Blue Phenix Sr. on an Aerotech K375NW-P
Tony McCrea's Blue Phenix Sr. Custom Blue Tube kit from Always Ready Rocketry with extended booster and tailcone. He bagged his Level 2 certification on the ever popular Aerotech J350 and then followed that right up with the very rare and unique Karl E. Baumann signature Aerotech K375NW-P motor! That reload is for the 54/2560 case and features a dual thrust profile with 5 grains of propellant. The bottom grain is a Warp-9 grain and the top four are classic White Lightning. The result is a 300 lb thrust spike for 0.7 seconds followed up with about 4 seconds of long burn smoke and fire. Very very cool.. The rocket went 7,400 feet and almost 800 mph breaking Mach 1 easily. Recovery was in the field. Congratulations Tony!! P.S. Video is "ok" but sound is awesome.. What a hammer! off the pad!

 Rocketry Product: Always Ready Rocketry - Blue Phenix {Kit}

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - J350W Reload for RMS 38/720 {Motor}

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - K375NW Reload for RMS 54/2560 {Motor}

Author rejma0415
Duration 160 seconds
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