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Cluster Rockets and Flights

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"BIG RED" Rocket launches Feb 2012Waikatotek2012-02-072012-02-06
My 8"x 3.2meter "Big Red" launches on its second flight at the New Zealand Rocketry Association's (NZRA) National Launch Day in Taupiri. (Waikato) Boost was on an Aerotech N2000W motor and was ...
7th Flight - 3/4 Patriot MissileDmboomboom2011-06-282010-04-27
4 engines rocket launchwwwelkam2011-06-032009-08-06
Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model Cluster Rocket Launch Cape Codlaspeed132011-09-282011-08-16 Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model Cluster Rocket Launch on Cape Cod over the old Sea View Playland in Dennisport Ma and a miraculous safe landing. Rocket flies to ...
Big Red High power rocket launchWaikatotek2011-12-312011-12-30
My 8" Diameter, 12ft tall "Big Red" rocket launching on its first flight on a cluster of motors on Feb 20th 2011 at NZRA's launch site in Taupiri, NZ Video Made By John Gerrand
Cadet Johnson's Big RocketRocketTCoyote2011-06-032009-09-08
One of my proteges--C/Captain Johnny Johnson of the Sanilac Composite Squadron (Michigan Wing--Civil Air Patrol) launches his mailing tube rocket for the first time on a cluster of four C6-3 motors ...
Cluster Model Rocket with video cameratappadoodle2011-06-172009-01-19
Scratch built cluster rocket. Only one launch so far with my split view cam but more to come this year.
Crayon X2 on twin AT H-238 Blue Thunderspinknosepitbull2011-05-292007-04-01
Crayon X2 high-power rocket onboard launch video at NEFAR 11/2006 on twin Aerotech H238T cluster
Deuce Onboard 121110TomB06672014-01-172012-11-12
Onboard view from between the motors of my upscale Deuce. The Aerotech K456 is on the right, a CTI K454 on the left. Altitude was 3521 feet.
Deuces Wild Goal!chuckpo2011-06-172009-10-11
Launch of a FlisKits Deuce's Wild with a keychain camera onboard, but only one motor lit. Good thing the soccer net caught it...
Freedom 'Phiter (fighter) Flag Rocket - High Power Rocket - LDRS 19d3deville2011-09-282009-03-29
Flight of the Freedom 'Phiter at LDRS 19 in South Carolina on three M-3200 Kosdon rocket motors.
Giga Drill Breaker rocketairplaniac20022012-03-152012-02-12
My conical cluster rocket was inspired by the ultimate finishing move from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The rocket uses two canted Aerotech G76G's to provide enough spiral energy for liftoff, ...
High Power Rocket Two Motor-Cluster Onboard Video- April 21, 2012- "CINEMA 5.5"jmomenee2013-03-112012-04-22
Launched at monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City FL. Two Aerotech H128 motors ignited simultaneously and rocket launched into strong wind. Nice views of fin section "flying" at the end of ...
LDRS 28 Dan Michael's Patriot - All AEROTECH Motors - Central "N" and 4 "M"sDinosaursRocket2011-09-282009-07-06
LDRS 28 Dan Michael's Patriot
LDRS 31 - Son of GodzillaSyclone28982012-09-192012-07-29
Son of Godzilla flying on Friday afternoon at LDRS 31. This is the most power I've flown in this rocket - 1 core N3000 monolithic grain partial-finocyl with 15500 n/s, and 3 - 2800 n/s L1000 motors ...
My upscale deucechrislapanse2011-06-172006-12-29
Upscale Fliskits Deuce's wild, 6 inch diameter, 2 54mm motors (J800's on this flight)
New Years Day 2010 MMAR Rocket Flight of the N-1PamelaG442011-10-092010-01-02
On New Year's Day 2010, at the MMAR launch field (Muskegon County Wastewater Treatment Facility), Matt Johnson flew his latest incarnation of the Russian N-1 Rocket, complete with launch tower. It ...
Oban Launch 04 Sep 2010jonny5992011-06-282010-12-28
Launch of heavy "OBAN" model rocket on a cluster of 4 x D12-7s. The rocket name "OBAN" derives from the use of stacked OBAN Scotch packaging tubes as the body tube. (OBAN Distillery is connected to ...
Richter Recker-Fulltibor1252011-06-172010-08-10
Full length on board video of FlisKits Richter Recker on E9-6's
Rocket Powered Christmas TreeCSPhysics2011-06-032010-01-30
36 Estes D-12 Class engines strapped to a Christmas Tree. We used Google to look up the data sheet for an Estes D12 model rocket engine. We took the average thrust of one engine (10 Newtons) and ...
this is my final school major project for Design and Technology. All the rocketry gear turned out to be around $600.00. The markers had to mark a 12min video, each of the rockets, formal technical ...
