Estes Javelin 2.5" upscale launch on Aerotech H195

This was the maiden flight of my scratch built 2.5"(6.3cm) diameter upscale of an out of production Estes Javelin #2005 model rocket kit from 1989. This was launched on an Aerotech H195NBT with delay drilled to 10 seconds. Expected apogee was 2550 ft (777 m) with a max velocity of 446 mph(718 kph). The nose cone contained an Eggfinder Mini GPS tracker so that I could find it if I lost sight of it. There was also a Jolly Logic Chute Release on the parachute but on the way down the chute got twisted up in the recovery harness and couldn't open. Hard landing but no damage. Goals for upcoming flights will be mile high altitude(1.6 km) and to go supersonic.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Javelin {Kit} (2005) [1989-1991]

Author EpicRocketry
Duration 105 seconds

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