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Estes - Alpha III {Kit} (1256, 221256)

Diameter:0.9800 inches
Length:12.3000 inches
Skill Level:1
Construction Rating:
Overall Rating:

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I received my Alpha III kit recently from and was annoyed to find that all three fins on the plastic fin assembly were bent like a Bobby Hull hockey stick.  This was either poor manufacturing or improper storage along the way.  Something heavy was probably sitting on top of the kit package for a long time.  I soaked the fin assembly in hot water for about 15 minutes then I was able to bend the fins straight without breaking anything.  The fins are flimsier than I thought, I expected them to be more rigid.  The fins and NC have a Fisher-Price toy-like orange/yellow color to them.  This was corrected by spraying both with Testors Chervrolet Engine Red enamel.  This is a nice dark tangerine orange color.  The BT spiral are quite visable so they were filled with Elmers wood filler.  The launch lug was attached with Duco Cement.  Then the BT was painted with Testors Flat Black.  This give a nice contrast to the Chevy Engine Red.  A kevlar shock cord was tied around the engine mount and an elastic shock cord was attached to it.  The total exposed shock cord length is more than double the length of the rocket.  An 8" CATO parachute w/ a 2" spill hole purchased from Heavenly Hobbies will be used for recovery. 


  • Plastic one piece fin assembly
  • Plastic nose cone
  • The rest of the kit is standard Estes components



Construction is straight forward with typical Estes instructions.  No surprises here, simple and enjoyable.  I used Duco Cement to glue all the components together.  I find that Duco Cement is a reliable and easily controlled adhesive.  I use it on all of my rockets and have had good luck so far.  Simple and inexpensive upgrades to a kevlar and elastic shock cord and CATO parachute turns a good "starter" rocket into a great one.  Lets face it, it's tough to beat an Estes Alpha for good flight characteristics; reliability and durability.  Oh and let's not forget "FUN". 

Pros: Easy and fast

Cons: Watch for bent or warped fins when opening the package


A quick paint job brings the stock toy-like appearance up a notch.

Pros:  plastic components accept paint pretty well

Cons: BT spirals are noticeable and need to be filled. 

        Peel and stick decals are lousy.  When will Estes and the other companies like Quest give us water slide decals. 

