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Aerotech I195J

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The I195J (I195) is a 42% I reloadable composite motor from Aerotech.

This reload fits an RMS 38/600 motor case.

  • Designation: I195J
  • Delays: 6,10,14 seconds
  • Propellant Weight: 312.5000 g
  • Total Weight: 582.4000 g
  • Average Thrust: 160.8480 N
  • Peak Thrust: 244.7800 N
  • Total Impulse: 455.2000 Ns
  • Class: 42% I
  • Thrust Duration: 2.8300 s

Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2015-06-13Erik Conway's CyclotronI195-RL2715 feet Perfect flight, landed in the safety zone
2015-03-07K Sonesen's Sardo XXL (Tube Fin)I195RL2055 feet This was the inaugural flight of my tube fin that had been converted to dual deploy with the ...
2011-10-08 Matthew Bond's 1.77x Upscale Duster "Slick Willy"I195-ALTIM3924 feet Borrowed a tracker for this flight, turned out I didn't really need it. Nice boost, straight and ...
2011-04-09Matthew Bond's 2.34x Upscale Sonic SharkI195-ALTIM2700 feet Wind picking up pretty good, headed downrange prior to launch to try and cut down the chase. Great ...
2009-07-31Lloyd Chumbley's Aerotech MirageI1952677 feet
2009-07-03Kathy Kippen's Intergalactic Space TouristI195-7-
2009-04-17Eldred Pickett's Red CrayonCESI1951602 feet Rocket made from 2 crayon coin banks
2007-11-04Simon Crafts's Binder Design Excel Plus (38mm)I195-M- Another great flight! This time on the big, dense blackjack smoke. Flight trajectory was ...
2007-11-03Rick McDonald's Public Enemy Honest JohnI195-102166 feet very windy day, wind cocked a bit, perfect deployment, half mile walk to recovery beyond the lake. ...
2007-09-02Mike Kimbler's BSD High Power Rocketry Horizon 54 (4I1951936 feet
2007-06-17Bryan Sparkman's Giant Leap Rocketry Escape Velocity 2.6I195700 feet Nozzle failure led to ~30 deg takeoff, electronics saved the rocket, landed in powerlines 3/4 mile ...
2006-06-04Joe Cacciatore's Public Missiles AMRAAM (4")I195-M- First flight on an I195 Black Jack. Kind of slow and arcy. Don't like the Black Jack engines.
2006-05-13Rod Thrasher's Public Enemy Vengeance V-2 (4)I195-10- 7th Flight on this rocket.
2006-05-06Aaron Stanley's Public Enemy PerformerI195-102341 feet Well I had to use a rod instead of a rail because one of my rail guids broke off. Which the botton ...
2004-04-18Rod Thrasher's 4I195-101342 feet Level one flight. Nice slow burn. RRC2 altimeter for dual stage recovery. Nice flight.
2002-05-04Casey Smith's Public Missiles EndeavourI195-S- Ejected on the way up even though PML recommends S delay, chute reefed, drifted into the house, ...
2002-04-13Drake Damerau's DG&A High Power Rocketry ArmageddonI195-S- Way under powered!
2001-06-03Gary Sinclair's W80 4Inch ProjectileI195-10- Not your typical slow black jack launch. Very fast with a trail of smoke 1/2 mile high. Recovery ...
2001-05-14Todd Moore's 5.5I195- Left pad, arched over and flew at a 40 deg. angle. NOT ENOUGH NOSE WEIGHT! Deployed late and came ...
2001-02-03William Van+Auken's Public Missiles Sudden RushI1952243 feet BJ mtr. was slow to ignite fully resulting in a more horizontal flight than vertical. CoPilot alt. ...
2000-11-12Chuck Layton's BSD High Power Rocketry HorizonI195-M- Loud, dense black motor, slow liftoff. Good motor for my 55 oz. Horizon.
2000-09-18Rick VanVoorhis's LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76I195- do not think I will get any more black jack 38mm motors, to 4305 feet. Had a perfect two stage ...

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