)
It’s their last chance for success. Chris Tanner and Dan Coatta of NASA’s JPL have spent years developing a supersonic decelerator, known as SIAD, designed to slow down spacecraft landing in the ... [View]

4 Rocket Engine Ignition Test (0 00:02:05)
When firing a cluster of four model rocket engines it is very critical to get all four engines started before liftoff. A failed ignition on one or more engine means the rocket will not achieve proper ... [View]

Goblin L2500 (0 00:02:05)
My 7.5" Goblin on a 98/5120 L2500 Superthunder. [View]

SR 71 Blackbird on a C5-3 Super. Astrocam Onboard. Great flight! Check the landing. No Ejection! (0 00:02:05)
Crash landed. C5-3 Super did not produce an ejection charge. The cap was still in place on it. None cone suffered a bit, the top of the body was damaged, but we fixed it by laying new paper on both ... [View]

5 Adımda Sağlıklı Kalın (0 00:02:05)
Sağlıklı bir yaşam için yedikleriniz kadar yaptıklarınız da önemli. Ömrünüzü uzatmak ve daha sağlıklı bir yaşam sürmek için 5 adımı yapmanız lazım... Bunlar; 1-Tansiyona ... [View]

LASTCALL (0 00:02:05)
Made it to Ash Grove, Indiana to fly "Last Call" once more before 2014 was out. She flew on her biggest motor yet - Aerotech L1000 to 10,800' (I split the difference between two altimeters). She ... [View]

The Estes "Hi-Flier XL" rocket flight data is in after a very successful flight and rocket recovery! This video covers the performance of the rocket including speed and altitude. [View]

Model Rocket Launch Set | Best rocket launch of the day (0 00:02:05)
Model Rocket Launch Set - Makes a great school science class or Science Fair project. You model rocket can be ready for liftoff in just minutes! Blast through the atmosphere ... [View]

LDRS Flight1 Camera1 (0 00:02:05)
This was taken at the LDRS 28 launch in Potter, NY over the July 4th weekend. This is the view directly out of the rocket (a 'Horizon Shot'). It's a little tilted, because the camera pod has a ... [View]

2010-goffena-large-video.wmv (0 00:02:05)
TORC ( held a two day launch in March 2010. Video contains some slow motion highlights of the first day. Captured using Casio EX-FH20 and Casio EX-FC100 cameras, at 210 ... [View]

DIY Paper Firework for 4th of July (0 00:02:05)
Grab some cardboard, glue, and red, white and blue cardstock to make this super easy and cheap 4th of July decoration. [View]

Hugo's First Rocket Launch at NASA Ames (0 00:02:05)
His silver Estes Metalizer flew wonderfully as designed, so I helped him with a Aerotech AP motor with 4x the thrust of his first flight, and a strap-on videocam. =) Photos: http://www.flick ... [View]

LOC Magnum on an AMW K535RR airstarting 2xAerotech E30W to 2,100' November 7, 2009 (0 00:02:05)
LOC Magnum on an AMW K535RR and some small airstarts at Hutto/Frameswitch, Texas, on 11/7/09. [View]

View from two model rockets (0 00:02:05)
Two launches of a low to mid power model rocket as seen from the rocket. First launch all OK, second launch the parachute doesn't deploy correctly. [View]

Hell Boy .mpg (0 00:02:05)
Boris Katan's Hell Boy from the November 11, 2011 CMASS launch in Amesbury [View]

Tomach-I345 White Thunder (0 00:02:05)
The Tomach being put to the test on an I345 White Thunder at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020, making this the highest stress test to date. The altitude estimate was a little high as it ... [View]

David and John Robb's Rocket Launches - Tripoli San Diego - Trident Launch (0 00:02:05)
Traveled from Northern California to Tripoli San Diego Havoc #4 launch. At the Holtville closed airport near the Mexico border. My launches completed for the weekend I caught the launch of the club ... [View]

AARG April 2014 Nuke PRO Max Cato - I255 Redline (0 00:02:05)
After observing the video footage, it looks like the motor ejection charge fired a fraction of a second after lift off separating the payload bay, upper body tube and nose cone as Mark said. I say ... [View]

Dr. Naram's POWERFUL SECRET TO INCREASE MEMORY UPTO 600%... and many more secrets to come! (0 00:02:05)
Contact - 7021594848 LIKE US on and for exclusive secrets and invaluable lifestyle tips by Dr. Naram for all INDIAN residents! [View]

Launching The Estes Mongoose (0 00:02:05)
Me and my dad launching our new Estes rocket the mongoose it's a two stage rocket [View]

Estes Argent - G64-10 - Onboard 808 Camera (0 00:02:06)
Estes Argent launching on a G64-10 with an 808 keychain camera. Altitude: 1,855' Speed: 284 mph [View]

Quest Quadrunner First Flight (0 00:02:06)
Finally launched my Quest Aerospace Quadrunner, a 4-motor cluster rocket, on 4 Estes C6-7 motors. This rocket flies fast and high! It was a beautiful flight, tough recovery, but really worth the ... [View]

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon -- Launch trailer - Robo Balls to the Wall [ANZ] (0 00:02:06)
Come and check out : Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss) is Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando on a mission... of vengeance. There's ... [View]

R52097 Super Hero Masks video (0 00:02:06)
Suit up and save the world! Help children get creative with Super Hero Masks! The sturdy cardstock masks come in six different designs for endless hero possibilities! Encourage children to create ... [View]

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - Launch Trailer - Robo Balls to the Wall [FR] (0 00:02:06)
Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss) is Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando on a mission... of vengeance. There's only one force powerful enough to stop an army of ... [View]

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - Launch Trailer - Robo Balls to the Wall [NL] (0 00:02:06)
Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss) is Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando on a mission... of vengeance. There's only one force powerful enough to stop an army of ... [View]

Rocketeers | Introduction to Rocketry in India (0 00:02:06)
The story of rise of rocketry in India and tribute to ISRO for making us proud. Rocketeers is first Indian company to conduct Model Rocketry Workshop in academic institutes all over the coun ... [View]

Maiden Modified Saturn V Rocket Launch - Alamo Rocketeers - Launch #1 (0 00:02:06) On 8/20/2011 My brother and I launched our modified Saturn V Rocket on a Aerotech G64 White Lightening 29mm reload. This was the Maiden flight of highly modified Estes ... [View]

ESTES V2 with Aerotech E18/4 (0 00:02:06)
Launching my first rocket in 20 years. Everything went perfect for the first launch. Rocket landed just past the trees on the left of the screen and that was about 120 yards away. The rocket went ... [View]

BT 60 2 stage model rocket (0 00:02:06)
This is a two stage rocket that has some interesting features such as a side chute ejection and micro switch activation of main stage motor. This is estes powered d12-0 first stage and e9-4 main ... [View]

Heavenly Hobbies NARCON 2009 (0 00:02:06)
Jose Andrade-Cora describes his company and several interesting rockets including the Backdraft and the Washigei. [View]

NGLLC leg2down (0 00:02:06)
October 7, 2009 - Masten Space Systems flew our XA0.1B-750 rocket vehicle in the Northrop-Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, level one. Both Flights were successful meeting the required flight profiles ... [View]

"38 Special" High Power Rocket (0 00:02:06)
This is Camera #2 of the "Onboard a Rocket to 4356' " launch. [View]

M powered rocket at GRITS-1, April 2011 (0 00:02:06)
Burl Finkelstein's FatNike rocket flying on a research M motor of about 9000 newton-seconds (equal to 900 Estes C engines) flying on research day at Georgia Rockets In The Sky (GRITS) April 1-3 near ... [View]

La fusée Émerillon du club étudiants RockETS en pleine action (0 00:02:06)
RockETS, le tout nouveau club étudiants de l'ÉTS, participait à l' « IREC Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition » les 21 et 22 juin 2013 dans l'Utah. Voici le décollage et le vol de ... [View]

December 2017 Nathan Tocus Frenzy XXL Level 3 Certification (0 00:02:06)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 233 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Liberty CamROC second flight... and pretty Fall foliage (0 00:02:06)
Second flight for my "return to flight" rocket and first-ever on-board video. $15 key chain camera from eBay shot 480p footage from the side of a Custom Rockets' Liberty repainted to high visibility ... [View]

Scientific American Editors Build Saturn V Rocket LEGO Set (0 00:02:06)
In the early morning hours of July 16, 1969, technicians at the Kennedy Space Center loaded upward of 750,000 gallons of fuel into the 363-foot Saturn V rocket that would successfully propel the ... [View]

G-Chute field test (0 00:02:06)
See for more information AUW (All-Up-Weight): 1820g Weight breakdown: 1.6m raptor with APM 2.0 & electronics: 1210g GoPro camera: 220g 3600mAh battery: 310g Parachute: ... [View]

COBRA Rocketry - 2018/19 Crowdfunding Video (0 00:02:06)
Help us reach our $10,000 goal and support COBRA in building a rocket for IREC 2019! Link to the campaign: [View]

Fiberglassing Boosters for the Polaron G2 rocket (0 00:02:06)
A quick summary of how we reinforce spliced bottles for the Polaron G2 rocket. Follow the build progress of the Polaron G2 rocket here: [View]

rocketssept20 (0 00:02:06)
Executioner D12-3, LOC Onyx F42-4T [View]

First Model Rocket Launch (0 00:02:06)
First Model Rocket Launch without Launch Pad. This is how cavemen did it. Soared over 1000 feet and wind carried it away. We lost sight of it and it ended up in the woods or the Long Island Sound. [View]

Model Rocket Launch: Estes Guardian (0 00:02:06)
Alex launching a model rocket we built together. The conditions were excellent with a wind speed of 5 kph (3 mph). We used three engines for this session: B4-4, B6-4, and C6-5. This rocket was ... [View]

Launch of Orion Spacecraft Ascent Abort-2 Test (0 00:02:06)
Watch a fully functional launch abort system (LAS) and test Orion spacecraft launch to an altitude of 31,000 feet at Mach 1.15 (more than 1,000 mph)! On July 2, 2019, NASA successfully demonstrated ... [View]

Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf Maiden Launch I284W (0 00:02:07)
Maiden flight of my Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf, on an Aerotech I284W motor at the Tri-Cities Rocketeers field near Pasco, WA. The rocket was built stock and weighs 6 pounds without motor. This was the ... [View]

November 2012 George George Ultimate Wildman (0 00:02:07)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 13 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

LOC Precision Warlock ~ J350W~ Level 2 Certification ~ GRITS - Tifton GA ~ 2016-04-03 (0 00:02:07)
This was my Level 2 certification flight. It was also the last flight of Georgia Rockets In The Sky (GRITS) 2016. [View]

Wildman N-10000 drag race MDRA Red Glare 8 (VIII) (0 00:02:07)
Craziest thing I've seen so far. Four rockets, all stuffed with sledgehammer N motors. [View]

"Green" Arreaux by Aerotech (0 00:02:07)
Video of my Aerotech "Green" Arreaux from the National Association of Rocketry's National Sport Launch 2008 at Orangeburg, SC, Memorial Day weekend. I flew it on Sunday with an Aerotech F37W-M 29mm ... [View]

IIXTREEME Rocket on a M650W to over 22000 feet (0 00:02:07)
My Tripoli L3 cert flight and President's Challenge Entry (20,000+ feet) @ Plaster Blaster 8 November 7th 2009 in Plaster City, California This rocket was constructed using LOC paper motor mount ... [View]

Lunar video...First test with new astro cam...Fail!! (0 00:02:07)
First test of this cam, not the best seeing or settings! Need a goto track mount for better video's. Using a GSO 8" DOB untracked and Orion Starshoot V2 with default SharpCap cam settings be ... [View]

Deuce Onboard 120108 (0 00:02:07)
Onboard view from my Deuce. Flown on a pair of CTI K160 motors to 4400 feet. [View]

3d printed two stage rocket with on-board camera (0 00:02:07)
I have made the stl files and instructions available at this link the motors used for this launch were estes, a D12-0 for stage one and a E9-6 for stage ... [View]

NASA Student Rocket Competition (0 00:02:07)
(KUTV) Students from various clubs and colleges built rockets to launch this weekend at the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is all part of a NASA rocket competition that explores new designs. Technology ... [View]

Model Rocketry 20190622 (0 00:02:07)
The Mean Machine mid-power rocket launch today used the BBA launch controller and igniter. An onboard camera provides a good view of the launch and the downwind ride. We hiked about 500m to retrieve ... [View]

Darton College Science Club Rocket launch (0 00:02:07)
DCSC rocket day Main Launch. 3/24/2012 around 3,500 ft, fired by the president of the Darton College Science Club Kently Hall [View]

ERPL Promo (0 00:02:07)
The Experimental Rocket Propulsion Lab (ERPL) at Embry-Riddle is a student-run organization dedicated to the study of rocket motors, including research, development, manufacturing, and testing of ... [View]

Madcow Bomarc on H200 (0 00:02:07)
At SARA launch on 4/25/2016 [View]

A Couple of EARS Model Rocket Launches (0 00:02:07)
Just a couple of launches from a very wet EARS. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ [View]

New for 2015 - Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Reel (0 00:02:07)
The next generation of Orra™ S spinning reels exemplifies sleek reel design and performance in a compact package. The Insert Molded C6 carbon body design (IM-C6) fuses the X-craftic gearbox with a ... [View]

