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High-Power Rockets and Rocket Launches

Share in the thrill of high-power rocket launches by viewing these videos.

ThumbnailTitleAuthorAdded       Created    RatingDescription
"BIG RED" Rocket launches Feb 2012Waikatotek2012-02-072012-02-06
My 8"x 3.2meter "Big Red" launches on its second flight at the New Zealand Rocketry Association's (NZRA) National Launch Day in Taupiri. (Waikato) Boost was on an Aerotech N2000W motor and was ...
"54mm Stealth" on an AT J90WBalsaBob2011-06-202008-06-15
Art Applewhite "54mm Stealth" flying at MDRA on June 14 burning an Aerotech J90W motor.
7th Flight - 3/4 Patriot MissileDmboomboom2011-06-282010-04-27
Future of Aerospace Rocket - July 30, 2011SportRocketry2011-07-312011-07-31
Video Source: Additional Details: United Launch Alliance (ULA) Future of Aerospace Rocket: United Launch Alliance, Ball Aerospace Interns and ...
Norad on H128W.MOVcsoechtig12012-02-032012-01-22
LOC Norad on H128W. Altitude 2000ft+
"Hang Time" at QRS, 2010-10-17ajtowns2011-06-252010-10-18
My inaugural flight at QRS Cedar Grove. :) Little Dog Dual-Deploy (more or less) with a Telemetrum controlling two BP charges for drogueless separation at apogee and a chute at about 250m. Flew on ...
"K" high power rocket flies high!-NCRocketry53rockets2011-06-232009-11-21
A nice flight was made in Northern Colorado. The rocket flew on a K class rocket motor.
"O" motor Nike Smoke high power rocket launchvahpr2011-07-042010-10-25
This is my 3/4 scale 200lb Nike Smoke flying to 11300' on propellant designed to simulate the Space Shuttle SRBs. We were test flying an on-screen display unit which overlays flight info on the ...
1/4 Scale Patriot on AT H170M MetalStormRicoKen20002013-04-042012-03-05
PML 1/4 Scale Patriot on a AeroTech H170M MetalStorm at SD TRA Launch at Plaster City Proving Grounds March 3, 2012.
10 Inch SledgehammerDavid Bell2014-01-182013-02-22
10\" Sledgehammer on an Aerotech N2000...
12" Modular Booster with Legged LanderNpowrd2011-12-072011-11-16
This video was shot and edited by friend and fellow WOOSH member Jackson L. (Thank you!) The rocket was my entry into the Legged Lander Challenge at WOOSH ECOF in 2011, the 12" Modular Booster with ...
12" upscale Talon at LDRS 26Bushmaster732011-06-032007-08-03
2 K class rocket launchesjmontello12011-07-022009-12-06
Two K class rockets are lauched out of a custom mobile missile laucher
2008-11-08 Darrell Mobley's Crossbowjadebox2011-05-292008-11-11
Darrell Mobley's Giant Leap Crossbow is launched on a sparky motor at the November, 2008, NEFAR rocket launch. Slow-motion.
2008-11-08 NEFAR Mega Cereal Bowljadebox2011-07-022008-11-26
Marc Slabbinck's "Mega Cereal Bowl" is launched several times (and captured from multiple angles and in slow-motion) at the 2008 NEFAR "Bunnell Blast" launch.
2010-09-18 ARCAS HV Launch Tucson.AVIRoborocketry2011-06-242010-09-19
The BASIS Tucson RoboRocketry Club lead by Duane Boldt attended the SARA launch on September 18, 2010 and launched several rockets including this Madcow Rocketry ARCAS HV on an Aerotech H97J motor. ...
Interns from United Launch Alliance and Ball Aerospace - representing the future of the aerospace industry - built high-power rockets and a variety of multi-faceted payloads last summer as part of ...
286 skyking high power rocket launchframed302011-06-282009-09-13
kittanning pa skyking fly in. high power rocket launch.
3" Min Dia rocket flightFejoalollies2011-06-242009-12-06
75mm carbon fiber rocket flown at Orini, NZ on 6/12/09. Altitude around 27kft.
38mm carbon rocket - J570 to Mach 2.64 / 2025mphSunny310v22011-07-052011-06-12
38mm carbon fibre mach madness rocket, flown to 18000ft on an Aerotech J570. Max velocity was 2970ft/sec, or 2025mph. Recovered undamaged 2km from the launch site. Mach 1 was broken less than 100ft ...
3X upscale Fatboy Flight at LDRS 26sflorig2011-07-132007-07-23
My 3X upscale Fatboy rocket flying at Jean Dry Lake Nevada on a CTI K445 air-starting 2 AT J350's at three seconds .
4.75x Upscale Der Big Red Max at LDRS 29.fuddrucker21952011-06-222010-06-21
54mm min dia on K375NWMysticlambo2011-09-052010-09-20
54mm minimum diameter. Minimum length without being Curt VonDelius. 43" 6.96lbs loaded K375 warp9 to white lightning Aerotech Boost-Sustain 54/2560 17248 AGL mach 2.24 59Gs
54mm minimum diameter supersonic rocket flight on Aerotech K700W. SPEEDBIRDChris Barnes2014-01-172012-07-09
54mm minimum diameter rocket flying on an Aerotech K700W to an altitude of 16650 feet at a peak velocity of Mach 1.67 Onboard electronics included a Raven f...
6" MAD DOG on M1315W @ MDRA Red Glare 5Kaindog12011-06-202009-11-26
Custom made Performance Rocketry 6" MAD DOG, Motor was an M1315W Altitude was 9000'
7777 ft Flightgeneralripper19642011-07-052009-03-22
Flight by Tim Thomas of a prototype rocket being developed by Giant Leap Rocketry on an Animal Motor Works J450. The flight reached 7777 feet AGL (Above Ground Level). The rocket used a dual ...
A High Power Rocket Launch For Science ProjectsShortSnackFilms2011-06-192009-08-04
A high power rocketry club from northern California is helping to launch the next generation of aerospace engineers and scientists. NASA experiments and spaceflight hardware, flown on homebuilt ...
Aaron's rocket on an Aerotech Metalstormqquake2k2011-05-312011-01-09
Aaron's rocket on an Aerotech Metalstorm motor at Snow Ranch.
ABS 3 launch at LDRS 30cjkendrick2011-10-222011-09-08
This is a club project started by Dennis Stevens in honor of his brother and former club member Albert B. Stevens III. Albert had designed and started on his Level 3 attempt, but passed away before ...
Aerotech H150 Metalstrom Dark Pad videoMysticlambo2012-07-162010-08-09
Aerotech Mustang - Last Flight of NSL 2012 - CTI H54 Classic MotorEeeebeeeE .2014-01-182012-05-29
Seemed like the best way to end NSL 2012 was to put an H54 Classic White in my Aerotech Mustang and capture the footage onboard. Though most people had left ...
Aerotech Mustang Model Rocket Launch In Taos NM on Metal Storm G-MotorMultiTestPage2014-01-172010-12-09
Model Rocket Launch In Taos NM on Metal Storm G-Motor. My brother in law, nephews and I launched a Aerotech Mustang Rocket on a G-Metal Storm & G-Black Jack ...
AHPRA 2-Stage - LDRS 25 - High Power Rocket Flightd3deville2011-05-292010-07-08
Alex Mclaughlin Rocket launchwocketman16292011-06-222008-08-19
This is a Tribute to my Best Friend Alex Mclaughlin. He passed away on March 19th 2007. Here in the video of the rocket launch that had his ashes in it. The aprox altitude this reached was around ...
ALRS XIafm47112012-02-072011-04-22
Our larger flights at ALRS XI: - X-Roc on L850W, unfortuntately a line of the pilot chute around the deployment bag blocked the main chute inside. - Atlas-Centaur SLV-3D on M1850W and 2 x J350W, ...
Ap Soda out the window.aviJLRockets2012-02-112011-11-15
Lubin's AP Soda, our 100 pound odd rocket, leaves the workshop out the window because its too big to fit out the door. This is footage that we took for the Science Channel production of LDRS. The ...
Army HawkBushmaster732011-05-292007-07-16
Andy Woerner's Polecat Aerospace 7.5" Army Hawk at LDRS 26.
ARR Blue Phenix Senior on an Aerotech K700rejma04152011-05-312011-01-17
This is Randy, Owner of Always Ready Rocketry, this is my Blue Phenix Sr. kit that I offer on my website. This one is slightly modified to accept a much longer motor. This flight is on a K700 White ...
Arreaux on CTI H123 Skidmark (Pro29 4 grain casing)gizza22011-10-092010-01-04
This is one of the first rocket vids I've seen with my Flip MinoHD camcorder and El Bee did a fine job! This is my Aerotech Arreaux on a Cesaroni H123 Skikmark motors. Scandalous combination I know!
Art Applewhite 54mm Stealth Rocketjcara172011-06-262009-09-25
This is a collection of still photo's and video clips of my Art Applewhite 54mm Stealth high power rocket. Please comment and rate positively if you can. I flew it for the first time on September ...
Balls 19 Rocket Launchdduncan512011-06-032010-10-10
Successful rocket launch at Balls 19 in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
BALLS 21 - CTI N5800 Minimum Diameter - \"Don\'t Debate This\"Mike Passaretti2014-01-182012-09-29
Saturday, September 22, 2012. After a long wait due to a 16kft cloud cover this rocket went up at about 3:30PM PDT. Max. velocity was reported as TBD. The ro...
BIG Rocket Cam - Sledgehammer M1315 Launchjurvetson2012-02-202012-02-09
We launched the 7.5 ft tall, 55 lbs rocket on a M-size motor (imagine four thousand Estes A engines) and she screamed over a mile straight up. This video is a compilation from 5 cameras, including ...
Big Rocket Launch Video Compilationjurvetson2011-09-222010-06-03
I launched my 9 ft. tall Sledgehammer rocket with the biggest motor I have flown in California - an Aerotech M1850. This video is a compilation of the videocam on the rocket, the pad cam and a ...
Big Sparky Sledgehammer Rocket Launch at Dairy Aire 2011jurvetson2011-07-132011-05-29
55 lbs. 9 ft. tall, with multiple cameras on rocket and ground. GLR Sledgehammer rocket with video bay, honeycomb nomex wings under fiberglass. HCX and LCX flight computers. Rousetech CO2 parachute ...
Big Yeller: Largest Amateur Rocket in MinnesotaDTHRocket2011-08-192009-05-24
Tripoli MN hosted an experimental launch on 5/24/09 where they attempted to fly the largest amateur rocket ever launched in Minnesota. The rocket weighed in at 180 lbs and was supposed to go to ...
Bill Poster's Bumble Bee on a K540 Metalstormjeffmensch2011-08-312010-11-29
Bill Poster flies his Bumble Bee on an Aerotech K540 Metalstorm demo motor. Launched on November 6th, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. Great flight, pretty sparks.
Black Dragon High Power Rocket Launch - Tripoli WinterNationals - Florida - HPRd3deville2011-05-292009-03-29
The maiden launch of the Black Dragon at the WinterNational Launch in West Palm Beach Florida on February 18, 2008. The P-motor produced over 2400lbs of thrust to launch the vehicle to over 13000'.
Blue Diablo rocket launch from ESLVooDooRocketry2011-06-202006-12-17
Tim goes for broke on a cold Maryland morning lobbing a Blue Diablo M-2500 with the attitude you need in a hobby where one mistake costs hundreds of dollars
Blue Phenix Sr. on an Aerotech K375NW-Prejma04152011-08-202011-02-25
Tony McCrea's Blue Phenix Sr. Custom Blue Tube kit from Always Ready Rocketry with extended booster and tailcone. He bagged his Level 2 certification on the ever popular Aerotech J350 and then ...
Blue Thunder1climbercrew2011-06-252008-11-14
Launching of a 4", 7' tall, High power rocket using a J 90 motor.
Blue Tube Warp 9rejma04152011-05-292010-04-29
Robert Synoski's scratch built 2.6 inch Blue Tube v1.0 rocket flying on a 54mm Aerotech J1999 Warp 9 motor. Rocket weighed about 6 pounds and the motor is 491 lbs of thrust for only a half second. ...
Blue/White rocket on Aerotech H135-W single use demoahunter102013-12-102013-04-13
Altimeter data: MDRA 4/13/13 Launch weight 2 lbs 12 oz Apogee at 2079 ft Aerotech H135 single use.
Brian Brodersen's 'Saucy Wench'jeffmensch2011-07-132010-11-18
Brian Brodersen's performance machine called 'Saucy Wench'. Launched on November 6th, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. A beautiful flight to 7000 feet but the rocket was ...
BSD Thor 4" on Aerotech K540 Metalstormstealthfixr2011-05-292010-03-21
Superb flight to just over 5800' AGL. Two altimeters, a Perfectflight MAWD and a Missleworks RRC2 Mini. This reload uses the 54/1706 motor case. This was at the Tripoli Las Vegas Springfest launch.
Bullet Proof I285vahenator2011-06-202009-07-20
A rocket flown to 3754 feet.
Carl Hamilton's "Benny" - AT L952 - WAC Jack Frost APfest 10/23-24/10simav8r2011-06-252010-10-25
Carl Hamilton flies "Benny" from the away cell on an AeroTech L952.
Cessaroni K590generalripper19642011-09-222009-03-22
Cessaroni K590 high power rocket flight to approximately 6500 feet in Pueblo, Colorado at the Hudson Ranch located 9.5 miles SW of Pueblo Colorado on US Highway 78 (Beulah Highway). Rocket was built ...
Cold Fire Rocket Launch at OROC Summer Skies 2010rbbremer2011-09-222010-06-28
Concept 98 rocket700dhealy2011-07-042010-03-22
carbon fiber Concept 98 flying on a Aerotech J-90 W motor
Curt Newport - LDRS 25 - High Power Rocket Launchd3deville2011-05-292010-07-07
Derek Deville's Black Dragonjadebox2011-06-192008-03-01
Derek Deville's "Black Dragon" - a 26' tall, 375 lbs. rocket - is launched at the 2008 Florida Winternationals.
Edible Rocket Launch- ginger bread fins & rice crispy treat airframe cti H-255 motorlauncheverything2014-01-182012-06-10
This edible rocket made by Jeff Geraci was condtructed of a rice crispy treat airframe over a 38mm MMT. Gingerbread fins were attached with royal icing fille...
Escape Velocity with CTI I-223 Skidvahenator2011-06-252009-06-20
My modified Giant Leap Escape Velocity 2.6 flown with the CTI Pro-X I223 Skid. Altitude was 2831ft as reported by the Missile Works Mini altimeter.
Eva Rocket launch - ground videosondaspaziale2011-05-312011-01-12
High power rocket launched on Jan 6th, 2011 near Treviso (Italy) with an Aerotech I161W
Excel Plus on ATI I161Wsbddad2011-07-022010-09-05
Excel Plus rocket on an Aerotech I161W
Freedom 'Phiter (fighter) Flag Rocket - High Power Rocket - LDRS 19d3deville2011-09-282009-03-29
Flight of the Freedom 'Phiter at LDRS 19 in South Carolina on three M-3200 Kosdon rocket motors.
Full Beer Keg Rocketjurvetson2011-06-222008-10-01
Team Numb did comfortably launch a fat rocket on a P7000 motor to loft a full beer keg from Oregon up over a mile high. 175 lbs of beer. They tapped it at the landing site (it was a perfect flight). ...
Geoff's ARLISS rocket has a successful flightaeroexperimental2011-07-132009-05-12
Geoff's ARLISS rocket has a successful flight on an Aerotech M1419 a deploys a payload for Japanese engineering students. Black Rock Desert, Nevada September 2002
Giant Flying Cardboard Radish of Death....ZFamilyRockets2011-09-052010-10-11
What does Scott have this month? Scott, where do you get your ideas from, amazing! All the details are in the Audio.
Goblin M1350TomB06672011-08-252010-06-14
My 7.5" upscale Estes Goblin on an Animal Motor Works M1350.
GOPRO HD - Super Cub - Aerial View of a Rocket Launchhartrockets2011-06-242011-03-06
I have always wanted to get an aerial view of a HPR rocket flight and today at the EARS rocket club, I finally got the chance to fly my supercub to try to capture a launch on HD video. here is the ...
