Landing Model Rockets - Rocket Motor Test 1
My name is Jonny, and my goal is land model rockets under their own power. Joe Barnard of BPS (@joebarnard, Barnard Propulsion Systems on YouTube) has been at this for far longer than I have, so I'm collaborating with him to get started! He needed some test data, and I was building a test stand, so we teamed up! This first static fire was an all-up test of the rocket testing system (spread across a network of microcontrollers and microcomputers), as well as a data-gathering mission on the Estes F-15-0 motor. Ultimately, I will be moving to more complex miniature propulsion systems, so stay tuned! DATA FROM THIS TEST: Please use that data with a grain of salt. Email me for more details about the data : Twitter: @jonnyhyman Instagram: jonny__hyman Web:
Author Jonny Hyman
Duration 104 seconds

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