GoPro: Sneak Peek of GoPro Quadcopter Footage (0 00:02:07)
Earlier this year, GoPro announced plans to release a quadcopter in the first half of 2016. This featured video was captured with a developmental prototype of GoPro's quadcopter and stabilization ... [View]

quadcopter and rocket airshow by B-Tech students (0 00:02:07)
This is a short video showing a rocket laucnhing and quadcopter in Tech fest by engineering students [View]

Estes D Region Tomahawk D12-3 vs E20-7W (0 00:02:07)
Popping my composite motor cherry! I love my Estes D-Region Tomahawk, but it's a bit of a dog with the recommended D12 motor. So after the first flight, I rebuilt the motor retainer to accept an ... [View]

Model Rockets-Dr Zooch Space Shuttle, Saturn 1B, and Odd'l Cyclone (0 00:02:07)
The Dr Zooch space shuttle had a much better launch on a C6-3 than on a B6-4. On a C6-5 the ejection happened too late and the rocket broke apart. The Odd'l Rockets Cyclone rocket mapleseed worked ... [View]

DR NARAM LIVE at Sanjeevani India for one-stop clinic consultation appointments! (0 00:02:07)
Contact details or whatsapp - 7021594848 Why wait for Dr. Naram’s appointment schedule for months and years? Inviting people from all over the world to take consultations with India with Dr. Naram! ... [View]

Why Does SpaceX Land Rockets on Barges? | Mashable Explains (0 00:02:07)
SpaceX, the space exploration company dedicated to cost efficient space travel and exploration, loves to land rockets on these tiny barges out in the middle of the ocean. So given the vast amount ... [View]

Wildman Drago Rocket onboard footage - G125 Red (0 00:02:07)
A Wildman Drago on a CTI G125 (red) to about 1800 feet. More at This launch was at METRA, a NY state NAR organization. One can see the red nosecone fall off and ... [View]

V2 Fin Model Rocket Physics 11 Homemade (0 00:02:07)
Jacob Trombley & Carol Lam's Model Rocket for Physics 11 Class [View]

Due to the overflowing thousands of requests for "HEAL AS PER SIDDHVEDA AND MODERN SCIENCE" series, globally reputed Healer Dr. Pankaj Naram finishes the COLD & COUGH series - describing how cold, ... [View]

'Grandfathred In' Rocket Club Turned Away From Bear Creek Lake Park (0 00:02:08)
A group of model rocket enthusiasts will be grounded in 2020 after city officials told them they need to find a new home. [View]

More model rockets (0 00:02:08)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Launch of The Saturn 5 Rocket (0 00:02:08) The Apogee Components Saturn V rocket on its maiden voyage launch on October 27, 2001. The rocket was modeled after Apollo 11, and is available in kit form ... [View]

2014-04-12 NEFAR Rocket Launch (0 00:02:08)
Aerial video of the April 12, 2014 NEFAR rocket launch as captured by a Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. [View]

July 4th Madcow Nike Smoke Rocket on an Aerotech J415 (0 00:02:08)
July 4th rockets at the 4 Corners Rocketry Association launch. Madcow Nike Smoke launched on an Aerotech J415 motor to 6425' AGL. Video from several angles including an on-board Mobius camera angled ... [View]

Estes Comanche 3 Launch (0 00:02:08)
Comanche-3 is THE classic Estes multi-stage rocket! This tribal rocket is a three-stager that blasts up over the cloud tops on its way into orbit. Get your telescopes to track this super-staged ... [View]

WHO: Making injections safe, we all have a part to play (0 00:02:08)
All of us, at some point in our lives, will have an injection to retain or restore good health. But sometimes injections that are intended to promote health do the opposite. This happens when they ... [View]

Christmas Tree Rocketry: The Art and Science of Holiday Recycling (0 00:02:08)
The Christmas holiday is one of the most difficult times of the year to stay 'green,' but rocket launching our Christmas tree was a great way to recycle our trash destined tree. 32 large rocket ... [View]

B4-3R (with H250G) Rocket Video (0 00:02:08)
My B4-3R ("Basic 4-inch Rocket 3rd Revision") on an Aerotech H250G motor with a Hot Wheels video camera attached to the side. This was the 2nd flight of the Hot Wheels Video Racers Camera as a video ... [View]

Keycam Goblin L930 (0 00:02:08)
I taped a key fob video camera to my upscale Goblin. Flown on a CTI L930 Imax at the PYRO MuckFest launch. My first trip into the corn... [View]

Mega Omega.wmv (0 00:02:08)
Ross Ohmen's upscale Omega flown at Snow Ranch on 2-5-2011. [View]

2004 Jun 21: SpaceShipOne's First Trip to Space (0 00:02:08)
This B-Roll footage (courtesy of Vulcan Productions / Discovery Channel) shows onboard RocketCam views and chase-plane views of SpaceShipOne's rocket motor ignition, ascent from its White Knight ... [View]

1/38th scale Saturn V High Power Rocket (0 00:02:08)
This is our Saturn V. 4 months of work later... 10 feet tall, ~50lbs GLOW, on a cluster of 4 CTI J244 White and a central CTI K570 Classic. That's a complex "M1550"! Flown with Perfectflite ... [View]

Big Dude Rocket Launch (0 00:02:08)
This is a video of our launch of the Big Dude rocket! [View]

barracuda #3 (0 00:02:08)
Video flight #3 from the Barracuda. [View]

NASA Seeks Successor To Space Shuttle (0 00:02:08)
NASA puts tens of millions of dollars into four exotic new spaceships that will likely be taking astronauts into space. [View]

Madcow Torrent L1 and L2 (0 00:02:08)
Madcow Torrent flown for L1 Cert at Thunda Down Under on a CTI 163H133-BS and re-flown the following day for L2 on a CTI 649J355-R Both Flights were successful [View]

LOC Magnum On-Board Video Dec 21 2019 (0 00:02:08)
LOC Magnum model rocket flying to 4400 ft with an Aerotech K400C motor [View]

Aerotech Initiator launch (0 00:02:08)
October 2012, launched with an Estes G80-7T [View]

Barracuda Onboard (0 00:02:08)
On board video taken from my AeroTech Barracuda rocket. Flew on an E28-4T to about 600 feet. [View]

Majestikc rocket with F15-8 engine (0 00:02:08)
Second run of the Estes Majestic rocket with a F15-8 engine. Really cool. I'm over 40 and rockets are still cool to me. The clouds, wind, and sun were all just right and we were having a birthday ... [View]

Amateur rocket reaches 121,000 ft (0 00:02:08)
This is a shortened and edited version of the Qu8K rocket launch. FYI please don't message me with questions regarding the rocket. Go here: And here: http ... [View]

Broken Arrow XP Rocket First Flight (0 00:02:09)
Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow XP 4" diameter rocket flies to 5,282' on a Cesaroni K740 C-Star motor. ROC Launch at Lucerne Dry Lake 8-Aug-2015. Close call as booster starts to drag separate after ... [View]

Model Rocket HV ARCAS with aerotech G40 7W (0 00:02:09)
This Rocket is too big for this launch Pad but I launch it anyway. No problem getting the rocket out of the tree. [View]

The 1st Rocket Launch - SPIN Rocketry Team (0 00:02:09)
A great milestone of SPIN! A dream that came true! 🚀 The Rocketry Team managed to launch the first rocket that was fully designed and built by students in Greece! The rocket will serve the needs ... [View]

Max Rebo (0 00:02:09)
Flight of rocket Max Rebo on a single use Aerotech G80-10T motor. Rocksim extimated a little over 1200'. [View]

M Motor Launch Pueblo, CO USA (0 00:02:09)
B'Dale Garbee a member of Southern Colorado Rocketeers made a successful Level 3 attempt flying a 10' Polecat Goblin on a M1297 motor. Dual deployment drogue chute at apogee and main parachute ... [View]

XPRS Supersonic Skidmark Rocket Launch (0 00:02:09)
Something about this sparky shower just makes me smile. =) Photos: [View]

Rocket Train (0 00:02:09)
We launch three rocket engines down some Lionel O-gauge track. While this sounds like a fun activity, it goes against several model rocket codes of conduct and definitely poses a serious fire hazard. ... [View]

Experimental 2-Stage Rocket Launch BALLS 2012 Ken Overton (0 00:02:09)
Ken Overtons "Big Bird" 2-stage rocket flying on a N motor staging to an M motor. [View]

Secret Rocket Launch Now Revealed by my Phantom 4 PRO Drone-Tiffen Filters (0 00:02:09)
Please remember to LIKE, Comment, Subscribe and or ask me questions about the filming. This is my personal footage that was submitted to the final production done by Under The Radar. The Vector ... [View]

Walkera QR Ladybird Quadcopter Review (0 00:02:09)
More RC helicopter Videos at : helicopter , Bodgie the Little Quadrocopter helicopters , videos , action , series , military , iphone parts replicator 2 ... [View]

How to Draw a Ladder in a Hole - 3D Trick Art for Kids (0 00:02:09)
How to draw a ladder in a hole. 3D drawing Trick art optical illusion for kids and adults of all ages. Follow along and have some fun! Materials used: 110lb cardstock, HB pencil, fine line pen, ... [View]

Tucher3 (0 00:02:09)
In Memory. EDIT: Tucher3 was recovered 4/18/06 fully intact. Flight data recorded 8900 feet max altitude. [View]

NAR Level 2 certification rocket: Long Tom with a K500 Red Lightning (0 00:02:09)
Long Tom flew again at HARA's first launch on the Butler Mill field 10/13. The K500 sent it to ~3900' which is understandably poorer performance than it had in Colorado a mile above sea level. The ... [View]

Rocket: Three Launches- Two high, One low power (0 00:02:09)
Three launches of various rocket sizes and motors First Launch is a modified EZI-65 by Loc Precision. Second Launch is an Estes Payloader flown with a B motor on a very gusty day. Third launch is a ... [View]

QRS July 2010 TRA Launch (0 00:02:09)
The first launch in this video is the first rocket launched for QRS with an 'L' motor, and this is currently our biggest motor launched. Also included is a RATTworks Tribrid launch. [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 28 - Import RockSim data files (0 00:02:09) - This video tutorial shows you how to import data files of materials and components from other manufacturers into RockSim. We use Blue Tube data in this example. [View]

LOC Doorknob June 16 2018 at BARC 2 views (0 00:02:09)
LOC Doorknob on an Aerotech J270W-8 at BARC in Bridgeton, NJ. Conventional single deploy with Chute Release. Spectators thought the Mobius camera strapped to the outside of payload bay ripped off on ... [View]

Son of the Pink Panther (7/10) Movie CLIP - Cato Returns (1993) HD (0 00:02:09)
Son of the Pink Panther movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Inspector Clouseau's longtime ... [View]

Madcow Rocketry Torrent Launch AT H123 & I161 (0 00:02:09)
Launched with Tripoli Mid-Ohio on 4/23/16 [View]

Applying Pressure Sensitive Decals to Model Rockets (0 00:02:09)
This video shows how to apply pressure-sensitive decals (the sticker type) to your model rocket. Sometimes they need to be moved, and in this technique, you'll see how to move them around easily. [View]

Into The Blue - Model Rocketry in the 90s (0 00:02:09)
Hornchurch Airfield Rocket Team in the 90s in Hornchurch, Essex, UK. This was a fairly typical launch day with an R/C rocket glider, a Tomcat burying itself into the ground, and a Big Bertha being ... [View]

World Record Model Rocket Launch - 3/4 Scale Mercury Redstone (0 00:02:09)
64 foot tall 3/4 Scale Mercury Redstone I built along with other team members represented by Stanley Black and Decker and the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association. Launch day (4/8/18) was very ... [View]

Epic Cluster Rocket Launch at Dairy Aire 2011 (0 00:02:09)
With HD video from the rocket. My son launched his scratch-built "Epic" rocket with three fin-tip motors and a central Skidmark lit by the on-board HCX flight computer. It also has an RF-tracking ... [View]

Rocket Club Video 2010 (0 00:02:10)
The video I made for our AFRL Rocket Club presentation for the 2009-2010 year--sophomore year. The song is the Soviet March from Red Alert III. [View]

Supersonic Carbon Fiber Rockets (0 00:02:10)
Two Carbon Fiber rockets are successfully flown and recovered on experimental solid fueled rocket motors. One is 1.5 inches in diameter and the other is 2.25 inches in diameter, both exceed the ... [View]

Matt Steele Outdoors (2) Bad Day, Good Lunch! (0 00:02:10)
Episode #2. My day wasn't going so well but a couple of explosions seemed to help things out a bit! More info soon at [View]

Rocket Launch 6 (0 00:02:10)
Launched the rocket cam at Oklahoma Road Middle School. This rocket is an Estes Mongoose, with a Muvi Atom video camera mounted in the nose cone assembly. The Muvi Atom is a micro video camera that ... [View]

Estes Amazon Model Rocket Launch (0 00:02:10)
Two launches of an Estes Amazon model rocket. The launch was April 25, 2010 at 60 Acre Park in Redmond, WA. [View]