Group Therapy Rocketjeffmensch2011-06-262010-05-01
A large group project flown on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. After a great flight it came down on a giant 27 foot chute for a gentle landing. Despite the ...
HD Rocket launch Malcolms "Big Boy" Rocket flight at Big Ears 2010hartrockets2011-09-272010-05-04
HD Rocket launch Malcolms "Big Boy" Rocket flight at Big Ears 2010
HIGH COTTON 12.09.06TheBayourat2011-06-282006-12-14
Tripoli Louisiana High Power Rocket Launch. In Winnsboro, LA
High Power Rocket "The Max Attack" M900 ST2009TheBayourat2012-09-192009-07-06
My rocket the "Max Attack" flying on a M900 Red Loki Motor. At Southern Thunder 2009
High Power Rocket - Mile High Mayhem launch in Northern Colorado53rockets2011-06-282010-07-21
This rocket flies slightly unstable during the Mile High Mayhem event for Northern Colorado. - NCRocketry - A Crews Control Production
High Power Rocket LaunchUnboxTechnology2011-05-292011-02-10
I filmed a high power rocket launch. This is Steve Kurlinski's rocket. Nice job Steve.
High Power Rocket Launch in Brothers, Oregonrbbremer2011-06-232009-10-18
Michelle was allowed to help launch a high power rocket at a recent launch event in Brothers, Oregon.
high power rocket launch onboard video camera JMRCjadepond71722011-07-022010-10-10
This is my scratch built ALARM missile I launched with the Jackson Model rocketry club in Brooklyn MI. October 9 2010.
High power rocket nike smoke at NEFARrocketscience542011-05-292007-07-09
This is a 45% of the Nike Smoke flying on an M motor. I put a soda can under the motor in a cinder block. You can see it flaming off to the right.
High Power Rocket on a k550 NEWMauri19602011-06-232009-10-18
My friend Lances Rocket going up on a Aerotech K550 and recovering by parachute successfully 10-17-09 (My daughters first atempt at shooting a rocket video.)
High Power Rocket Tripoli Level 2 Certification Flight Feb. 20, 2010- "Cinema 6"- Success!jmomenee2011-06-282010-02-23
Successful Level 2 certification flight. Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 6" is a scratch-built, 65" tall Blue Tube 3" diameter rocket. Launched using a ...
High Power RocketryModelRocketsUS2011-06-232009-10-28
Promotional video for Scale Rockets model rocket website
High Power Rocketry H-class Altitude Recordrockytysonrocketman2011-07-052011-07-04
Roc Lake 13, July 2, 2011. My Dagger 29 rocket, launching on a CTI H-160CL for a new H-class Canadian and possibly Tripoli Altitude Record. I recovered the rocket 3kms from the launch site.
high powered model rocket launchclimbinggod2011-06-172008-04-12
fly rockets, fly
High Powered Rocket - WWW - Hybrid_a1EMiRsrockets2011-06-252010-06-21
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010
High Powered Rocket - WWW - unknownEMiRsrockets2011-06-192010-06-25
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010
High Powered Rocket - WWW - White_TrashEMiRsrockets2011-06-192010-06-25
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010
high powered rocket launch33commando332011-05-292009-06-21
High Powered Rocket Minnie Mag x5bukowskiredsox2011-12-312011-12-12
Hillbilly - LDRS 26 - High Power Rocket Launchd3deville2011-05-292010-07-08
hpr model rocket launchnemoc19872011-05-292008-03-09
high power model rocket launch in hurley ny
Interceptor-M @ Plaster Blaster VII 2008Micah4612011-06-202008-10-07
On October 5th 2008, the finest flagship of the goldern era of rocketry took to the skies over Plaster City East. The 8X upscale Interceptor with aux booster built by the crazy bunch at Punk Rocket ...
Intimidator 5 @ Red Glare 8Kaindog12011-06-032010-04-27
My Intimidator 5 @ Red Glare 8 on an EX M2700BD (Blue Diablo) Altatude was 11119'
IRW 2008 10K Rocket #2 and John BonsorCatoDai2011-06-242008-08-25
15:37 launch of a 10000 foot Rocket, no more details. The event organiser John Bonsor makes some comments near end.
J420 Red Linej195132014-01-172010-06-01
Performance Rocketry Gizmo aerotech J420 Red Line.
Jim Hendrickson Bad to the BoneTomB06672012-03-152012-01-09
Jim Hendrickson brings back his 6" rocket Bad to the Bone. This flight is on a CTI Pro54 6G K590 dual thrust. The body lands in the ditch at the edge of the field with the rest on the far side of ...
Joel's K2000 SkidmarkVooDooRocketry2011-06-252008-11-21
The sound at NERRF was interupted by the crackling of Joel Roger's K-2000 Skidmark motor
K "Sparky" Motor in Pueblo, COgeneralripper19642011-06-222008-11-16
K Motor with "Special Effect" of sparks, Rocket owned by Jason Chamberlin of Pueblo West. Rocket recovered with a dual deployment system for its parachutes.
K Motor Launch Pueblo CO 1-17-2009generalripper19642011-05-292009-01-19
Jason Chamberlin of Pueblo West Colorado flies his High Power Rocket on a K 600 Animal Motor Works White Wolf Motor to over 5000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL).
K500 Rocketvahenator2011-06-252009-07-20
A see-through rocket flown on a K500R.
Kevin's Moonburner at BALLS 2011aeroexperimental2011-12-082011-10-03
BALLS 2011 - Kevin's Moonburner
L Motor Launchgeneralripper19642011-06-222010-06-20
L Motor Launched during the National Sport Launch 2010 in Alamogordo New Mexico during the Memorial Day weekend.
L3 Test Flightchrislapanse2011-05-292010-05-16
Test flight of my Level 3 rocket on an Aerotech K700 White Lightning motor.
Launch of my scratchbuilt scale rocket "Nike Smoke" on MIR 2010 (built by Ivan Bonic)IvanBonic1232011-05-292010-09-15
This is flight of my scratchbuilt scale rocket "Nike Smoke", on "MIR 2010" rocketry meeting in Bologna, Italy, 11.07.2010., L=195cm, D=120mm, m=7920g, Aerotech RMS J 350 WM motor, total impulse ...
LDRS 25 - Jerry O'Sullivan's Sandhawk Asp-Brant O-motord3deville2011-05-292010-07-05
Jerry O'Sullivan created a great rocket and motor for this spectacular flight at the LDRS 25 national launch of the Tripoli Rockety Association.
LDRS 28 Smokin' Rocketry IRIS M1850SPIRITHARVESTER2011-07-132009-10-14
LDRS 28 AerotTech Rocketry RMS M1850 White Lightning 64 Pound 12' Smokin' Rockets IRIS - Same Rocket shown in ROCKETS MAGAZINE LDRS28 Edition. Thanks to Mike,Ken, Craig and Bailey the launch team.
LDRS XXX High Power RocketTheBayourat2011-10-222011-09-06
Yesterday I flew my 3" rocket to 15000' on a Loki Research Demo motor. It was about an L1500. 2.8 second burn. The flight was crazy fast.
LDRS- From Zero to Mach 2.2ScienceChannel2011-06-192010-09-29
Aurora Team claims their rocket can reach an altitude of up to 32000 feet. That would make it one of the most powerful amateur rockets of all time!
Level 2 Launch Ptero Jr J350 LDRS29DaveW6DPS2011-06-222010-06-18
My PML Pterodactyl Jr on a J350, at LDRS 29. June 10, 2010. I had been certified to level 2 several years ago, using the same rocket and motor type.
LEVEL 3 HIGH POWER ROCKET M-1297Wpslimo1232011-06-192009-12-12
Lightning Bolt Boom.mp4elinrevrac2011-07-052009-12-01
Lightning Bolt "H" engine started great but over-pressurized quickly. Another bulk-head cap blown, another vid-cam and rocket destroyed.
LOC Apache on K185JPX20002011-07-092007-12-01
Jeff DeDoming from the KRA cracks the Danville sky with a nice long-burning AeroTech K185. Despite the old video quality, you can see the dual-deploy action. Jeff was real good at this. Scr ...
LOC IV on a Cesaroni G69 Skidmarkqquake2k2011-08-272011-01-09
My LOC IV rocket on a Cesaroni G69 Skidmark motor. Awesome!
Locomotive BreathFireHoundProductions2011-05-312009-10-15
Team UMERG's (Upper Midwest Experimental Rocketry Group) high altitude attempt at Balls18 in the Black Rock Desert. At 3 seconds, and an estimated mach 2, a fin that had an unseen flaw, ripped off ...
Lost Rocket SAR - Blackrock Desert (Sept. 26, 2010)W7ENK2011-06-032010-12-09
Jeff Jakob's rocket may never be found...
M1305 metalstorm ,K185W ,H170 metalstrom pad videoMysticlambo2011-09-182010-08-09
Pad video of an M1305M going off in the distance on pad C, a K185 from the next over pad, 15, and an H170 Metalstorm white spraying sparks ahoy on its way out of pad 13.
M1770 Skidmark going to 8000 FTcryptohex2011-06-282010-02-06
A High Power Rocket Launch I went to in OH
Madcow Cricket on an H123W-Mmattieshoes2011-06-262010-06-28
Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) June 27, 2010 Tom Shoemaker's Madcow Cricket on an H123W-M
Mars Lander - Lift Off - 3X Upscale of the Original Estes ModelZFamilyRockets2013-04-042012-09-10
Mars Lander - Lift Off - 3X Upscale of the Original Estes Model This was launched on a Cesa This is the first launch of the 3X Mars Lander, September 8, 2012, in North Branch, MN at the Tripoli MN ...
MDRA King Viperedrowe532011-06-282008-05-26
June 2004 flight of my King Viper on three L1000 sparky motors. Thermite ignition. Video by Mike McBurnett.
Me recovering my Blue Tube high powered rocketRocketmanNX012011-06-252010-05-28
Me walking back after my first flight on the ARR Blue Phenix 2.0. I was super excited because it was my first time using electronics. In Leonard, Oklahoma.
Mega Omega.wmvJimBassham2011-07-132011-02-09
Ross Ohmen's upscale Omega flown at Snow Ranch on 2-5-2011.
Michael Koppelman's rocket on a I357!tdstr6662011-06-232009-07-15
Michael Koppelman's rocket on a AT I357. The main chute never deployed and it landed hard. Didn't look like it got any damage though. Hopefully Michael will post a update here on the result.
Mike Kiss's Thor Launchairgunsniper2011-05-292007-11-30
Motor was a Gorilla j-500 black lightning.
Mongoose 150 O-5150 BALLS 19jamesfdougherty2011-06-222010-09-29
Mongoose 150 flown on Kimball Tuckers O-5150 EX motor. Mach-2, 38807' AGL (3190.5' AGL at launch site). Special thanks to Kimball, Jack, James, Robert and Mike.
Mongoose 98 High Power Rocket LaunchWaikatotek2011-06-282010-12-05
PLEASE NOTE, POOR SOUND. WIND IN CAMERAS MIC. Joel Schiff's Mongoose 98 Rocket launches on an Aerotech L952W motor at the December NZRA (New Zealand) launch meeting. The reload kit was 12 years old ...
Mongoose 98 on an AT N1000WWaikatotek2011-12-312011-12-30
Joel Schiff and Martin Aspell's successful altitude attempt made on the 20th Feb 2011 using a performance rocketry Mongoose 98 rocket on an Aerotech N1000W. Record was for the N class Achieved an ...
Mudrock 2009 Launch 3wagner314152011-05-312009-06-27
This is the third launch of the sustainer of a 4 inch 2 stage rocket. It was launched on a J415. Apogee was 4400ft.
My ASP 63 High Power Rocket On O4800 Aqua Flamebigrockets2011-05-292009-03-09
My ASP 63 High Power rocket on an Numb N4800 research motor at Brothers Oregon.
My Big V-2 Rocket Launch with an N2000 Motorjurvetson2011-06-032010-07-25
Photos: Black Rock Desert. 9 foot tall V-2 with an Aerotech N2000 motor. Rocket Mavericks launch event Video montage from the pad cam and footage from Gretchen & Henrik. Thanks ...
My HIGHLY MODIFIED Madcow Squat (sKwaht?) on a K1050 at LDRS29stiffy3572011-08-312010-06-20
This is video of my HIGHLY MODIFIED Madcow Squat flying on a K1050 Aerotech White Lightning motor.
My L3 at LDRSakadamson12011-06-222009-09-26
My L3 certification at LDRS 22
My Mach 2 Rocket Launch at BALLS 19jurvetson2011-06-042010-09-27
My carbon fiber rocket with GPS transmission from the prototype G-wiz avionics bay screams to Mach 2.17 on a CTI N2850 motor, reaching about 33K ft. It was a perfect flight, with computer deployed ...
My upscale deucechrislapanse2011-06-172006-12-29
Upscale Fliskits Deuce's wild, 6 inch diameter, 2 54mm motors (J800's on this flight)
N1000 Pad videoMysticlambo2011-09-052010-09-20
Vern K . Angelfire. N1000W . 23066 AGL
N800 GoblinTomB06672011-08-192011-04-12
My 7.5" upscale Goblin on a research 98/15360 N800. The rocket made it to 13000 feet at Red Glare 10.
Napas Freaky Flyerjeffmensch2011-06-042010-04-21
The Fifth and Final Flight of the Fabulous Freaky Flyer. Launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. It's a 17 times upscale of an Estes Freaky Flyer built by ...
NAPAS Freaky Flyer (Director's Cut)jeffmensch2011-06-222010-05-02
Extended version of the Freaky Flyer video showing setup and recovery. The Fifth and Final Flight of the Fabulous Freaky Flyer. Launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 ...
Neil Brown Goblin 1jcara172011-05-292009-10-08
This is the launch of Neil Brown's Polecat Aerospace 10" Goblin. The motor is a LOKI K-830 Spitfire which makes lot's of noise, smoke and sparks! The rocket has single deployment recovery triggered ...
Neil Browns POLECAT AEROSPACE (What's Up Hobbies) GREEN GOBLINDinosaursRocket2011-05-292009-07-19
Neil Browns POLECAT AEROSPACE (What's Up Hobbies) GREEN GOBLIN I built this to be a low flyier using only a 54mm motor and a parachute at apogee. This film is of the GREEN GOBLIN going up on a LOKI ...
NERRF 7 AlbatrossKaindog12011-11-192011-09-16
NERRF2 Tim's L SparkieVooDooRocketry2011-06-252006-06-30
Tim sent off a wonderful sparkie motor engineered by Dennis at the second annual NERRF launch. The secret ingredient? Very oily Ti. It got tail happy, needs nose weight Tim.
Nike Smoke Launch at NEFARairgunsniper2011-05-292007-11-26
NYPOWER X Saturn VVooDooRocketry2011-06-252007-07-21
The Hannas launched a great looking rendition of a Saturn V at NYPOWER X
NZRA Launch 2002, N2000 RocketWaikatotek2011-06-042011-04-02
During the NZRA's annual National launch in Feb 2002, Craig Packards "White lightning II" Rocket took to the sky on an Experimental N2000 motor. Flew just under 10000 feet with perfect recovery on a ...
In 2005 a group of us built this incredibly complex and beautiful upscale Outlander. It was flown at Midwest Power on a cluster of four(4)- 75mm L 2000 research motors to get it off the ground. Then ...
P11000 rocket at LDRS XXXbajaman123X2011-10-222011-09-05
'the cow', a P11000 motor rocket launching at LDRS XXX in Argonia, KS
Pegasus-II AT N1000 BALLS 19jamesfdougherty2011-09-052010-09-29
My high-altitude rocket at BALLS19. 40649' AGL (44576' MSL). Mach 1.7 11649' AGL (15575' MSL).
Phobos on a G80 skidmarkAksrockets2011-11-242011-10-16
Flown at the UROC Oct. Sport launch.
Projet Draco 2.3 de Pierre Laurendeau, Tripoli-QuebecKamikazeChicken19672011-06-282010-05-08
PSAS Launch 2010-06-27cptmc2011-06-032010-08-06
Lift off of Launch Vehicle No. 2.3 (LV2's third airframe) with PSAS' first Roll Control module took place at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) "Summer Skies" launch. We launched on Sunday June 27th at 2:44pm ...
