FlisKits - A.C.M.E. Spitfire Kit

The FlisKits ACME Spitfire was inspired by a rocket which appeared in a Far Side comic by Gary Larson.


"It's time we face reality, my friends ... We're not exactly rocket scientists."

With a few tweaks, however, Jim Flis designed a rocket similar to the one in the cartoon. FlisKits's rocket actually flies quite well in spite of its odd appearance.


Diameter: 2.22 inches
Fin Span: 8.00 inches
Length: 18.10 inches
Manufacturer: FlisKits
Model: SP007
Motor Size: 24 millimeters
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Recommended Motors: C11-3, D12-3
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 3
Status: In-Production
Style: Odd-Roc, Sport
Weight: 2.87 ounces

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  • FlisKits A.C.M.E. Spitfire By Bill Ralston

    Brief: This is one bizarre rocket that looks like it should not fly. Construction: The rocket is made from a BT-50 inside pieces of BT-70 with 6 centering rings, balsa nose cone, and 4 fins (all are a different shape) mounted to a paper transition piece. The instructions were very precise and easy to follow with lots of useful illustrations. It is my opinion that the ...

  • FlisKits A.C.M.E. Spitfire By Dick Stafford

    This is yet another review of this unique, crooked rocket. Hopefully, this provides another perspective on its construction, finishing/decoration, and flight. The FlisKits kits are professionally packaged and this is no exception. The printed face includes is in full color, includes photos and specs, and a serial number--mine is #87. The small parts are contained in a small Zip-loc bag. My ...

  • FlisKits A.C.M.E. Spitfire By Chan Stevens

    Absolutely the most INNOVATIVE commercial kit I've ever seen in rocketry, this rocket looks like Wyle E. Coyote has built and flown it a few too many times. You won't believe it flies nor will anyone else at the pad, yet you'll all be laughing your fannies off when you witness its perfect flight path. I witnessed the prototype of this kit in action at NSL this May and have been chomping at the ...

  • FlisKits A.C.M.E. Spitfire By Carl Tulanko

    The FlisKits ACME Spitfire was a long awaited item from their line of models and was recently introduced at NARAM 45 in Evansville, Indiana. Well, I just had to be first in line to get a couple of these kits, one to save and one to build. I had seen this model debut at NSL 2003 earlier this year as a prototype and it’s a real head-turner. The kit resembles something you would see in a ...

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