Construction Score: 4


Overall Rating: 4

Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
1999-12-18Jeff Fellman's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- A good flight
1999-12-19Paul Smith's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Perfect flight. With talc, the chute opened fully despite the cold.
1999-12-30Eddy Pula's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- It drifted into the football stadium but was retrieved after jumping the fence. A great flyer!
2000-01-01MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- 9 parachute Nicely into the fog. Nice and calm.
2000-01-07MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIB6-6- 9 parachute Nice and fast. Good flight.
2000-02-13Jeff Fellman's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- A good flight even in high winds.
2000-02-19MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- 8 parachute Nice flight. Good boost and recovery.
2000-03-21John Mark's Estes Alpha IIIA8- I had two A8's to burn, so I used them on my rocket, it flew good and straight, perfect launch, ...
2000-03-29John Mark's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Good Flight, perfect landing.
2000-04-21MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIB6-6- 8 parachute Nicely done flight. Zipped up fast!
2000-04-24Ron Cooke's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Daughters first rocket built and flown today!
2000-04-29David Kneble's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Low flight
2000-05-02Joe Cacciatore's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- First new rocket in 15 years, launch from my backyard, lands next door OK.
2000-05-21MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- nose pop Nice boost. Landed close on the long grass
2000-05-22MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIA6-4- 12 parachute Again a nice flight.
2000-10-08Steve Terrell's Estes Alpha III1/2A3-4- The ultimate small field rocket. Plug in a 13mm adapter and a 1/2A engine. Only went about 75'. ...
2001-04-29Ken Kirkland's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Beautiful re-entry into model rocketry. Faultless flight, ending with a 25 yard hike to recover.
2001-04-29Ken Kirkland's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- First flight with a B engine. Winds had picked up, coupled with larger engine= longer hike. ...
2001-05-13Ken Kirkland's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Final flight. Wind took in into the top of a white pine.
2001-06-06Charlie Kazmir's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Model landed near stream,the parachute was in the water,no major damage.
2001-06-17Rick Adams's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Went straight up into cloudless sky--easy to see ejection. Came straight down on 1.5 x 15 inch ...
2001-06-29Donald Besaw's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Flown twice with this motor. Can't go wrong with this combo. Perfect recovery both times.
2001-11-17Bob Bernatchez's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Spot Landing Flight. At least it was inside 50 meters!
2001-11-17Bob Bernatchez's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- First flight of the day for Predicted duration. Shoulda stayed with the more conservative ...
2002-01-19Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Flight ok, slight spiraling on boost, otherwise good flight and recovery.
2002-01-22Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Good flight and recovery, no problems.
2002-01-26MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Spun like always.
2002-01-26Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Good flight and recovery.
2002-02-17Bob Bernatchez's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Drifted onto the power lines. Helluva way to lose a 20+ year old rocket.
2002-03-17Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Quick high flight, good deployment, no problems.
2002-03-20Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- High winds, 15+ mph. Good flight and recovery.
2002-03-20Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Good flight, windy long drift on 12 chute. No problems.
2002-04-17Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Good high flight, good recovery. Great for testing the winds.
2002-05-14Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Nice flight and recovery, no problems, got the chute on correctly this time.
2002-05-14Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Good flight, somehow only attached two of the chute shroud lines to the swivel, came down hard but ...
2002-05-19Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Another great flight on our primary wind tester. No problems.
2002-05-25Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Another great flight, 12 plastic chute with spill hole works great on this rocket.
2002-06-20Will Borkowski's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- Perfect flight up, bungee cord ripped/burned, body with fins recovered. Nose cone and parachute ...
2002-08-01MikeyR's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5-
2002-09-12Jason Vennard's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Another perfect flight, straight boost good recovery, nylon chute.
2002-12-17Greg Deeter's Estes Alpha IIIC6-7- First flight. Night, clear, mild wind. Estes C6-7. Flight intendedfor night lift off photo only. ...
2003-01-05Bill Bill's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Nominal Flight. 250ft altitude. Higher than the bandit on the same motor though.