ROCstock, Upscale Kraken, high power rocket, rocket clusterahansom2011-09-282008-11-09
Rocket using two I-284W motors for lift off then air starting two H-112BJ.
Scratch build - Double BarrelWVEagle812011-06-232010-08-22
This was designed and built for the Essence Model Rocket Reviews website contest. It's a clustered 24mm engine rocket using ducted ejection.
ScudZilla - Retirement FlightJPX20002011-05-292008-09-01
This flight took place at NARAM 45 in Evansville, IN on August 2 2003. It was planned to be the last flight for this model. The rocket was prepped and loaded with an AeroTech K1100 core motor, with ...
Spike airstartFireHoundProductions2011-09-222010-06-23
My rocket Spike flying on a central L motor surrounded by three J570's that start after the L motor burns out. Done in real time first, then at about 1/2 time for the second video.
Starchaser Thunderstar model rocketrustycharlie2011-06-202007-08-30
Estes model rocket, launched 8/29/07 using two clustered B4-4 motors.
Swampfox Rocketry vid 2 PK-36 29ss 2x G-79-10Wverlaly12011-06-282010-03-17
This is the anouther video of the pk-36 29ss on its last flight to 3700 ft, its yet to be found average Impulse 158 newtons from the 2x G-79 -10W MOTORS this Is an awsome rocket kit from LOC ...
USS Atlantis Deux - first flightWallyum2011-06-172007-03-27
This is an upscale of the Estes USS Atlantis kit. The mail body tube is a BT-60 with a nose cone from an Estes Screaming Mimi. It's powered by two C6-5s in a FlisKits Deuce 2 x 18mm engine mount.
Patriot WD 03-2011jhoudi772011-05-292011-03-14
On board video from my Quasar One E9 X 3 cluster. Really like this little rocket! Forgot to set the date!
6" High Power Rocket LaunchBacchus492011-06-232007-04-15
6" custom made rocket. This multi staged rocket has room for 5 motors (central 54mm motor with 4 38mm) It has an avionics bay and with timers this rocket can go over 18000 feet. This is the first ...
Andrew's 15 motor cluster rocketVooDooRocketry2011-06-192007-11-01
15 motors to light at once off the pad, the motor part worked so well they exceeded the speed of the vehicle. Seen at Red Glare 3 at MDRA.
Cluster Rocket of 5 "E" engines and 1 "C", (with a rough landing!)HarmlessKittyWithUzi2014-01-172013-01-02
A custom cluster-engine model rocket flight of 5 Estes "E' Engines and 1 Estes "C" Engine. The flight went well, but the coming down was a different story. D...
Estes Saturn 1B K-29 model rocket launchcooltheengines2011-08-162009-09-23
Scratch built Estes K-29 Uprated Saturn 1 model rocket launching on a cluster of four C6-5 motors and recovering on three old Estes "checkerboard" parachutes.
eyeRocket I slomo onboard rocket cameraDavidianAndFriends2011-06-222007-03-26
A minidv camera onboard a custom model rocket. Video in slow motion at 1/8th normal speed. It looks really "NASA", including the amazing onboard fire. Shawn Skead "donated" the video camera
Model Rocket "Intrepid" Flight 4 VideoIndianaSPEED2011-05-292007-04-14
April 2007 in Palm Bay, Florida. (3) E9-4's. It crashed during a launch at NEFAR in Central Florida. Repaired it and it flew perfectly!
My Favorite Hobby-- High Power Rockets !!stymye2011-06-192009-03-21
Pics and Launch Videos This Is a 1/3 scale scratch built Coyote Missile that myself and four other members of the Music City Missile Club (MC2) designed,assembled and launched. stats-90 lbs The ...
N 2000 Rocket launchVooDooRocketry2011-06-152006-04-19
a slow motion look at a picture perfect flight with a 5 motor rocket
Woody Hoburg's Flag Rocket N-motor Cluster - LDRS 25 - High Power Rocketd3deville2011-05-292010-07-06
2xG64 Motor Cluster Rocket (with pad view)DTHRocket2011-05-292008-08-13
Here's an extended version, with a view from the pad, and a slow motion at the end. I launched this rocket at a Tripoli MN launch. This was my "practice" high-power rocket, and technically it's ...
