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Aerotech G80T

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The G80T (G80) is a 62% G single-use motor from Aerotech.

Aerotech's Blue Thunder propellant produces a bright violet-blue flame with a minimum of exhaust smoke. These motors provide a higher level of thrust than White Lightning or Black Jack motors of the same total impulse.

  • Designation: G80T
  • Delays: 7,10,13 seconds
  • Propellant Weight: 62.5000 g
  • Total Weight: 128.2000 g
  • Average Thrust: 71.6045 N
  • Peak Thrust: 102.2000 N
  • Total Impulse: 129.4537 Ns
  • Class: 62% G
  • Thrust Duration: 1.8079 s

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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2018-02-03K Sonesen's L'il Goblin 29 (FG)G80-7- Rocket went unstable at the end of the rail and “land-sharked” at about 200’ of ...
2017-07-29Edward Chess's Wildman Rocketry - Patriot 2.6G80-7T1465 feet Motor ejection close to apogee, Chute Release at 300', perfect flght
2017-01-22James S's Mega Der Red MaxF50-4+G38-4+G80-7880 feet Three flights on one day. Rocket is very durable. Cannot belive estes says that projected max ...
2016-11-05Mike Schmidt's LeviathonG80-10T2500 feet Perfect
2016-08-27Rob Hoffman's LOC Minie Magg GTIG80-5- Burned through delay and melted forward closure. Retired.
2016-06-18Dick Stafford's AGM-84 HarpoonG80-7- Chute Release at 200' with a 50" chute
2016-04-23 Ryan Chavis's Aerotech ArreauxG80-13T2890 feet 517 mph, 1.17 sec thrust time, 20.6 Gs avg. Came off the rod at an angle, so didn't get the 4000 ...
2016-04-17Edward Chess's Estes - Mega Der Red MaxG80-7T815 feet Excellent boost, no rotation, motor eject just past apogee--good delay. JL chute release at 300'. ...
2015-10-31mike Terry's Estes MammothG 801500' feet Straight flight, carried on the wind a bit and drifted into the adj marshland. I climbed the fence ...
2015-09-19Kevin Smith's IntegratorG80-7T1088 feet Great flight and recovery, repainted now known as "Checkmate", G80, 10088ft, 232MPH, PAcc 11.7G, ...
2015-09-19Kevin Smith's SumoG80-7T1075 feet Great flight, way to much drift on recovery 1/4 mile recovery in cow pasture. Had to be careful, ...
2015-08-23 Rick Barnes's Der V-3 1.85xG80-7T1100 feet Flight #4, third one on a G80. Seems to be holding up well
2015-08-15Kevin Smith's SumoG80-7T972 feet Great Straight Flight...Perfect recovery but far away. 972 ft, 208 MPH, peak 9.5G, 61 sec flight ...
2015-08-15Brian Sloan's LeviathanAerotech G80-
2015-07-26mike Terry's Esstes PartizonG 801000 feet Nice flight but the chute caught the wind and I watched it drift out beyond the reef
2015-07-25 Rick Barnes's Der V-3 1.85xG80-7T1000 feet Good flight
2015-06-26Rick Barnes's Der V-3 1.85xG80-7T1100 feet
2015-06-21mike Terry's Estes PartizonG 801200 feet Straight flight that snagged on a tree as it was headed out to sea- recovered her.
2015-06-13Erik Conway's FireballG80-SK- Night launch. Nose cone separated, but was recovered next morning.
2015-03-28mike Terry's LOC 4G 80800 feet Level 1 cert shakedown flight- straight up and down
2014-11-22John Bergsmith's Estes Nike SmokeEstes G80-7T- Great flight.
2014-04-06Michael Freedman's Nike SmokeG80-7T- Bat out of hell! Found it in the drink.. fished out and looks fine.
2014-03-02 Luke Wolski's LeviathanG80-6SK1277 feet Great flight with our first sparky motor!
2014-01-01John Bergsmith's Estes Nike SmokeEstes G80-7T- Great flying rocket, the G80 gives it a great flight!
2013-07-27Rob Hoffman's LOC Minie Magg GTIG80-55 feet Delay too short, burned through forward closure. Repaired
2013-07-27Rob Hoffman's NCR PatriotG80-7T1287 feet
2013-06-08Jeffrey Gortatowsky's Gladiator 3G80-7768 feet Bit of an rainbow flight. A bti late ejection because of that. But all hung together.
2013-05-05Skyviper Aerospace's Hot MessG80-101450 feet
2013-02-02Curt Hillier's LeviathanG80T-7- Very straight flight, fast, Blue Thunder motor from Aerotech. Est. altitude of 2000 ft. Excellent ...
2013-01-05 John Bergsmith's Estes Nike SmokeEstes G80-7T- First flight, perfect. Great motor if your're looking for some decent altitude.
2013-01-05 John Bergsmith's Estes ArgentEstes G80-7T- First flight, great altitude on this motor. Very stable, great flyer.
2012-11-06 Wilfred Ashley McIsaac's Astrobee D IVG80-7-

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