Aerotech Mirage First Flight on AT F40W

First flight of a stock built Aerotech Mirage kit (29mm motor mount, 7' 3" tall, 2lb 6.5oz without motor). Running out of daylight due to the many launches that day and also a prior failure to ignite (igniter only chuffed the motor). This attempt took a particularly long time to build up motor pressure, resulting in a gloriously slow liftoff with plenty of smoke. Although the ejection charge went, it was too weak to fully separate the body section from the fin section, and it landed hard. The fin section embedded one fin halfway into the ground and cracked the fin a bit, while the upper body took a bit of scrape-ification due to the hard landing. However, once the fin is repaired, it'll fly again -- next time with another 12" in length with the addition of an altimeter/payload bay.

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - Mirage {Kit} (89019) [1992-]

Author sschnege
Duration 22 seconds
Rating Best

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