Mighty Saturn V model rocket (0 00:02:10)
Presented is the Mighty Saturn V rocket created with simple household items. Its carried by 3 Estes class E engines and hit a height around 1000 ft. Amazingly without a recovery system, the rocket ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine AirFest 18 (0 00:02:10)
AirFest 18 Aug 31 - Sept 3, 2012 in Argonia Kansas home of the KloudBusters [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 35 - Paint the Display Nozzles and Other Small Components (0 00:02:10) - In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket you'll paint all the details that are glued to the outside of ... [View]

Squat Drag Race @ LDRS-29 (0 00:02:10)
LDRS-29 Squat Mass Launch (First Launch) - 240fps - first take off is at 23 seconds. LDRS-29 June 10th, 2010 through June 14, 2010. This video from June 13th, 2010 at 08h00PT. Lucerne Valley ... [View]

নাসা মহাশূন্যে যেভাবে রকেট পাঠায় । NASA ROCKET LAUNCH | (0 00:02:10)
নাসা মহাশূন্যে যেভাবে রকেট পাঠায় । NASA ROCKET LAUNCH | Live Streaming: Please ... [View]

KC Chief Rocket Flight @ Kloudbusters Distant Thunder 2011 (0 00:02:10)
Flight video of my scratch built rocket "KC Chief" on a AeroTech I211R. It is a flight to about 2000 ft at the Kloudbuster's Rocket Pasture during Distant Thunder 2011 on November 13th. [View]

C6-5 Rocket Launch With a Minifigure!!! World First!!! (0 00:02:10)
I know its not a world first but its cool soon im going put a camra on board [View]

Vern Knowles' Coldfire - Fire in the Sky 2010 - 5/30/10 (0 00:02:10)
My only video from FITS this year. I was out recovering one of my flights when the flight for Coldfire was announced. In preparation to film it from the launch site, I had my camera with me, so I ... [View]

Rio Cato y Puente Cato - Coihueco (0 00:02:10)
Hoy sobrevolamos el Rio Cato , se muestra imágenes muy hermosas de nuestra ciudad, invitamos a que nos sigan en nuestro facebook Drone Coihueco y suscribirse y Pronto mostraremos mas Videos ... [View]

Covenant Christian HS TARC Rocket Team TI-Nspire STEM Project Challenge Nov 2011 (0 00:02:10)
October skies into November 2011 at the Covenant Christian High School athletic fields. Early launches of practice rockets for the 2012 TARC = Team America Rocketry Challenge. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine Dan Michael Honest John URRF 2013 (0 00:02:10)
Dan Michael's Honest John on an M-1500 at URRF 2013 [View]

Broken Arrow XP L900DM 8Oct2016 (0 00:02:10)
Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow XP flies to 10,088' on an AT L900DM motor during ROCtober launch at Lucerne Dry Lake on 8-Oct-2016. [View]

Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Hold Down Test (0 00:02:10)
Test Fire 1 and 2 of the Spectre 0, a test vehicle for thrust vectoring in the hopes of landing a model rocket propulsively. Test Flights are scheduled for the coming months! Please consider ... [View]

Bumbl-B mk VI flight #1 (I303BS-P, LDRS 35 Flight #2) (0 00:02:10)
CTI I303BS (Pro38-4G), dual-deploy (no motor eject). First flight of rocket in "mk VI" configuration, after re-build from previous failure replacing part of airframe with fiberglass (54mm Magna-Frame ... [View]

Big Dumb Rocket (0 00:02:10)
6" heavy rocket flying on an SRS J348 at the November 5, 2011 CMASS launch in Amesbury. [View]

karsnh 8/11 launch slow mo's and onboard (0 00:02:10)
karsnh model rocket launch slow motion launch pad camera keychain onboard. Onboard shots were taken from the estes riptide with a keychain camera taped to the side, running on a B6-4. [View]

USAFA Engineering 101 rocket launches from quadcopter (0 00:02:10)
On September 15, 2015, one of our certified RPA pilots filmed our freshmen rocket launches from a quad-copter with GoPro. [View]

NSWRA 250409 (0 00:02:10)
Handful of rocket launches from the NSWRA launch day 25/4/2009 [View]

Experimental X plane EDF maiden flight documented with TBS Caipirinha and Discovery clone (0 00:02:10)
A little Gopro video clip I made on the maiden flight of X tail EDF plane using launcher pad made by the Rocket R&D Division Team at LAPAN, the Indonesian Institute of Aeronautic and Space ,Space ... [View]

LOC Precision 4-29SS rocket flight at LDRS 35 (0 00:02:10)
Another successful flight of James E.'s LOC Precision 4-29SS, 19 years after its historic high power debut at ROCStock 19 in 1997. [View]

Cato Alexander Eikeland rapper i finalen Norske Talenter 23. mai 2014 (0 00:02:11)
Episoden ble vist på TV 2 23. mai 2014 kl 19:30. Les mer: Se hele episoder: [View]

AIRFest 18 Teaser (0 00:02:11)
The 2012 AirFest-18 was the one of a kind mega-event. The KLOUDBusters hosted the event on the legendary Rocket Pasture and attracted the largest assembly of Scale Rockets in the History of High ... [View]

Back in Black At MDRA Red Glare 13 (0 00:02:11)
This is the penultimate flight of "Back in Black". She flew on Friday morning to 9232 ft on an L1400 Loki reload in an AMW casing. The flight was picture perfect, recovering safely on a Rocketman R-9 ... [View]

Abu Garcia Revo® X Low Profile Reel Product Video (0 00:02:11)
Revo® trusted reliability and performance. Welcome the X to the lineup of the fourth generation of Revo® Low Profiles. Featuring the same forward-thinking design, durability and performance; the ... [View]

Onboard Rocket Video After Sunset (0 00:02:11)
This flight I launched shortly after sunset hoping for a cool "nightish-like" view. I have an AT Arreaux here with a "Key Chain Spy Cam" taped to the side launching with a G40-10W. Estimated ... [View]

Rocket Launch - The Hammer - 4 inch Darkstar DD - First Flight On CTI K675 Skidmark (0 00:02:11)
This is my new rocket - A 4 inch Wildman Darkstar - AKA -THE HAMMER - First Flight On CTI K675 Skidmark. On board footage with real time data. It took me 9 months to build this rocket and watching it ... [View]

Mini Windlance maximum performance launch (Estes A3-4T on a piston) (0 00:02:11)
Sorry for the poor tracking. These are seriously fast and very small. This was a final verification test to determine whether this model will be a viable entry for NARAM 61 in 2019. Indeed, it is ... [View]

Probe 1-C Model Rocket Launch with On Board Video (0 00:02:11)
First launch of the scratch built Probe 1-C with successful on board video. The probe 1-C is powered by a cluster of 7 Estes black powder motors (1 E9 and 6 C6). The flight took place at Post Rd. ... [View]

Punisher Drag Race ROCstock 41 (0 00:02:11)
Wildman Punisher K1440W nine rocket drag race at ROCstock 41 Lucerne Dry Lake June 13, 2015. [View]

Homemade Model Rocket Launch with onboard GoPro Camera (0 00:02:11)
I recently built a model rocket with the capacity to launch a GoPro 1300ft into the air. To determine what size solid fuel engine I should use, I weighed my rocket and then tripled that weight. For ... [View]


A High Power Rocket Launch For Science Projects (0 00:02:11)
A high power rocketry club from northern California is helping to launch the next generation of aerospace engineers and scientists. NASA experiments and spaceflight hardware, flown on homebuilt ... [View]

Estes Pro Series II Ventris - 240fps (0 00:02:11)
A couple flights of my Estes Pro Series II Ventris on an Aerotech F22 (both flights). [View]

PSAs: Widening Divide - What's Your Excuse - If I Close My Eyes (0 00:02:11)
Food Bank For New York City PSAs featuring Mario Batali, Stanley Tucci, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, Mike Mills, Jill Hennessy and Kimberley Locke; Stanley Tucci, Jimmy Fallon, Helena ... [View]

STS-123 TCDT (Launch Dress Rehearsel) (0 00:02:11)
Commander Dom Gorie, Pilot Greg Johnson and Mission Specialists Rick Linnehan, Bob Behnken, Mike Foreman, Garrett Reisman and Japanese astronaut Takao Doi are looking to rocket into orbit on March 11 ... [View]

RC thrust vectoring Jet plane - Nitroplanes Exceed F-35 with Bomb Drop (0 00:02:11)
This is my Exceed F-35 with some added servo-actuated bomb bay doors. I fill them with Nerf whistle darts and drop them. the bright orange color is easy to find and the whistle tips ... [View]

Chola Boot ||| Amazing Chola Boot ||| Street Foods ||| YouBee Foods (0 00:02:11)
Chola Muri ||| Amazing Chola Muri Street Food ||| YouBee Foods _________________________________________________________ YouBee: ... [View]

September 11th rocket launch (0 00:02:11)
A few clips from Jackson Model Rocketry Club's 9/11 rocket launch. I launched a Loki I405, my most powerful rocket yet! Enjoy! [View]

Northwest HS NASA-SLI test launch 3-13-2010.wmv (0 00:02:11)
The Northwest High School (Fort Worth, TX) NASA-SLI team launched their full-scale project rocket on March 13, 2010 at the Hearne Municipal Airport in Hearne, TX at a regularly scheduled Houston ... [View]

HTTP-3A Stage-1 & Stage-2 Thrust Vector Control Hybrid Rocket Engine Hot-Fire Test-9 (0 00:02:11)
--HTTP-3A Project-- Stage-1 & Stage-2 Thrust Vector Control (TVC) Engine: 1,200 N Thrust Level H2O2 Engine H2O2/Plastics Hybrid Rocket Engine Hot-Fire Test-9: 50 seconds oops...the fuel burned ... [View]

Estes Pro Series II Launch Controller (0 00:02:11)
This video gives you some basic features of the Estes Industries Pro Series II Launch Controller. [View]

Corporate Video (0 00:02:11)
For more than 60 years Amada has been at the forefront of the fabrication industry, providing machine tools that set the standard for performance and reliability. The Amada Group is now an ... [View]

Aerotech Initiator on a G76-7G (0 00:02:11)
Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) June 27, 2010 Tom Shoemaker's Aerotech Initiator on a G76-7G [View]

V2 Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Camera (0 00:02:11)
This was our second successful launch of the V2 with a GoPro camera mounted inside the rocket. At 1:35 you can see the parachute deploying. [View]

roti ko taza rakhny ka totka/roti naram rakhny ka totka/desi totka/desi health tips/ik official (0 00:02:11)
Chapati Taza Rakhnay K Liye Kuch log kurkuri chapati khana pasand kartay hein to kuch log naram or khasta. Khusoosan umar raseeda afrad k liye to naram chapati hi behtar hoti hein. Chapati kuch dair ... [View]

Model rocket vertical landing - Attempt 2 (Onboard CAM) - June 10th, 2017 (0 00:02:12)
ENG Onboard cam recording the attempt 2 flight of a modified rocked model, featuring 3 deployable legs for vertical landing. Lateral wind pushed the model while descending, hitting the ground ... [View]

Mecury Crash 25 Sept 2016 (0 00:02:12)
Model Rocket...Mercury Redstone does a nose dive crash. check out [View]

2 Stage Rocket with Onboard Camera (0 00:02:12)
My second flight of Pinacle 2 with a G80 staging to a G80 3 seconds later. Onboard altimeter read 4640' but this flight had arced over horribly even before the second stage ignited. Recovery was ... [View]

Rotary Revolution 05 (0 00:02:12) - To prevent the rotor hub from sliding backwards along the graphite shaft, you'll need to install a little tube that acts as a stop. This video shows you how to position ... [View]

Level 1 Cert Attempt - Thrusty McThrustFace (0 00:02:12)
"In Thrust We Trust" The attempt was successful! The rocket was built to handle the needs of an L2 cert as well, and will launch again as an L2 attempt. For more info: ... [View]

Phoenix rocket glider (0 00:02:12)
Joe Grubb's Aerotech Phoenix rocket glider at FORKS field in Amanda, OH. Aerotech G8 motor. [View]

Estes "Magician" launching on D12-5 (0 00:02:12)
This is my first attempt to launch the Estes "Magician" rocket on a D12-5 engine. This rocket will also take the larger E9-6 engine, but as you can tell from the video, the smaller D12-5 gives it ... [View]

2018.05.19.BRB.02 (0 00:02:12)
A few rockets from the May 19th 2018 launch with the Birmingham Rocket Boys. [View]

Experimental Rocket Guidance, Paul Breed (0 00:02:12)
Paul Breed's experimental guidance project. Three Cesaroni K-motors were set in gimbals for vertical stabilization guidance control. Control ended when motor burn out complete. Test conducted at the ... [View]

Video captures flying objects that officials can't explain (0 00:02:12)
Mysterious drone-like objects have been flying over Colorado and Nebraska in recent weeks, but authorities can't figure out who is responsible for the aircraft. #CNN #News [View]

Level 2 High Power Rocketry Certification (Onboard camera) (0 00:02:12)
This is my Level 2 TRA (Tripoli Rocketry Association) certification flight. It was a great flight on a J350. The flight went to 3580 feet and had a perfect duel-deploy recovery about 1/2 mile away. [View]