Pterodactyl NERRF 6jcara172011-06-202010-07-14
This is our 7.5" diameter, 10' long PML Pterodactyl. The kit was modified with an additional 4' payload section to facilitate dual deployment recovery. That, not to mention it is a lot bigger! The ...
QRS LAUNCH JUNE 2011 THORgumby6919872011-08-192011-06-23
a Thor being launched at the Queensland Rocketry Society
QRS October 2010 Thor Launchcha05cat2011-07-132010-10-11
QRS had a planned launch event called October Skies. This was delayed until the following weekend but Dave (our interstate visitor) decided that he was here to launch so he did.
Red Crayon Rocket on a Cesaroni I180 Skidmark Motor - CRMRCDWM2312011-06-252010-12-19
Scott's "Hot Red Wax" Crayola Crayon bank converted to a high power rocket with tubular fins. Motor is a 38mm Cesaroni I180 Skidmark. Launched at the monthly launch of the Champlain Region Model ...
Red Glare 9 Pink Pterodactyljcara172011-06-032010-10-30
This is our largest project to date; a PML 7.5" Pterodactyl lengthened with an additional 48" payload section. The rocket was test flown in June at NERRF (North East Regional Rocketry Festival) in ...
Redline Rocketvahenator2011-06-252009-07-20
A rocket flown on a redline motor.
Rick's Bad Attitude Rocketjeffmensch2011-07-132010-04-24
Rick Dunseith's Competitor 4 rocket is called "Bad Attitude" and was launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team-1 rocket club. It flew on a CTI L935 Imax motor to 8905 ...
Rick's Evolution 3 Rocketjeffmensch2011-07-132010-04-23
Rick Dunseith's Evolution 3 "Nocturnal Pleasure" was launched on April 16, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team-1 rocket club. It flew on a CTI L640 Dual Thrust motor to 6282 feet. Lift ...
Rocket Festival IIISrlePopovic2011-07-022009-10-04
One more compilation, of movie clips from High Power rocket festival in Belgrade
Rocket flies High Power on an impressive Smokey Sam motor53rockets2011-05-292009-10-16
Steve's rocket had a nice vertical trajectory during the 2009 Oktoberfest at Northern Colorado Rocketry ( He flew his rocket on a Cesaroni "H 143." The engine had an exaust of black ...
Rocket Launch (Battle Park, Culpeper)leison242011-06-232009-12-13
A high power rocket at Culpeper Battle Park, while practicing for TARC. Sorry for the quality, recorded on phone.
Rocket Launch @ Snow Ranchdadicks2011-09-222009-11-17
High-power rocket launch at Snow Ranch. Had a literal blast at this LUNAR club event. Met many nice people, including Steve, whose baby with an H-220 engine you see here.
Rocket Launch Coyote Rockets Company Brasilwagnaoscs2011-06-152011-05-27
Rocketboy on Cesaroni K445bindairdundat2011-08-252007-05-16
One of the Edmonton Rocketry club members, Dale Madu's scratch built. Flies really good, eh? This is how rockets are supposed to fly!
Ross O- Titon 4BMysticlambo2011-09-102010-08-09
Nice flight bro!!
Scott Cook's der Red Maxragsrocket2011-06-222008-10-20
LDRS 27 Sunday Scotts upscale scratch built der Red Max
Scratch built AGM600 rocket on a CTI L1355 Smoky SamAustralian Rocketry2014-01-182013-06-21
Great demonstration of fin flutter on a rocket.
Silver Spur 3 Launch - Mach 4.2uscrpl2011-06-032010-10-09
Launch of Silver Spur 3 with an all carbon fiber motor case in Black Rock, NV for Balls 19. Taken from ~200 feet away. Hit a top speed of Mach 4.2 and reached 62000 feet. 0-Mach 4 in 4.1 seconds. ...
Skidmark H123alkemat2011-09-282010-04-18
Red Rocket on a H123 Skidmark. Thanks Tom for the video!!! This is from the November 2009 rocket launch at Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry.
Skippy Blue Ndavmach1002011-12-072011-11-06
Skippy Blue N2300 in Geralds Spam rocket. It went 13200ft at our October research launch. Video by Dwayne Shmel
Small Endeavor 121309.avimfborman2011-10-202009-12-16
Launch of Mike Borman's PML Small Endeavor with CPR recovery and onboard Booster Vision Gearcam video camera. The first part of the video shows the launch from a nearby tripod mounted Sony Mobile HD ...
Sparky Rocketjeffmensch2011-07-132010-05-01
Didn't catch the details of this rocket but it was a nice flight on a sparky motor. Launched April 16, 2010 in Three Oaks, Michigan.
Steve Pollak's Mars Landerjadebox2011-06-192008-06-29
A little fun with a video of Steve Pollak's Upscale Mars Lander.
Sub-Scale Rocket LaunchInverThrillsUSLITeam2011-06-202010-12-29
Captured by Team Member, Jon Jones
Superfluous Launch 5 - Pad VideoJamesJD32011-09-272010-04-27
Pad video of Superfluous on an M650W at Rainbow Valley, AZ Spring Blast 2010, April 25. Altitude 8100 ft, 660 ft/sec, 5.7 G peak acceleration, launch weight 45 lbs, length 123 in, diameter 5 in.
Superfluous Launch 7 at Balls 19 on Sep. 25, 2010, 11:24.JamesJD32011-06-222010-10-01
Note CCW rotation above mach, CW rotation below. Altitude: 19200 ft, Max Airspeed: 1500 ft / sec - Mach 1.4, Max Accel. 12.4 Gs Recovered 4 miles NW of site with No Damage. Backup drogue charge did ...
Sweet! 16 Foot Rocket by Scott - The LeviathanZFamilyRockets2011-06-242009-11-21
The Leviathan. Launches at the Tripoli MN November 2009 Club Launch.
Terry Leright's Vostock IIjeffmensch2011-06-262010-11-14
A beautifully finished carbon fiber rocket by Terry Leright called Vostock II. Launched on November 6th, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. The four outboard motors all ...
Testosterone Day 2-27-11.movBEHertel2011-07-312011-03-01
High power rockets, Nascar, and super fast cart racing. If only every day could be this fun.
The M 2200 SparkyVooDooRocketry2011-06-202006-12-17
At MDRA's ESL 92 big Tim let an AMW M 2200 sparky rip off the pad and echo through the landscape
The ScudZilla Chronicles - Flight 5JPX20002011-07-092008-03-13
One month after Danville, I took ScudZilla to our club launch, at the site north of Salem, IN. I still had the unlit pair of AeroTech I211's from Danville in their cases, ready to go with just a ...
Thor High Power RocketBacchus492011-06-272007-04-15
BSD Thor High Power Rocket launched with an I-211 White Lighting Aerotech Motor. It reached between 1700-1800 feet. Single deployment parachute
THOR LaunchProfsrJones2011-07-022009-09-22
Launching a BSD Thor rocket
Thumper - AMW N2801 Skidmarkjamesfdougherty2011-05-292009-12-20
Jack Garibaldi's Polecat Aerospace Thumper flying an N2801 Skidmark. One of the last motors built by Paul Robinson of AMW fame before he passed away.
Tikva Launchjadebox2011-06-192009-01-18
Roger and Bracha Smith's "Tikva" is launched on a Gorilla Motors K555 motor at the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association's January, 2009, launch. Includes slow-motion and on-board video.
Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket.RocketMan89112011-05-312011-01-09
Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket flying on a central AeroTech I600 Redline with two airstarted outboard AeroTech G64 White Lightning carrying 3 pounds of candy.
Tony's Balls 2009tfish382011-06-032009-10-05
64" Dr. Rockets motor 20000N/s N3000 49 pound rocket on the pad
Tony's Wocket on a Loki M900 Redjeffmensch2011-07-132010-05-01
Launched on April 17, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team-1 rocket club. Perfect rocket and motor combo with the slow liftoff and long burn. Congrats on a great flight Tony from your ...
Tor-S rocket launchscrapisv2011-07-312011-07-15
Tor-S rocket launch failure
Totally Screwed Balls16FireHoundProductions2011-06-282010-04-05
This is the rocket project that the Umerg team put up in 2007 at Balls 16 in the Black Rock desert. Video speaks for itself.
Tuff Enoughtfish382011-08-192011-08-09
98mm hand layed fiberglass rocket flying on a N1397 motor
UCSD MAE 155B - Supersonic Rocket LaunchDXAAXD2011-06-242011-06-07
June 4, 2011 - Plaster City, CA UCSD MAE 155B - Aerospace Design II Madcow Super DX3 rocket AKA "LAWNDART" LAWNDART = Longitudinal Acceleration With Nosecone Deployment And Rapid Take-off Aerotech ...
UCSD MAE 155B Rocket ProjectOneDeadFish2011-06-172011-06-15
LAWNDART productions Spring, 2011 Professor: Dr. Steve Harrington TA: Andrew Cavender Group Members: Roger Huang, Spencer Knowlton, Mitch Nihonyanagi, Adam Shutts Kit: Mad Cow Rocketry Fiberglass ...
UMERG Big YellerFireHoundProductions2011-05-292009-05-27
Tripoli Minnesota hosted a research rocketry launch, and UMERG (Upper Midwest Experimental Rocketry Group) launched 'Big Yeller' for the state record of "Largest amateur rocket". This launch was ...
Upscale MR-1 the MR-64 On a CTI K510CLKaindog12011-06-222011-04-17
Upscale of a PML MR-1 I did called the MR-64 due to its 6" Nose cone and 4" Body tube. This flight was at Red Glare X on a CTI K510CL to 6195'.
VVII High Power Rocket Launchgeneralripper19642011-06-032010-11-26
Civil Air Patrol rocket built by Valkayrie Cadet Squadron launch at the Hudson Ranch. Hudson Ranch is the launch site of the Southern Colorado Rocketeers NAR Section 632. The core motor of a K ...
X-Ray Model Rocket4FlyRockets2014-01-182013-11-05
Todd Vest's scratch-built seven times upscale rocket of an Estes X-Ray. It flew on an AeroTech K-700 White Lightning at DuRussel's Potato Farm near Mancheste...
Yellow Crayon Rocket on Cesaroni H123 Skidmark Motor - CRMRCDWM2312011-06-192010-06-14
This is my Crayola Crayon bank converted to a high power rocket. The nearly invisible fins are made of unbreakable Lexan. Motor is a 29mm Cesaroni H123 Skidmark. Motor mount is 38mm with a reducer ...
High Powered Rocket on M3000 motorcsoechtig12011-12-312011-12-18
Rocket launched on M3000 motor in Plant City FLorida - reached altitude of 13500+ft
LOC Hi-Tech dual deploy on H123W-Mcsoechtig12011-12-292011-12-18
LOC Hi-Tech modified with payload and e-bay. Launched on H123W.. Apogee at 1,980 ft / Main at 500 ft.
Something Launchingrlutz532012-04-152012-04-02
Presont Nobile's launch at ThubderStruck 2012
Larry Koskies's Tethys Motor Failure 1-21-2012michianarocketry2012-01-252012-01-22
A CTI I285 stops and restarts in flight.
14x upscale GeminiDCBushmaster732011-06-282007-07-14
Upscale Rocketry's 14X upscale GeminiDC launched at LDRS 26 at Jean dry lake, NV.
3X Upscale FatBoy editsflorig2011-05-292008-02-08
This is an edited video of my 3X upscale FatBoy rocket flying at LDRS 26 in Jean Dry Lake Nevada on a central K445 air-starting two outboard J350's. The on-board video didn't work in Nevada so the ...
7.5" Custom High Power Rocket LaunchBacchus492011-06-272007-04-15
Here is a home made high power rocket. I used Public missiles tubes that I reinforced with several wraps of fiberglass. I used a LOC nose cone and a Rocketman R12C chute. This was the first flight. ...
99k launchcls44692011-06-192009-09-23
slo-mo of 99-k project full-up stack launch
Awsome High power rocket launch at NEFAR #2 very coolrocketscience542011-06-262007-10-22
This is another video of my sky serpant taken from a different angle. It flew on a J365 smokey motor. It reached a maximum altitude of about 200'. Check out High power rocket launch at NEFAR #1 for ...
Bad Attitude LaunchM48002011-05-312008-01-07
January Launch, Plaster City.
Bad Wolf at LDRS 28bsnyder972011-05-292009-07-08
Bad Wolf is a Competitor 6 rocket kit. It weighed about 45 pounds at liftoff, and is flying on an Aerotech M1780NT-P demo motor. This is a 4 grain motor that fits in the 75mm 5120 case. The rocket ...
Big Rocket at Lucerne Dry Lake: ROCKSTOCK XXIVKurtSahib2011-07-022006-11-12
11/11/06 This big ole monster had a long 10 second burn and gave everyone a pretty good thrill. A little squirrely at first till it burned a couple pounds of fuel - then it went up like a... a ...
Big Yeller - 180 lb. Model Rocket - May 2009ZFamilyRockets2011-05-292009-06-01
Tripoli MN Model Rocket Club Launches Big Yeller. A 180 lb, 17.5 foot model rocket.
Big Yeller May 24th, 2009 Launch (Largest Amateur Rocket in Minnesota)gelfert2011-05-292009-05-25
Watch the launch of Big Yeller by Tripoli Rocket Club on May 24th, 2009. Big Yeller is the biggest amateur rocket flown in Minnesota.
Blackbird Rocketarthurharrington2011-06-032009-07-19
I built and launched blackbird ,the payload was a 35 mill camera and it took pictures of the surrounding area of up to 3000 ft. The camera and parachute deployment were by radio transmitter ,the ...
CSXT First Civilian Rocket Launch to Spaced3deville2011-05-292007-05-15
Launched to 379900 feet (72 miles) on May 17, 2004 by the Civilian Space Exploration Team led by Ky Michaelson and Jerry Larson, and sponsored by GoFast Sports. The rocket was powered by a solid ...
Downright Ignorant Rocket LaunchEmophiliac22011-05-292006-10-26
The Downright Ignorant Rocket was a rocket launched at BALLS 2 in the Black Rock desert, Nevada on August 17th, 1992. The BALLS experimental launches were conducted after the Tripoli LDRS XI ...
Epic Rocket Launchjurvetson2011-09-272010-05-02
My son decided to name his custom-designed and scratch-built rocket "Epic"... Here is the maiden test launch with a J360 Skidmark with ground footage and then the camera on rocket. The plan was to ...
Event Horizon - LDRS 25- High Power Rocket Launchd3deville2011-05-292010-07-07
Art Hoag and company launch a very large rocket on a cluster of 3 Animal Motor Works N-4000 Blue Baboon rocket motors at Tripoli Rocketry Associations national LDRS launch.
Fullsize Patriot Rocket launch at LDRS XIEmophiliac22011-06-032006-10-29
This is an amateur launch of a fullscale Patriot rocket at LDRS XI, in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. This launch occurred August 15th, 1992. It is impressive to see such large rockets fly, even if ...
Heads Up and Hats Off - High Power Rocket - M Motorlougoldring2011-07-022009-09-11
Heads Up and Hats Off - High Power Rocket - M Motor
High power rocket L motor to 12k feet!tdstr6662011-06-232008-05-18
This is Steve Canniff's L motor rocket going to 12k feet. The rocket was setup for dual-deployment but the main chute came out at apogee and drifted off to the next county.
High Power Rocket Launch 07Elrandel2011-06-282008-07-06
A friend and I launched several high power rockets in July of 07
high powered model rocket launchChristopher75692011-06-282008-06-14
whent over 1km
High Powered Rocket 1skarule142011-06-282008-11-22
This was loud which was awesome!
Hillbilly Rocketry 16.5" ThorBushmaster732011-06-262007-07-18
Hillbilly Rocketry's 16.5" Thor "Hillbilly 1"
HPR RocketDarkchevelle2011-06-282006-09-27
This is my scratch built rocket. It is powered by an I285R motor by Aerotech!
Huge Rocket Launchjurvetson2011-05-292008-09-30
The Rocket Mavericks team put together a beauty of a project, aiming for Mach 3 and 100000 ft. altitude, launched in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The team is still diagnosing why it created a huge ...