2003-01-05Bill Bill's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Maybe estes takes a little bit of propellant off some motors. Same altitude as the banshee on the ...
2003-04-06Lance Alligood's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Straight, high flight. Parachute opened perfectly. Wind carried rocket ~250yds & landed on top of ...
2003-04-13Lance Alligood's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Launch pad angled into the wind. Perfect flight. Chute deployed but did not open. Caught rocket ...
2003-04-19Rocky Firth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- This is Mikki's first rocket. Flight was perfect.
2003-04-27Lance Alligood's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- First flight of the day (as usual). Perfect flight. Great height for an A8-3. Parachute with spill ...
2003-05-10Lance Alligood's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Another excellent flight--what else can you expect?! Recovered within 50ft of launch pad.
2003-05-10Lance Alligood's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- I wanted to see the difference in height between A8-3 & B6-4. It jumped noticably quicker & great ...
2003-05-28Lance Alligood's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Was still on the way up at ejection. Another excellent flight to test the skies!
2003-05-28Lance Alligood's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- I knew the risks & this time it proved fatal. Super altitude & saw ejection blast. Vanished into ...
2003-05-31Randy Powell's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- This was my Grandson Caleb's 1st launch!!! I believe we have a future rocketeer now.
2003-05-31Randy Powell's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- Caleb's 2nd launch.This one really impressed him!!! Recovered with slight damage to a fin.It hit ...
2003-10-25Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha III1/2A6-2- Good flight, although 1/2 A power doesn't put it up too high. Was concerned due to breezy ...
2003-11-29Jerry Nishihira's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Perfect flight, safe recovery.
2003-11-29Jerry Nishihira's Estes Alpha IIIC6-3- estimated altitude @ 900'. Used a new chute by replacing shroud lines from stock Estes chute to ...
2003-12-31J Ruddy's Estes Alpha IIIB6-6- Bought the starter set for my nephew. His dad spent a good part of the day building the Alpha III. ...
2004-02-12Alexander Minot's Estes Alpha IIIB6-6- Beautiful launch, very high. Perfect ejection, 6 second delay works great. Quite a bitof weather ...
2004-02-12Donald Besaw's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Wind test, nice flight about 300 feet up. Landed close by. No damage
2004-04-17Philip Levanda's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- This rocket will disappear on a C6-5 make sure you have plenty of room and spotters.
2004-04-22Brian Riendeau's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Straight boost all the way up, landed about 25 yards from launch pad. Good combination for testing ...
2004-04-22Brian Riendeau's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Nice launch. I very very happy with the altitude, the rocket was just out of view when the chute ...
2004-05-26Mike Mistele's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Good flight. Spun a bit as she went up (likely because one of the fins has a little bend on the ...
2004-06-05Jim Varkalis's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- After successful flights on B6-4 motors I kicked it up to a C. Wasn't tracking it, but she was ...
2004-06-09Kevin Danjou's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Lost in orchard. Lost forever.
2004-06-22Patrick Huxley's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Maiden flight. Cocked a little from start? Flew to about 300 feet. Landed 20 yards away! Great ...
2004-07-02Mike Mistele's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Nice flight, though the slightly bent fins lent a fair amount of spin. Parachute caught a breeze, ...
2004-09-18William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Great flight and recovery.
2004-10-23Jeff Henry's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Very fast off the pad, great flight for my freinds four year old to push the launch button.
2004-12-12Scott Hauff's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Flies great on this engine, nice and high. Switched the chute to a streamer, still walked 150 yds.
2004-12-18Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5- Wind tester flight, no problems, landed about 60 ft. from pad.
2004-12-18Scott Hauff's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- nice high flight. Drifted ~100yds on streamer
2005-02-13Nathan Rupp's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Good boost, ejected a little early. Had a shock cord separation. Watched the nose cone float onto ...
2005-04-16William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Great flight and recovery.
2005-05-21Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5- NC separation from BT at ejection, shock cord mount came loose after 25 years of flying. Recovered ...
2005-05-21Johnny Lugnuts's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5800 feet The Alpha III, my first model rocket. It stood up to various misuse and misadventure, and always ...
2005-05-21Reed Johansson's Estes Alpha IIIB6-6- Great flight, but upper level winds caught it and it drifted into a tree. The next morning we ...