HUNCH Culinary Challenge @ The Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville AL. 02/08/2018 (0 00:02:12)
High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) event captured in timelapse format with GoPro5 Sessions cameras on 02/08/2018. I did this project on my own time and with my own ... [View]

GoPro: Experimental Rockets to 30,000 Feet (0 00:02:12)
Deep in the New Mexico desert, strap in for the Spaceport America Cup, Intercollegiate Rocket Competition where 10-50 foot tall experimental rockets launch to altitudes of 30,000 feet. Max ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch (2011) (0 00:02:12)
Launch of a 6 foot tall model rocket with a D engine. [View]

Onboard a Rocket to 4356' (0 00:02:12)
I was at Fire and Ice 2012 for the day and decided to throw my BSD "38 Special" up on an Aerotech I284W. Great winter time launch. Pretty cool to recover it on a frozen lake. [View]

High-Power Rocketry Flight with 720p HD Camera (0 00:02:12)
A 4" x 8-foot / 7.5 pound high-power rocket ("Thing One") on a 4-grain 38mm Cesaroni I255 Red Lightning motor. A full high-def 720p camera was taped to the side. Max altitude was 2,264 feet, and ... [View]

Bullet Proof I245 (0 00:02:12)
A Giant Leap rocket kit launched with the Aerotech I245G. Reached an altitude of 2354 feet. [View]

Amazeing Chitoi Pitha Only5TK || Street Foods || YouBee Foods (0 00:02:12)
Amazeing Chitoi Pitha Only5TK _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: http ... [View]

Gold Member Rocket Launch - Onboard Video (0 00:02:12)
This is an onboard video of Travis Music's "Gold Member" model rocket. An Estes D12-5 motor was used. The chute was broken, so hang on! [View]

Model Rocket launch - Multiple angles - GoPro, SJ2000, iPhone 5s (0 00:02:12)
Thanks for watching. ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦═╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║ ... [View]

Scout C5 Launch - Oct 4 2017 (0 00:02:12)
The Signal flight computer plotted and executed a 3 degree course correction maneuver about 0.8 seconds into flight to keep itself vertical. Very hard to see in this footage; more exaggerated tests ... [View]

Viper - MDRA ESL 154 (0 00:02:12)
Scott Tyrrell's "Viper" rocket on a EX 6000 n/s M2000 Green motor of my making. MDRA ESL 154 launch on 3/20/2011. [View]

Haven't done this in years! (0 00:02:12)
I haven't flown model rockets since I was a child! So I had a rocket kit with all of the fixings that has been sitting in my closet for years. One day it was raining and I had the day off. I decided ... [View]

Estes Crayon launch filmed with Yuneec Q500 (0 00:02:12)
The Estes Crayon is an 18" almost ready to fly rocket capable of up to 550' (165m) of altitude. Catching the launch (and not much else) is the Yuneec Q500 Aerial Photography Platform, filming in ... [View]

On-Board Little Dog (Dual-Deploy) Rocket - Flight 3 (0 00:02:12)
On-board my dual-deploy rocket at Tripoli Central California on July 16, 2011. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Little Dog" fiberglass with Telemetrum avionics flying on an ... [View]

Estes Mean Machine Blows up on the Stand Not Once But Twice (0 00:02:12)
What's up Everybody? Thanks for Watching! ... [View]

Tripoli Hearne Rocket Launch 12/13/2014 (0 00:02:13)
Way back in 2014 we were into High Power Rocketry. This video was taken from a digital key chain sized HD camera strapped to the side of one my rockets. I found some archive footage in an old ... [View]

Trajector-F42 Blue Thunder (0 00:02:13)
My Trajector flying on an F42 Blue Thunder for the last flight of the day at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020. She flew to an altitude of 1194 feet at a speed of 239mph (maybe). Despite ... [View]

High Power Rocketry - "Ursa Major" first flight (0 00:02:13)
First flight of my high power rocket "Ursa Major" at Quad Cities Rocket Society's Memorial Day launch (Mini Midwest Power). May 23, 2015. The rocket reached a maximum velocity of 351 miles per hour ... [View]

Estes Park Mountain Log Home with private lake by Everrett Schneider @ (970) 221-4300 (0 00:02:13)
WW Auctions- Everrett Schneider (970) 221-4300 164 Dunraven Glade Road in Glen Haven Colorado is a Mountain beauty. A private fishing lake with recreational rights, and 1/2 mile of river frontage. ... [View]

MiniSShot Tower Test (0 00:02:13)
A test of a tower launcher at Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR), in consideration for use with the Mini Sugar Shot (MiniSShot) rocket, part of the Sugar Shot To Space program. It's at 1/10th speed ... [View]

The Fall - 1990 Unofficial 'White Lightning' video (0 00:02:13)
Directed by TIm Riley. I've always been a big fan of The Fall. In 1990 Mark E Smith was having difficulty getting Polygram, their new label, to cough up some money for a video of The Fall's new ... [View]

Quicksilver, Aerotech H100 White Lightning (0 00:02:13)
Quicksilver rocket flying on an H100 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on August 18th, 2018 [View]

Fountain International Magnet School Science Day Rocket Launch.wmv (0 00:02:13)
Rocket launch in front of over 400 children,parents, and event volunteers at the Fountain International Magnet School on May 12,2011 in Pueblo, Colorado. Other presenters were: The United States Air ... [View]

Gold Member Rocket Launch - Onboard Video (0 00:02:13)
This is an onboard video of Travis Music's "Gold Member" model rocket. An Estes D12-5 motor was used. The chute was broken, so hang on! [View]

Estes Park, CO Real Estate Property Tour - Soaring Heights Aerial Productions LLC Demo (0 00:02:13)
Soaring Heights Aerial Productions LLC is a drone operation organization our of Colorado that provides all-encompassing, affordable and top quality custom videos and photo stills for a variety of ... [View]

Barracuda launch #2 (0 00:02:13)
Aerotech Barracuda on a G76-7G engine, launched 4/18/2010, at SARA's April launch. I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 feet. I have no idea why it spins so badly -- I think I'll put ... [View]

Master Blaster - Car launch (0 00:02:13)
Flying Mini Coopers launched with very large model rocket motors. [View]

rocketry 2014.01.11 final edition (0 00:02:13)
"franken-rocket" with flycam one eco on new klima d9-7 motor pics on [View]

BTS Jungkook - 'Contrail (비행운)' (Cover) [Han|Rom|Eng lyrics] (0 00:02:13)
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED BTS Jungkook - 'Contrail (비행운)' (Cover) [Han|Rom|Eng lyrics] *Original Track : Moonmoon (문문) - Contrail (비행운) #14DaysOfAshleygold25 - Day 14 ... [View]

Oklahoma Spirit (0 00:02:13)
Oklahoma Spirit project by Tulsa Rocketry. This upscale Armageddon flew on an Aerotech M2400 motor on 10-21-07 in Pawhuska Oklahoma at the High Frontier 4 Regional Rocket Launch. [View]

ALTDuino Altimeter Flight #64 (0 00:02:13)
A risky flight with a heavy rocket carrying a RC Logger HD2 flown on a Klima D9-P. [View]

4 inch V2 doing dual deployment using the Tender Descender (0 00:02:13)
This was an excellent flight of the 4 inch diameter 38 inch tall V2. This time we flew it almost out of sight, to 2860 feet, on an I-211. We recovered it using the "1 plus 3" parachute configuration ... [View]

Rocket flights - Air Meet 2014 (0 00:02:13)
Cool High Power Rocket flights sponsored by Boris Katan's Midnight Express and Saucer of DOOM Mike G's scale Bullpup [View]

Mercury Redstone - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator 2010 (0 00:02:13) Facebook. Advances, pictures, details, comments. On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard piloted the Freedom 7 mission and became the second person, and the first ... [View]

SRM-2010 Saturn 1B (0 00:02:13)
SRM-2010 Saturn 1B model rocket [View]

Comanche 3 Launch - April 25, 2010 - Onboard Video (0 00:02:13)
Estes Comanche 3 model rocket launch with on board video. Launched April 25, 2010 from 60 Acre Park in Redmond, WA. The camera, about the size of a key fob was attached with masking tape just above ... [View]

Epic Rocket Launches-Model Rockets GoPro (0 00:02:13)
Rocket Launches filmed with Go Pro and Sony DSLR. Epic rocket launches! Launch your first rocket Rocket Launches in Science Class Rocketry! [View]

2010 Tarc #5 - Team Spirit (0 00:02:13)
Fifth of 7 videos taken at the 2010 Team America Rocketry Contest. This video shows various teams that competed. [View]

Ryan C - I357T (0 00:02:13)
My L1 cert (lol) from XPRS 2013. Kwiksilver 2.1" G12 nose and airframe. laser cut metal fins. mailing tube 38mm mmt. 5 feet tall. ~8lbs. on an Aerotech I357 blue thunder motor. 2nd flight on that ... [View]

The Misadventures - V2 Model Rocket (0 00:02:13)
Jay and Joseph go make and launch a model rocket before Jay and Justice leave to Colorado. Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE HERE: ... [View]

AirFest XV (0 00:02:13)
AirFest 15, put on by the Kloudbusters club. Basically high-power rocketry out in the middle of nowhere (Argonia, KS). Yee haw. Song: "Logan To Government Center" by Brand New. [View]

Stefan Banic Model Rocket Launch 2 - Onboard Camera (0 00:02:14)
Model Rocket Launch - with Onboard Camera Music by ACDC - TNT [View]

Plane landing in Spain avoids collision with another plane on runway (0 00:02:14)
A pilot of a UTair Boeing 767 aborted his landing at Barcelona's El Prat Airport after another jet was crossing the runway - and it was all caught on video. [View]

2011-04-30 Flight 3 - SuperHorizion J144 (0 00:02:14)
See for more info. [View]

CHAD Stage on a Sweet Vee Rocket Glider (0 00:02:14)
CHeap And Dirty two stage rocket powered flight! I was lucky enough to meet with joshuawfinn and fly rockets with him. Check out his channel! [View]

Bio Hazard II (0 00:02:14)
Video of Jeremy's Bio Hazard II. Both from the ground and on-board. [View]

Outlander Rocket Launch Midwest Power 3 (0 00:02:14)
Rocket Launch Outlander Midwest Power 3 (2005) [View]

talon 4 Rocket Onboard video (0 00:02:14)
Talon 4 rocket flying on on a Hypertek J330 at XPRS 08 [View]

Onboard Video from Current Water Rocket Altitude Record (2020 Feet) (0 00:02:14)
World record flight of 2020 feet (615.69 meters), for rocket powered by water and compressed air. Onboard video taken by US Water Rockets' X-12 water rocket June 14, 2007. Second flight of two ... [View]

AYUCR II Video Rocket at NARAM 50 (0 00:02:14)
AYUCR II Video rocket carrying a Canon SD300 digital camera in video mode flying on an AT I161 at NARAM 50 in Virginia [View]

My flight at Airfest 23 (0 00:02:14)
I still haven't named this rocket, but she continues to treat me well with a new personal altitude record -- 15,940' at Mach 1.18. [View]

Mudrock 2009 Launch 3 (0 00:02:14)
This is the third launch of the sustainer of a 4 inch 2 stage rocket. It was launched on a J415. Apogee was 4400ft. [View]

Types of piling commonly used in Malaysia PSAS (0 00:02:14)
-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool ... [View]

Estes Trajector Launch 8-20-17 (0 00:02:14)
Here is my Estes Trajector rocket that I launched at FFC on an Estes f15-8. Hope you enjoy, all I have is the on board footage. [View]

RC Space Shuttle Buran Rocket Glider (0 00:02:14)
RC Space Shuttle Buran Rocket Glider, 1st flight on 24mm E-6, second and third flight on E-12 24mm Rocket motors. [View]

WAC AP Checkride - High-Speed Video - Sunday 4/25/10 (0 00:02:14)
My high-speed video clips from Sunday at the Washington Aerospace Club's AP Checkride launch. If memory serves, the first flight is on an Estes D12. The second and third flights are both Estes Der ... [View]

Hybrid R Rocket Prep (0 00:02:14)
Jeff's hybrid rocket was rebuilt, for the fifth time, hoping for a successful launch this year at BALLS in the Black Rock Desert. They were rushing to get it ready before the sand storms blew in... ... [View]

Quest Aerospace Micro Maxx Engines at work (and Play) (0 00:02:14)
Launching a Micro Maxx Engine in a 3" styrofoam ball with three pieces of a drinking straw holding the ball just above the ground. The Webelos Scouts were launching Prirate Victory Flares. The Quest ... [View]

contrail hybrids rocket motors flights sept 2017 Bavaria - launch pad slow mo (0 00:02:14)
4x contrail hybrids rocket motors flights sept 2017 Bavaria. 2x J impulse with Sparky II fuel and 2x K impulse with Sparky II and White Smoke Fuels... [View]

Best of British BSA (0 00:02:14)
DVD available here: Download also available: This in-depth video tells the full story of the BSA, from its beginnings in the armaments trade of the ... [View]

2014 Feb LUNAR Launch - David and John's Rocket Launches (0 00:02:14)
Beautiful mild Winter Day during this dry California Winter. LUNAR's first launch of 2014, Snow Ranch, near Stockton, CA. Had to launch and leave... one flight, Wildman 3" Shredder on an Aerotech ... [View]