Jackson Michigan Model Rocket ClubSammo3712011-06-242005-12-06
These are clips from a documentary I shot about an individual who launches 10' tall experimental model rockets. The site of these launches was in Jackson, Michigan.
K700 MagnumBushmaster732011-05-312007-05-30
LOC Magnum on a AeroTech K700. Really cool dual deploy with 3 parachutes. This video was shot by my 13 year old daughter and as usual she was too close to me so you can hear my 20D clicking away at ...
LDRS 25 - Phoenix XL Q-13000 - High Power Rocket Launchd3deville2011-06-272010-07-05
Sterling Edmunds Q powered rocket has a perfect flight in Amarillo Texas. Pumping out 3000lbs of thrust this rocket jumps off the pad and goes mach 2.
LDRS 27 Pershing Q-motor Flight - High Power Rocket Launchd3deville2011-05-292009-04-05
LDRS 28 - Neil Brown - DINOSAURS ROCK-et EXTREME - 8480 Ft AltitudeDinosaursRocket2011-06-222009-07-07
LDRS 28 - Neil Brown - DINOSAURS ROCK-et EXTREME 218 lbs on the pad Motors used - All LOKI White - Central N4500 (16000 ns) and 3 outboard L1400's (2400 ns ea.) 8 ft drogue 14 ft parachute on ...
LDRS 29 - Large and Dangerous Rocket ShipsRocketBrew2011-05-292010-06-25
Don't miss Large Dangerous Rocket Ships, hosted by Kari from Mythbusters, on July 5 at 9PM. Teams compete to see who can build the biggest, baddest rocket around.
LDRS 29 Part 1Mesocyclone332011-05-292010-06-14
This video shows my trip to LDRS on June 12th 2010, I went with Kevin and Dominica Martin and my good friend Nick. It shows several rocket launches, dust devils, free falls, and even some e ...
LDRS25 - Montage of High Power Rocket launchesd3deville2011-05-292010-07-06
Tripoli Rocketry Association's annual Large and Dangerous Rocket Ship (LDRS) Launch.
LDRS: Flying Port-O-PottyScienceChannel2011-06-192010-08-12
What happens when rocket enthusiasts take a construction site Port-O-Potty, attach it to explosives and light a fuse? For more, visit
M Motor Launch Pueblo, CO USAgeneralripper19642011-06-222008-11-16
B'Dale Garbee a member of Southern Colorado Rocketeers made a successful Level 3 attempt flying a 10' Polecat Goblin on a M1297 motor. Dual deployment drogue chute at apogee and main parachute ...
Mega (mega) Thor rocket launchVooDooRocketry2011-06-032006-12-22
One very large rocket launching at MDRA.
Miss Riley Rocket Launchlegendoflazz2011-08-162007-04-08
Miss Riley (inspired by 'October Sky' model rocket launch on April 7 2007 in Townsville Australia. Powered by 3 Estes E9-6 rocket engines.
Monster model rocket blastoff & recovery.bildix2011-05-292008-04-15
Perfect launch of a beautiful rocket.
My Favorite Hobby-- High Power Rockets !!stymye2011-06-192009-03-21
Pics and Launch Videos This Is a 1/3 scale scratch built Coyote Missile that myself and four other members of the Music City Missile Club (MC2) designed,assembled and launched. stats-90 lbs The ...
N 2000 Rocket launchVooDooRocketry2011-06-152006-04-19
a slow motion look at a picture perfect flight with a 5 motor rocket
NAR Rocketrywta19622011-06-032006-07-17
This was a friends K-185 Long burn launch..few years ago. Rocket was recovered..after a long search!
OverKill II Rocket LaunchEukanuba8632011-05-292008-09-14
PART ONE: A2-R13 Rocket Launch In Honour Of The Avro Arrow In Pictonartkickstart2011-06-242011-03-12
The A2-R13 Rocket Launch in Picton, Ontario on November 11th, 2010 at 2:52pm est. honoured the Avro Arrow program in Prince Edward County. (Part 1 of 2)
Patriot Rocketnavahomo2011-05-292010-06-13
Some really cool rocket at this event called LDRS, which was held in Lucerne Valley, CA. I didn't get it on tape, but shortly after the parachute didn't deploy and the rocket made a very hard ...
Phantom 4000 Launchn9lhi2011-06-172007-09-11
Made by Greg Smith for Central Illinois Aerospace, the model rocket club in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. This video illustrates the preparation and flight of a large model rocket, and is intended to ...
Q motorsupermanx1272011-06-262006-11-07
A badass high powered rocket (Not my video)
this is the rebuild of the crashed rocket in the other video
Red Glare Mach flightVooDooRocketry2011-06-032006-11-05
A simple Hawk Mountain 4" Gryphon rocket burning one hot Blue Diablo L 1300 motor to mach speed, and landing only a quarter mile away. This was at the Red Glare launch, from the beast of the east, ...
Rocket LaunchAtevra2011-08-162006-10-21
my dad filmed this video of my X-calibur rocket launched on a H123 Motor
rocket on a K550.RocketMan89112011-05-292007-03-08
Robs Rocket on a K550W.
Rocket Project: We Have Liftoffsonyelectronics2011-07-042010-07-30
After seven months, an indefinite weather hold and several launch delays, the Rocket Project team successfully launched a 29-foot, 1100-pound, two-stage rocket. See the entire story this fall on the ...
Rockets expriementsDeliquent20062011-06-192006-08-07
Rocket Launch
Sledgehammer M1550 Launch - Onboard video camjurvetson2011-06-162008-12-08
This was the biggest launch of the day, with the largest motor permissible in California. Mavericks Sledgehammer flying on a Aerotech M1550 Redline motor. It was a perfect flight, with video capture ...
Vern Knowles' StarFire on an Animal Motor Works M2200 Skidmark at LDRS 26
Steve Jurvetson: The joy of rocketsTEDtalksDirector2011-06-032008-02-29
Investor Steve Jurvetson talks about his awesome hobby -- shooting off model rockets. With gorgeous photos, infectious glee and just a whiff of danger.
Talon - LDRS 26 - High Power Rocket Launchd3deville2011-05-292010-07-09
Talon 4 on a J295bindairdundat2011-08-252007-05-16
Edmonton Rocketry Club Member Lloyd Meyers launches his Talon 4. Beauty
On Nov 20, 2010, at the Hudson Ranch launch site located 9.5 miles south west of Pueblo Colorado located on Colorado Highway 78 (Beulah Highway), the Southern Colorado Rocketeers (NAR Section #632) ...
Woody Hoburg's Flag Rocket N-motor Cluster - LDRS 25 - High Power Rocketd3deville2011-05-292010-07-06
woody LDRS 25ravinex2011-06-192007-09-18
flag rocket at ldrs on a N , 2 M's , and 2 k's
XE-Ryder High Power Rocket Video ClipsXERyder2011-06-032009-09-22
This is a collection of video clips from some of the high power rocket launches I have done over the years. All rockets were hand build and range from 4 to 10 feet long with diameters of 2 to 8 ...
ARR Blue Phenix on 38mm I154JRocketmanNX012011-09-162011-03-14
Launched in Leonard, Oklahoma. In March 2011, for the first launch of the season.
Red Glare XI C-Starsmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
Rocket with CTI C-Star motor
Univeristy of Minnesota Rocket Club's Mach 1 rockettdstr6662012-12-132009-05-11
U of M's rocket flying on a AMW J500 Green Gorilla. Projected performance, mach 1 and 8000'.
4100 feetauswolf3502011-07-052009-07-12
Dairy Aire '09, Comp 5jmar13712011-06-282009-05-20
M1297 flight at Dairy Aire 2009. One of ten M flights to commemorate the tenth Dairy Aire launch at the Maddox Dairy. Thank you to James D for shooting this video. Little wobbly on the way up due to ...
Darryl's Thumperastrowolf672011-05-292006-10-13
Darryl's Polecat Aerospace Thumper boosting on an Aerotech I600 Redline
Dex K815 Skid 9-25-10slh5612014-01-172010-09-26
Dex at Chili Blaster II in Pueblo, CO flying on CTI K815 with Skidmark propellant. A weld on the leg of the launch pad broke during takeoff and the rail sepa...
Dual DeploymentDarkchevelle2011-07-092006-10-24
This is my Koliba Komet launched on an Aerotech I435T motor and was my first attempt for dual deployment. Everything went smooth!!
G64 MarauderDgardei2012-01-022009-11-13
My 250% sport upscale model of my first model rocket ever. Back around 1986 the Estes Marauder became my first model rocket. This upscale flies naked on its first flight with an Aerotech G64-7W at ...
Go Pro, 2 Stage Rocket launchrockytysonrocketman2011-08-192011-03-10
Wide angle video of my 2 stage Arreaux rocket launch.
High power rocket launch at NEFAR #1rocketscience542011-05-292007-10-22
This is my sky serpant on a J365 smokey motor. It flew about 2000' with drouge at opagee. The main never deployed because I only used one sheer pin. The result was the cone getting snagged in the ...
Jonathan's PML Mini BBX on a H97JRocketMan89112011-07-132007-03-06
Jonathan's PML Mini BBX on a H97J
LDRS 29 Talon on a P Motorrattmanndoo2011-05-292010-06-16
LDRS 29: Battlestar Galactica Launchjor10jor2011-05-292010-06-16
LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 29: Battlestar Galactica Launch
LDRS Patriot Launch an an O Motorrattmanndoo2011-05-292010-06-16
Polecat Skeeter at ROCStock 24dkrause2011-05-292006-11-13
A beautiful flight of my Polecat Aerospace Skeeter on a CTI I350SS at ROCStock 26, November 2006
Scratch Built High Powered Rocketscottb19662011-06-282007-05-09
I built this rocket from scratch, not a kit. Wanted to launch at Southern Thunder 2006 in Manchester TN. but did not make it. Launched at MC2 August 2006 shoot. Altitude was 1987 feet measured by ...
Shazam III 3 Stage High Power Rocketbzzh8c2011-06-252006-12-18
This 3 stage rocket flew perfectly. J570 to J350 to I161. Two onboard computers - Adept ES236 stager and Adept DDCS2 dual deployment performed great. My compliments to Tom Monteymayor who's "Three's ...
Wildman's Darkstar at LDRS 29 on an O Motorjrus22011-05-292010-07-10
AIR Fest 11 - Redneck RockuhtreeCATOTV2011-06-282007-05-19
Rockuhtree, Yeehaw Old school rocketry. Shot by Gonzalo Ortega & Ben Ortega of CATO Television
High Powered Rocket - WWW - Strait_flyerEMiRsrockets2011-06-192010-06-25
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010
Saucer of Doom! LDRS28HotrodRocket12011-07-132009-10-18
Saucer of Doom! LDRS28 On a SKID! Not My rocket but very cool! LDRS 28 Potter, Ny........ July 2009 More LDRS28 videos on the way.
Scott Evans L Launchgeneralripper19642011-06-222009-10-01
L Motor launch during Southern Colorado Rocketeers CHILI BLASTER I event.
"Big Nuke" launch at CMASSHOSSinNH2011-11-062011-10-24
CMASS launch of BigNuke on J500 Mojave Green power.
"I Love Tokyo" CTI G80 Skid 2/26/2011michianarocketry2011-10-082011-02-27
"MoonShot" High Power Model RocketryTheBayourat2012-02-072011-04-23
High Power Model Rocketry flight of the "MoonShot". Bayourat Productions Producer: Whitney Richard
"Rocket Fuel" Launch at Midwest Power XMarc Stevens2013-06-192012-11-05
My "Rocket Fuel" rocket flying on an AMW M1480 Red Rhino to 3,769 feet at Midwest Power X in Princeton, IL. The rocket is actually a converted recycling container.
"T. Rex" rocket flight /L-1800 motor/fffori2011-11-192008-08-11
Flight of 18kg. , 3m.tall rocket "T.Rex" with 3600N.s "L" motor. Propellant "Dragon-F" flame. Altitude - ~1000m.
"The Beast" Rocket Launchwheaty41402011-05-292011-05-22
Mark Weidhaas's "Beast" high power rocket launch in Rainbow Valley, AZ.
"Thing One" second flight on a Cesaroni I195 Red Lightning motor (3 grain)sschnege2011-07-052011-07-05
Second flight of a scratch-built 4" rocket, weighing just under 7 lbs and standing a hair over 7 feet tall. Dual-deploy electronics (Featherweight Altimeters Raven2) were onboard, and triggered the ...
"Up in Flames" CTI I216bandman4442011-11-062010-06-16
Bryce Chanes Scratch-built First attempt at dual deploy 7.8Lb 87" MAWD Perfectflite Cesaroni I216
My scratch built Ion Disruptor's second flight, on an H148 Redline. The delay grain burned through prematurely and caused the early deployment. No damage, thankfully. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March ...
My scratch built Ion Disruptor's first flight on a 38mm H148 Redline reload. Unfortunately, I forgot to tight the quick link and the aft section separated at ejection. Other than that, it was a nice ...
My scratch built Ion Disruptor on an H170 Metalstorm reload, drilled to an 8 second delay. Great flight! LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12.
First flight of my scratch built Tank Girl. 91" tall, 4" diameter transitioning to 3". This flight was on an H148 reload. I didn't get video of the launch, because they had the wrong pad chosen and ...
One of David Robb's rockets on an H112 Black Jack, I believe. David always puts on a good show! SARG Launch, March 10, 2012.
Ion Disruptor landing on its 48" nylon chute. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12.
I believe this is David Robb's Vindicator on a J401 Fast Jack. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12.
A dual deploy rocket. Nice flight! SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
Third time's the charm! FINALLY had a good flight with my scratch built Ion Disruptor. The motor was a 29/240 fast burn H220 Blue Thunder reload. Not much video, but I'm happy with it because I ...
06-19-2010 SouthernThunder MikeSuperTruth4Y2011-10-192010-06-23
Ari's obviously scratch built Sewer Pipe rocket, made out od (you guessed it!) PVC pipe and fittings. Flying on an Aerotech J500 Mojave Green. Dual deploy flight. SARG launch, 04/13/13.
The main chute deploying at 500ft on Ari's dual deploy Sewer Pipe rocket. SARG launch, 04/13/13.
Andy Cooper's new Pinata Rocket. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011
David's Stealth on a Black Jack motor. Quite an exciting flight with the bonus delay! SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
Second flight attempt of Tank Girl. You can clearly see and hear the igniter blowing out of the motor. The motor was an I245 Mojave Green. SARG launch, 12/10/11.
1/2 Scale Patriot - N5800-CTI (C-Star)jamesfdougherty2011-10-132009-12-20
10" Fatboy by M. Hayesguytogo752012-06-272011-11-10
Second flight of Tank Girl, on an I245 Mojave Green reload. SARG launch, 12/10/11.
12" Modular BoosterNpowrd2011-11-042011-11-04
This is the launch of the 12" Modular Booster at WOOSH Eat Cheese of Fly in Aug 2011. It flew on a Cesaroni L3150, and carried the Vanessa Doofenshmirtz legged lander, my entry in the Kelly Legged ...
2-13-11 Green Grave Digger Makes a Beautiful SoundProfessorVonDart2011-06-282011-02-14
Absolutely seamless construction and design lead to beautiful flights with this rocket it was music to my ears
2009 03 14 TORC Launch 0005 Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 H128W M Dual View Controllerbguffer2012-04-172009-03-15
2009-03-14 - TORC Launch 0005 - Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 - H128W-M - Dual View Controller
2010-05-31 YouBee Ground Testjadebox2011-06-032010-05-31
Ground testing of the ejection charges for the Upscale Break-Away rocket.
TORC ( held a two day launch in March 2010. Video contains some slow motion highlights of the first day. Captured using Casio EX-FH20 and Casio EX-FC100 cameras, at 210 frames per ...
2011-04-30 Flight 1 - SuperHorizion H155PPdave92f12012-01-112011-07-15
See for more info.
2011-04-30 Flight 2 - Thrud H100dave92f12012-01-112011-07-15
See for more info.
2011-04-30 Flight 3 - SuperHorizion J144dave92f12012-01-112011-07-15
See for more info.
2011-07-24 flight #42dave92f12012-02-082011-08-16
Thrud (3") on Cesaroni J395. OROC "Desert Heat" launch, Brothers OR. On-board camera view. See for more info.