Cluster Rocket Launchscottjamiehallett2011-06-172007-04-07
Launch of 3xc6-3 engine model rocket, scratch built by Scott and Simon Experimental Rocketry
Exporter 2000 Cluster RocketDTHRocket2011-06-282008-10-13
I flew this cluster rocket at Tripoli MN high-power rocket club launch this October. It was supposed to have onboard video, but the acceleration is so great that the batteries disconnect at liftoff. ...
staggered cluster rocket launchairgunsniper2011-05-292007-11-28
this is a rocket launch video from the ICBM launch. The video is from and th NEFAR site. The rocket has a centered M motor surrounded by 4 I motors. The I motors were meant to go off ...
"Electric Shadow" on F32-6T and (2) C6's with Dual DeploymentMarcusGoodwyn2012-12-132012-12-03
My cluster, dual deploy, on-board video capable Estes Shadow, "The Electric Shadow," flying in a cluster of (1) AeroTech F32-6T and (2) Estes C6's with dual deployment. It was supposed to have a ...
"I forget the name of the rocket" Red Glare, flight 2xenonrocket2012-12-132012-11-19
2x J580SS, 2x I255 Reds, 2x H120 Reds
Jeremy's Dueces Wild, two motor cluster. SARG launch, February 12, 2011.
2011-10-22 Boris Katan - SaturnV cluster.mp4dave92f12011-11-202011-10-23
Boris Katan's Saturn V cluster rocket, CMASS, Amesbury MA 2011-10-22. 5 motors: 1 x AMW J440 and 4 x Aerotech G64.
2011_06_18 009.aviBalsaBob2011-06-202011-06-19
At 6/18/11 MDRA ESL: ESTES Fat Boy modified for cluster 4x24mm launching on four D12-5 motors.
2nd LOC Viper IV rocket Launchdarren19761002012-02-032012-01-15
First ever launch of my Loc Viper IV cluster rocket at Black Knights Club Oxill United Kingdom
2x E9-6 ESRA MissileDgardei2011-09-022010-11-07
3-4 PatriotTomB06672012-01-202011-04-12
3/4 scale Patriot flown on a N and 4 M cluster. Flown at Red Glare 10.
4-29SS on 4 29/40-120 motorsTomB06672011-12-052011-10-03
Altimeter deployed LOC 4-29SS launched on 4 Aerotech 29/40-120 motors. Ground started 2 G138's, then air started a F52 then a F40. Altitude was 3730 feet. Liftoff through apogee only.
4X Thor-X @ LDRS26Wolfstardesigns2011-12-062008-02-05
Thor-X launched on (1) N4000bb and (3) m2200 skidmarks, weight was 335lb and 28.5 feet long, reached to 5800 feet. Also got (2) covers of magazines and (1) centerfold in another.
7.5" Shake Weight Rocket on a Cluster of (2) M2000s and (2) K800s at Red Glare 8trh2h2011-09-282010-04-19
Andy Hobbs Nike Herculesrocketkyle2012-02-172008-05-04
4 D12 cluster at the May 3, 2008 HARA launch.
apt trescls44692011-06-192009-07-24
Alan Thym's Fliskits Tres
Ben Proulx's Loc Precision Viper with 3xE9 motor clusterMikeBar20042011-07-312011-02-13
NAR model rocket launch in Cape Coral, Florida. Florida Association of Spacemodeling Hobbyists, NAR Section #688
Big Lincoln 1 - Rocket Launch Video (1/2)spydermanrick2011-07-312011-05-03
This is a video of the first launch of the Big Lincoln class of rockets. The Big Lincoln 1 is single stage high powered rocket (NAR L1 x3 cluster) powered by three Aerotech G35 composite rocket ...
Big V2TomB06672012-01-202011-04-12
The boost of the 500 lb. V2. Motors were O5800 and 2 N3300. Flown at Red Glare 10.
Blake's Clustard Rocket on I motor + 3x G64cha05cat2011-07-222010-02-15
Cluster fire rocketBthomp20062011-11-192010-11-12
Four cluster rocket, 3 A10 motors and a C6-5
Clustered Fat Boy LaunchKHamel19582011-12-292010-09-19
4 C6-7s one D12-6
Clustered Staged Model RocketCalvertfilm2011-06-032007-09-17
LLOL Snr has 4 'D' motors, two staged and two clustered. This means it fires two sets of motors in pairs, which is quite tricky to accomplish. Easier really to have one big motor! But that is the ...
Deuce Ground 090808TomB06672011-09-182009-08-12
Deuce Ground 100704TomB06672011-12-062010-07-07
The ground view of the Deuce flying on only 1 motor, a J410.