Sky Spy: Video From a Rocket (0 00:02:14)
This is the first time I've actually gotten my onboard video to work properly! I wanted to start small, so I build this little low powered rocket on an E9 motor. The altitude was lowsy, as you can ... [View]

Hammerhead and Prangle's Drag Race, Onboard! (0 00:02:14)
Small Spy Camera launched in the Hammerhead, a rocket I designed souly for this camera. The Camera weighs less than 3/4 of an ounce, allowing it to be launched by even a C6 motor. This launch was on ... [View]

Installing a Copperhead Igniter (0 00:02:14)
How to install an Aerotech Copperhead igniter. [View]

Hybrid Blue auf einen AT I161 am RJD 2009 (0 00:02:15)
Flug meiner 'Hybrid Blue' auf einen Aerotech I161W Kamera: Sony Cybershot Flughöhe: 1959 ft. ___________________ Flight of my rocket 'Hybrid Blue' on an Aerotech I161, the video was ... [View]

MARS Rocket Club Launch Day (0 00:02:15)
Just a taste of the action on the club's launch day. Great rocket science group for both beginners and experts alike in the greater Rochester area. Visit for more information. [View]

Model rocket onboard video June 20, 2009 (0 00:02:15)
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" scratch-built rocket with G78-4 motor. Separate parachutes for Aiptek HD-1 camcorder and rocket sections. Rocket ... [View]

LOHAN: AeroTech rocket motor test (0 00:02:15)
We give the proposed powerplant for our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) project's Vulture 2 spaceplane a blast. The AeroTech RC 32/60-100NS is a glider motor with no ejection charge. ... [View]

James' Patriot Level 1 recertification flight at Plaster Blaster 9 (0 00:02:15)
James' 4" Patriot launch on an Aerotech I154J. The certification attempt was successful. [View]

Thrust Vector Control Rocket Built Part 1 (0 00:02:15)
Hi guys in this video I am going to show you'll my Thrust Vector control rockets progress so I hope you'll enjoy the video and follow along me I was inspired by a YouTuber and rocket builder named ... [View]

Kaos "M" powered Rocket filmed from Phantom 2 (0 00:02:15)
filmed the launch of Russ's Kaos 2 Rocket on a M motor using my Phantom 2 and a gopro at Midland Rocket Club on the 13th March 2016 [View]

Star Orbiter (0 00:02:15)
Maiden flight, Estes Star Orbiter E16-6 [View]

Giant Leap Vertical Assault K360 (0 00:02:15)
GLR Vertical Assault on a CTI 54mm 3 grain K360 to 6000'. Clouds were a little lower than estimated from the ground, whoops. Tripoli Tampa, 20 Feb 16. [View]

Modified LOC Bruiser (0 00:02:15)
The first flight is my Level 2 certification flight on a J350W. I lengthened the body by 20 inches and added an avionics bay near the base of the rocket just above the fins. [View]

Making Reinhardt's helmet part 3 (0 00:02:15)
making reinhardt's helmet from overwatch Pepakura link Reinhardt helmet link i used ... [View]

Javelin 2.5" upscale almost breaks the sound barrier (0 00:02:15)
This quick afternoon flight of my 2.5" upscale of the Estes Javelin nearly broke the sound barrier at Mach 0.9. The onboard altimeter recorded an altitude of 3,664 ft (1.1km) with a top speed of 691 ... [View]

First dual deploy flight - Raw video (0 00:02:15)
I took a LOC Onyx rocket and added a 3inch electronics bay and payload section to it. Fitted with an ADEPT 22 dual deploy altimeter the rocket was sent up for its first flight at the MDRA launch on ... [View]

Bob Haas N4000BB (0 00:02:15)
This is Bob Haas' Orion (Performance Rocketry 9" Honest John with normal nose cone) on an AMW N4000BB at the PMW March 10, 2007 launch [View]

Onboard Video Rocket Launch- Level 1 certification (0 00:02:15)
(The date and time on the camera are wrong; this was filmed on April 9, 2011) I got my level one today, launching an ARCAS all fiberglass rocket on an Aerotech H180W at Lucerne Dry Lake. Watch the ... [View]

North Coast Rocketry - Bounty Hunter launch on 11/05/17 - C.R.A.S.H. Group NAR #482 (0 00:02:15)
Flight video of the North Coast Rocketry Mid-Power Bounty Hunter on Sunday November 5, 2017 at the Colorado C.R.A.S.H. (Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyist) group NAR #482. This was with ... [View]

High power rocket launch with on-board camera (0 00:02:15)
This launch used an AeroTech G-40-7 Motor. The Rocket was 6' tall and 3" diameter. Weight was 3-lbs. Altitude not known but at least 3,000 feet. The music is from the (Bolder Damn album) (Dead ... [View]

NASA-SLI Northwest HS (TX) Boostervision Test 2-20-2010 (0 00:02:15)
Northwest high School, Fort Worth, TX - participating in the 2009-2010 NASA Student Launch Initiative (NASA-SLI) program. Teams from 13 high schools across the country participate in this program to ... [View]

Rocket Changes Spin Direction Twice! (0 00:02:15)
This is a scratch built duel deployment rocket flown on a CTI G54 longburn Red Lightning motor. Very cool how it changes spin direction twice! Raven altimeter altitude of 4000' Apogee streamer ... [View]

V-2 at Spring Blast 2010 launching on a M1600 R.wmv (0 00:02:15)
This was my L3 rocket launch at Rainbow Valley in Arizona. It was a Polecat 10" kit and was assembled per the instructions. There were many pieces added to the rocket to make it truer to the 1/6th ... [View]

High Power Rocket on a k550 NEW (0 00:02:15)
My friend Lances Rocket going up on a Aerotech K550 and recovering by parachute successfully 10-17-09 (My daughters first atempt at shooting a rocket video.) [View]

Prowler 6th Launch (D12-3) (0 00:02:15)
6th Launch of Estes Pro Series II Prowler [View]

Sumo H90 6WH launch (0 00:02:15)
A video of my Sumo launch, using a CTI H90 with a six second delay and a Jolly Logic chute release set at 500 feet. [View]

14x upscale GeminiDC (0 00:02:15)
Upscale Rocketry's 14X upscale GeminiDC launched at LDRS 26 at Jean dry lake, NV. Check out more about this rocket at [View]

Level One Certification Launch (0 00:02:16)
Launch of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 named "Flying Colors" on my successful TRA Level 1 certification flight. Launched on a Cesaroni 38mm 538I303BS-16A. [View]

Epic Cluster Rocket Launch (0 00:02:16)
launch photos: This video is from the on-board videocam. My son designed and built this rocket from scratch. At first, the central Cesaroni ... [View]

Strong Arm-G54 Redline (0 00:02:16)
The Strong Arm flying on a G54 Redline at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020 [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 37 - Centering Ring on the Display Nozzles (0 00:02:16) - In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket you'll attach the forward centering ring to the display nozzle ... [View]

4" Patriot on twin Aerotech G79-7W Motors (0 00:02:16)
Launch of my 4" Patriot Model Rocket. It flew on twin Aerotech G79-7W Motors to an alitutde of 1332ft (via PerfectFlite HiAlt altimeter readings). Even i high winds it still landed closer to the pad ... [View]

LOC Onyx Drag Race (0 00:02:16)
NARAM 45, Evansville, IN - 6 models in one drag race; KRA members load the racks for some sporty fun. [View]

CMASS Model Rocket Launch (0 00:02:16)
At an event hosted by the Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society, rocket enthusiasts launched about 200 model rockets in Acton Aug. 18. [View]

Hypertek J250 Flight (0 00:02:16)
54mm Diameter Scratch Built G-10 Airframe. Fill was a bit short. Should have seen 4,500 feet but only managed 2,841. [View]

RCS Rocket Motor Components - Speaking on Business (0 00:02:16)
Rocket launching is a legal hobby as long as all federal and state regulations are followed. That's why RCS Rocket Motor Components manufactures rocket motors and also creates rocket kits to allow ... [View]

Jan6overlay (0 00:02:16)
January 6th - Hutto Texas. Scratch fiberglass 3" rocket. PerfectFliteCF (main) and EggFinder TRS (backup). Dual deploy. AeroTech J825. Camera is onboard RunCam2. [View]

University Rocket Club (0 00:02:16)
University of Minnesota Rocket Club President David Kittell launches the Freedom 8. Matthew Kojetin for the Minnesota Daily [View]

Peake Rocketry Fun - 2017 - Drone! (0 00:02:16)
Mr. Morrison and Mr. Fry teamed up for your enjoyment with these highlights of 6th and 7th period rocket launches from May 17, 2017. [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry StratoDart RC rocket glider Kit description and flight (0 00:02:16)
Dynasoar Rocketry StratoDart RC rocket glider Kit description and flight. 11.5 oz rtf, 23" wingspan, 38" long, uses 24mm E-6RC aerotech motors. Available at [View]

ALCS Gm4: Clemens ejected for disputing strike zone (0 00:02:16)
10/10/90: Roger Clemens is ejected by home-plate umpire Terry Cooney for disputing the strike zone Check out for more! About About Baseball Commissioner Allan ... [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 12 - Designing Custom Fins (0 00:02:16) - Create Custom Fins [View]

Video of Blue Alley Oop (0 00:02:16)
Key chain camera onboard video. [View]

Zooch Shuttle Turn Tests (0 00:02:16)
My Dr. Zooch Space Shuttle model rocket flew great, but the glider would always fly straight. Several people on The Rocketry Forum (TRF) reported theirs would circle the rocket on the way down. This ... [View]

Estes Scrambler Egg Launch (0 00:02:16)
My 30 year old Estes Scrambler launching a raw egg using 3 B6-4 engines. [View]

April 2018 Scott Szympruch Nike Smoke (0 00:02:17)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 19 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

GoPro Awards: Worlds Highest Rock Climbing Wall (0 00:02:17)
Climbers Daniel Krug, Hank Caylor, and Max Fanning climb the world's highest climbing wall, suspended underneath a hot air balloon at 4,000ft. Check out more from Denver Climbing Company: ... [View]

Nike Smoke November 11, 2018 at SOJARS, 2 views (0 00:02:17)
Nike Smoke on a Cesaroni G68-7W (White) at SOJARS, Nov 11, 2018. On board video using a Mobius 2 mini camera. Chute release at 500 feet. [View]

Astro Cam Estes Model Rocket Inaugural Flight (0 00:02:17)
This is the first launch of the Estes Astro Cam model rocket, with an onboard camera. We nearly lost it. Phew, we got it in the end :) [View]

NARAM-52-8-4-2010.mp4 (0 00:02:17)
Onboard rocket video. GearCam DVR. Rocket is Omega on D12-0/D12-7 motors. [View]

LDRS 31 - Son of Godzilla (0 00:02:17)
Son of Godzilla flying on Friday afternoon at LDRS 31. This is the most power I've flown in this rocket - 1 core N3000 monolithic grain partial-finocyl with 15500 n/s, and 3 - 2800 n/s L1000 motors ... [View]

UCF USLI Competition Launch - Onboard Video (0 00:02:17)
University of Central Florida launched the rocket "Knight Rider" to an altitude of 5210 ft when shooting for a targeted mile. This was the closest launch to a mile in a competition of 29 teams ... [View]

Estes Snitch on a C6-0 (0 00:02:17)
Estes Snitch on a C6-0 at SARG Launch [View]

Dolphin 7 CTI K820 Blue Streak (0 00:02:17)
PML Pterodactyl - 28 lb pad weight. [View]

Looney Tunes Classic | Mars Ultimatum | Boomerang Official (0 00:02:17)
Daffy and Marvin Martian arrive on Mars at the same time and battle it out over who can claim it first. ABOUT THE LOONEY TUNES: The Looney Tunes revolve around characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck ... [View]

Bruiser EXP on AMW L1100 airstarting 2 J-360's onboard video (0 00:02:17)
My Loc Bruiser "Red White and Blue" onboard video flown at Red Glare 3. This time she flew on a AMW L1100 Red Rhino and then airstarted two J360's Cesaroni 6 grain Pro 38 motors at the L1100 burnout ... [View]

Two Stage High Power Airstart Onboard Rocket Video Dec. 19, 2009- "Airstart 1" (0 00:02:17)
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. Maiden flight for "Airstart 1" scratch-built 61" tall rocket from PML and Aerotech parts. H180-4 booster motor and G80-10 upper ... [View]

Astrocam 2 Stage-2 D12s (0 00:02:17)
The Astrocam flying 2-stage on 2 D12s at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on October 19, 2019 [View]

Magnum M Rocket at NARAM-38 (0 00:02:17)
The flight of Ross Dunton's "M" powered Magnum Rocket at NARAM-38 in Evansville, Indiana. [View]

Cousins Rockets Quadcopters 20181123 (0 00:02:17)
Filming my kids, their cousins, and my first rocket launch with the DJI Spark. Also playing with active track. [View]

Big Bertha launch with AstroCam (0 00:02:17)
The third launch of my Estes "Big Bertha" rocket, this time with the Estes AstroCam onboard! [View]

Space Shuttle Buran RC Rocket glider flights on E-12 24mm motors (0 00:02:17)
Space Shuttle Buran RC Rocket glider flights on E-12 24mm motors Depron foam, 39" long, 14 ounces rtf. [View]