20111020_Daedalus_Rockets - Computer.m4vASU2011-10-222011-10-20
After a successful Mach2 launch at the LDRS XXX competition in Argonia, Kansas last September, ASU's Daedalus Astronautics student group has set a new goal for the organization - build a rocket that ...
2011_06_18 008.aviBalsaBob2011-06-202011-06-19
At 6/18/11 MDRA ESL: Polecat Aerospace "Thumper Jr." launching on an AT H250G.
3" minimum diameter rocket on an M2020 @ FARTominator792012-07-152012-05-27
Adolfo Camarillo High School rocket club flying an M2020 I max. Was simmed to Mach 2.5 and 35,000 feet. They didn't recover the booster, so no verification of actual performance.
38mm Min diameter rocket launchWaikatotek2011-06-032010-12-07
Alex Heffer's Mini me rocket (cut down PML cirrus dart) launches to 5508feet on an Aerotech H112J motor. Launched at Taupiri New Zealand Dec 5th 2010 (NZRA meeting)
4" Rocket on a J415 NZRA launch, New ZealandWaikatotek2011-12-312011-12-11
Matthews first flight of Dad/Son project, 11th Dec 2011
48 hoursACHS Rocketry2012-07-222012-04-19
Less than two days till launch and it looks like we will be able to make it!
4days left:ProgressACHS Rocketry2012-07-222012-04-18
We are all very excited and anxious for the launch on Saturday, I hope we can finish.
5.5" Phoenix K805G @ Dairy Aire 2009patrickk10042011-05-312009-05-18
My LOC 5.5" Phoenix on a K805 Mojave Green @ Dairy Aire on May 16th 2009
54mm carbon fiber rocket - CTI I218Wsmkrchr2012-07-152012-06-01
Scratch built 54mm minimum diameter carbon fiber rocket on a Cesaroni I218W at Fire in the Sky 2012. Expected altitude and speed 6195 feet, 0.8 mach.
6-inch diameter upscale Estes Mighty Moeaeromoe2011-07-082010-04-26
6-inch diameter upscale Estes Mighty Moe. Third flight, this time on an Aerotech M1780NT "New Blue Thunder" propellent. Rainbow Valley Arizona March 13th 2010. 5519 feet altitude. Successful flight ...
6Days till launch!ACHS Rocketry2012-07-222012-04-16
Our team is very excited to see their months of hard work take off for the first time on April 21st
7-foot "Thing One" on a 4-grain 38mm Cesaroni I303 "Blue Streak" motorsschnege2011-12-312011-12-18
Raven2 altimeter says it hit 294mph in 1.908 seconds and rocket (7.5 lbs) reached 2402 feet AGL. Perfect flight on a cold, windy day. Look for the glint of the iridescent fins toward the center ...
7-foot "Thing One" on a 5-grain 38mm Cesaroni I303 "Blue Streak" motorsschnege2011-12-312011-12-18
A beautiful flight on a Cesaroni 38mm I216 Classic White "Longburn" motor with a 3-second burn time. 314mph on the way up, and probably 65mph+ into the ground. [Insert sad face.] It was immediately ...
8 Sudden Rush.wmvJimBassham2011-07-132010-10-19
My friend Breck's "Sudden Rush" on an J90 long-burn motor. Altimeter only read 3848ft, but it was a 66" rocket that went completely out of sight. I have a hard time believing that.
First launch of a V2/A4 rocket model in 1:10 scale. A new design for removeable fins was tested. The rocket weigth was approx 8kg. An Aerotech J415 motor was used. Erster Start einer V2/A4 ...
Aaron Stanley H150MMysticlambo2011-09-102010-08-09
Aerotech H150 Metalstorm Dark
Aaron Stanley, H150M darkMysticlambo2011-09-182010-08-09
Metalstorm Dark H motor.
Aerotech I161WRocketman916382014-01-172012-05-20
Aerotech k270buggywetzel12011-09-162011-02-14
AIRFest 18 and drakeSDM19752012-09-192012-09-05
Demise of the Drake...
Albatross NERRF 7.wmvKaindog12012-04-042011-12-20
Albatross O4300BD Red Glare 9Kaindog12011-06-202010-10-24
Gary Tortora at Red Glare IX and his 8" Albatross on a EX O motor by Al Goncalves. The flash is a blown nozzle that ended the boost (though the beast went to 8K coasting!).
Always Ready Rocketry Blue Phenix 2.0Andrew Lathrop2014-01-182010-05-28
Blue Phenix on an Aerotech I600R, altitude 2842ft. Dual deploy at 400ft. In Leonard, Oklahoma.
Amateur Rocket Blasts Into StratosphereVideoFromSpace2011-12-012011-10-07
Team Qu8k's rocket blasts off on Sept. 30, 2011 from Nevada's Black Rock Desert, in pursuit of a $5,000 prize for reaching 100,000 feet and being recovered essentially intact. Credit: Derek Dee ...
Andrew Grippo L930rocketkyle2011-08-272008-06-25
Anthony's Orange Rocket, first flight of twoIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-11
Arial on I211ausrockets2011-11-242009-09-14
Ari's PML Arial flying on an I211 to 4000 feet plus at the QRS September public launch.
Aris Diablo Scratch Rocket J800 Blue ThunderkokodogCADT2011-12-112011-11-25
Recorded on November 12, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. The poor mic in the flip camera makes it seem as if there are high winds. The mic does not do the rocket justice as to how loud it was. The ...
ARLISS Rocket Launch 2002aeroexperimental2011-07-132009-05-12
Successful flight of my ARLISS rocket in 2002 on an Aerotech M1419 at Black Rock Desert, Nevada
ART Fatboy at Plaster Blaster 2006dkrause2011-12-062006-10-31
The Arizona Rocketry Team's Giant FATBOY rocket at Plaster Blaster 2006
Back in Black MDRA Red Glare XI Groundcyberia552012-06-292011-11-21
This is the from-the-ground view of my flight at MDRA's Red Glare XI on Saturday November 19th. My wife shot this with her Polaroid 1080p camcorder. She wasn't able to keep up with the acceleration, ...
BadAzz Das BlitzkreigTomB06672011-08-272011-07-05
BadAzz Defender Mk1TomB06672011-08-272011-07-05
BadAzz StarfireTomB06672011-08-272011-07-05
BALLS 2011 Rocket Ground Viewaeroexperimental2011-12-082011-10-03
Ground view of BALLS 2011 Rocket. Launch, motor case burns through, seperation, recovery harness fails, booster section comes in ballistic, payload section recovers under parachute. All parts landed ...
BALLS 2011 Rocket Onboard View HD 720paeroexperimental2011-12-082011-10-03
Onboard HD video of BALLS 2011 Rocket. Launch, motor case burns through, seperation, recovery harness fails, booster section comes in ballistic, payload section recovers under parachute. All parts ...
barracuda #3mattieshoes2011-09-222010-06-03
Video flight #3 from the Barracuda.
Bayboro Full Scale Launch - 2/26/11ncsurocketry2011-07-022011-02-27
The team successfully launched a full scale rocket in Bayboro, NC. It reached an altitude of 5656 ft.
Beater ESL 154Syclone28982011-08-162011-07-20
Scott's "Beater" rocket on a 38/360 EX I65 moon burner. Went about 2500' I think this is flight 80-something on this rocket. MDRA ESL 154 launch on 3/20/2011.
Big Dumb Rocketbillspad2011-12-042011-11-06
6" heavy rocket flying on an SRS J348 at the November 5, 2011 CMASS launch in Amesbury.
Big Lincoln 1 - Rocket Launch Video (1/2)spydermanrick2011-07-312011-05-03
This is a video of the first launch of the Big Lincoln class of rockets. The Big Lincoln 1 is single stage high powered rocket (NAR L1 x3 cluster) powered by three Aerotech G35 composite rocket ...
Big Nuke LaunchHPRnut2011-09-042011-06-29
The launch of my Big Nuke on Sunday, June 26, 2011 on a K550 White Lightning to 4,289 feet at NERRF 7 in Pine Island, NY
Big Nuke on K550W.MOVcsoechtig12012-03-242012-03-19
Extended LOC Big Nuke on an Aerotech K550W Motor. Apogee at 3,682ft / Main at 700ft
big ugly 2khsharp12011-06-232011-06-13
Pueblo launch June 2011
Bills Big Bertah first flight TTRA 2 19 2011 1justvaughn22011-06-242011-02-20
Binder Design Excel on H210 Redlinecha05cat2011-07-282010-02-15
Blue Bird Zero upscalemichianarocketry2012-09-192011-03-28
Boris longbillspad2011-09-052009-04-26
Bowling ball rocket LDRS 2001rlolmste2011-08-082011-07-10
Bowling ball loft contest at LDRS, I won 2nd place as the rocket went to just over 5000ft.
Braden's "Kiss My Dark Star", First FlightIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-25
First launch of Braden's new Wildman Dark Star.
Braden's "Kiss My Dark Star", First Flight, handheld cameraIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-25
First launch of Braden's new Wildman Dark Star.
Brent Bierstedt's Metalstorm K540.wmvTomB06672011-11-052010-06-14
Brent tries out the new Aerotech Metalstorm propellant.
Brent M2505TomB06672014-01-172012-09-04
Brent Bierstedt's V2 on a M2505.
Brian's EX L600 Hybrid Rocketjeffmensch2011-05-292010-04-24
Brian Brodersen's "Rocket of a 1000 Corpses" was launched on April 16, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team-1 rocket club. The rocket was constructed from the leftover remains of many ...
Brothers Friday May 2011Dharris0002011-10-222011-05-23
Brothers Rocket Launch, June, 2010JoeMolinari20112012-02-032012-01-16
Portland State University rocket club launches a large rocket at Brothers. It climbed to around 12000 feet. The event was held by the Oregon Rocketry Club.
Jeff's Bruiser recovering. Very cool dual deploy.
BSD Horizon on AT J350Wejwolski2011-11-242011-02-26
Stretched BSD Horizon (with LOC avionics bay and payload section) launching on an Aerotech J350W reloadable motor. Deployment was controlled by a Perfectflite MAWD altimeter. Flight was at Battle ...
Bull Puppy 1st flight.MOVspsjunky2011-06-032011-04-16
PML Bull Puppy on an AeroTech H148R, good flight, landed about a half mile away.
Bullet Proof I245vahenator2011-06-252009-07-20
A Giant Leap rocket kit launched with the Aerotech I245G. Reached an altitude of 2354 feet.
Burl's Phoenixroyatlvideo2011-06-202010-03-12
Burl Finkelstein's Phoenix on an M motor from 2002
cal poly 2 stage m to m rocket 5 7 2011rattmanndoo2011-08-132011-05-09
Candy-Corn Rocket launch and slow motion at 60fpsbastian742011-05-312010-10-10
Shot at North Branch, Mn - Tripoli Mn October Launch.
Carbon Fiber Concept 54700dhealy2011-08-082011-07-12
Michael Healy's rocket flying on a Aerotech H-268 redline to a altitude of over 1700 + feet
Carbon Nightmare C*Mannyskid162011-11-052011-10-31
This is my rocket Carbon Nightmare that was flown at MWP 9 on an M2250 C* to 21,000 ft. at Mach 2.
Carbon Nightmare L3000Mannyskid162014-01-172012-07-20
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Casey Barker's M2100 Rocket at Snow Ranch Feb 2, 2012o1ddude2012-03-012012-02-06
This is a big rocket. An M2100 motor is quite large as well. Though I often joke about rocket science, this is truly is a very technical endeavor and well done. Far beyond my efforts. Rocket ...
Clark Aerospace High Power Rocket Launch.wmvhimesjon2011-10-222011-10-21
Clifton J250 CorkscrewTomB06672011-06-252011-03-16
John Clifton's 4" upscale of the Estes Corkscrew. He flew it at Orangeburg in April 2003 on a black smoke 54mm research J250.
Coldfire, Flight 20 (Slow Motion)IdRocketeer2011-09-022010-11-10
Launch of Coldfire slowed to 5% normal speed (1.5fps).
Competitor 3 flying on an Aerotech M650Wrekrapmij2012-02-032011-09-06
Performance Hobbies Competitor 3 flying on an Aerotech M650W taken from a ground camera under the rocket at the launch pad
Competitor 4 J365SKrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
My Competitor 4 on an AMW J365SK at ST08.
Corky Storey's Nike Smoke on a L1300TomB06672011-09-162011-09-06
Corky Story's upscale Goonybird on a J800T (boost only)MarcusGoodwyn2013-04-042012-12-16
Boost of Corky Story's beautiful upscale Estes Goonybird on a J800T at the Rocketry of Central Carolina (ROCC) monthly launch on 12/15/12. Successful tree re...
CPSS_Starbooster Launchduhtrev2011-09-242010-05-22
Launch of the Cal Poly Space Systems Star Booster. Small picture-in-picture of the flight from the ground and the onboard video. From the May 17 2003 Tripoli Central California (TCC) DairyAire ...
Craig Kuchenmeister I211Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Craig Kuchenmeister flies his No Wake on an I211W at Southern Thunder 2008.
CTI F79SS LegacyDgardei2011-09-042010-11-07
My LOC Legacy launches with a CTI F79 Smoky Sam motor. This motor uses the Pro24 3G case. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA
CTI H194 EZI-65Dgardei2011-09-042010-11-07
I launch my LOC EZI-65 with a CTI H194 Red Lightning motor. This motor uses the Pro29 5G case. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA
CTI H54 SumoDgardei2011-06-242010-11-07
My Aerotech Sumo flies with a CTI H54 White long burn motor. This motor uses the Pro29 3G case. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA
CTI I175 StingrayDgardei2011-09-022010-11-07
Cutting Edge Dual Deployscottp7742011-07-132010-10-02
Cutting Edge (Giant Leap Elipse) on an I285R to 1872' with dual deploy recovery. Flown at AARG's Oct 2010 Launch.
Cygnus Directors CutKAPTAINKRYTOX2012-03-052009-04-09
PML Cygnus and SKYRIPPER 54mm K257 at EARS 2009 Added extra sceen from HD pad cam :)
Danny's Salad ShooterTomB06672011-08-272011-07-05
Darkstar X treme520GRIFFIN2012-01-202010-11-17
Darkstar DualMannyskid162012-01-112011-07-18
Darkstar I211.avipantherjon12011-11-242010-01-12
Jim Hendricksen launches his Darkstar on an I211!
Darryl Hankes M2030MGrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Darryl Hankes' Bullpup on an AT M2030MG at Southern Thunder 2008
Dave Brunsting " Go Bears"michianarocketry2011-11-042011-03-28
David and John Robb's Rocket Launches LUNAR April 2012robbdavidm2012-10-302012-04-09
Rocket Launches at LUNAR, April 7, 2012. Super Spring conditions for flying High Power Rockets. Launches this time Rocketry Warehouse Formula 98, Wildman Vindicator, Wildman Shape Shifter Jr, and ...
Delta Heavy-2 rocket flightfffori2011-11-192008-07-14
5kg rocket with J550 motor and "Dragon-F" flame propellant
Dennis Watkins Mad Max on an O4600 Thunderstruck 2012Lamajg012012-06-272012-04-15
Dex Dual Thrust High Speed Takeoffslh5612011-07-132010-07-01
The subject is a 8 ft tall, 20 pound rocket named Poindexter launching on a Cesaroni L640 Dual Thrust rocket motor. This is a video taken from a casio es-fs10 high speed digital camera at 210 fps.
DFA J-90 (1997 Medford, OK)teerocket12012-01-242012-01-01
DG&A Defenderrocketreviews2011-05-292008-05-20
Rocket Flight for article on EMRR:
Diablo Rocket Ground footageAZRon342011-12-312008-02-27
Here's the ground footage of the 16.5" diameter, 11ft tall rocket. Weighs 165lbs, and reached an altitude of 6,045 feet.
Dolphin 7 CTI K820 Blue StreakAmericanMissiles2014-01-172010-03-29
PML Pterodactyl - 28 lb pad weight.
Don Ball's Imax M flightTomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
Doug Abramson J275Mysticlambo2011-09-182010-08-09
Pad video
Doug Knight K550Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Doug Knight flies an AT K550W at Southern Thunder 2008.