2005-05-22Reed Johansson's Estes Alpha IIIB6-6- Again, upper level winds caught it and took it to the trees, but this time we couldn't find it.
2005-06-18Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5- My first flight at NERRF Day 2. Flew well as always.
2005-06-25Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5-
2005-07-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5-
2005-08-27Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5-
2005-09-05Michael Bentley's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Flew higher than expected. Good flight. Easy to recover. Minor tube damage
2005-09-24Aaron Stanley's Estes Alpha IIIC6-6- Great flight. Won me teh C class parachute duration with a time of two minutes before I lost sight ...
2005-12-27David Barry's Estes Alpha IIIC6-7- Straight up, never to be seen again.
2006-01-15Dave Brunsting's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Not a bad motor for this rocket.
2006-03-08Richie Brunjes's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- Thought it was lost forever , found on the way out of the park
2006-03-19Tom+Maggie Brogan's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Test rocket for the wind gods. Nice straight flight, good ejection, 50yd drift on 12 chute w/2 ...
2006-03-25Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2006-03-30Richie Brunjes's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- Didn't eject or nose cone stuck . Went REAL high and did a nose dive into the Great South Bay
2006-04-16SRP Crew's Alpha IIIB6-4- A little windy but managed to clock the flight to 62 seconds. It landed in the neigbor's field but ...
2006-04-16SRP Crew's Alpha IIIC6-5- Very high and straight launch. It went through a low-lying cloud and was clocked falling to the ...
2006-05-20Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2006-05-30Trevir Maidel's Estes Alpha III4xB6834 feet 1st flight. The only problem was it drifted 400 feet into a gated community. luckley it was ...
2006-06-04Mike Mistele's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Very nice flight, good deployment. Wind took it, and I was afraid it was going to get eaten by a ...
2006-07-01Trevir Maidel's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- This was my second flight. Their was no wind condition at all . It blasted straight up. lost sight ...
2006-07-01SRP Crew's Alpha IIIB4-4580 feet Duration 50.2. Lost it in the swamp. Saw it come down. It was found the next summer.
2006-09-02Mike Mistele's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5- Nice flight, smooth recovery.
2006-09-30Ben Shetler's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Drag race w/ other Alpha III. Good fun. My original mod roc.
2006-10-22Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Wind testing flight, didn't drift too far.
2006-11-25Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Too bad this wasn't a spot landing contest because it landed about 7 ft. from the pad, good ...
2006-12-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2007-01-06Karl Kalbaugh's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- First rocket after many years. perfect launch Went higher than expected. Lost sight of rocket ...
2007-03-31Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Great wind tester flight to start our day, landed nice & close to the pad.
2007-04-08SRP Crew's Alpha IIIC6-51107 feet Hardly any wind. Straight up flight. Beautiful blue sky and under near perfect conditions. It came ...
2007-05-12Christopher Bass's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5-
2007-05-12Christopher Bass's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5-
2007-05-18Aaron Stanley's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2007-05-18Aaron Stanley's Estes Alpha IIIC6-7-
2007-05-26Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Straight boost and landed close to the pad despite the wind.
2007-06-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2007-07-28Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Almost no wind, straght boost and came almost straight down, landed fairly close to pad.
2007-08-26Mark Robertson's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Fist flight. Flew straight up into the blue sky. Recovery on Estes parachute close to pad with no ...
2007-09-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Usual good flight, came back on chute close to pad
2007-10-15William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Great flight and recovery.
2007-10-16William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Great flight and recovery.
2007-10-16William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Great flight and recovery.
2007-10-16William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Great flight and recovery.
2007-10-16William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Great flight and recovery.
2007-10-21Mark Robertson's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Noticeably higher than an A8. But perfect flight and recovery after some drifting.
2007-11-02Robert Hall's Estes Alpha IIID12-4- First flight with the d12, went well with 10 mph winds
2007-11-02Robert Hall's Estes Alpha IIIE9-8- poor conditions, parachute failed. Needs repair.
2007-11-03Robert Hall's Estes Alpha IIID12-5- Flight after repair, flew wonderfully
2007-11-21Charlaine+Cadence Nordin's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- great flight no complaints. fast and perfect
2007-11-21Charlaine+Cadence Nordin's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- great flight. late enjection think my motors are getting old.
