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Semroc Mark II (Kit)


Brief: The Mark II is a single stage Retro-Repro kit of Orville Carlisle's Rock-A-Chute Mark II model rocket. It is, as noted by the history sheet that came with the kit, not a clone kit, but rather a reproduction of a classic kit updated with the latest technology and building components. ... [More]


Dr. Zooch Saturn IB Apollo 5 (Kit)


Brief: This is a sport-scale version of the Apollo 5, which was used to launch a legless LEM for a test flight in January 1968. This is a single stage, parachute recovery kit. Having just built the Dr Zooch R7 Luna kit, I was still in the mood for another kit that required actual skill to ... [More]


Dr. Zooch R-7 Luna (Kit)


Brief: Sport scale craftsman's kit of the Russian R-7 booster with the Luna payload. Requires quite a bit of modeling skill for a model rocket and I wouldn't recommend it for women, children, or weak persons. If you're the kind of person who absolutely needs your balsa to be laser cut and ... [More]


Estes X-Prize Lucky Seven (Kit)


Brief: 1:50 Scale model of the Acceleration Engineering LLC's entry in the X-Prize race. Single stage, parachute recovery. Skill level E2X. Construction: The kit includes: 1 BT-5 engine mount 1 mini engine hook 1 rubber (REAL rubber) shock cord. 1 12" chute ... [More]


Quest Bright Hawk (Kit)


Brief: Single stage, parachute recovery, skill level 1 kit that featuring a plastic nose cone and fin can, making assembley virtually foolproof. Construction: Bought the Bright Hawk kit at a Hobby Lobby 40% off sale in order to have something extremely simple that I could build with ... [More]


D.M.B. Rocketry BlasterXL (Kit)


( Contributed - by Alan Tuskes - 3/21/05) Brief: The Blaster XL is a compact, lightweight single box launch controller that comes with a 6 foot removable power cord with heavy duty battery clips and a 50 foot cable with smooth jaw copper alligator clips. Each cable has its own distinct ... [More]

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