Dragon Fly, Flight 4, Attempt 3IdRocketeer2011-09-042010-11-08
Third attempt to launch "Dragon Fly" on its fourth flight. This turned into an accidental drag race due to a misconfiguration of the launch controller. My rocket had an unfair advantage due to it ...
dual deploy nuke promax FAILEDkhsharp12011-06-232011-06-13
Pueblo launch June 2011
Earl's Leopard Rocketzgreycoat2011-06-272011-02-13
Enterprise launch K805GRocketmanNX012011-09-052010-09-30
Matt Johnson's Enterprise launch at MMAR on April 2, 2011, in Muskegon, Michigan at the MMAR launch field, Muskegon County Wastewater Treatment Facility.
Eric's Mizz Rhonda boosts on a J360TomB06672011-09-162011-09-06
Escape Velocity 5334 ftgeneralripper19642011-06-222009-08-07
My Giant Leap Rocketry Escape Velocity reaching an altitude of 5334 Feet. during HELLFIRE 14 on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Extended LOC IV on AT I211Wcsoechtig12012-03-242012-03-19
Extended LOC IV (rigged for dual deploy) flying on an AT I211W motor - - Apogee at 2,170ft / main at 500ft.
Extreme Darkstar J1520 Vmax248Rocketman2482011-07-132010-11-18
A Wildman Extreme Darkstar flying on a CTI J1520 Vmax motor. The kids screaming in the background were boyscouts. Our club hosted approximately 250 scouts for a large "Rocket-ree" event. This was ...
Extreme Wildman on AT M650nar890562011-12-112011-11-09
My big flight at PBX -- 4-inch Extreme Wildman on Aerotech M650 to 15,158 feet.
EZI RecoveryHPRnut2011-12-272010-11-27
The recovery of my EZI-65 after a 3,872 foot flight at METRA on April 5, 2009
This is my EZI-65 on a I211 at Amesbury, MA on July 17, 2011. The flight went to 2025 feet.
First flight of my EZI-65 on a J315 Redline at METRA on April 5, 2009
Fat BoyTomB06672012-01-202011-04-12
A 16" diameter Fat Boy on a N1000 and 4 M motors. Flown at Red Glare 10.
Festival of Rocketry 2011 clip 03havenacoustics2011-08-132011-08-13
High power amateur rocket launched at the 2011 Festival of Rocketry.
Festival of Rocketry 2011 clip 06havenacoustics2011-08-182011-08-13
Martins' "Bombshell" on a Cesaroni Smoky Sam
Firestorm 54 WW LDRS XXXRktman772011-10-092011-09-17
Flying Colors, Flight #6IdRocketeer2011-08-192011-05-22
Launch of my rocket, Flying Colors, on its 6th flight. Power was provided by a CTI 517I255-16A. My AltimeterOne appears to have malfunctioned, reporting an altitude less than 1000' AGL, which was ...
flying PumpkinAzoghlin2011-09-042010-10-31
OLD aerotech J540
Gary Dickenson K555SKrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Gary Dickenson's Competitor 3 on an AMW K555SK at ST08.
Gary T Vorlon 5 at Red Glare XIzcases2011-12-042011-11-20
Vorlon 5's flawless launch on Saturday
Gary Tortora GIZMO XL CTI L640DT MDRA 1/14/12Kaindog12012-01-202012-01-18
Gary Tortora's Albatross Red Glare 9Syclone28982011-06-222010-10-29
Gary Tortora's Albatross on a Blue "O" motor. The motor spit the nozzle part way through the burn, but the rocket still put in a good flight to over 9000 feet.
Gerald Meux's LDRS 29 Pad Cam 1 10" Nike Smoke CTI N1100 Altitude 10500ft 700fps 6g's
Gerald Meux's LDRS 29 Pad Cam 2 10" Nike Smoke CTI N1100 Altitude 10500ft 700fps 6g's
Giant Leap Rocketry Mariah 38 FlightAlexander Solis2013-04-042012-07-22
I went to a local club in Alamagordo, New Mexico and decided to take the Mariah 38-Block 3 along for its first flight on a Cesaroni G79 Smokey Sam. The fligh...
Gizmo Rocket Flightcrapsack10002011-08-192011-06-13
GIZMO XL CTI Demo L1350C-Star.wmvKaindog12011-12-012011-11-22
Gizmo XL K660CLKaindog12011-11-192011-10-23
Gizmo XL on a Kr1dermon2011-11-062011-10-23
Gizmo XL awesome flight!!!
Goblim L930 100703TomB06672011-09-162010-07-07
Goblin Flightgregmuri2011-12-062007-12-14
Successful Goblin flight on an O motor
Goblin K700TomB06672011-09-182010-05-17
Gorila M at TTRA 12-17-12getoffmylastnerve2011-12-262011-12-18
Gorilla M at TTRA 12-17-12
Got Whip (tm) H128Sunny310v22012-03-242009-10-11
Slo-mo of a H128 in a rocket showing the launch rod what whip really is....
Greg Krieger's Blue Kryptonite Thunderstruck 2012Lamajg012012-06-272012-04-15
Greg LaMaster's Sidewinder Thunderstruck 2012Lamajg012012-06-272012-04-15
Greg Lane M2550rocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Greg Lane's Mighty Mo on a Loki M2550 blue at ST08.
Greg's "Largely Unfinished", Flight One of Two, handheld cameraIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-24
Greg launched this rocket twice, the first time on an I435 motor.
Greg launches 4 inch dia. carbon fiber rocket using Cesaroni N10000 V-Max 98mm motor. (Mach 1 at 700 feet and Mach 2 around 1100 AGL)
H112 Black jack Expediterbukowskiredsox2011-11-042011-06-12
H143 StingrayDgardei2011-08-162010-04-26
My upscale Stingray takes off with a CTI H143-6 Smoky Sam motor. I upgraded the parachute to a 45" chute, which was what the rocket needed to prevent the wing tips from flying off. April 24th, 2010. ...
Hell Boy .mpgbillspad2011-12-042011-11-06
Boris Katan's Hell Boy from the November 11, 2011 CMASS launch in Amesbury
HellFire 15Helicopterboy132011-06-282010-08-21
Rocket launch on the salt flats. Video was taken on my iPhone 4. The song is by Bon Jovi 'we got it going on.'
Hi Tech on H112J - overstable - coning?csoechtig12012-03-052012-02-21
Higgs in Space "Level 2"bhiggins3162011-07-292011-07-18
High-Power rocket Fall of 2009 Rocket name "Level 2" 8 feet tall 5.5 in. diameter At lift off about 18 Pounds Alt. 2600
High Power 4 16 11 ttrajustvaughn22011-06-232011-04-16
High Power Large V2 Magnetic Rod Lug Launch Maine 2000amtr12011-05-292011-02-26
This video carried the telemetry70 cm packages in Maine videos
High Power Rocket - 'Callisto' - NCRocketry53rockets2011-07-132010-12-21
Callisto High Power Rocket - NCRocketry
High Power Rocket .. Zoid at Snow Ranch 5/06drdkccd2011-06-282007-02-01
Zoid on an L1300 ... very nice flight. This was the "final" test before certification.
High Power Rocket with Skid-mark Motor53rockets2011-06-192010-07-20
This high power rocket was launched during the "Mile High Mayhem" event in Northern Colorado. It was a nice sunny day on that Friday afternoon. - Northern Colorado Rocketry (NCR) - A Crews Control ...
High powered rocketalkemat2011-09-222010-06-07
Red Rocket on an Aerotech I300T blue thunder. First time its at half speed then at full.
High Powered Rocket - WWW - Thank_youEMiRsrockets2011-06-192010-06-25
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010
High powered rocket LOC Expediter I245Gbukowskiredsox2011-11-042011-03-15
High-Power Rocket at Snow Ranchdadicks2011-07-132010-12-16
Steve launches a high-power rocket on an I-211 engine (2000 feet). Shot at a LUNAR rocket launch in Snow Ranch, near Farmington, Calif. Apologies for the horrible cinematography; I'll get better. :)
Hoster III Cam on Board2ramiroseliman2011-06-042011-04-03
Cohete experimental , motor H193 , Rcandy sorbitol Liquido , 3 granos 45 gr c/u , empuje motor , 20 kg en 1,2 seg , altura estimada segun simulacion , entre 350 y 400 mts
Huge rocket powered by an N3800Kelfam482302011-11-062009-12-06
This rocket was launched at Three Oaks. It was actually the first N3800 flown in MI. The boost was perfect, but the apogee charge didn't fire. When the main chute fired, it was going so fast it ...
Hyper Loc 835 I235W.MOVcsoechtig12012-02-072012-01-22
First flight for Hyper Loc 835 - - On a Gorilla I235W (325 total impulse). Apogee at 1200ft.
Hyperloc 835 flying at TCC's Dairy Aireqquake2k2011-08-192011-05-22
My Hyperloc 835 flying at TCC's Dairy Aire in Fresno yesterday. My biggest (by volume) and heaviest (6lbs) rocket yet, on my largest motor yet, an I218 Redline. It was a good flight, but it drifted ...
I-Roc Extreme on a K Motorallenp32011-07-052010-07-07
A modified Loc-Precision I-Roc launching at Muck Fest 2010 on a K motor in Potter NY. This is not my rocket.
I236 Launch at the 2011 Livermore Boy Scout Rocket Jamboreesfineberg2011-11-042011-10-10
Madcow Patriot dual-deploy launch on a Cesaroni I236 Blue Streak. This was at the 2011 Boy Scout Rocket Jamboree in Livermore, CA.
CT Tripoli # 26 Hurley, NY Saturday launch. LOC MAGNUM on a I300 motor. Dual Deployment tested functional, Main fired at .6 seconds after MAIN due to not reaching over 750 feet. Altimeter sensed ...
Madcow little john rocket launched with a CTI VMAX 400 at the CRASH Denver club launch.
Interop NY - Creation of Xirrus RocketXirrusTV2011-06-282010-10-24
Watch the Rocket that was on display in the Xirrus booth at Interop NY being built and painted! This 13ft high powered rocket was built by Xirrus CEO, Dirk Gates, and his brother, Erik.
Intimidator 5 - Animal Killer Sparkyrfjustin2011-05-312011-03-15
Quad Cities Rocket Society - March 13th 2011. RJ's Performance Rocketry Intimidator 5 on a large research sparky motor. Animal Killer Sparky.
Intimidator 5 on a K1085WTchrisdreher12011-08-272011-08-01
Isis Flight 2peter798132011-11-192009-07-21
Loc Isis on a DPS J-426 SRB propellant. No recovery deployment due to electronics failure. I think there was a power disconnect mid-flight.
Isis Rocket Launchclubjuggler2011-05-292011-02-10
Video of my wife's high power rocket, Isis, launched on a Cesaroni H400 Vmax motor at Bayboro, NC in January 2011. Engine burn time is 0.64 seconds. Motor burnout happens at about 186 feet. The ...
J275 Flight on Aurorarocketpage2013-03-012012-08-13
Had a hitch in the Hypertek GSE so I flew AP.
J275 High Power Rocket Launch w/ Tender Descender- "Cinema 6"- March 20, 2010jmomenee2011-09-292010-03-25
Launched at Varn ranch in Plant City, FL. "Cinema 6" scratch-built L2 rocket with J275 motor and Tender Descender main chute release device. Flight went perfectly and Tender Descender released main ...
J415 LadyrobinDgardei2011-06-032011-04-13
Ladyrobin 2.0 launches with an Aerotech J415W to an altitude of 4400 feet. Red Glare X - Filmed by Sean Lucey
Jasons Ultimate Darkstar-MWP XMannyskid162013-06-192012-11-05
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Jay's Impulse Buys Rocketjeffmensch2011-07-132010-05-01
Jay Calvert's Impulse Buys rocket on a 9 motor cluster with two sets of airstarts. Launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. It produced a huge smoke cloud ...
JC Corkscrew MWP 6rfjustin2011-11-052011-06-29
O-6500 Research Motor flown at Midwest Power 6.
Jenny Gross' Tigress Thunderstruck 2012Lamajg012012-06-272012-04-15
Jim Green's PLUTO on M1305MMysticlambo2011-07-132010-08-09
Aerotech M-1305 Metalstorm awesome flight.
Jim Scarpine's Explorer Aquarius on a K1075TomB06672011-09-162011-09-06
Jim Scarpine's Star Leopard on a M3500TomB06672011-09-162011-09-06
Jim Scarpine's Std ARM on a K1000TomB06672011-09-162011-09-09
Joe Grubb's upscale Pathfinder on a Aerotech I211.MrCosmoJMyers2011-11-242011-08-06
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Joey Wright I600Rrocketkyle2014-01-172008-07-14
Joey Wright's Dazed and Confused on an I600R. July 12, 2008 HARA.
Joey Wright N2700BBrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Joey Wright flies For Those About to Rock on an AMW N2700BB at ST08.
Joey Wright unknownrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Joey Wright flies a rocket on a research motor at ST08.
John Hansel M1730SKrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
John Hansel flies his Nike Smoke on an AMW M1730SK to start ST08.
Johnnie Paul M1882 1rocketkyle2011-12-312008-06-25
Johnnie Paul's Standard Arm on a Loki M1882 at ST08.
Johnnie Paul M1882 2rocketkyle2011-12-312008-06-25
Johnnie Paul's Standard Arm on a Loki M1882 at ST08.
k185 and h170Mysticlambo2011-09-102010-08-09
flights at aeronaut 2010
K1X-III Poland 4626 mPolskie Towarzystwo Rakietowe2013-06-192013-06-18
20-04-2013 III start K1-X w Drawsku Pomorskim. Lot na wysoksc 4626 m.
K2045 Mach Madnessxenonrocket2012-12-132012-11-19
K540 Super MagnumDgardei2012-08-242011-04-13
My Super Magnum takes off with an Aerotech K540 Metal Storm motor and climbs to 3800 feet. Red Glare X - Filmed by Sean Lucey
K550 Super MagnumDgardei2011-06-032011-04-13
My Super Magnum launches with an Aerotech K550W motor. Red Glare X - Filmed by Sean Lucey
KC Chief Distant Thunder Launch @ Kloudbusters Distant Thunder 2011davdue2011-12-312011-12-06
Flight video of my scratch built rocket "KC Chief" on a AeroTech I211R. It is a flight to about 2000 ft at the Kloudbuster's Rocket Pasture during Distant Thunder 2011 on November 13th. ... (more ...
Kelly's engineering challenge high power rocket launchbrupp531502011-12-262011-08-28
Here's one of the entries from this years engineering launch. Build a lunar lander that starts with the legs up, then deploys them with the rocket "standing up" when landing. This one gets a A+ for ...
Kevin Cornelius K475 and 2x G61Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Kevin Cornelius flies Gizmax, an upscaled Gizmo, on an AMW K475 airstarting 2 AT G61W's at ST08. oops.
Kevin Cornelius M1350rocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Kevin Cornelius' Blue Maxx on an AMW M1350 at ST08.
Kit's tuberqquake2k2012-03-052012-02-06
Kit's tuber on a CTI H123 Skidmark. Love those sparkies! LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Kit's tuberqquake2k2012-03-052012-02-05
Kit's tuber landing. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
L3L Flight over 31,000 feetAdrianat4DVdotnet2011-10-162011-10-10
Lansare RoWo 2008DexterJr2011-07-052011-04-14
Lansata in 2008 in cadrul Rocket Workshop organizat de Euroavia Bucuresti Details: Lenght: 2.2m Weight: ~3Kg Motor: 1000N for 0.7 seconds Fuel: KN/SU/SB
Launch M840 CTIACHS Rocketry2012-07-152012-04-22
Success to 30,197ft!!!
