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2018-06-21 - Andrew visits eRockets

My dreams finally came true, when I got to visit eRockets yesterday morning. I got a very cool & detailed tour with owner, Randy Boadway. I dropped off the next line of Patriot kits, and one of the new kits that will be released soon. Note, the rocket on the top will not officially be released until next week, and will not be for sale until then. Thank you for your patience! :) [Read More]

2018-06-04 - Check out Andrew's Rocketry Shop on Facebook!

Check out Andrew's Rocketry Shop on Facebook for news on new kits, and other cool things! [Read More]

2018-05-26 - New & Exciting things coming soon!

I am happy to announce that new & exciting things are coming soon for Andrew Rocketry Shop model rockets! First off, ARS kits now has improved packaging! It's smaller for your convenience! Also, ARS is now announcing that we'll be releasing a new rocket kit in late June! I'm not going to fully give all of the details, but I will say that it is a corkscrew rocket that's designed to fly on the ... [Read More]

2017-12-09 - ARS Patriot rocket kits are now available!

Andrew, the owner of ARS, is proud to announce that the Patriot model rocket kits are now available! They can be picked up here: Again, thank you to everyone who has made this possible! [Read More]

2017-11-08 - "The Minuteman" 29mm MD rocket

Here's the finished 29mm MD rocket, "The Minuteman" With vinyl wrap from StickerShock23. [Read More]