Deuce Ground 110903 J355TomB06672011-09-162011-09-06
Deuce Ground 121110TomB06672014-01-172012-11-12
A flight of my 54 mm Deuce to compare sparky motors. On the left is an Aerotech K456 Dark Matter, on the right a CTI K454 Skidmark.
Deuce Ground 2009-09-05TomB06672011-12-062009-09-08
View from the ground of the Deuce flight on J230 Skidmarks.
Deuce Ground 2009-11-07TomB06672011-12-062009-11-10
From the ground view of the Deuce flight on Aerotech K185s. One lit about a second before the other one.
Deuce Ground 2010-05-15TomB06672011-12-062010-05-17
My 54 mm Deuce on Aerotech J180 motors. Flown May 15, 2010
Deuce Ground 2010-06-12TomB06672011-12-062010-06-14
My upscale Deuce's Wild! on a pair of 38/720 J340 Metalstorm motors.
Deuce Ground 2010-09-04TomB06672011-12-062010-09-08
Ground view of my Deuce on red and blue motors.
Double Trouble 2-12-2011.wmvAgainHandeman2011-11-242011-02-26
This was launched at the February 2011 launch at the BattlePark near Culpeper VA
Double-E Rocket Launchjurvetson2011-06-032010-07-20
I modified an Estes Double-D rocket with a new heavier nosecone, and a videocamera strapped to a fin tip, looking back through the dual plumes of fire. Flew it at NASA Ames on two Aerotech E15-7 ...
EMiR's SR71 BlackBird AT-F35W - Ground CameraEMiRsrockets2011-06-242010-11-14
EMiR's SR71 BlackBird AT-F35W - Ground Camera This is a scratch Built SR71 Black Bird - 3 x 24mm Cluster this video is of a launch on a single Aerotech 24/60 F35W
Epic Rocket Launch, Pad Cam Audiojurvetson2011-05-292010-05-26
My son designed and built this cluster rocket from scratch, with nomex honeycomb fins, and an Aerotech Metalstorm engine on each fin edge. Since it's a fixed videocamera at the pad, the visual ...
Estes 36D Squared launching on one motorcdmdjd20072011-10-092010-01-18
Watch as this Estes 36D Squared rocket takes off on only one motor carrying the clips for the other motor all the way up.
Failed Cluster Launch: Big Red Max and 3x B6-4 enginesFrankenvideo12012-06-292010-09-05
First attempt at a cluster launch. 3 Estes B6-4 engines ignited by Quest Q2G2 ignitors. All three ignitors fired (via Estes launch controller) but only one engine caught. Next time, crowd will be ...
Fat BoyTomB06672012-01-202011-04-12
A 16" diameter Fat Boy on a N1000 and 4 M motors. Flown at Red Glare 10.
Fliskits Deuce's Wild First Flightstealthfixr2012-04-102009-02-14
Flying on two Quest B6-4 motors. One kicked out just after burn out--good thing the other was enough to eject the chute.
Gary Dickinson 3x I211Wrocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Gary Dickinson's rocket on 3x AT I211W's at ST08.
Gary Dickinson 3x I300Trocketkyle2012-09-192008-06-25
Gary Dickinson's rocket on 3x AT I300T's at ST08.
Giga Drill Breaker Rocket: 2nd flightairplaniac20022012-04-032012-03-28
Luckily, not a Lagann Impact. But my choice of motor, 2 Aerotech G138's, caused the rocket to fly so straight up that it came down on the chute, winding it around the shock cord. Note that I was too ...
Global Warmer 04/22/2012dellto5292012-05-232012-04-23
Flown on three Estes E9's with six second delays at the new DARS site near Valley View, Texas.
Griffen Launches his 2 stage 4 engine MIRV Rocket0timthetoolman02011-08-072011-08-05
We had a good time building this rocket. It was the Estes MIRV. It has one booster engine (c-6-0) that then ignite three individual (1/2a103t) engines. As the first stage boosts the second, the ...
High Power Clustered Rocket Onboard Video Launch- "Cinema 5"jmomenee2011-09-222010-06-20
Launched at the Varn ranch, Plant City FL during the monthly TTRA launch. "Cinema 5" used two Aerotech G80-10 motors and an Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. Rocket reached 1615 feet and safely landed, ...
HOMEMADE MODEL ROCKET TEST 1 3-D12'Sthefischj2014-01-172013-04-28
Interop NY - Creation of Xirrus RocketXirrusTV2011-06-282010-10-24
Watch the Rocket that was on display in the Xirrus booth at Interop NY being built and painted! This 13ft high powered rocket was built by Xirrus CEO, Dirk Gates, and his brother, Erik.
