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2015-06-13Erik Conway's Madcow Mini-Tomach-G1253927 feet
2012-05-26Gary Smith's LOC/Precision Shadowhawk DDModificationJ2903992 feet
2012-05-19Chris S.'s HyperLoc 835-J2753999 feet
2012-05-12Rob Appleton's Basic Blues 3 54mmAlways Ready Rocketry - Basic Blues 3CTI Pro38 J270 <b>...</b>3948 feet
2011-10-08Matthew Bond's 1.77x Upscale Duster "Slick Willy"Scratch - Upscale Duster (Scratch)I195-ALTIM3924 feet
2010-10-30Gary Tortora's Performance Rocketry Little DogPerformance Rocketry - Little DogI175W3947 feet 
2010-08-03Jim Bassham's 29mm Bluetube Rocket-H165-L3973 feet 
2010-06-12Todd Mullin's 8x Upscale Interceptor-M-N33003913 feet 
2010-06-06Peter Lam's Performance Rocketry Little DogPerformance Rocketry - Little DogI2003925 feet 
2010-04-16Gary Tortora's Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke (5.5-K695-ALTIM3974 feet 
2009-08-16Eldred Pickett's BSD High Power Rocketry HorizonBSD High Power Rocketry - HorizonCESJ330-ALTIM3918 feet 
2008-09-13William Beggs's MX-774 Hiroc-CESI205-ALTIM3916 feet
2008-06-21Gary Tortora's VORLON 5.5-L666-03986 feet 
2007-10-13William Beggs's Giant Leap Rocketry ElipseGiant Leap Rocketry - ElipseI6003914 feet 
2006-09-24Aaron Stanley's Public Enemy PerformerPublic Enemy - PerformerI1103969 feet 
2006-03-07Barry Mattingly's Semroc SLS Sky HookSemroc - SLS Sky HookF40-103948 feet 
2006-02-11Conner Kuhns's Public Missiles CirrusPublic Missiles - CirrusH123-143987 feet 
2004-05-16Larry Hobbs's Public Missiles Sudden RushPublic Missiles - Sudden RushJ903914 feet 
1997-09-13William Beggs's LOC/Precision EZI-65LOC/Precision - EZI-65I132-103962 feet 

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