2007-11-24Delek Turner's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Redubbed Steve in honour of absent comrade. Best flight of day.
2008-02-10Tony Interrante's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- a test flight for wind and safe construction. a quick enthusiastic flight on a very clear a calm ...
2008-02-10Tony Interrante's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Second flight in progression to a c flight. Much the same as the a8-33 flight only much higher. I ...
2008-02-10Tony Interrante's Estes Alpha IIIC6-3- Final flight of the day. Same light winds, severe clear sky. This one was a shock to all viewers ...
2008-03-08William Beggs's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5- Great flight. No damage.
2008-03-19Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Another nice flight on this rocket, shock cord become untied from the nose no damage from hitting ...
2008-04-27JST's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- Perfect flight. About 1,100 feet in variable 5-10 mph winds. Came down 200' from launcher.
2008-04-27Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Good flight as always with this Alpha III.
2008-04-27Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Great flight. First time using a B6-4 motor in this rocket landed about 50 feet from the pad.
2008-05-05Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5- Great flight.
2008-05-17JST's Estes Alpha IIID21-7- Awesome FAST flight to about 2,300 ft. Came down perfect in field but landed hard, bent airframe, ...
2008-05-17JST's Estes Alpha IIIC6-7- No wind at ground, but upper level wind weathercocked it major. Came down on street on other side ...
2008-06-01Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Shock cord separated, cracked one fin. Repaired at field, will live to fly another day.
2008-06-14Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Great flight. Launched at a smaller field on this flight added a 9inch chute.
2008-07-27Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Great flight.
2008-08-24Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Good flight.
2008-08-24Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIB6-6- Good flight
2008-09-28Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Good flight.
2008-10-04Brian Yankee's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- Went up about a thousand feet. Up too hight to see ejection being before, at or after apogee. Used ...
2008-10-12Mark Robertson's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Went quite high on the A motor. Parachute didn't deploy fully. Rocket still drifted quite a ...
2008-10-26Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Parachute did not fully open but no damage.
2009-01-04Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- First lunch of the New Year.
2009-02-15Jamie Martin's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- to windy today went up above the clouds and never saw it again, might still be going
2009-05-01Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Nice flight.
2009-05-01Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Good Flight.
2009-06-16Jason Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Very nice flight.
2009-09-13Jason Lenentine's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Perfect flight, but was eaten by rocket eating tree.
2010-01-27 Bernard Cawley's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Straight boost with noticeable rolling. Good deploy right at apogee. Near landing.
2010-01-27Bernard Cawley's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Beautiful high flight with good deploy. Long drift - ended up in middle of parking lot (yikes!). ...
2010-01-29Bernard Cawley's Estes Alpha IIIA6-4- (Streamer substituted for stock parachute) Good boost after hesitation as thrust built up. Deploy ...
2010-02-13Bernard Cawley's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- OK flight - mainly done to cross check the others. Deploy at good time and good streamer. Wet! ...
2010-03-13Bernard Cawley's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- (streamer rather than 'chute). Great flight - straight high boost, good deploy at the right time. ...
2010-03-19 Judy Orosco's Estes Alpha IIIA8-5- Good flight landed about 10 feet from the pad.
2010-03-20Moe Bertrand's Estes Alpha IIIC6-7- PRM-22 Predicted Duration Event. Predicted: 49 seconds...43 seconds actual duration.
2010-04-10Bernard Cawley's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Gusty winds between 5 and 25 mph. Streamer-recovered flight for the Cub Scouts. Good straight ...
2010-04-18Bernard Cawley's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- Wiggled off pad and headed way upwind (marginally stable on this motor?). Some said they saw ...
2010-05-16Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2A10-3- Optical tracking altitude estimate, 160 feet. Good flight with a little early deployment.
2010-05-16Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2A10-3160 feet Straight up. Deploy a bit early. Good 'chute and landing.
2010-05-16Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2A3-4- Not bad. Deploy a bit late. Good 'chute.
2010-05-16Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2A3-4- Not bad. Deploy a little bit late. Good 'chute.
2010-05-31Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2A8-3180 feet AltimeterOne aboard. Almost picture perfect flight. Good boost, deploy. Landed on field table ...