Mr. Steele's First FPV Race. (0 00:02:17)
My First FPV mini quad race. I will say I did not think i would like racing, but this track was pretty damn cool. It was very tight and technical, which i think suited my flying style. as usual with ... [View]

Qu8k - MultiCam On-board Video - High Altitude Rocket Launch (0 00:02:17)
Showing the views from a FlipHD and a GoPro side by side you get a first hand view of what it is like to fly to 121,000 feet. These cameras flew on September 30, 2011 at 11:08am on Derek Deville's ... [View]

North Coast Rocketry Eliminator - NCR Estes High Impulse - 11/05/17 - C.R.A.S.H. Group NAR #482 (0 00:02:17)
Flight video of the North Coast Rocketry / Estes High Impulse ELIMINATOR on Sunday November 5, 2017 at the Colorado C.R.A.S.H. (Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyist) group NAR #482. This ... [View]

Special Chola Boot Recipe || Street Foods || YouBee Foods (0 00:02:17)
Special Chola Boot Recipe _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https:// ... [View]

UofL Rocketry Team Wins NASA Title (0 00:02:17)
The River City Rocketry Team made up of UofL students has won the national championship [View]

Mad Max - CTI J760 - 4187' (0 00:02:17)
4" Mad Max Southern Thunder 6/23/2013 CTI J760 4187' [View]

Scratch built Radio Controlled rocket boosted Bomarc Missile (0 00:02:17)
Scratch built Radio Controlled rocket boosted Bomarc Missile [View]

Rocksim Tutorial #7 (0 00:02:17) - [View]

Rocket with on-board camera (FPV) - STEM Club Rocket Launch 6/2/2018 (0 00:02:17)
(Launch at 0:25) The model is an Estes Magician, flying on an E9-8. Video was down-linked live to Fatshark Dominator v3's. Camera was a "tiny whoop" FPV 5.8 GHz camera/transmitter combo. (The work of ... [View]

Super Scorpion. (0 00:02:18)
My scratch-built model rocket named 'Super Scorpion' flying on a Cesaroni L1050 blue streak. Flight was part of the Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry's August 28, 2016 launch. [View]

"Vital Signs" High-power Rocket Launch 20150912 (0 00:02:18)
Launch of my Rush-themed rocket "Vital Signs" on September 12, 2015 with Tripoli Minnesota at our awesome North Branch MN sod farm field. Rocket is a modified Madcow 4" Little John with an altimeter ... [View]

Plaster City Launches (0 00:02:18)
This video documents USCRPL's launches at Plaster City with Tripoli San Diego on March 3-4, 2012. Jason launched his "Falcon 9th" three times on I, J, and M motors to get Tripoli-certified. Miles and ... [View]

High Power Rocket Freefalls From 1,500 Feet! (0 00:02:18)
Scratch-built from 2" diameter mailing tubes, "Air Mail" is 53" tall and weighs 23 ounces. G80-10 Blue Thunder Aerotech single use motor. Homemade 10" mylar drogue chute broke and fouled the main ... [View]

High Power Rocket Level Three Certification Attempt - M1297 (0 00:02:18)
Mike Passaretti's level three certification attempt at the 3rd annual Williams Wildfire Westernationals in Western Australia on June 5th 2011. Rocket is a scratch built design "Aerobi 1" flying on ... [View]

Ridgeland High 2010 TARC rocket onboard video (0 00:02:18)
Onboard video ($6 keychain camera) on the TARC rocket belonging to Ridgeland High Team 3 [View]

Estes Code Red Model Rocket Launch (HD) (0 00:02:18)
Estes Code Red Model Rocket Launch with class B6-4 engines. [View]

Support the Portland State Aerospace Society, Oregon's home-grown space program (0 00:02:18)
For more information, visit: To view our project, visit: [View]

Talon 4 rocket (0 00:02:18)
This was the first, and unfortunately the only flight of this rocket, which was 92" tall and 4" in diameter. I loaded it with a K695 redline motor. It flew quite well, but... well, you will see what ... [View]

MiniSShot Flight 4-25-2010 (0 00:02:18)
First flight of the MiniSShot rocket in the Sugar Shot to Space project. Sound of motor CATO or break up at 1:03. [View]

Project Ares V preview (0 00:02:18)
A preview to the upcoming maiden flight of the Project Ares V model rocket. Currently its still in the building stages, but will be ready for flight in two weeks. Stay tuned. [View]

Aerotech Mustang - Last Flight of NSL 2012 - CTI H54 Classic Motor (0 00:02:18)
Seemed like the best way to end NSL 2012 was to put an H54 Classic White in my Aerotech Mustang and capture the footage onboard. Though most people had left ... [View]

AirFest 2012 "Three Stooges Drag Race" (0 00:02:18)
Three, 3" minimum diameter rockets with 3 Moonburners. Provided here for your entertainment. So fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the show! [View]

US Predator destroys rocket launcher in Libya (0 00:02:18)
US has begun using unmanned drones in the ongoing conflict in Libya. NATO announced that US Predator drones bombed military equipment belonging to Muammar Gaddafi's forces in Misrata on Saturday. ... [View]

Wildman Demon / AT J250W DMS High Power Rocket (0 00:02:18)
12-3-16. Three Oaks, MI. Launched on a J250W DMS. First motor was a CATO. No damage to the rocket, so I tried again. Tried a newer J250W and all went well. Missile Works RRC3 recorded 2533 feet. [View]

Berklee College of Music Student Profile- Sirma Munyar (0 00:02:18)
Student vocalist and songwriter Sirma Munyar talks about her studies at Berklee College of Music, her musical background in Turkey, and how her classmates helped her artistry. Facebook: htt ... [View]

Quest Harpoon AGM-85 Launch Pad "Fire" Dud C6-5 Engine (0 00:02:18)
First attempt at a maiden launch of my Quest Harpoon AGM-85 model rocket on a C6-5 engine. The engine ignited, spewing a fine orange flame typical of what you expect to see at liftoff. Only there was ... [View]

Skywriting (0 00:02:19)
Doing some skywriting with the sticker rocket on a D10-7 (Way to long of a delay), two other rockets as well, though I did not get rocket cam footage from the last rocket. [View]

Sepember 3rd Rocket Camera (0 00:02:19)
September 3rd Rocket Launch at Underhill Central School, VT [View]

Chuck Haislip's L3 (0 00:02:19)
Chuck Haislip launches his 10" Nike Smoke on an Aerotech M2100G for Level 3 certification. [View]

Model Rocket Launch! (Estes Taser Rocket) (0 00:02:19)
Interesting how I launched this on the same day SpaceX launched! [View]

KSP: Falcon 9 Landing - Real Solar System (0 00:02:19)
Kerbal Space Program recreation of upcoming Falcon 9 Orbcomm 2 mission with first stage recovery. Falcon 9 in a new “Full Thrust” configuration is expected to depart Cape Canaveral at 20:29 ... [View]

Apogee Madcow Level-2 Rocket, Aerotech J415W, TCC Helm CA Maddox Dairy Farm July 2016 (0 00:02:19)
A full 1280 N-s J Impulse White Lightning motor in an 11.5 lb rocket... Launch Event: TCC July 2016 Launch Location: Maddox Diary Farm, Helm CA Rocket: Madcow/Apogee "Level-2" Motor: Aerotech RMS ... [View]

ARG 6 (Arizona Rocket Gathering) (0 00:02:19)
AHPRA (Arizona High Power Rocketry Assoc) hosted ARG 6 in Rainbow Valley February 27 - March 1, 2009. Marek Sikorski launched his Aerotech Initiator (under my name) twice on Saturday. [View]

Mind-controlled quadcopter (VIDEO) (0 00:02:19)
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have done away with all that tedious joystick work by developing a mind-controlled quadcopter. It may seem like the top item of next year's Christmas list, ... [View]

"MoonShot" High Power Model Rocketry (0 00:02:19)
High Power Model Rocketry flight of the "MoonShot". Bayourat Productions Producer: Whitney Richard [View]

250mm MDF Custom Quadcopter Frame (0 00:02:19)
I hastily built this quad frame. It was laser-cut and will be assembled with nylon screws and spacers. [View]

My Mach 2 Rocket Launch at BALLS 19 (0 00:02:19)
My carbon fiber rocket with GPS transmission from the prototype G-wiz avionics bay screams to Mach 2.17 on a CTI N2850 motor, reaching about 33K ft. It was a perfect flight, with computer deployed ... [View]

MDRA Classics Neils Cow on Discovery never seen on TV (0 00:02:19)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Kerbal Model Rocket Launch! [GoPro Onboard Camera] (0 00:02:19)
This high-powered model rocket carried a small plasticine Kerbal and a GoPro camera to 1,451 feet in altitude. The launch took place at the Denver, CO CRASH launch site, and it was completely ... [View]

ATC 2000 Rocket Ride with Free Fall (0 00:02:19)
My PML AMRAAM 4 was launched on a J350 at the June 2nd 2007 SEARS launch with a ATC 2000 camera on-board. Due to the mounting I used it flew off at 1900 feet. See what happens. [View]

LDRS 31 (0 00:02:19)
Ground level video of my Nuke Pro Maxx with a CTI J530. Was not able to keep up with it when it shredded. Onboard flight of my Defender with a CTI J 210. Great aerial view of the parking lot and also ... [View]

Flight of the Big @$$ Alpha at NSL 2018 (0 00:02:19)
My 8x Upscale Estes Alpha done in 1967 Estes Catalog Markings flies on an Aerotech L1040 Dark Matter to 3,851'. [View]

BALLS 2011 Rocket Ground View (0 00:02:19)
Ground view of BALLS 2011 Rocket. Launch, motor case burns through, seperation, recovery harness fails, booster section comes in ballistic, payload section recovers under parachute. All parts landed ... [View]

St. Monica Rocketry Club at CATO (0 00:02:19)
St. Monica Rocketry Club TARC Team from Ridgefield, CT flies their 20 lb. J powered triple deploy rocket at the CATO Rocketry Club February 17th, 2018 launch. All went well:) [View]

Phantom 4000 Launch (0 00:02:19)
Made by Greg Smith for Central Illinois Aerospace, the model rocket club in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. This video illustrates the preparation and flight of a large model rocket, and is intended to ... [View]

Launching a Quadcopter off an RC Airplane (0 00:02:19)
...While doing a loop! I hope you enjoy Airplane: GWS Slow Stick - Pilot: Tracy B. Quadcopter: Blade Nano QX - Pilot: Sean J. [View]

Beater ESL 154 (0 00:02:19)
Scott's "Beater" rocket on a 38/360 EX I65 moon burner. Went about 2500' I think this is flight 80-something on this rocket. MDRA ESL 154 launch on 3/20/2011. [View]

Estes Hi-Flier Launch on C6-7 Engine #1 (0 00:02:19)
Estes Hi-Flier Launch on C6-7 Engine #1 [View]

Juno I homemade model rocket launch 001 on August 11, 2017 (0 00:02:19)
Back to the launch pad in 2017 with the Juno I. The Juno I was a four-stage American booster rocket which launched America's first satellite, Explorer 1, in 1958. A member of the Redstone rocket ... [View]

Estes Star Orbiter @ Freedom Launch 2017 (0 00:02:19)
Estes Star Orbiter flown at Freedom Launch 2017 in Camden SC, USA. It had two flights on the same type motor (CTI G57 Classic) reaching altitudes of 2724 feet (837 meters) and 2718 feet (828 meters) ... [View]

Model rocket and Barbie Rocket test flights (0 00:02:19)
will barbie fly? Estes - Alpha III model rocket test flight, followed by a barbie with a rocket engine taped to her back. [View]

Rocket with On-board Video Camera flies on an E engine! - NCR's Oktoberfest (0 00:02:20)
Ever wonder what the view looks like from a rocket? With this Boostervision on-board video camera, the high-speed flight of this Estes model rocket can clearly be seen. The camera was mounted to the ... [View]

Model Rockets at The Plains (0 00:02:20)
The Potomac Falls High School (Sterling, Virginia) Engineering Club conducted a preliminary test launch of their MAKEAS rocket. They are preparing for the 2010 Team America Rocket Challenge. [View]

1/3 Scale Wac Corporal Rocket at Red Glare VIII (0 00:02:20)
This is my 1/3 Scale Wac Corporal flown at Red Glare 8. It was boosted using an Aerotech J540R staged to a Censaroni J355 Red Lightning. On board cam is a Booster Vision GearCam DVR. It flew to ... [View]

Angry Daddy! Estes Big Daddy on a 54mm J315R (0 00:02:20)
It has been some time since my last rocket video and I apologize for that. My preferred video editing software decided it no longer likes my camera's file format, and has given me fits while trying ... [View]

On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model E Motor Rocket Launch and Crash timelapse (0 00:02:20) I just posted a new video of a successful launch and landing with a different rocket with 2 engines. Check out my other videos. On-board camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model Rocket ... [View]

Overpowered Aerotech Mustang with a Cesaroni H-163 White Lightning (0 00:02:20)
Coming real close to Mach 1, this rocket flew possibly 4,000 feet up. It flew off the pad like a bullet at an estimated 675 MPH. I should add that there was very little change from the kit ... [View]

