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By jetmanflyhigh

Experimental Rocketry (2009-06-24)
10V Rocket flight 3, objectives met or exceeded: Smaller fin set to decrease flex and add stability/ 90 degree set. Determine if 1 percent Iron oxide added to KN0/SB, would yield higher, cleaner ... [View]

Rocket almost crashes , caused by this strange lizard?? (2009-06-01)
This rocket was just flown a few days prior without any problems. As soon as it launched, however, it was evident that something was definitely wrong with the fins, they were not providing proper ... [View]

Rocket Experimental 9V goes in ballistic after chute failure! (2009-05-27)
Experimental Rocket goes in ballistic after both primary and backup ejection systems fail. It was later discovered that under high G loading, the 3V batteries were moving aft sometimes....causing ... [View]

Rocket Experimental Rocketry...Mid body separation test (2009-09-01) (NEW)
First test with dual deployment using mid body separation. Nozzle failed early in flight from igniter wire restricting nozzle throat. Normally igniter is pulled out at launch, but it intead, it got ... [View]

Rockets Experimental Tripoli cert 2 attempt 20 Feb 2010 (2010-02-22)
Tripoli rocketryTampa Florida Cert 2 attempt 20 Feb 2010 Experimental Rocket [View]

Tripoli Cert 2 flight TTRA Tampa, Florida (2010-08-27)
Aug 21, 2010 Tripoli Cert 2 flight, 2nd attempt. Previous cert 2 flight attempt flew excellent with great recovery, post flight inspection, however, revealed the lower fin can/body coupler had ... [View]

Tripoli Level 1 Cert flight Sept 19, 2009 (2009-09-21)
My level 1 Tripoli Rocket certification flight...successful on Saturday Sept 19, 2009 TTRA is the Tampa Bay prefecture (#17) of the the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Our mission is to provide a ... [View]

V14 Rocket Launch, Tripoli Cert Level 3 (2012-07-15)
Cert 3 Rocket Launch 2nd attempt, Jun 17, 2012 Tampa, Florida. 11,000 feet at 920 mph or 1.2 mach Own design all PVC, no carbon fiber or fiberglass. Aerotech M1315 motor Launched at TTRA Tampa, ... [View]

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