2010-05-31Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2B4-4489 feet AltimeterOne aboard. Good boost. Deployment timing OK but 'chute really tangled (seems to be the ...
2010-06-12Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- Pretty straight boost with landing not too far off the pad considering the windy conditions
2010-06-12Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2A8-5- Why did I choose 5 seconds? CRASH with AltimeterOne aboard. VERY late deployment about five feet ...
2010-06-30Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- My brother had an Alpha III when we were kids (35 years ago?), and I always admired its s ...
2010-06-30Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- A terrific flight on B6-4 but drifted forever in the wind (46 s. duration). It landed just shy of ...
2010-07-06Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- A nice flight on A8-3 to check winds. Duration 21s.
2010-07-06Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Quite a flight. The Alpha III drifted in a slight breeze aloft over a treeline and into a ...
2010-07-10Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2B6-4467 feet Rebuilt with ST-9 body after last month's crash. Good flight all around. Good 'chute. Long walk ...
2010-07-13Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- I tried dual 2 x 20 streamers to see if I could fly bigger motors on my smallish field today. A8-3 ...
2010-07-13Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Almost out of sight on a B4-4, though my trial streamer recovery landed it 600' away. About 20' in ...
2010-08-02Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- A picture perfect flight, recovered 25' from launch pad. 19s duration with 2 spillhole.
2010-08-02Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Straight as an arrow, 43s duration. Shroud lines tangled with motor hook resultion in an ...
2010-08-02Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Recovered on dual 24 streamers. Came down hard on hard-packed baseball infield but no damage. This ...
2010-08-10 Kevin Birch's Estes Alpha III (1)A8/5-
2010-09-05Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- A nice flight with little to no wind. Recovered on 12 in chute with spillhole.
2010-09-05Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Recovered on dual crepe streamers.
2010-09-18Mike Mistele's Estes Alpha III1/2A6-2- Wimpy flight, too little motor. Went up maybe 50'. Parachute never really unfolded, but landed ...
2010-10-05Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- A good flights to check wind direction and drift. Landed within 50' of launch pad.
2010-10-05Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA10-3- First try of my new 13mm / 18mm adapter, with an A10-3 installed. Performance was only slightly ...
2010-10-05Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- A nice, pretty flight. Duration was 28s on dual crepe streamers.
2010-10-23Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Flew on dual streamers because of the wind. A big whoosh as my trusty A-III sliced into the wind. ...
2010-10-23Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Flew a B4 in the wind to compare with B6. BIG weathercock, 22 second duration on dual crepe ...
2010-11-06Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- A good warm-up flight on an A8-3. Used a 12 inch chute with spillhole.
2010-11-06Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Excellent flight on my favorite motor for this bird. Seemed to hang forever on 12 inch parachute - ...
2010-12-04 vincent penoso's Estes Alpha IIIC6-5- This was the maiden flight and was spectacular. It had to have gone 1000 ft. and drifted clear ...
2010-12-11Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIA8-3- Used streamer, fast return, no damage.
2010-12-11Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIC6-5- Launch rod slightly tilted upwind. Fast return on streamer, bent fin on hitting asphault.
2010-12-28Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIB4-4- Switched back to parachute, straight flight.
2011-01-02Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIA8-3- straight up lauch, weather cocked
2011-03-16Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3- With my better half and 2-year-old son. Landed hard on sidewalk - no damage.
2011-03-16Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- A nice flight, recovered on crepe streamers. About as big a motor as I would try on this small ...
2011-04-23Bernard Cawley's Alpha III-2A8-3- Nice! Straight, well timed, good 'chute. Right back to pad.
2011-05-20Paul Nortness's Alpha IIIA8-3175 feet First launch in over 20 years. Loaded up the Alpha III and launched straight up. Rocket was ...
2011-06-01Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Nice altitude, then the 12 inch chute with spillhole opened. My AIII hung there like a hot-air ...
2011-06-21Justin Stotter's Alpha IIIA8-3, B6-4- Nice flight and recovery with A engine. Too windy for B engine and drifted beyond the field, never ...
2011-06-30Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA10-3- I used an A10-3 and one of my newly-built clipless motor mount adapters - design from Apogee's ...
2011-07-15Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIA10-3- My A3 works really well to test the wind with an A10-3 and 12 inch chute. This evening - calm on ...
2011-07-23Glenn Weiss's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4- Chute did not fully deploy but ok
2011-08-17Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Old Reliable flew well again today on a B4-4. I have a ton of flights on this rocket.
