Rocket almost crashes , caused by this strange lizard??

This rocket was just flown a few days prior without any problems. As soon as it launched, however, it was evident that something was definitely wrong with the fins, they were not providing proper stability. This rocket was equipped with two on board video cams and you can clearly see the stability issues as soon as the rocket leave the launch pad. reviewing the camera data, you can see a long white object near the tail and also a strange squealing can be heard. Noticed just after the rocket lands, on the aft cam view, the same white arm with small spikes on it immediately tries to retract under the rocket. When I got home, I was so busy looking at the cam data, I didn't noticed until 2 hours later, the lizard like animal with a long spiked claw like arm on it...sticking halfway out, from a hole in my rocket! I leave my garage door cracked open during the day, perhaps it came in trying to next in my rocket. Regardless, it must have had one heck of a ride in my rocket..I only wish it were still alive. It seems to have been cooked partially from the extremely hot rocket engine exhaust. I'm wondering if this animal perhaps pulled on a fin, or caused instability by sticking his claw out etc..which then caused my rocket to start turning wildly in the air, thus..causing the flat side of the fins to be more exposed to the high speed winds, which finally ripped two of them off completely??

Author jetmanflyhigh
Duration 197 seconds
Rating Best

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