Kevin Cornelius Gizmax K700BB 2x G61Wrocketkyle2011-09-222008-07-14
Magfive with two sets of airstartsrekrapmij2012-02-032011-11-11
Magfive with two sets of airstarts at Asa, Texas
Matt Johnson's CosmostratorPamelaG442011-09-272010-05-08
The Cosmostrator, built by Matt Johnson, launched May 1, 2010 at MMAR. All the motors lit, but not at the same time, and this is the result.
Scratch build of my own design I call "Triple A" because I designed it to eat up A8-3 engines from the Estes Blast Off Flight Pack three at a time. This was its first launch; no damage upon recovery ...
Nick DeBrita 1/6th Scale Mercury Redstone flight248Rocketman2482012-06-102012-04-15
The second flight of my 1/6th Scale Mercury Redstone on April 13th, 2012 at Red Glare XII. She flew to 5,760' on a central M1939W and four K550Ws and was recovered with no damage.
Nike Hercules on four C11-3sAksrockets2011-11-242011-10-17
Flown at the UROC Oct. Sport launch.
Onboard Model Rocket Video Clustered Estes D enginesyitah2011-11-022011-06-18
June 2011 Rocket Launch Cluster D12-7 Lyon Township Park Michigan #2
My scratch built Double Pumper, on a cluster of two D12-5's.
3x24 Cluster - Joshua Tree, CA
Payload kit bash 3xB6-6.wmvtonypv582011-08-302011-08-28
PMC Valkyrie 1:72 scale Estes 3 Engine Cluster E9 + 2 x D12 Rocket Launchzaphodbebleebrox2012-03-242011-07-04
PMC Valkyrie 1:72 scale Estes 3 Engine Cluster E9 + 2 x D12 Rocket Launch
Rocket CHAD 3 x 18mmDANYAUGO2011-08-302010-10-03
Rocket Flight H220 Silver Streak with Airstartstracysrocket2011-08-182011-08-18
4" diameter LOC parts rocket DFA launched at Medford OK (December 1995) using Rocket Flight H220 Silver Streak and airstarting (6) F32s using thermolite.
Rocket Launch "see-thru-PO"launcheverything2011-08-192011-04-12
You may want to fastforward past the halfway point- video is kinda long. This is my experimental cluster rocket that has a hole running through the body (you can look through one end of this rocket ...
Model rocket - Scale model 1/50
Super Alpha 2C6 ClusterFrankenvideo12011-12-262011-11-24
Super Alpha 2xB6 4 GroundFrankenvideo12011-10-132011-10-09
Super Alpha 2xB6-4.aviFrankenvideo12011-10-132011-10-09
Swampfox Rocketry Vid 3 PK-36 29-SSverlaly12011-05-292010-03-17
Failed cluster only one G 80-13T motor lit out of 4 slow take off of the three pound rocket , still managed to recover lt even deployed the chute just before impact
A quick shot of a launch of tenbuck 1, feb. 21, 2010. D-12-3 main and 2 C-6-3 booster motors. Flight and recovery were a success.
The death of Nsanerocketmankevin2014-01-172012-05-02
The life and death of a 15 year old rocket. Final flight was at Red Glare XII on (1) N4000 ,and (6) K450's that were airstarted. Thanks to Nick J. Southern, ...
Thor 7 Motor Cluster LaunchSteve Arthur2014-01-172013-04-22
7 motor cluster launch of the Thor designed by me. Launch took place April 21, 2013 with Ellis, Kansas Cub Scout Pack 115, This is a really long video. You'll want to stop watching after it lands ...
Todd Blue ClusterTomB06672011-09-212011-04-12
Video for build article:
Tres K160 080713TomB06672011-08-302009-08-15
Vagabond 3xC6 5 GroundFrankenvideo12011-10-132011-10-09
Vagabond 3xC6-5.aviFrankenvideo12011-10-132011-10-09
Wally's chute tested in the DeuceTomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
WORC X-Patriot slow-motion rocket launchtomsepe2011-09-282010-02-23
My X-Patriot missle: 4 "D" motors. cardboard tube, foam-core fins, whiffle-ball nosecone, perfect paint job. no recovery method. Tahoe WORC trip 2010. Shot with Casio EX-FS10 camera at 400 ...
XTF 18 Transporter95kodiac2011-12-262011-12-11
My scratch built XTF-18 Transporter on 3 E9-4s

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