Launch of "Blue Phenix" rocket with Aerotech H 148 RM rocket motor on MIR 2010IvanBonic1232011-06-282010-09-14
"MIR 2010" in Italy, 10.07.2010., "Blue Phenix" rocket, L=165cm, D=75mm, m=1700g, Aerotech RMS H 148 RM motor, total impulse 220Ns, apogee = 600m
Launch of "Comandante Yoshimitsu" rocket with Aerotech J 415 W rocket motor on MIR 2010IvanBonic1232011-09-082010-09-14
"MIR 2010" in Italy, 10.07.2010., "Comandante Yoshimitsu" rocket, L=305cm, D=100mm, m=6200g, Aerotech RMS J 415 W motor, total impulse 1280Ns, apogee = 900m
Launch of Leading Edge Rocketry's kit of the Great White on I161Wgetoffmylastnerve2011-12-112011-12-11
Launch of Leading Edge Rocketry's kit of the Great White on I161W with the NEFAR rocketry club on 12-10-11
Launch of Mike Borman's Giant Leap Elipse rocket on an Aerotech J350Wmfborman2011-07-132011-07-12
Launch of Mike Borman's Giant Leap Elipse rocket on an Aerotech J350W motor to 2687 feet. The rocket carried a Garmin Astro GPS for tracking, and an onboard Boostervision Gearcam video camera. The ...
Launch of PML Io Dual Deploy Rocketrbbremer2011-09-092010-09-08
Recorded on September 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
launch of squigherder specialkhsharp12011-06-192011-06-14
Big nuke J330
LDRS 29 - Tripoli San Diego Delta 2 roll-outsesdiego2011-05-292010-06-13
The Delta 2 was Tripoli San Diego's 2009 club project for Plaster Blaster. After redesigning the upper retractable fins, it was ready for its LDRS debut. Team members transporting the aft portion ...
LDRS 30 Albatross O4300BD2012-01-050000-00-00
LDRS 30 Ntropy N950rocketkyle2012-02-112012-01-02
My "Ntropy" 4" diameter 6' tall rocket on a Gorilla Motors N950 demo. The motor burned 10-11 seconds. 21500'+ apogee, landed 3.5 miles into the wind. September 3, 2011 at LDRS 30 in Argonia, KS. ...
LDRS Bonneville 1998 Kim and Frankbillk4672012-02-112011-11-20
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats
LDRS Bonneville 1998 misfit rocketbillk4672012-02-112011-11-20
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats
LDRS Bonneville 1998 N motorbillk4672012-02-112011-11-20
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats
LDRS Bonneville 1998 panoramabillk4672012-02-112011-11-20
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats
LDRS Bonneville 1998 waiting in linebillk4672012-02-112011-11-20
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats
LDRS Bonneville 1998 Woodys rocketbillk4672012-02-112011-11-20
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats
LDRS XXX - Launching I161 High Power Rocket 9/4/2011cindychesley2011-10-222011-09-05
I flew an H238 motor yesterday and got my Level One Certification in high power rocketry. It went over 1000 feet. Today flew an I161 and it topped off around 2600 feet (and took 2 hours to find ...
LDRS XXX Short White GuyRktman772011-10-092011-09-20
Level 2 open-body missile nearing completionlauncheverything2011-12-262011-12-05
Lil Rascal High Power Rocket on an Aerotech H123 White Lightning MotorDWM2312011-06-282011-06-20
Launched at the CRMRC monthly launch June 19, 2011. This is an all fiberglass kit purchased online from Rocketry Warehouse. Great value and performance.
Little Dog J500MGrocketkyle2012-06-292008-07-14
My Little Dog on an AT J500MG to 7,188'. July 12, 2008 HARA.
LOC Bruiser launch, TTRAneond72012-09-192012-09-18
LOC Bruiser launch, TTRA at Plant City, FL. Powering the flight was a CTI J453 White Thunder in a 6XL casing.
LOC Caliber ISPcsoechtig12012-03-242012-03-19
LOC Precision Caliber ISP on Aerotech I161W. Apogee at 1,987ft / Main at 700 ft.
LOC Expiditer rocket on I195Lrgroday2011-06-032009-10-07
Expiditer rocket launch at Metra October 4 2009 launch
LOC IV Dual Deploy.avicsoechtig12012-02-072011-11-19
My first dual deployment launch... I extended my LOC IV with an e-bay and 15" payload section. I used a perfect flight Statologger altimeter. The launch was on an AeroTech I161W-M.
LOC IV Dual Deployment on I161Wcsoechtig12011-12-292011-12-18
LOC IV with 15" payload extension and e-bay. launched on AT I161W... Appogee at 1548 ft / main deploy at 500ft.
LOC Magnumjcnsmbrown2012-03-092012-02-26
LOC Magnum on an Aerotech I300. Eight pound rocket went to 1036 feet.
Loki J somethingnws062232012-04-172009-08-23
High Power Rocket Launch Loki J Sparky Motor
LUNAR February 2012adfgfds2012-03-052012-02-05
Tony Cooper's famous Pinata rocket. Complete with tons of kids running out on the field :-)
LUNAR February 2012adfgfds2012-03-052012-02-05
Full M. Had a nice sound to this one.
M motor rocket launchsasprr2011-10-022010-03-22
Some guy's rocket at MDRS on 3/20/2010. Crappy video quality (it was from my phone) doesn't do it justice at all.
M powered rocket at GRITS-1, April 2011royatlvideo2011-08-192011-04-01
Burl Finkelstein's FatNike rocket flying on a research M motor of about 9000 newton-seconds (equal to 900 Estes C engines) flying on research day at Georgia Rockets In The Sky (GRITS) April 1-3 near ...
M1675 PinkDgardei2012-01-202011-04-13
M2U00285.MPG Upscale Estes InterceptorSPIRITHARVESTER2011-06-262010-10-28
Macey's Meat Department on an I800 VmaxAksrockets2011-12-272011-08-10
Flown at Hellfire 16 in Utah by Ken Adams. Video by A.K.S. Rockets SUBSCRIBE!!!
Blake's Stock Blue-Tube Mach-Madness Rocket's. first 2 shots are a 54mm minimum diameter on a K1100T and the rest, a 75mm on a M3500
Mad Cow LIttle John with 6:1 Von Karman Fiberglass Nose ConeShockwavebrandango2011-05-312011-03-28
A large, high power rocket takes off from the Tripoli Colorado launch site in Hartsel. This nose cone is the first product from the new company,
Mad Dog DD on a K740 C StarJetMechQC2011-12-012011-10-30
The Rocinante going to 7794 feet
Mad Rocket Dog Lukie Final Flight.wmvbradevansmd00072011-12-312011-12-12
Final flight of the Mad Rocket Dog Series "Lukie" at Rainbow Valley, AZ on November 12, 2011 on an Aerotech I470. This is a modified Public Missiles Tomahawk for dual deploy that has flow s ...
Maiden Dual Deploy Flight of the MongooseLeosLeisureSite2011-09-202011-09-19
March Lunar Launches.mpgrobbdavidm2012-03-302012-03-04
March LUNAR Lauches. Includes my L3 flight test for Wildman Wild Thang Extreme on at K878FJ.
Matador 1.wmvburnzoo142011-07-292011-07-20
Estacado High Schools 10 foot tall sonic rocket. Launched May 22nd of 2005 at Wayside, Texas on an N2100 solid rocket motor. Velocity at burnout 954 mph
Maverick rocket - Aerotech K700Sunny310v22011-12-312011-12-28
Nic is the rocket building ninja
MC2's Coyote M2500GGrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
The MC2 club's Coyote on an AMW M2500GG at ST08.
MDRA ESL 164 - Unknown N MotorDPatell2012-01-202012-01-16
Ultimate Wildman being flown on an Unknown N Motor by an Unknown flier. Please comment with additional information.
Mega Mean Machine CTI K590 Dual Thrust ROCtober 2011bandman4442011-12-262011-10-20
Upscale 5.5" Estes Mean Machine Cesaroni K590DT Dual Thrust Bryce
MEGA TITAN 2.wmvmichaelagunter2012-02-072012-01-30
This is the second in the series of videos I will make as I build the MEGA TITAN Rocket for Totally Wicked. Our new rocket will be called "MISS WICKED". Long, Sleek and very fast. This girl should ...
MegaGoblin on an M1130 Spitfire (7653')EvilPrince692012-03-052011-10-18
Any questions?
Melissa's H165 Rocket Launchpmurphyjam02011-12-312011-12-24
Melissa launches her rocket with an Aerotech H165 rocket motor, it goes 1243 ft @ 303 mph all recorded by an iPhone 3GS on the rocket, and an iPhone 4S on the ground
Michael Koppelman's rocket on a AMW L1300BBtdstr6662011-06-262009-05-25
Tripoli MN North Branch's Michael Koppelman's minimal diameter rocket burning up the sky on a AMW L1300 Blue Baboon. Mach 1.8 and 12k'!
midwest power 9HDRocketry2011-11-052011-10-31
Mike Sig K270Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Mike Sig's Competitor 3 on an AT K270W at ST08.
Mike Sig K550Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Mike Sig's Competitor 3 on an AT K550W at ST08.
Mike Z I66rocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Mike Z flies Yellow Hammer on an I66 research motor at ST08.
Mini Nuke - LDRS XXXRktman772011-10-092011-09-16
Minimum Diameter rocket on a G75MAksrockets2011-12-262011-09-16
Flew my minimum diameter rocket on a G75 at Hellfire 16 in Utah on saturday. Great flight, I got it back all in one piece.
Miss September - launch perspectivetsmrockets2011-06-232011-05-30
Tripoli Southern Minnesota - Miss September flight from Black Rock, NV. September 25, 2010
Motoreater NSLTomB06672011-08-312011-07-30
MR2 Rocket Runslangig2012-02-072012-02-06
NZ MR2OC run to the NZ Rocketry Association's annual launch day. One of the "smaller" rockets that survived initial lift off.
MWP AP Soda.movcjkendrick2011-12-312011-11-07
Judy Lubin's AP Soda launch at Midwest Power 9
My Blue Phenix Speed Record J500Ggetoffmylastnerve2011-12-262011-12-18
New personal speed record 649 mph or .84 mach,flight was with Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association on 12-17-12
N rocket motor.avitezanders2012-03-052011-03-05
N rocket research motor
ND-STRIPE Cluster Attempt at LDRS-27OppressioN252011-06-222008-09-04
ND-STRIPE cluster attempt at LDRS-27 in Argonia Kansas. It was to start on an N4000BB, air start two M2500GG, followed by another two M2500GG. The simulated altitude was 22000ft. However, there were ...
NEFAR Rocket Launch, 5-8-10ss24952011-06-232010-05-09
Neil's Red RocketIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-06-05
Nesaru XR6 Mission 5CPGAerospace2014-01-182013-09-04
Launch of Nesaru XR6, my Level 1 rocket. Length: 5 feet, Liftoff weight: 4 pounds. Motor used on this flight: CTI H135, Maximum Altitude, 1550 Feet.
NIKE Smoke with Air Startgeneralripper19642011-06-222009-10-01
NIKE Smoke built by members of SCORE being flown at CHILI BLASTER I.
November 2009 Damn Abresch Boys Mach Madness attemptPAbreschJr2011-11-092009-11-30
This was a rocket specifically designed to compete in Mach Madness attempts at MDRAs Higgs Farm launch site. This was the maiden flight. The rocket was constructed by Peter, Ben, Joseph, and JP. ...
Nuts on I59.wmvTomB06672011-09-022010-04-08
OD's Steppin Razor II on H123W (Ground view) 12-10-2011o1ddude2011-12-262011-12-12
This is the view from the ground of my Steppin' Razor II boosting on an H123W. After motor burnout you can hear the airframe whistle. Rocket Science: Making everything else look simple since 1958!
OMG launch.MP4jschubz2012-04-152012-04-02
Thunderstruck 2012 - OMG rocket launch
On-Board Video from the First Launch of the YouBee (2011-01-08)jadebox2011-06-032011-01-12
The YouBee was launched on a K455 motor at the January, 2011, NEFAR launch. This high-definition video was recorded by a camera on-board the 12-foot tall rocket.
Patrick Bissonnette Hyperloc K550Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Patrick Bissonnette flies his Hyperloc on a K550W at ST08 to 3,040'.
Paul's 5 Star rocket airstarttheluigiteam5432011-07-132011-06-11
Liftoff on 4x H97J, airstarting a Warp9 J1423.
Pauls RocketDgardei2011-12-072011-04-13
Pegasus-III -BALLS19, CTI N5800 Breakin Mach 4jamesfdougherty2011-10-132010-11-11
Performance Rocketry Competitor 6 Rocket on KBA L2300G - Barn Landing - CRMRCDWM2312011-07-132010-12-19
Tom's L3 certification rocket is a Performance Rocketry Competitor 6 aptly named Climb-Maxx on a 98mm KBA (Kosdon by AeroTech) L2300G Green propellant motor. This 32 pound, 11 foot long, 6" diameter ...
Performance Rocketry G3 I284Wr1dermon2011-11-062011-10-22
Performance Rocketry G3 on an Aerotech I284W motor at CMASS, Amesbury, MA.
Phenix J350RocketmanNX012011-09-052010-09-30
Pink Pterodactylalgloer2012-06-292010-10-28
John and Barbara Caramanga's Stretched Pterodactyl on a centralM.Repainted pink for Breast Cancer awareness.Flown at MDRA / Red Glare IX
Plaster Blaster 2009 Colonial ViperMicah4612011-12-292009-11-09
Flight of Jim Neubauer's giant Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica on Saturday, November 7th at Plaster Blaster VIII
Plaster Wars 2007 Y-WingMicah4612012-01-202007-10-09
The 1/4 Scale Y-Wing built by Punk Rocket Science. Who knew the Y-Wing could glide so well?
PML Ariel at NERRF4rocketreviews2011-08-192008-07-01
Launch video for EMRR Review:
PML Phobos LOKI on H73JTimtheycallme2011-11-202011-11-06
My E80 rocket Maiden Flight! Aerotech H73. All of the flights of LOKI in this form (green and red, labeled as E80 flights) had the following electronics: Sparkfun datalogger Absolute pressure sensor ...
PML Pitbull High Power Rocket, K805GWaikatotek2012-03-092012-03-04
Kevin Haydens PML Pitbull on its maiden flight on an Aerotech K805G motor. The nose cone drag separated and resulted in quite a major deconstruction mid flight. Launched at NZRA Members launch day, ...
Polecat Aerospace 5.5 Nike Smoke Dual Deploy On An Aerotech K550 White LightningkokodogCADT2011-12-312011-11-25
Recorded on October 6, 2010 using a Flip Video camera. If you just want to see the launch skip to 2:53. It was my rocket that actually crashed the following month on an Aerotech K700 W. The flight ...
Positive Ascent 8th Flight Pad Cam, M1540 Imaxallenp32011-08-082011-08-08
This is the pad cam of my high power rocket called Positive Ascent. It was the eighth flight for this rocket. The event was PYRO's (Potter Youth Rocketry Organization in upstate NY) family picnic ...
Positive Ascent CTI L2375 White Thunder Boost Videoallenp32011-07-132011-07-07
Boost video of my rocket called Positive Ascent. Unfortunately, the camera is on a tripod, zoomed all the way out, and the rocket was 1000 feet away. The sound quality is really good so turn it up. ...
Positive Ascent First Flight - Pro54 K820 Blue Streakallenp32014-01-172010-04-01
The first flight of my Level 3 Project. This was on a 6 grain Cesaroni Pro54 motor. It was a perfect flight to 3316 feet. I can't wait to do my Cert 3 flight...
Pounding Out The Liner.AVIgurutgreat2012-06-292010-05-29
Thanks to the last crew who flew this casing, a bit of brute force was needed to extract the liner.
Project High Jump at BALLS 2011aeroexperimental2011-12-082011-10-03
Boosted Dart Project at BALLS 2011 Rocket Launch. Motor casing burn through, dart airframe seperates from tail cone, Recovery harness seperates, Booster comes in ballistic, Interstage lands under ...
Project Valkyrie Launch No. 1ScienceOfficerRakon2011-10-132010-05-16
PunkRocketScience Interceptor-N Rocket LauncheRocketry2011-11-192011-11-17 | November 6th 2011 - Plaster City, California. Making it's triumphant return from PB 7 and 4000 feet over Lucerne Dry Lake (LDRS 29) without a parachute deployment, the PunkR ...
Flight of my LOC/Precision Big Nuke on a J350 at Amesbury, MA. Altitude was 1,448 feet. Video by Boris Katan.