1/3 Scale Wac Corporal Rocket at Red Glare VIII (0 00:02:20)
This is my 1/3 Scale Wac Corporal flown at Red Glare 8. It was boosted using an Aerotech J540R staged to a Censaroni J355 Red Lightning. On board cam is a Booster Vision GearCam DVR. It flew to ... [View]

Two Stage Air Start 20180303 (0 00:02:20)
Second flight of a two-stage rocket with an air-start of the sustainer. Aerotech G76-4 in the booster, and G76-10 in the sustainer. PerfectFlite miniTimer 4 lit the sustainer motor 2.3 seconds after ... [View] (0 00:02:20)
Public Missles AMRAAM 2 with an Aerotech G78 motor [View]

Saturn V Skylab Peanut Scale Model Rocket Launch (0 00:02:20)
First flight of my Dr. Zooch Skylab Saturn V model on an Estes B6-4 motor. Added a Top Flite ripstop nylon parachute FTW. [View]

Team America Rocketry Challenge 2013 Awards Ceremony (0 00:02:20)
Here's the highlight of this year's TARC awards ceremony, the announcement of the Georgetown 4H team as this year's National Champions! Team members Matt Janecka, Daniel Kelton, and Mark Janecka will ... [View]

Quadcopter with firepower - Rockets and Roman Candles fired POV style over the beach. (0 00:02:20)
Flying a quadcopter on the beach, with 2 - 4 roman candles, and 50 rockets. Disclaimer: Do not attempt without proper safety precautions. This was performed by an experienced pilot, in a legal and ... [View]

Mike-I_2.wmv (0 00:02:20)
Tripoli Level 2 Certification flight at Tripoli Peoria Prefect 95 in Metamora, IL. The flight was made with a LOC EZI-65 on a AeroTech J90W-L motor. [View]

RB's RC's: mean machine build and 2 launches ESTES rocket (0 00:02:20)
Over 6’ tall ! Fun build and crazy looking This body is a two piece that locks together for transportation and the joint let go on the first launch so I taped it together for the second one. ... [View]

Behind the Scenes -- The Making of the Take Care of Texas PSAs with Kevin Fowler (0 00:02:20)
Watch this behind the scenes video of Country Recording Artist Kevin Fowler taping a new public service announcement for Take Care of Texas. This summer, the TCEQ and Texas Parks and Wildlife teamed ... [View]

James Ranch Rockets 20190316 (0 00:02:20)
A few of the launches with the local TARC team and some Fort Lewis College students. The in-flight video is from a Madcow Apache 38mm rocket flying on a 29mm G64. The main deployed at 333' and the ... [View]

On-board Video: Patriot Missile on CTI Pro38 J400SS (0 00:02:20)
On-board video of my 4" Madcow Patriot Missile on a CTI Pro38 J400 Smoky Sam reload ; dual-deploy - 80" streamer/50" chute; altitude - 3,323'. 3/15/14 at QCRS near Princeton, IL. [View]

Team America Rocketry Challenge '03 (0 00:02:20)
My 8th Grade Team and I went to the Finals. Sponsored by AeroJet Nerdy Old Video I found in an old email. I have the bowl cut. Our 8th grade team at Emerson competed versus over 900 teams to place ... [View]

Dan Michael's Honest John, 3 x L-900s (0 00:02:20)
140 lb rocket on 3 Dark Matter L900s at Red Glare 13. 11/17/12 [View]

How F1 V6 Hybrid Engines Sound when Turbo Wastegates Open! (0 00:02:20)
I know it's hard to remember but in my previous Italian F1 GP 2016 and 2017 videos from Friday' free practice sessions I was intrigued by a quite weird sound change I noticed just a couple of times ... [View]

Rocketeers (0 00:02:21)
Model rocketry from H.A.R.T. in the late nineties in Hornchurch in the UK. The club would grow to 226 members at one point, and regularly have 50 people at a meet. We met every weekend too, whatever ... [View]

Mile High Mayhem Saturn V (0 00:02:21)
1/30th scale model of the Apollo 11 Saturn V launched at the Pawnee National Grass lands in Colorado USA. The rocket was powered by a central M motor and four K motors. Maximum altitude reached was ... [View]

Fullscale AIM-4 Falcon Missile flying on aerotech I-200W rocket motor (0 00:02:21)
Fullscale AIM-4 Falcon Missile flying on aerotech I-200W rocket motor, 6.3" diameter, 5# ready to fly. Constructed of depron foam, stringers, skin and centering rings with 29mm stuffer tube for a ... [View]

Estes Prowler Launch F20-7W (0 00:02:21)
Estes Prowler using an Aerotech Econojet F20-7W motor. [View]

Introducing Project Summit // An Advanced Model Rocket! (0 00:02:21)
Introducing Project Summit! An advanced model rocket featuring thrust vector control, a flight computer, a parachute ejection system, landing legs and much more to be announced. I have been working ... [View]

FART METAL (0 00:02:21)
I have done it! Here is FART METAL!!! ITunes: iTunes WITHOUT FARTS: ... [View]

GATR-Dover Drag Race Final '83.....Great American Truck Racing (0 00:02:21)
EJ Utley and Bill Johnson race a Corbett v a SuperLiner Mack in the one mile drag race at Dover DE in '83 [View]

Florida Travel: Where to See a Rocket Launch in Florida (0 00:02:21)
Did you know that you can still see rocket launches at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida? Rockets from companies like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance are launching from Cape ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 5 - Engine Block & Restraining Motor (0 00:02:21) - How to restrain the motor into the 1/70th scale Saturn 1B model rocket from Apogee Components. You can get rid of the engine block (you DON'T need it). If you prefer, ... [View]

Slow Motion Launches (0 00:02:21)
Several launches of Estes, Quest, Aerotech, and other models in slow motion from a Casio [View]

Estes Ascender With Booster. (0 00:02:21)
1st motor E16-0 2nd motor F15-8. 808 camera key chain onboard camera, and the altimeter 2. [View]

CC Express First Launch (0 00:02:21)
The September 10, 2006 launch of my CC Express model rocket. FLIGHT NUMBER: C0013 ROCKET NUMBER: T0006 ROCKET NAME: CC Express PRODUCT: Estes 1302 LAUNCH DATE: 09/10/2006 LAUNCH TIME: 2:00 pm ... [View]

Pentatonix & Dolly Parton - Jolene (0 00:02:21)

BALLS 2010 Lloyd Humez Duck's Strike Rocket (0 00:02:21)
Lloyd Humez rocket with on-board video flies to one mile high at BALLS 2010 launch event [View]

AMW FiberMax - AeroTech K550W (0 00:02:21)
Dual RRC3 altimeters reporting 6,078' AGL and 525 mph NCR launch @ Pawnee NG [View]

Big Lincoln 1 - Rocket Launch Video (1/2) (0 00:02:21)
This is a video of the first launch of the Big Lincoln class of rockets. The Big Lincoln 1 is single stage high powered rocket (NAR L1 x3 cluster) powered by three Aerotech G35 composite rocket ... [View]

16 Engines Rocket (Prototype) (0 00:02:21)
Boba Fett will return soon, and the next rocket will be epic! This rocket was built in clusters, 4x4 sets of engines, the result was catastrophic! Music: elguitarTom - Level 7 Doom 2 Remake ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 52 - Inserting the Motor (0 00:02:21) - There is no engine hook with this kit. So in this video, I’ll how you how to properly restrain the rocket engine in the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the ... [View]

The Delta Force (1986) - One Man, One Motorcycle Scene (8/12) | Movieclips (0 00:02:22)
The Delta Force movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: McCoy (Chuck Norris) blocks Abdul's ... [View]

Wildman M2 54mm Min Diameter Rocket Loki K350 (0 00:02:22)
AIRFest 24 Tripoli Level 2 certification flight to 18,349' with a Wildman M2 54mm Min Diameter Rocket. Details Below: Rocket: Wildman 54mm Minimum Diameter Motor: Loki Research K350 (54/280 ... [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Neil Anderson Money Pit (0 00:02:22)
Neil Anderson's 118K foot flight from Balls 23 [View]

Brothers Rocket Launch, June, 2010 (0 00:02:22)
Portland State University rocket club launches a large rocket at Brothers. It climbed to around 12000 feet. The event was held by the Oregon Rocketry Club. [View]

LJP1 Rocket Launch (0 00:02:22)
First time launching a mid-power rocket. First time building and launching Aerotech RMS motors and reloadable motors of any type.Location: Bong Recreation Area between Kenosha and Burlington, WI, ... [View]

Rocket Launch 3-2-08 (0 00:02:22)
Launch of four Estes's rockets, only two recovery systems deployed properly but all launch successfully and awesomely [View]

3" Goblin Rocket on an Aerotech H123 (0 00:02:22)
My 3" Goblin Rocket on an Aerotech H123 soared to 1961 feet with a down facing camera. You'll see the parachute come around the rocket and get hung up on the back of the motor and burn a hole in it. [View]

XPRS 2013 Day 2 - The Extremist Mk II on an Aerotech K480W (0 00:02:22)
The flight of The Extremist Mk II on day 2 of AeroPac's XPRS 2013 on 9/14/13. The flight was on an Aerotech K480W in dual deployment configuration using a Raven 3 altimeter and Big Red Bee 70cm GPS ... [View]

launch event: Bank with the biggest balls (0 00:02:22)
The FNB Roving Reporters were on the scene this passed weekend, as the streets surrounding the bank's Bank City headquarters in Johannesburg CDB were closed off to do the ground work on a world ... [View]

Model Rockets in the Philippines (0 00:02:22)
From the moment of using rocket devices; a great new era will begin in astronomy: the epoch of the more intensive study of the firmament. -Konstantin Tsiolkovsky These are compilation of clips from ... [View]

Trebuchet (0 00:02:22)
This entry into EMRRs video contest is composed of onboard video from my rocket named Trebuchet, a clustered and staged black powder powered vehicle. Initial boost was provided by a central Estes ... [View]

16.885x: Engineering the Space Shuttle | MITx on edX (0 00:02:22)
Take this course for free on About this course: Learn all about the world’s first reusable spacecraft - the Space Shuttle - from ... [View]

2010-04-24 Rocket launch camera onboard video (0 00:02:22)
My rocket : ) Intro to rocketry class at Casper College. Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company in Casper, Wyoming Casper College 2010 Springs ES1100 Introduction To Rocketry Dr. John H. ... [View]

Mercury Redstone Model Rocket Launch & Splashdown (0 00:02:22)
Mercury Redstone Model Rocket Launch 3-10-12 This is my Mercury Redstone from Dr. Zooch. It is a great kit in looks and detail but is a bit hard to build. Flew great on a B6-4 here but it landed in ... [View]

We Build Rockets (0 00:02:22)
Designed and constructed over the course of the 2016-2017 NASA Student Launch season, "Typhon Heavy" was River City Rocketry's most sophisticated and powerful rocket ever built. The rocket, ... [View]

quest mean green model rocket with onboard camera (0 00:02:22)
Quest Mean Green built last night. this was its 2nd flight. Motor was an Estes D-12-5. [View]

RockSim Tutorial #13 (0 00:02:22) - [View]

Philly Flyer Rocket, J450 Dark Matter (0 00:02:22)
The Philly Flyer rocket thundering into the sky on a J450 Dark Matter at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on April 21, 2018 [View]

Bob Haas' Tomahawk AMW N2800WW (0 00:02:22)
Bob Haas' Tomahawk on an AMW N2800WW to about 14,000'. PMW launch on March 9, 2008. [View]

Big EARS 2011 - Saturday (0 00:02:22)
A few high speed & a HD video from todays flights [View]

Don't Remove This On Your Lawn Mower - Chute Deflector - On Or Off? (0 00:02:22)
On this video I talk about the chute deflector on a lawn mower, and whether or not you should leave it on, or take it off. I know a lot of guys take the chute deflector off their lawn mower, but I ... [View]

URRG April 2016 (0 00:02:23)
My two launches from the April 2016 URRG launch in Potter, NY. I flew my "Old School Cool" rocket twice, first on a 54/1G White motor (I168) and second on a 38/4G Blue motor. Both flights used an ... [View]

Estes Optima 3" upscale launch on a CTI G125-RL Onboard Cam (0 00:02:23)
This was a windy day, but not too much to fly. Still nice flight though. Altitude at apogee was around 1000ft. I had a Jolly Logic Chute Release aboard set for 400ft. This holds the chute closed ... [View]

NYPower 18 (0 00:02:23)
This video is about NYPower 18 [View]

the rocket test (0 00:02:23)
Successful launch of an Estes 7000Bull Pup 12D model rocket with a B6-4 engine and a KEQI 1080P micro camera on board. Only reached about 300 ft...but at least I didn't lose this one. Going to try a ... [View]

Gerald's O25000 at Balls 22 (0 00:02:23)
Pad Cam video of Gerald's "Death from Above" that got the Tripoli Commercial 'O' motor altitude record at Balls 22 on Sep. 22, 2013 on an CTI O25000. [View]

Modern Warfare: AK47 Setup and Best Attachments For Your Class In Call of Duty (0 00:02:23)
The AK-47 Assault Rifle (AR) is synonymous with the Modern Warfare series and it makes its return in its latest edition. Better yet, with such a diverse variety of combinations that can be created in ... [View]

