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2017-03-19mike Terry's LOC Hi Tech-H 1235000 feet 
2015-12-05Mike Caplinger's cl138ScratchH1805000 feet
2015-07-11Chris Bender's Fav'rit 2BScratchJ500-P5089 feet 
2014-11-08Roger Smith's YouBeeScratch - YouBee (Upscale)L11155000 feet
2013-08-10Leon Smith's Tapping the sky-Cesaroni M1810 <b>...</b>5077 feet 
2013-05-25Skyviper Aerospace's Madcow 4" PatriotMadcow Rocketry - PatriotJ5705097 feet 
2013-05-04Gary Tortora's Performance Rocketry 5.5" Nike SmokePerformance Rocketry - Nike Smoke 1/3 Scale (5.5)CTI K1085WT5057 feet
2013-03-16Chris S.'s Shape ShifterWildman Rocketry - Shape Shifter JrJ3505073 feet 
2012-10-20Chris S.'s Madcow DX3-K5505004 feet
2012-08-19Jacob Griffin's Batray XLMadcow Rocketry - Super BatrayAerotech J510W5000 feet
2010-07-07Ryan Catanesi's Bad BoyRocket Dynamic Systems - QuasarK5505000 feet
2009-12-12Moe Bertrand's Upscale Estes Sprint (3 in)-J90-ALTIM5092 feet
2009-08-01Aaron Stanley's Scratch built WhipLash-J995089 feet 
2008-02-16Cliff Oliver's Temporary Insanity-M1850-ALTIM5000 feet 
2007-01-27Mike Kiss's BSD High Power Rocketry ThorBSD High Power Rocketry - ThorJ2955062 feet 
2006-11-12Mike Kiss's BSD High Power Rocketry ThorBSD High Power Rocketry - ThorJ2955065 feet 
2006-04-29Mark Morris's Thor I - 3 inchBSD High Power Rocketry - Thor (3")J370-ALTIM5000 feet 
2006-04-22Jason Vennard's BSD High Power Rocketry 38 SpecialBSD High Power Rocketry - 38 SpecialJ3505000 feet 
2005-10-08Mike Kiss's BSD High Power Rocketry ThorBSD High Power Rocketry - ThorJ2955015 feet 
2002-03-09Mark Saunders's Alien Express-J350-145019 feet 
2001-09-01John Storey's Yank Enterprises Mystic BuzzYank Enterprises - Mystic BuzzJ420-145090 feet 
2000-09-15Mik Ishmael's Public Missiles PhobosPublic Missiles - PhobosI435-L5000 feet 

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