QRS - Alex's Intimidator AT-J500 - Ground viewEMiRsrockets2011-06-262010-04-25
Alex's Intimidator Launched on a Aerotech J500 - Dual Deploy Ground Camera
Randy Luhman's Mini Mag flown on a 29mm H128Wcrapsack10002011-09-022010-11-17
Randy M J570Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Randy M's upscaled Rockstar on an AT J570W at ST08.
Raw Video of CamRoc's Launch on August 9, 2010lilryry21212011-06-242010-08-10
this is the raw video o the launch, a more complete video will be made after the tripoli launch on August 28, 2010
Red Glare XI Cheroke Msmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
M power sparky, what's not to like?
Red Glare XI Ultimate Darkstarsmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
Richard Fonzi K Motor 12 19 09generalripper19642011-06-222009-12-26
Richard Fonzi launching one of his rockets to over one mile up.
Rob Gustin's Miss Chievious Rocket FlightPamelaG442011-06-232009-10-13
On Sunday, October 11, 2009, Rob flew a high power rocket, named "Miss Chievious AKA 333 is 1/2 Evil". This was a scratch-built rocket, and she flew on a Cesaroni I285 motor. The flight was tested ...
Rocket 2AllOverButTheCrying2011-06-282010-05-05
Launch of a High Power rocket I built
Rocket flying on a Metalstorm motorqquake2k2011-08-252011-03-06
A rocket flying on a Metalstorm motor. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011
Rocket LaunchDW702011-06-242007-10-21
Launch of Rocket at Tripoli Rocket club event.
Rocket launch from pad 42 on 9-3 at 2:42pm at LDRS 30 XXXjshuster422011-10-222011-10-13
Don't know the owner or name of the rocket. Taken with a Canon T1i.
Rocket launch from pad 54 on 9-3 11:19am LDRS 30 XXXjshuster422011-10-222011-10-13
Don't know the owner or name of the rocket. Taken with a Canon T1i.
Rocket launch on pad 61 11:11am on 9-3 LDRS 30 XXXjshuster422011-10-222011-10-13
Don't know the owner or name of the rocket. Taken with a Nikon Coolpix L18 pocket camera.
Rocket launch with a J420 motor.Zephhyr692011-12-262011-12-13
This is a cell phone vid of my rocket "Like Smoke" launching on a J420 motor.
Rocket Mike II Ground Based VideoCraig Klimczak2014-01-182012-04-22
Mike II Launch #1 ground based video with Aimee Klimczak acting as the videographer.
Rocket Mike the Tiger II at Mid West High Power Rocket LaunchCraig Klimczak2013-04-042012-11-04
On November 3, 2012 in Princeton, IL, the rocket "Mike the Tiger II" flew at the Mid West High Power Rocket Launch event. Mike flew to 7216 feet in altitude reaching speeds of 618 miles per hour. ...
Launch of a High Power rocket I built, parachute failed to open...Back to the drawing board...LOL
Roctober Skysvref152011-05-292010-11-15
Sky Fury flying on an M-1610 Black Lightning Sponsered by Gorilla Rocket Motors
S and H Rocket Club Final Launch of the Daycnjhigham2012-02-032012-01-15
Sather getting ready to launch the Coke bottle.brupp531502011-12-262011-08-28
By far the most creative use of a recycling container ever..
Sather Ranum's legged landerMannyskid162013-06-192012-11-05
Sathers Coke Recycling Launch.brupp531502011-12-262011-08-28
The chute pops a bit early, but still a very cool flight!
Science Fun, S3P7scifunaustin2012-10-102011-12-09
Austin attempts to convince responsible people to sell him bigger rockets. Will he succeed?
Scott Taylor J365SKrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Scott Taylor's XST Triangle on a J365SK at ST08.
ScottTaylor XST IIITheBayourat2011-09-182010-05-09
Scratch Build LaunchDranod2011-06-262009-06-07
some of the rockets launched at SARA's second official launch day.
Sean's HAWK model rocket launchtommieshoes2011-08-262010-08-22
Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) 22 Aug 2010, Launch, Polecat Aerospace HAWK (SAM) Powered by a K motor Drogue chute does NOT deploy Main chute finally deploys
Silver Spur 3 (Super Spur) Launchryan1012882011-05-292010-09-30
Launch of USCRPL's Silver Spur 3 at Balls 19 in the Black Rock desert, Nevada. It features an all carbon fiber motor case, ablative fin leading edges, and a titanium nose cone tip. Flying on an ...
Specter - MDRA Red Glare 6Syclone28982011-12-082011-03-28
Performance Rocketry Competitor 5 on a 8000 n/s experimental motor. Flew to 14600' at mach 1.2 with perfect recovery at MDRA's Red Glare 6 launch.
Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club LaunchZFamilyRockets2011-09-242010-05-20
Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club Launch Scratch Build by Mike C.
Standard Missile Rocket Maiden Flight - MDRA ESL#166mep07162012-06-272012-03-12
Maiden flight of my scratch-built "SM-XMR SAM" 6" diameter, 8.5ft tall, 35lb rocket. Motor is an Aerotech M1500G. Footage was obtained with a ContourGPS HD downward facing camera in the nose cone. ...
Star Leopard M2801 BoostTomB06672011-09-162010-07-12
Starry Night LDRS 30civilgrrl2011-10-222011-09-06
Final flight of my rocket at LDRS 30. She flew at LDRS 17!
Stars 'N' Stripes Rocket - July 30, 2011SportRocketry2011-07-312011-07-31
Video Source: Additional Details: Ball Aerospace Stars 'N' Stripes Rocket: Here's a Ball Aerospace Intern rocket with really cool motors on ...
Steve Jurvetson's "Sledge Hammer" at Snow Ranch on M motor Feb 2, 2012o1ddude2012-03-012012-02-06
Another very well done rocket and launch. This motor seems to burn forever. Rocket Science: Making everything else look simple since 1958!
Steve S- K1275RMysticlambo2011-09-182010-08-09
Pad video
Steve Temple J135Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Steve Temple's Screaming Eagle at ST08.
Steve Temple M2200SKrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Steve Temple's Pecos Bill on an AMW M2200SK at ST08.
Super DX3 I300TRocketmanNX012011-07-022010-04-06
On April 3rd 2010. A Madcow Rocketry Super DX3 rocket on a Aerotech I300T
Superfluous Launch 6 at LDRS 29 on 6/13/2010 Motor Aerotech N3300R Max Altitude 17764 ft G-Wiz, 17767 RRC2 Max Speed 1427 ft/sec (mach 1.3) Max Acceleration 16G Above Mach from 2.5 to 7.8 seconds ...
Supreme Endeavor at Red Glare IXalgloer2012-06-292010-10-28
Fred Taverni's Supreme Endeavor at Red Glare IX. Central M and three sets of Airstarts
Swamp thing.wmvzapjolt2011-08-282011-01-23
Team Osceola - Sub Scale launch - Nov. 5thteamosceola2011-11-202011-11-06
For our first Sub Scale Launch, we launched a 4 inch diameter rocket that was 7 foot 8 inches tall, and weighed a total of 15 pounds (loaded). We launched it on an Aerotech K695. The flight was 100% ...
The 25th flight of "Shaken, Not Stirred"PAbreschJr2011-06-232010-06-01
This was the 25th flight of "Shaken, Not Stirred". The flight took place during MDRA's Eastern Shore Launch (ESL) 144 at the Central Sod Farm. The rocket is a Firestorm 54 kit from Giant Leap ...
The death of Nsanerocketmankevin2014-01-172012-05-02
The life and death of a 15 year old rocket. Final flight was at Red Glare XII on (1) N4000 ,and (6) K450's that were airstarted. Thanks to Nick J. Southern, ...
The Goblin on a K375 dual thrustTomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
The Haskell Phoenix mutedHaskellRocketry2011-09-272010-05-03
they muted this version because of the music...try the other video if you want the music...not the songs i chose but they might work.
The ScudZilla Chronicles - Flights 3 and 4JPX20002011-07-132007-12-09
Danville, Illinois in October of 1999. Trying to get a pair of AeroTech I211's to airstart off of the staging timer. No joy. The ignitor wires kept burning thru, probably due to the back-splash of ...
Thumper, Flight 2IdRocketeer2011-09-042010-11-08
Fortunately, this is not my rocket. The whistling noise and "thump" heard at the end of this clip are the ballistic descent and impact of "Thumper" on the opposite side of the road from the flight ...
Tim's L flightbrupp531502011-08-192011-06-14
Wildman Tim Lehr opens the sunday launch with a L2375 motor with his "Extreme Wildman" to "Just under" our 10000 foot waiver.
Tom Hier 95% Scale Harpoonalgloer2012-06-292010-10-28
a 95% scale Harpoon on 3 EX M motors at Red Glare IX.
Tony Cooper's pinata rocketqquake2k2011-08-272011-01-09
Tony Cooper's pinata rocket - it drops candy. Very cool!
Tony Cooper's Pinata rocketqquake2k2012-03-052012-02-06
Tony Cooper's Pinata rocket. It's full of candy. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocketblafetra2012-03-092011-01-10
Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket at LUNAR's Snow Ranch launch, January 8, 2011
Tony's Ptfish382011-10-092007-10-04
TooCarbYen Wayside Oct 08Jiminaus502011-08-302008-10-26
Tres K160 080713TomB06672011-08-302009-08-15
Tripoli Mn N-Size Rocket Failure, plus 17K feet attempt launch 1080P at 60FPSbastian742011-09-052010-10-10
View in HD, Cause of failure is unkown. Though Youtube doens't support 1080-60P, the slow motion bit includes every frame. Shot on a Panasonic TM-700 North Branch, Mn October 9, 2010
Tripoli North Branch MN Big Yeller rocket!tdstr6662011-06-232009-05-25
Tripoli North Branch Minnesota's 200lb Big Yeller catching some air on a O4500 made by Dave Leininger. Perfect flight but there there was damage to one fin. We suspect the fin damage occurred during ...
Tripoli North Branch MN May 2009 launchtdstr6662011-05-292009-05-10
Bill Assimes rocket with a ACME fin can. This thing was LOUD! The audio on my vidcam doesn't do it justice.
tuff enough flight #2tfish382011-10-092011-10-04
Ty's Acme, Final FlightIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-11
Ty's Binder Design rocket, named Acme, launching on its final flight. Unfortunately the recovery system tangled on deployment and the rocket landed hard, snapping off a fin and reopening a ...
Ty's Acme, Final Flight. hand held cameraIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-11
Ty's Binder Design rocket, named Acme, launching on its final flight. Unfortunately the recovery system tangled on deployment and the rocket landed hard, snapping off a fin and reopening a ...
Ultimate Dark Star on an Nalgloer2011-09-182010-10-28
unknown 1rocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
unknown rocket at ST08.
unknown 2rocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
unknown rocket at ST08.
Upscale Big BerthaBalsaBob2011-06-262011-06-19
At 6/18/11 MDRA ESL: scratch-built, dual-deploy, upscale to 4" BT of an ESTES Big Bertha launching on an AT I161W.
Upscale Death Star on a K2045 VmaX motor at ECOF 2010DANLK662011-09-092010-08-29
41 pound rocket 85 inches tall with a 23 inch Death Star
Upscale Goblin on Maiden flightpantherjon12011-09-242010-05-18
May 15th Orangeburg, SC. Rocket built by Tom Binford. Flew on a K700 and 'stuck' the landing! Yeah I have a crappy video camera, it's a still cam with video as an afterthought with a fixed focal ...
Ursula's Cursula First LaunchJoe1959G2011-05-292010-05-31
Ursula's Cursula First Launch at Cherryfield, ME.
UW LaunchPantherjon2011-08-272010-07-13
V'ger 7May2011 DMG video.AVIPamelaG442011-08-192011-05-08
Matt Johnson's original design of V'ger from the Star Trek movie, alas, V'ger is no more.
Valkyrie Rocket Launch... with William Shatner's "Rocket Man"ScienceOfficerRakon2011-10-132010-06-08
Viciously Mean Machine J360 Skidmark prep and flightgizza22011-10-092010-01-26
As my payload section had warped to an unusable state I flew my Viciously Mean Machine with a much shorter payload section leveraged from another vehicle. Thus this flight on a Cesaroni J360 ...
Violent Agreement LDRS at 30Adrianat4DVdotnet2011-09-242011-09-06
My Viciously Mean Machine 0.75 prepped and flown with a CTI J 1520 Vmax. The up part was amazing but there appeared to be no ejection and I never found the rocket or crash site. Sad.
VORLON 5 @ Red Glare XIKaindog12011-12-042011-11-22
VORLON 5 @ Red Glare XI on a CTI N1800WH to 16,772'
Vorlon L1030RL CTRA.wmvKaindog12011-09-052010-11-23
Walace and Gromit Rocket launch - 6th March 2011hartrockets2011-08-192011-03-06
Flight of the Walace and Gromit Rocket, filmed at the EARS launch site on the 6th March 2011 using a Fuji HS10 camera
Wally Singletarry's H152 PhoenixTomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
Whitney Richard L1500 Loki Research Demo flightTorchmeier2011-09-162011-09-08
Wildman Rocket with Aerotech J570 White Lightning Motor - CRMRCDWM2312011-06-192010-12-19
Here is a blue Wildman rocket launched on June 12, 2010 at the St. Albans Vermont launch site of the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club - CRMRC. Motor is an Aerotech J570 White Lightning. This ...
WildThing L900mic1brown2012-12-062012-11-22
Rocket Launch Battle Park
Woosh 2010 - Aerotech Mirage with G75-7M Metalstorm "sparky"Azoghlin2011-12-062010-08-29
Maiden voyage of the aerotech mirage. more stuff at: Thank you ground crew for having the fire extinguishers ready to put out the fire on the pad.
Woosh launchAzoghlin2011-08-172011-05-23
05/22/2011. More info at:
World's First 3X Mars Lander Model Rocket Kit by Colossus Rockets and Off We Go RocketrySCORE6322013-03-112012-11-22
Lift-Off of the World's First 3X Mars Lander Model Rocket Kit by Colossus Rockets and Off We Go Rocketry This is the first launch of the 3X Mars Lander, September 8, 2012, in North Branch, MN at the ...
X-104 Morganza ProjectTheBayourat2011-07-312011-06-20
Tripoli High Power Rocket. H motor class altitude record attempt.
Xtreme Darkstar, K740 C*Mannyskid162011-09-232011-06-12
YouBee First Flight (2011-01-08)jadebox2011-06-032011-01-12
Roger Smith's Upscale Break Away (YouBee) is launched on an AMW Pro-X K455 motor at the January, 2011, NEFAR launch.
Always Ready Rocketry Blue PhenixRocketmanNX012011-09-242010-05-28
ARR Blue Phenix 2.0 on Aerotech I285R, altitude 1800 ft. Dual Deploy at 400 ft. In Leonard, Oklahoma.
Tripoli North Branch 9/12/09 launch. Booger is a Blue Tube rocket I built from spare parts and remains of crashed rockets from over the years. The fins came from a PML Quasar, Giantleap and PML ...
High Power Rocket whistles on a Black-Jack Motor53rockets2011-06-192010-07-21
This rocket whistled through the sky during Mile High Mayhem in Northern Colorado. - NCRocketry - A Crews Control Production
LDRS 30 Mongoose M745rocketkyle2012-02-112012-01-02
Gorilla Motors M745- 16000' apogee. September 2, 2011 at LDRS 30 in Argonia, KS. Video by ROCKETS Magazine.
Loc IV on an I3002eleveninprogress2011-06-282009-10-26
A LOC IV on an I300 Blue Thunder Aerotech motor
Polecat Aerospace JR. Thumper 5.5" Aerotech K695 RedlinekokodogCADT2011-12-312011-12-12
Used a perfectflite Stratologger for deployment. Very easy to use in comparison to a G-wiz LCX. The ematch for the main chute showed no continuity owhen I powered the altimeter up on the pad. The ...
Tripoli Minnesota 7/12/08 - Only High Powered Rocket LaunchesZFamilyRockets2011-06-282008-08-16
Tripoli MN Model Rocket Club launches rockets the 2nd Saturday of each month. Check out for more information.
In Memory. EDIT: Tucher3 was recovered 4/18/06 fully intact. Flight data recorded 8900 feet max altitude.

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