The Polar Express (2004) Official Trailer - Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis Movie HD (0 00:02:23)
Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on ... [View]

High Power Rocketry - TWA and WOOSH combined launch April 6 and 7th 2019 (0 00:02:23)
We worked hard to stay below the cloud deck this weekend but still had some fun under 4,000 feet. [View]

Skylab at the National Air and Space Museum (0 00:02:23)
This was the first U.S. space station. It was in orbit from 1973 to 1979. This, of course, is the fully functional back up Skylab. The original fell to the earth in 1979. [View]

Volunteers nearly finished building 5,000 model rockets (0 00:02:23)
In two weeks, families are invited out to watch a world record attempt in Huntsville. Workers at the Space and Rocket Center will launch 5,000 rockets simultaneously on July 16th. Volunteers from ... [View]

High Power Rocketry Level 1 Certification Flight (0 00:02:23)
I successfully did my HPR L1 certification attempt on September 17, 2016, in Berwick, Maine, with an Estes Leviathan. The motor was a Cesaroni H133 with a 9-second delay. Apart from a little mud on ... [View]

MASA - April 16, 2016 TGE TC Launch Recap (0 00:02:23)
First test launch of TGE, MASA's Advanced Category rocket for the 2016 IREC, using a test configuration with a commercial M class solid motor and shortened motor section. [View]

Eagle (Rocket) Compilation (0 00:02:23)
This is a compilation of the launches of my High Power Rocket, the Eagle. Launches shown are on an Aerotech I600R, (first two), and an Aerotech I435T. While it did not reach Mach 1 on these ... [View]

Ingraham Rocket Club 2012 (0 00:02:23)
The Ingraham High School Rocket Club prepares for the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) in Washington, D.C., and NASA's Student Launch Initiative (SLI) in Huntsville, Alabama. [View]

HV Arcas Flight 20190511 (0 00:02:23)
The old reliable Aerotech HV Arcas made another successful flight on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at the Agate Skyways launch site. She went up on a G64-10 white lightning motor and the motor ejection ... [View]

John Hansel's V2 at Southern Thunder 2007 (0 00:02:23)
John launched his Performance Rocketry 12 inch diameter V2 on a AMW 1850 Green Gorilla. [View]

Rocket enthusiast comes to agreement with park (0 00:02:23)
The Homestead Public Rocketry Club — yes, it’s a thing -- has been blasting off for seven years. Leave It to Layron is helping them stay open. [View]

Airfest 21 drive in Launch Site - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:02:23)
Use my Kodak SP360 to film drive into Kloudbuster's Airfest 21 Rocket Launch site. This was Thursday afternoon before launch. Lot of folks already on site. [View]

minnie magg l2 04182010 (0 00:02:23)
This was my first L2 attempt on a J350 with an extended LOC Minnie Magg. The flight was OK on the way up, but a hard snap at apogee (notice shock cord hitting rear fin in video) pulled out the main. ... [View]

Underwater Missile Silo: R/C Rocket Launch! (0 00:02:23)
This isn't the first time we've fired rockets from our scratch-built R/C barge – but it *is* the first time we've fired one from a submerged missile silo! This project built with adhesives from ... [View]

Minie Magg GTI I300T (0 00:02:23)
The original Pocket Rocket. LOC Minie Magg in GTI Plaid on an AeroTech I300T motor reaching 390 MPH with an estimated altitude of 2600'. METRA launch 10/30/10. [View]

Scout V 0.3 - Dynamic Test 3 (0 00:02:23)
Scout V 0.3 was the first in the Scout program to correctly measure the position of the vehicle during flight. Due to overcorrection in the TVC system, the rocket lost vertical thrust and fell to the ... [View]

Dan Welling's M Powered Rocket From An Arducopter - St Louis Rocketry Launch 3/31/2012 (0 00:02:23)
The rocket launch time code is 1:02. This is onboard quadcopter video of Dan Welling's M powered rocket flying at the St Louis Rocketry's Association Elsberrry Launch on 3/31/2012. Dan calls the ... [View]

4" Iris on a K600 (0 00:02:23)
This was my Tripoli Level 2 certification flight. The model is a scratch built 1/3rd scale model of the Atlantic Research Corporation Iris sounding rocket (circa 1959). Flown on a Cesaroni K600 ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry R/C X-15 rocket glider flights (0 00:02:23)
Dynasoar Rocketry R/C X-15 rocket glider flights, 42" long, 20" wingspan, 17 oz rtf using 24mm Aerotech E-20(first flight) and F-24 rocket motors, extremely windy on the final flight. Model flies ... [View]

Model Rocketry Log 09 10 2016 (0 00:02:24)
Model rocketry at Bong Recreational Area, Burlington, Wisconsin. [View]

Nypower 14 onboard rocket video 2 (0 00:02:24)
My PML Ariel flying with a Vado video camera in it. This time the motor is an Aerotech I161W-12. Another nice flight, this time it went about 2600 feet. [View]

Estes PSII Scion to Patriot Maiden Flight F40-7W (0 00:02:24)
This is my first Mid-Power rocket project: An Estes Scion modified into a sport scale Patriot Missile. The Scion includes the fins and nose cone from the Leviathan, so the conversion can be done from ... [View]

Covert MX (0 00:02:24)
My scratch-built Covert MX model rocket flying on a Aerotech H550 Super Thunder motor. Flight was part of the Jackson Model Rocket Club's June 2016 launch. [View]

Cheetah Rocket Launch off County Park, Green Lake, WI - 2/9/19. Max Alt. 1,510 ft. (0 00:02:24)
With Aerotech Cheetah and F67-9W motor. Used a Jolly Logic Altimeter Two Gen 2. Video taken with Mobius Mini v2. The camera was loose but luckily I did not loose it :) I had it secured with tape and ... [View]

PML Callisto ~ G53FJ ~ Chute Release @ 400' ~ SoAR - Lilly, GA ~ 2016-09-25 (0 00:02:24)
The second launch of my PML Callisto, and the second launch using the Jolly Logic Chute Release. [View]

Hyperloc 835 on a CTI K360 (0 00:02:24)
Flown 1-7-12 in South Charleston, Ohio with the Team Ohio Rocketry Club (TORC) [View]

Madcow Cricket on an H123W-M (0 00:02:24)
Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) June 27, 2010 Tom Shoemaker's Madcow Cricket on an H123W-M [View]

Estes Patriot Model Rocket Launches (0 00:02:24)
My very first model rocket launch using a B64 model rocket motor [View]

Kangaroo-shaped boomerang returns after epic flight (0 00:02:24)
Check out this incredible hand-crafted kangaroo boomerang by boomerangsbyVic. It returns right back into his hands after he unleashes it on an epic flight! Source & embed code: https://rumb ... [View]

Flight C0022 - T0018 X-Prize Canadian Arrow - D12-5 (0 00:02:24)
FLIGHT NUMBER: C0022 ROCKET NUMBER: T0018 ROCKET NAME: X-Prize Canadian Arrow PRODUCT: Estes 2188 LAUNCH DATE: 10/08/2008 LAUNCH TIME: 4:30 pm ENGINE: D12-5 [View]

Icarus Rocket Launch (0 00:02:24)
Icarus Rocket on-board video from the 2011 ULA Intern Rocket Launch event in Pueblo, Colorado on July 30, 2011. Includes both real-time and slow-motion replay. Max altitude ~4000 ft. Video shot from ... [View]

Touch and go at Goose Creek Airport NC (0 00:02:24)
Touch and go at Goose Creek Airport NC Dang thats a good stop watch. will have to fix that shot with a GoPro3 [View]

Estes Partizon 2 0 Mid Power Launch Aug 26 2017 (0 00:02:24)
Added an altimeter bay and Perfectflite dual deploy altimeter to the Estes Pro Series II kit. Nice flight and successful recovery. Close-up vidcaps of piston recovery system which I added. Rocket was ... [View]

DLP: Practical Eve-Teasers (0 00:02:24)
A Public Service announcement, urging you to help your poor local Eve-Teaser. This might be the first from a series of PSAs we plan on making. Facebook: ... [View]

Türkiye ilk F-35'i teslim aldı (0 00:02:24)
Haberturk TV YouTube Kanalına Abone Ol ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ http://instag ... [View]

Estes Saturn 1B at SoAR Launch (0 00:02:24)
Both ground video and on-board video of the flight of an original Estes Saturn 1B rocket. [View]

Rocksim Tutorial #5 (0 00:02:24) - [View]

2009 Rocket Catastrophes at Northern Colorado Rocketry (0 00:02:24)
This video shows some rocket catastrophes that occured on the Pawnee Buttes. [View]

Longshot 2-stage model rocket on-board video (0 00:02:24)
Onboard video from a 2-stage Estes Longshot model rocket flying on D12-0 to C6-7 motors. [View]

Non Toxic Green - G138 (0 00:02:24)
This is my Non Toxic Green rocket on the new AT G138 reload for the 29/40-120 hobby line case. This motor is technically a high-powered motor and requires a level 1 certification to fly it. This ... [View]

NASA FSGC Hybrid Rocket Competition 2015 (0 00:02:24)
Sponsored by the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC), Florida, Space Institute (FSI) and the North East Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) The objective of the competition is to build ... [View]

Gone in .60 seconds (0 00:02:24)
Estes Hi-Flier launches twice on A8-3 motors. Paint job is not exactly like the package... [View]

Estes Extreme 12 2 Stage Launch (0 00:02:24)
What's up Everybody? Thanks for Watching! ... [View]

The Flash Rocket - Test Flight - J145 Longburn - Darkstar 2.6 (0 00:02:25)
So Pumped! Here is a video of the Flash and its first test flight, It was awesome and spitting titanium like crazy! !!!! Includes on-board footage... and turn up the volume because it was LOUD! I ... [View]

The Wanda Rocket - Aerotech M1550 (0 00:02:25)
Flying at High Frontier 14 - Sept 2017 - Pawhuska, Oklahoma [View]

ROCKETS Mag LDRS 34 Jerry O'Sullivan Muck Farm Flyer (0 00:02:25)
Jerry O'Sullivan's Muck Farm Flyer rocket at LDRS 34 [View]

First Test flight of BoosterVision DVR on an Estes Astrobeam (0 00:02:25)
This is my first test flight of the new Boostervision DVR. A very quick flight on an Estes Astrobeam. While the camera is extremely light and tiny, it certainly does effect the flight profile of ... [View]

Modellrakete mit zwei Onboard-Kameras (0 00:02:25)
Start der Modellrakete "Bright Hawk" (Quest Aerospace) mit zwei Onboard-Kameras (Keycam #3; Blickrichtung: Heck und Spitze der Rakete) im August 2010; Motor D7-3, Start mit Funksignal (RC S ... [View]

High Power Rocketry - Hot Mess flying on a CTI K1085 (0 00:02:25)
Hot Mess flying on a CTI K1085 at Tripoli Wisconsin Association's September High Power Rocket Launch. [View]

Cube Satellite - Webisode #2 (0 00:02:25)
Space exploration is happening right under our noses, even in Vermont. With the space shuttle program now ended, scientists at four Vermont institutions are leading the way to cheaper methods of ... [View]

(4 Oct 1972) Astronauts train for Skylab project You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about ... [View]

7 Foot Span R/C Rocket Glider- Glide (0 00:02:25)
7 Foot Span R/C Rocket Glider- Boost Keith Vinyard's model at NARAM-47. Two E9s plus air-started E9. Camera showing engines. NAR R/C Model Rocket Glider Keith Vinyard's model at NARAM-47. Two E9s ... [View]

Destiny Beta, Wayward Manor and DieselStormers - New Releases (0 00:02:25)
This week we get the Destiny Beta, provided we pre-order of course, plus Wayward Manor, DieselStormers, Crimsonland and Freedom Planet. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - http: ... [View]

AC Filter Fix | TruckU Tech Tips (0 00:02:25)
Bruno walks through how to properly change our a filter in your A/C system. Follow Us! Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: http://w ... [View]

Comanche 3 Upscale 2.5" Onboard (0 00:02:25)
Comanche 3 upscale onboard video. Flown 8/2/2019 at NARAM 61 sport range. Academy of Model Aeronautics site. Motors: Aerotech H123 to CTI G68 to CTI G68. [View]

Goblim L930 100703 (0 00:02:25)
The ground view of my 7.5" upscale Goblin on a CTI Pro54 6GXL L930 Imax. Perfect flight to 3700 feet. [View]

gopro jolly roger flat track and the intimidator yz 250 (0 00:02:25)
sending the flat track at jolly roger motorsports park then head out onto the track [View]

Quest Magnum Sport Loader Rocket First Flight with Egg Payload (0 00:02:25)
This was my first cluster rocket - the two-motor Magnum Sport Loader by Quest Aerospace. It's what is known as an egg lofter, meaning it carries a payload of a . (music: rocket time by richtaste) ... [View]

Rocket powered Airsoft Muscle Race Quad & Flying Terminator (0 00:02:25)
Rocket powered Drone. Air launch. Flying Terminator... [View]

Vagabond Model Rocket Explosion - Up close GoPro view (0 00:02:25)
Estes Vagabond rocket with custom paint. Motor: Estes E9-8 - Catastrophic explosion on launch pad. [View]