2011-09-17Ray "AcroRay" Miller's Alpha IIIB6-4800 feet High, straight flight. Streamer deployment after apogee. Safe recovery. Classic performance!
2011-12-11Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIA8-3- Parachute stayed bundled Landed 30' off cul-de-sac downwind, no damage
2011-12-18Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIEstes B4-4- Weathercocked somewhat into the wind, but drifted back to within 100' on recovery. I was ...
2011-12-31Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIC6-5- straight up launch Parachute good Landed ~800' SE
2012-01-05Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIC6-5- straight up launch - parachute good - landed ~800' SE
2012-01-29Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIA8-3- Good flight. nothing special. Landed 300' downwind (SSW).
2012-02-01Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIEstes A10-3T- Last of 8 flights for the day. Just a nice chute recovery on an A10-3 with adaptor.
2012-02-06Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIA8-3- Straight up launch. Fought wind at apogee, parachute good; landed 100' E without damage
2012-03-14Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIB4-4- Nice flight. Recovered on crepe streamer.
2012-05-15Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIEstes A10-3T- Nice flight, good chute deployment. Used 13mm split adapter.
2012-05-15Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIEstes B4-4- The crepe streamer deployed beautifully and my A3 drifted almost back to the pad.
2012-07-09 Bob Francis's Illini 1A8-3- Time: 7:11 pm. Temperature: 78 degrees. Wind blowing from the southeast at 5 mph. Weather: Partly ...
2012-07-11 Bob Francis's Illini 1B6-4439 feet Time: 8:33 pm. Temperature: 71 degrees. Wind: 5 mph from the east. Weather: Clear. Launched ...
2012-07-21Michael Bartko's Estes Alpha III (2012)A8-3275 feet First flight.
2012-07-21Michael Bartko's Estes Alpha III (2012)B6-6600 feet
2012-07-21 Michael Bartko's Estes Alpha III (2012)A8-3275 feet
2012-07-21Michael Bartko's Estes Alpha III (2012)B6-6600 feet
2012-08-18 Michael Bartko's Estes Alpha III (1981)A8-3275 feet First flight.
2012-09-23Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIEstes A10-3T- Generally unimpressive on A10-3. A big, lazy arc into the wind, ejection seemed late. Recovered ...
2012-09-23Dean Booth's Estes Alpha IIIEstes B4-4- My favorite motor for the A3 - B4-4. Nice and high, but stayed on the field.
2012-09-23 Bob Francis's Illini 1C6-5- Time: 7:04 pm. Temperature: 43.1 degrees. Humidity: 43%. Wind: Calm. Weather: Clear, setting sun. ...
2012-10-20Dave Sullivan's Alpha IIIB4-4500 feet Perfect maiden flight, straight, nice deployment, recovery wasn't far from the launch site.
2012-10-20Dave Sullivan's Alpha IIIC6-5800 feet Great flight, straight climb, good deployment, recovery a bit further down range. Slight ...
2012-10-20Dave Sullivan's Alpha IIIC6-5700 feet Arced approx. 30 deg at launch, good deployment and recovery. No guess to altitude but much lower ...
2012-12-31Michael Bartko's Estes Alpha III (1981)B6-6600 feet
2013-02-09Jaroslav Racek's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2013-02-09Jaroslav Racek's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4-
2013-03-16Jaroslav Racek's Estes Alpha IIIB6-4-
2013-05-04Jaroslav Racek's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2013-06-06Jaroslav Racek's Estes Alpha IIIA8-3-
2014-04-21 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Alpha IIIA8-3250 feet A perfect, calm night, so of course the fields didn't clear until after 8pm. With sunset at 8:22, ...
2014-06-21Sheldon Lanes's Alpha IIIA8-3240 feet First Flight (BAR), Winds about 5 km/h to the SE, Slight weathercocking, Ejection charge at ...
2014-06-21Sheldon Lanes's Alpha IIIB4-4550 feet Winds SE, ejection charge at apogee, parachute deployed, Rocket landed in Soccer Field (Later ...
2014-12-24Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIA8-3-
2014-12-24Karl Brandt's Alpha IIIC6-5- shockcord broke at body. Recovered main body but nosecone and altimeter were never seen again. ...
2015-06-29Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)A8-3252 feet
2016-05-22Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AB6-4-
2016-06-15Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)B6-4576 feet
2016-07-01Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)A8-3252 feet
2016-07-01Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)A8-3252 feet
2016-07-01Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)A8-3252 feet
2016-07-01Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)B6-4576 feet
2016-07-01Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)C6-51126 feet Lost.
2016-08-21Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AB6-4-
2016-10-15Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AA8-3-
2016-10-15Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AB6-4-
2016-10-15Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AC6-5-
2016-11-05Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AA8-3- OSL 27.51m
2016-11-05Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AC6-5-
2016-11-05Chris Halinaty's Estes Alpha III AC6-5647 feet Streamer did not deploy. Rocket destroyed.
2017-08-04Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)A8-5251 feet The longer delay allowed the Alpha III to arch over slowly for a nose down deployment. Nice ...
2018-01-20Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)A8-3-
2018-02-04Rob Hoffman's Alpha III (E2X)A8-3-

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